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Feb 10, 2014|

Join Scoot as he brings you his ever popular Top 8 @ 8.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to our show you've heard the forecast scattered showers tonight to -- very very good chance of rain all day tomorrow into tomorrow night. Covering could be heavy at times tomorrow tomorrow night and into Wednesday morning and very very chilly again tomorrow with a high tomorrow in the upper forties. That's. What you might consider the bad news is you're looking forward to a great weekend right down the forecast is calling for temperatures in the upper sixties to low seventies. Saturday and Sunday. With partly cloudy skies so it looks like it's going to be beautiful. And for some of -- I'm listening here around this part of the country there is in other major winter storm that's what is named Pac's. And it's going to be bringing some ice and possible snow to north Louisiana -- governor Bobby Jindal has declared a state of emergency. Which helps in the preparedness for a storm also this is gonna bring some snow and ice to. Parts of northern Mississippi and Alabama and Georgia and even the Atlanta area might be affected by all of this. If you -- the latest on the forecast you can go to our web sites to -- WL dot com. Here's -- WW -- pretty general opinion poll tonight do you support gay athletes being open about their sexual orientation. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and we'll be talking about the all American defensive linemen from the University of Missouri. Michael Sam who is the number one defensive player in the SEC last year. He's come out of the closet and he's expected to be drafted by the NFL so he would be at this point the only openly gay player. In the NFL. I still think this is not an issue that is much bigger. Did an issue about homosexuality. And we'll talk about that tonight we get into the topic today. It is time for tonight's topic today -- the topic things we'd like you to know is we've begin our -- nights on WWL. Number eight. Well a city is getting all dressed up to the NBA all star game. This weekend -- technically it's footlocker one canal street. They would totally close the store until Thursday and they re doing the whole thing I guess they -- put on their -- for all the celebrities and all the stores are going to be in town. Not only will NBA stars be in town. But there will be some music stars in town as well for -- Williams who did this song with death on. Birth when he wears it interesting hat kind of looks like smoky the -- and had doesn't. Earth would you fire will be in town doctor John trombone -- with Orleans avenue will be among the musical acts performing this weekend. And it once again the city's New Orleans will be in the national spotlight and we know how to do this so well if you. If if you if you wanna just come downtown and be part of the excitement even if you're not going to the game I would highly recommended to you victimized on January was the French Quarter always exciting when. The national spotlight is on our city and it will be this weekend. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Might have heard this in the news I'm still having a hard time trying to figure this out. The Copenhagen zoo killed a healthy two year old elephant. And -- to the Lawrence. I'm sorry I should elephant. And it direct. Thank you -- the Copenhagen -- killed a healthy two year old giraffe and that is an alliance while visitors including children watched. Despite protests the zoo shot and killed Morris the young giraffe to prevent inbreeding. Now apparently. The the breeding was it right they already have seven giraffes and they were concerned about. Inbreeding. Which is maybe something that we should have been concerned about is among our species a long time ago. They were petitions with thousands of signatures. At any that are private individual wanted to save the animal wanted to buy the animal. However the -- couldn't sell it but visitors including children were invited to watch. The lions eat the giraffe. Now the -- says this was an important display of scientific knowledge. About animals. And spokesperson for the -- said I'm actually proud because I think we've given children a huge understanding of the anatomy of a giraffe. That they wouldn't have had to watching a giraffe in a photo. -- children. Yes si yeah now the lines are eating the call Blatter. And now they're moving on to the big intestines isn't this great look I realize this is all part of life but it's amazing that. That somebody offered to buy the two year old giraffe for 680000. Dollars. Now. Since the zoo doesn't technically -- the animals according to. The European association of of zoos and aquarium. They don't actually only animals they govern them. So I love this since they don't only animals. They can't sell to anybody but didn't kill. There he had just doesn't make sense to be somebody. -- with the -- said if this had been an animal it is not as nice looking as a giraffe. -- perhaps nobody would be complaining. And it'd be brought up an antelope one panel that that's that's a beautiful creatures well. I guess on this shocking again I think there's something and just innately wrong with the idea -- the zoo doesn't own the animals. Big government so they can't sell them but they can actually. -- anyway it -- that bothers me. I'm sure it's part of the cycle of life and you know -- member growing up as a kid watching. And wild