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Feb 10, 2014|

on the SCOOT show: Michael Sam, an All-American defensive lineman and #1 defensive player in the S.E.C…. from Missouri has “come out of the closet” and is expected to be drafted by an NFL team as the first openly gay player. Reaction has been mixed. As a fan or player could you cheer for or be a teammate of an openly gay player?

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Another winter storm is hitting even parts of the south and ice storm predicted for north Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Georgia including the Atlanta area. And Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal has already issued a statewide emergency declaration today. And this -- to assist in the deployment and staging of the state assets to support those. Northern parishes in responding to an emergency. And you might be as some of that rough weather right now we got a chance of rain tonight that they chants of bring increases as we get into it tomorrow. A morning and then -- throughout the day tomorrow and I'd be sure to tune into WWL first news tomorrow morning at 5 o'clock -- Dave Cohen and then WWL first news with Tommy Tucker from six to ten. They'll have the latest on the weather. Traffic and even though we're used to driving in rain that doesn't necessarily mean that we as a community always do the best -- best job driving rain. Soil of all the latest information for you also New Orleans is preparing for the national stage once again this weekend is the NBA all star game and -- Starting to see some things. Showing up downtown in preparation for the big game and a lot of facilities will be in town one of music stars. For a Williamson earth wind and fire doctor John trombone shorty in Orleans avenue will be among those performing. This weekend and we'll have all the details as we get closer to the weekend also we've got the information. On our website at WW dot com also their -- controversy over some female Olympic athletes posing in provocative poses. Does this help or hurt the image of female athletes. You know they're the Russians are actually attempting to show a sexy side of their athletes because. Russian female athletes have been stereotyped as being. Muscular. And very masculine. And a few that I've seen are far from that also senator Rand Paul said in -- speech over the weekend in Texas. The Texas could become a blue state if the Republican Party does not change. Something we have quite often talked about on the show here and every WL. Are you afraid of gays in the locker room. That seems to be one of the subjects that comes up every time there's talk about a professional athlete or any athlete for that matter. On being openly gay is this the year for the first openly gay player in the NFL. Michael -- breaks the stereotype that many Americans have a homosexuals. He's an all American defensive lineman which defensive lineman of the year in the SEC's from the University of Missouri. He's 62 and 260 pounds. And he opened up yesterday about his sexual orientation. He's expected to be drafted into the NFL during the draft this coming made that would make him the first openly gay player in the NFL. And I say that he he breaks the stereotypes that a lot of Americans have of homosexuals because there are Americans that still believe. Did they are only certain types of people who are homosexuals. And that is totally ignorant. Think about rock cuts it. Did anybody think Rock Hudson was gate for people -- ruckus it was gaming it's actually ridiculous to think that everybody is a stereotype. Reaction to Michael Sam's revelation has been mixed as you can imagine since linebacker Jonathan Vilma who has been on -- CNN tonight. Says that he's not homophobic. But he set a mention. If he's the guy next to me and you know I get dressed naked taken a -- the whole nine. -- just so happens he looks at me. How -- supposed to respond. London Fletcher Redskins linebacker said there is such a stigma with gays and homosexuals. Within male sports. Former NFL coach and ESPN analyst Herm Edwards has warned that a gay player is bringing baggage. Into the locker room and questions to players can handle the media attention. Tweets about Michael -- admission that he's gay. Have been filled with hate. And frequent use of the word. Well the F word a derogatory term for. Homosexuals. The issue of an openly gay player in the NFL -- professional sport it is more about. Ignorance born hates. That it is about a gay player. And I think the same can be said about the debate over same sex marriage you know I've been criticized for promoting a gay agenda on the show even north street. But as I said numerous times and not promoting a gay agenda. I have nothing to personally gain if if gays are totally accepted in our society other than living in a country that totally accepts everybody. What I am promoting on the show. Is the acceptance of law abiding individuals whoever they Mike Dee. To participate. Equally in every level of American society without condemnation. Or. Fear from retaliation. Maybe not physically. But even verbally. -- from those who are in a crusade to dictate