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2-10 5:40pm Sports Talk: Pelicans Basketball

Feb 10, 2014|

Deke and Bobby talk to Editor of bourbonstreetshots.com Michael McNamara about the New Orleans Pelicans.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I don't -- the -- -- three cents dot com joins us now Michael the performance last night disappoint -- Give up that -- in the first half and only going -- down basically Hondo feet to some twenty debris. Yeah I mean the offense really struggled pretty much every way and -- they're street pros court reporters. Every job so let them and and about and I mean it really in and did as a matter Albert played just can't play outside of basketball like that. Teammate. Effort in the second half but you just can't. Overcome the seven point deficit to a decent -- We'll Michael MacNamara at a -- -- -- dot com I think I would take a quick break in combat or previous night's game at Toronto and of course it's MBA calls all week in is weak and pelicans and act tonight against the wrapped a 6 PM 1053 at the -- here on WW. Elegant -- tonight against Toronto Raptors 6 PM tip off on 1053 WWF -- here to help -- break out tonight's contest. A Bourbon Street shots dot com editor is Michael McNamee I think. Michael looking at I guess that disappointing game last night but you look at their winning streak it's like they were executing much better. In the fourth quarter to close out games I know looking at their Friday window when they were able to shoot like 65%. Guard -- -- four of five nine points and backwater. -- what is your take maybe why they're doing and do you think it can be consistent in the fourth quarter to close out game. Yeah I mean I think they. Think it's great place to eat candy they have a pretty. -- formula for what they're gonna do a final couple minutes they're gonna spread the court. They're making it in the -- -- number one option and they have some shooters to be able Uga and that Morrow and that it now and Brian Roberts -- the guys that it shots. In the clutch it's just took them to do that -- entire four quarters because. The guys that just mentioned are average to below average defense of the players so they have to have guys like Eckstein I mean you on the court throughout the course of the game to keep. There's score with the Greeks were executed for the final five minutes closed with with other teams they definitely have a unit that's capable of closing games. Now Michael you brought him his name I'm Anthony Morrow the back of guard. Do you think this the kind of player that you can expect as far as his shooting percentage. -- Friday when 49%. Is three point attempts and and maybe you can expect double digits in double digit points from him are what did you take on him. Yeah I think he's. One of those guys that is going to be he Czech guy he's. On a -- and I think it could be a double visit score he could even. Occasional might get over that. Really the problem with and that bit deep offensively particularly playing off the ball tends to get lost -- time and he's not hitting his shots or you or scenes are are playing really tight bikes and Antonio did. Last week where after a couple of shots but it does put a guy out and -- bomb then they're really not much that he could do for you by -- team get out and run borrowed really effective could be the guys in transition could catch a ball in really good from anywhere. You know what the -- -- so the -- -- -- on I think the more. Anthony Morrow and back up. Might never know what's available but this night. -- -- shots come on by check out our -- they -- intrigue is that -- use just -- Monster article on Terry Rica and an average that's been going wrong it is game of -- some possible solutions from the Texans took about by Jordan got. I'm Mike thank you so much appreciated. Hi Michael -- answer that is great Warrick he is the editor of Burma street shots dot com.