kingdom mutual almost wild kingdom. And I remember. I remember thinking that at the end of it to show they always said. This is either an actual event that the show either depict actual events or. On depicts what would happen I forget what the exact wording was so I think sometimes they might have actually sent out. -- turning an envelope loose in front of a couple lines so they could. They could film. The results of that in any event it it. It bothered me I know it's part of the cycle of life number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The world is becoming more inclusive. In our hearts should be warned. The Westminster dog show is going on. And now it's part of our changing world. For the first time ever mixed breeds much reported this famous Westminster dog show. Now the -- participated in the -- agility championship and by the way the politically correct term for much. T among dogs in there like -- while a -- can call another -- much but other port pure -- can't call -- much because that's considered it it's the M ward. And they don't like that they that we're in -- politically correct name for much is all American breed. So that's what other dogs are supposed to use when referring to -- in much apparently there's going to be controversy with the use of the and word. In the dark world number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Document -- Hillary Rodham Clinton's reaction to her husband's sexual encounter with Monica Lewinsky included calling Monica and narcissistic loony -- It she said that bill made a mistake because of the deaths of his mother father and close friend Vincent Foster. What if for giving life. Now here's what I love about these documents which by the way CNN has confirmed. They're authentic. Diane Blair is described as a close friend and longtime confidant. I'm a former First Lady. If Europe Europe confident it wouldn't you keep something that somebody told you a secret. In any event her close friend. Has Diane Blair has released these these papers they've they've they've come out now. And she says that. She gives bill credit Hillary in in these papers written to Diane Blair. Hillary gives bill credit because he tried to break it off she tells her friend he tried to pull away. He tried to manage someone who was clearly and narcissistic loony -- Don't try it. He just couldn't help himself. And I think we should all be very understanding of that. And if you're a guy. Or woman. And he get caught cheating. Just do what Hillary Rodham Clinton did just say. -- -- -- -- And if you tried that I guess that's that's good about in any event. As some people believe this connect to -- -- her if she does indeed run for the presidency which he is expected to do but I. You know I realize to deal went through some tough things in his life. I don't know if it's clear to use that as an excuse for for cheating. And I think Hillary's a very forgiving woman if she said well he tried to pull pull away he tried to get away but he he just couldn't couldn't do it. Wind you know and and we quite often hear this when men have affairs. Which celebrities especially as a high profile situation when men have affairs. It is quite often is the woman's fault well she shouldn't of done it. And there are people men and women who blame Monica limit what Lewinsky case like this more than they blame the man Bill Clinton. That it seems to me that both the male and the female have at least equal responsibility. When it comes to this. Number four on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Rand Paul must listen to this crucial because he said in the speech over the weekend in Texas -- Texas may become a blue state if the Republican Party does not change. He was speaking to a dinner Saturday night in Houston. And he said the Texas the lone star state will become a democratic state within ten years if you don't change speaking to Republicans. He said that doesn't mean that we give up on what we believe in but it means that we have to be more welcoming. And he said we have to welcome people of all races we need to welcome people of all classes. Business class. Working class he also said that immigration is one of the areas where the Republican Party needs to be more welcoming and change its policies. He said you may not all agree on it but it's something. We have to do. I just I've just started reading a book over the weekend about. The reinvention of racism in America today it's something that will be talking about on future shows -- -- -- -- -- -- Number three on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. It Russian speed -- all the Graf flashed the crowd at the Olympics on purpose or was it just an accident. After winning the bronze medal in Sochi. All the took off for warmup jacket and artists at her skating -- all the way down to lower -- and a and she wasn't wearing anything underneath. Also there's been a controversy about. Whether some female Olympic athletes should be posing in -- -- provocative poses -- -- help or hurt the image of female athletes. And this controversy centers around a couple of athletes not the least of which is sent Julia Mancuso. Who won bronze medal in the women's Alpine super skating super combined. And she says featured in February edition of GQ magazine. She is in a very provocative spread and when I looked at -- all I saw was appeared white -- she's lying on. Some kind of a blanket -- thing I don't remembers that I wasn't looking at that very much. In any event she's