personal behavior. The fact is. We didn't locker rooms with gays all of our lives. In school. In health clubs. There have been homosexuals gay men and lesbians but. Homosexuals that had been in the locker rooms with many of -- over the years. We're not openly gay therefore we were unaware that they were standing next to us. And maybe were even looking at -- I have never known. About any widespread problem with homosexuals pursuing straight people. In the heated fog and hot shower. Are in the bright lights of a locker room where everybody's briefly make it. This is just not something that happens in these situations and I am -- speaking about my own experience in life. And yes when I was a kid I was in locker rooms with people. There has not been stories about any inappropriate behavior. In the years that gay players were showering. And changing -- straight players in locker rooms after they've admitted that they were -- after they left the NFL. The mistake that many heterosexuals make is to put themselves in what they considered to be a similar situation and think well if I was in a shower and locker room. With attractive well -- women. I know what I'd be looking at I know what I would want to do. Well since I'm not gay I can only speak from my perspective. But I would imagine that if somebody gross of gay in our culture. They would have to be conditioned. To be in locker room type settings. On any occasion. With the sex that they earning the attracted to for the beginning of their lives and they would know how to behave. Otherwise how could you explain the lack of incidents in locker rooms they have always been open homosexuals. The degree of fear over. Over. Homosexuals being in the same place to -- Michael locker room. I think is part of -- hysterical view of homosexuality that is not based on actual facts are events. This hysteria is spread by a diminishing number of Americans. Who disapprove of a lifestyle that poses no threat to them or their families. As Americans it should be Paramount in our culture. To work from our past mistakes about judgment and exclusion. And I continually perplexed by the intensity. With which some people wanted dictate behavior all in the name of preserving the American way of life. Unless I missed something along the way the American way of life is the envy of the world because of its diversity. And tolerance. While they hate for homosexuals like continue the number of haters is shrinking which is really good news. But that might cause. Those who fear I called haters those who fear homosexual acceptance it might cause them to get a little louder before they are totally defeated. The battle over banning same sex marriage is essentially over in America. States will continue to approve legal same sex marriage and courts will continue to uphold its same sex marriage is an equal right. In the future I think the fear over same sex marriage is going to be viewed. As the battle the ban birth control in the early 1960s Americans are gonna wonder why it was this even an issue. The battle over homosexuals in locker rooms may just beginning -- may just be beginning. But again I find it interesting that -- sexual orientation is not revealing that he's not a prerequisite for joining a health club. -- There have been gays and lesbians in the locker rooms in health clubs around as all of our lives in school and in our adult lives. Has anything ever happened. Now that's not to say that something here there hasn't happened. But this is not a problem. And again the NFL players who. Talked about being gay after they left. The team and we're no longer playing. There were no reported incidence of these people. And by the way for the record. I -- straight people check me out a locker room -- -- with the straighter get a don't look. If you wanna join our show with a comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. At seventy protects -- receipts have VH seventy. Here's a -- why should the government be able to dictate who should and should not be able to marry -- agreed. And for those who want the government again the the issue over. Being openly gay in the NFL. The issue over same sex marriage is a much bigger. Than the issue about homosexuality. It's about how some people want to tell the people how to lead their lives it's about a totally irrational. Year. And I don't know why there's this the year. You know I I've I've said this countless times on the show I don't I haven't changed I don't know why so many people have changed. So many people in my generation and changed. There was a time when Disco for started going to gay bar was. Was nothing people what to gay bars and had fun. And they've always traditionally had the best music and great places to dance. And my wife and I used to go to gay bars are under receive all the time specifically the -- club and across the street it was set -- now it's the opt -- -- And nobody thought anything. Now. Receive something about going to a detour -- oh my god he must regain. Again. I haven't changed. I don't know why some people half. To join Russia to -- our numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is 8787. From every Mike you're on the -- show