a very attractive person and looks like she looks like she's the kind of person who should be posing nude. -- with that bit familiar with athletes in recent years supposing -- and there are those who are very critical of this. I still border Hannah -- and I went -- on her mr. Graham provoke cries of sexy sexy snapshots of her bearing her -- drifted showing her her tiny. On there had been other athletes again if if posting provocative poses. An official Russian team website last week released a series of super sexy photographs of female athletes in relation lacy lingerie. And see through garments. And according to one Russian official. These sexy provocative photos. Or part of a desire. To change the image a female athletes in Russia. The statement says that to our Russian Olympic team. Defies stereotypes. That women in sports are just a heap of muscles. And masculine shapes. And Russia is known for its sexual betrayal. Of women. And the 2010 games winter games. A ski sensation Lindsey Vonn who restarted and the Olympics out. She was showing off for sex symbol side with a skimpy bikini and at snowboarding camp for Sports Illustrated. And there are those who say that this is sending the wrong message to young kids. And future olympians that should not see their sports idols posing. Wearing next to nothing. General with the notice this or not but NBC is trying to turn greasy goal to US Olympic skater she's eighteen years old. In two. A darling I wouldn't say -- trying to turn into a sex symbol but they're trying to make her the face of the year the Olympics. Because she's beautiful why wash -- skate last night. She's beautiful but she's not necessarily. The best one on the team there or the best one in the sport. So they are those who say that they're promoting her just because she's pretty and the areas that are a Canadian. Female skater who is. -- Closer to a plus size than some of the other. Some of the other skaters and I'd I wonder she would get the same kind of attention in any event it's it's an interesting. Debates and not surprising. But if any it is true if it's true that. That Russian and eastern European women have this image of of being. Being very masculine. Being. Strong and rough so if they have -- feminine side if they have this other it and if they have the body to show it off. What's wrong with that. Now if your parents and kids see this again I think this is another opportunity for you to say hey you know they're they're old enough to do this and it's not something that. Victor I agree with that here's why I don't agree with that or you might say hey you know what she's got a body let her show it off number two on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. The prosecution has rested in the case of Michael -- Is on trial for first degree murder in Jacksonville Florida in the shooting death of a seventeen year old following an argument about loud music. Michael -- girlfriend testified. That he said I hate that -- music shortly before getting his gun. From his vehicle and firing into into a car with teenagers killing seventeen year old Jordan Davis. Michael on claims that his life was threatened in the shooting was in self defense. I wrote a blog recently about it is to stand your ground laws encourage violent actions and that's on this two page of our website at WW dot com. But the testimony from. His girlfriend around a while -- which -- I thought was really interesting she said and she was holding back tears at times. You know they just come back from the wedding of his son. And he she said that and he had maybe three or four rum and colas and she had a couple. And there was this argument over this loud music and he said I hate bad -- like music according to his his girlfriend. And she said yes I know then she left the vehicle and went inside the gas station dipped to pick up a couple of things and that and something go to Coke and in dictatorships. She said moments later which he came out she heard pop pop pop and as she said she heard a second set of pop pop pop. And as she turned around and she saw her boyfriend standing outside. And she exited the store she told jurors that. He then she he she got into the vehicle. And when he got back in the vehicle he put the gun back in the glove box now this is where the prosecution is saying this seems like first degree murder. Because. He didn't just pulled his -- out feeling threatened. And this is something that we talked about on the show in involving this case and other prosecution rested this is getting you know a lot of attention again as he wheeled not just in Jacksonville. But nationally. I -- Beers Sama and I mean only some comparison. To the trade on Martin George from a case but really not much this is -- in my opinion this is a very very different case but summer drawing a parallel I guess to the state of Florida because. Guys claiming a self defense. So it's it is going to be interesting to see how this plays out the prosecution has said that since she went back to his vehicle. To get his -- out of the glove compartment. He had to retrieve it from the -- of -- and then go back and shoot somebody. But that was premeditated first degree murder which would lead to life in prison if he's found guilty however the defense is arguing that. The the teenagers in the car had time to get rid of a -- The date he said Dunn said that he thought he saw a gun and now there's a report -- side they may have had a tripod. In the in the in their suvs. And he thought the tripod was gone. Well correct me if I'm wrong. But if you see a good line. That's a reason to shoot. I wouldn't think if you just saw a gun that wouldn't be a reason to shoot and again. If this guy felt threatened why did he leave the scene in which she felt threatened walked back to his car where he would presumably be safer. And then return with a gun and opened fire. Will follow this case and the entire state of Florida and leave the country there's going to be very closely watching this case as well. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list. And toppings. And it's. Michael Sam and all American defensive linemen from the University of Missouri has come out of the closet Sam is expected to be drafted by the NFL. In the upcoming draft -- And that would make him the first openly gay player in the NFL reaction has been mixed. Jonathan Vilma six linebacker says that he doesn't want a gay person looking at him in the shower. Do you think professional sports are ready for openly game. Openly gay players. -- is again in the locker -- that SE a titlist a blog tonight gays in the locker room are you are you afraid this is something that that that you're afraid of you can greeted at like this is going to be another one of those controversial blogs -- or agree with it where you won't agree with it. It's all about freedom of speech you can read -- and share with others it's on our website you can even come in order to feel like it's on our website at WW real dot com. And also. It's it's on our FaceBook page so you can be part of a conversation. And it's WWL. Radio on FaceBook page shall continue to talk about this Michael Sam breaks the stereotype that many Americans have of homosexuals. He's a defensive lineman. Six to 260 pounds. And now he says he is is openly gay he said he -- he told this genius. -- last season. At a busy SEC defensive player of the year. Or he was -- net and he was at one point and SEC defensive player. He said this team didn't react in a negative way at all his team supported him. But yet there will be so many comments from people on the outside and some from people on the inside. And I think the interesting question about all of this is. We have being in. The locker room with gay people. Ordered off all of our lives. Gay males. Lesbians. We didn't know it because they were openly gay. Being gay is not a prerequisite. For. Being excluded from a locker. Gay people can go in and out of health club locker rooms and school locker. We all knew that they were people in in school with us they might not have been openly gay but we figured they regain and they were a couple of people that I thought were gay and then later in life fabulously where gay. So is the question is are you afraid of gays in the locker room. -- of a problem with an NFL player being openly gay if you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight -- numbers 26 ago. 1870. Toll free 8668890. X seventy. A text number is 877 here's a text. When will you come out of the shower. My given the shower earlier. This is the -- -- we're coming right back on their VW wealth. It's. Are you afraid of gays in the locker room that seems to be the concern that some people like Jonathan Vilma has concerning the that the probability that there will be an openly gay player in the NFL this season. Michael -- of the University of Missouri has announced that he is is -- And he's expected to be drafted in the upcoming draft in -- so that would make him the first openly gay player in the NFL it's popular concern about the locker room. Are you. That's our -- if you project don't know wait. Oh wait here's a bevy of your project of people tonight do you support gay athletes being open about their sexuality. It -- your opinion by going to WW real dot com and also on our web site this is the topic of the -- block or are you afraid of gays in the locker room. And I I think I bring up something in this blog that maybe you haven't considered. So you can read it will be another controversial blog you can read -- and share with others it's to -- WL. Dot com also a -- and join us for the comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Total free 8668890. Which seventy. And a -- numbers 877. -- are talking about the big the case involving Michael Dunn at Levy's 46 years old. And he's on trial for first degree murder in the shooting death of a seventeen year old following an argument about loud music here's a really scary scary text. That -- -- sooner or later. These thugs are gonna run into a white man. They don't play that did don't play around. Just like the guy in Florida. He's just tired of the young black thugs. So. You're defining. Young blacks in the car. Playing loud music. And not listening to what an -- says you're automatically assuming they're young black thugs. I don't know about you but I was very rebellious against. Adults. When I was -- If I was playing loud music it's seventeen and some old man came along and told me to turn the radio down I'd probably told to shut up. That's just part of being a teenager. Now if the person who sent this text. If you do reacting this way if you're a white guy in your tired of it. In -- around shooting people. You're going to be in -- End of conversation. Here's a text about the draft the two year old draft that was killed at the Copenhagen zoo and -- to the lines. You can see those videos online. These idiots didn't have to kill. They -- when it lose in a while preserve the its they should be fired from -- markets year on this crucial and to be WL. I. Did -- to -- warned that this. Were -- but it beat that subscription. Quote -- like this. War. You -- is giving this moment. Ago this woman with. Your reading into where. Era. Over that music those people. Kabul and that just what so she probably knew it was gonna call. Now aren't so is it. Didn't answer not very innocent. The traders but people rather from places like. We theaters malls schools were LaRoche and at that that kind of information. Before that -- huge -- GO. Well you know I don't. I don't find terrorist guilty is is you do like I'm sure at this was -- friend I'd like to think that if you're dating somebody you would know whether. They haven't -- or not. And most often. Well I'll just say this quite often people who own guns probably talk about their -- so if you're close to somebody I'd I'd assume that you knew that they had to go on. On but she simply said. She was simply a just agreeing with him you know just going along with that apparently when he said I hate that like music Xinjiang though I mean we've all done that with people where we -- we've kind of gone along and not sorted argument. An issue -- that she left to escape the CNET that she left because she was just going in to get something and she comes back and knees. Firing away into the vehicle. We won't know that is to. Be Smart too much about it but it just seems to debt that we your daughter's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And -- do you mean you UPU sir just to me. It. Like -- -- I love the cavalier description of for testimony of what they did after the shooting. They went to a hotel. Rejected to a motel and he ordered pizza and Adolor. A rum and Coke. -- -- And they stick Vinci saw on the news is she realized what it happened she said I wanna go home right now. So he took her home and then he was arrested at his house. How would it be just in to -- what is now. They're every bit as important as the -- or more case. I didn't say it wasn't as important I didn't say it was innocent trauma center -- it was and it wasn't it's not a similar some people seem to think I see some differences but it's very very important. I'm not answering you said that -- -- to -- it is as important. As that well. Yeah I think it's I think it's very important because -- people who own guns if they -- gotten the message they need to get that message that they need to be responsible and you can't. Shoot people who text in a movie can't shoot people who are playing loud music that's not allowed in the United States of America period. I'd make the laws you can get vanity for talking about this but I didn't make the laws those little laws. Just hours to. On the subject. About via the acute. Just as important -- more important to me just sort of cute but those -- I think. Has a lot of credence that relates to allow more people that had -- -- short. Yeah. Why did in them actually confided in them that school. Back to him to a degree of discussing. Decided to keep him. He came out portico so -- sport and a drafting acute. Early. In now so it's gonna get shot -- -- To me. To me it's like this. I think you know. There's progress as a people except -- more no. It's nicer then. Not knowing just a bit of our policies are right which you can actually get to more guts. That. Is a player coming out now you want. Marcus I'm glad to call the show yeah a lot of people are finding a home with the show because it is a little different from some of the shows that. Preach and judgment only two of you to join our show with a -- tonight are numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. The -- -- 7870. Are you afraid of gays in the locker room. That's the -- blog we'll talk more about that we come back also more of your calls in more of your -- are next. Under the WL all right it's not even 9 o'clock and already I have a text that read your show sucks. Thanks for listening this is discuss Sheila WWL here's an update on our WW heart check -- evil -- you know what I. I'm throughout my career I realized -- I can't make everybody happy and is if you are interesting because everybody who sends a text to who doesn't like what I do. Well like I do what they do because it's it's what I do when you do what you do and I don't know what these people do for a living but if they looked in the mirror they have to admit to themselves that they can't make everybody happy. But regardless what business you're in you can't please everybody you figure out you won a place and you do your job to please them here's an update on our WWL pretty jaguar opinion poll. Do you support gay athletes being open about their sexual orientation. 88% say yes. And 13% say no. Give us your opinion by going to our web site at WL dot com here's an interesting text that read says kind of -- to assume that if you were in the shower with a gay player. That they would be attracted to you. I'm straight and there are plenty of women that I would not be attracted to. If I were to see them in the shower and make it. Have you ever been to a nude beach. Is just it just being around somebody make it is is is it that arousing that you could not control yourself. And and it's it's wrong for heterosexuals to to try to reverse the situation. OK if gays are attracted to same sex. Individuals. It is here in the shower when they same sex individuals the sex -- -- attracted to then how can they be expected to control themselves. Because what you do wish you put yourself in a situation where you take a while if I was in a shower with a bunch of women this is what I would be thinking about this is what I would be looking at this is what I would be trying to do. Really. Well I I think it's a little different if you've grown up in our society. As a homosexual and I say I think it's a little different because. -- straight and I can only speak from a logical standpoint. Not the standpoint of of being gay. If you wanna join our show with a comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text numbers 87870 here's text. It's not even 9 o'clock yet hopefully this is your first text that says your show is also. I guess detect Simon fast food and I please everybody. -- doubted time sure somebody's -- your celebrity brings it ordered back now on there and are so we're talking about Michael -- trial in Jacksonville Florida. He -- a charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of a seventeen year old who apparently over an argument concerning loud music he said he hates -- music. I've got a couple of checks from people who've suggested that just because you hate something doesn't mean you can go shoot somebody. And I think therein lies the real lesson of this trial. And also the upcoming trial involving the the the I guess he was in his seventies -- seventy year old gentleman who shot and killed somebody in a movie theater. Over texting. If you have a -- mind. You better know what to do with it and if you don't know what to do with it then do us all a favor and surrender your weapons. Pete you're -- -- joined every WL. -- I didn't say it but he. Tees. I went back -- -- back to the. The other -- Seattle I've been doing this for a long time and knives and I'm enjoying it more than ever. And I'm sure they're not so. There. That -- think. That Spain in the -- And it -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- the front to somebody -- they feel like he threatened them inappropriately. Put them open. And it is that politically try to be so politically correct they're gonna. Spend quality I vacant problem and. That -- don't do what you think that among players they -- the camaraderie in the locker room that you think that it's so open and it did you know players know. Pretty much about each others that sooner or later somebody was was gay and they were open about their life agreement they show up -- it. Some kind of a team function where you bring. At year stops -- your partner -- Yeah out thank publicly the other team got that. It's an announcement out on their beer defense that put out by this guy is gonna do real good but he just don't tell somebody. Not ready to go. So you say you think you think penalties like encroachment or illegal use of the hands may take on new meaning. Yep -- -- and you know pray that today they try to be so political power back up like Egypt bringing problems stem -- obligation. Not that not. Pete I'm glad to color show meant -- -- over the years glad you're still listening now if you wanna join us with your comment tonight to our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. Text number is a 7870. This is the -- Joseph. We got a chance of some showers tonight you might be in some part of the country with the showers right now and there's a winter storm warning in effect for. The northern part of Louisiana Mississippi Alabama parts of Georgia and a up into the Carolinas and much of the country being hit with another winter storm we're just gonna get some rain and chilly temperatures here in New Orleans. Will be right back on -- you'll only in New Orleans to the people who go to the comic con convention sort it just blend in with everybody else to restore -- detail that regular people visiting new -- from the people or at a convention and we've got some videos -- pictures of all that our web site. Interview if you go to account. Welcome back to the Scotia we're talking about this a trial in Jacksonville Florida involving a a man charged with first degree murder an argument over loud music -- shooting into out of vehicle. Killing a seventeen year old he claims he was self defense also we're talking about Michael Sam breaking stereotypes that many Americans have of homosexuals. He's an all American defensive linemen and I got a text a moment ago that he was defensive player of the year the SEC. He's from the University of Missouri. He's openly gay so if he's drafted in May he will be the first openly gay football player in the NFL from Indiana Richard good time for a quick -- welcome to the show. By the -- skilled I'm not Vietnam vet I served. What a -- -- guys -- an important it's absolutely that met my life saved my bacon a couple times should happen to be the. So -- -- -- out there match it's got. Purple heart and the silver star. Rich I appreciate you calling your show are calling the show and thanks for what you do for our country. Here's our WWL party -- opinion poll do you support gay athletes being open about their sexual orientation. 71%. Say yes and 29% say no. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com and other controversial blog is a turning on our web sites it's titles are you afraid of gays in the locker room. I think I bring up something interesting that a lot of people haven't really considered. We'll talk more about that coming up in the next hour you can read its common noted if you like -- -- -- others it's trending and we're excited to every W real dot com. This is this -- shall -- -- right back with more on WWL.