good evening. Yet good news. -- a good statement that make on that statement. You know what. People and moderates by and look in the mirror today and up from the last themselves. I had time being gay people are -- nicest people and some of the best and it grows. -- -- against. People they it will do the -- And straight people to treat Q stranger. And that metal and our. And on canal street and -- never met summer night and people that country. Straight to you if you don't papers in and day out wonderful people. Mike your attitude is very refreshing and I appreciate you taking time to a -- -- show really truly Dave did the people who are just still vehemently against -- gays being. Openly gay -- being honest with who they are that are trying to cram anything down. Antibodies that are trying to force they're they're lifestyle and anybody else -- they just wanted the excepted as. As equals and -- I totally understand -- in his as long as there is such harsh condemnation. Of of -- of somebody being openly gay and in the military or in the NFL. Then there will be neat to fight. For. Recognition that it's really not a big deal. And we should learn from our past. Mistakes when he came to judgment and being. Exclusive and excluding people. If you're on -- stay with this. -- scoot it will be right back -- your comments on WL I admit that it is slightly tacky that we played a song coming -- our show as we talk abouts and openly gay athlete who is now apparently destined for the NFL is name is Michael Sam. On all American first team all American was defensive player of the year in the SEC east with the University of Missouri 62 over 200 pounds breaks the stereotype that a lot of people have homosexual males which they should be that kind of stereotype anyway. Disguise for probably destined for the NFL which would mean he would be the first openly gay player in the NFL. Do you support gay athletes being open about their sexual orientation. That's a WWL project opinion poll tonight here's an update 62%. Say yes and 38% say. No so those opposing gays being openly gay is increasing you can give us your opinion by going to our web site WW well. Dot com. And a Kenneth here on WWL or good evening. Forget what the debt but sure I took prisoners to HIV planet all boats every day. An acceptable people who work there and is like intentionally did. An armadillo a whole lot less Paul all we went out -- -- although. Mr. people who bought through. And on Nazi old people. Did an HIV from blood transfusions the baby and everything. -- But our military is. It dead person you know he or she is gay and they're fighting next to me. -- Kerry elected Eric gay or not. Because they're my Brothers. And Kenneth when you when you said you became less homophobic guy I guess in seeing suffering you you realize that. Is that they had so many things in common with you. -- -- It's like people in prison. The most scariest thing about hardened -- prison. -- -- You know really abated here between them and us. There really -- they just people. In on out if they get out and a whole lot of difference between right. Well I would I would start I would argue that there's there's something difference different in the makeup of of many people who end up in prison but there are a lot of people who end up in prison because. Of of one. One act. One thing they'd want to horrible horrific thing they did wrong like you know the guy who's on trial Michael -- and into Jacksonville Florida 46 year old guy first degree murder they've got upset over loud music and fired into a car and killed a seventeen year old teenager. You know he might ordinarily be a good guy that lost his temper in May end up in prison. Well I'll -- playing partners. Well and you know I I can't help but think about those teenagers and when I was seventeen years old is some. If some guy 46 years -- come over and told me to turn the music down I'd probably told to shut up to. Well -- again images -- it happens early years ago -- One of my daughter's friend came over -- vote Japanese. Hot rod call right. -- couple -- and how is. I was almost sure. It would it -- our neighborhood. -- -- on cranked up the music. And -- The guys. Breakage has. And -- in its parent. And he couldn't see me. Let the stops and Joseph look to a rolled away and (%expletive) about it but some you know prompted. It and know. Why would it but it's interesting that he would be more judgmental and perhaps confrontational with the young park. But you were doing the same thing any didn't have the same feelings about you. Thanks so -- just so surprised that it was somebody close it is ADP. You speak to us. Canada I appreciate you sharing that was I think this is a lot. -- -- My opinion on same sex marriage is -- twisted around because I don't know I don't know what to say about it. -- -- 42 years. She died. And I don't know I don't know a lot gay women. And then if they -- -- major. Which you really mind if my companion and I were married. I had this I had to say they have no. Because I know him. I don't know what to say about same sex marriage. But that didn't. First of all I'm sorry for years I'm sorry for your laws but if you would if if you knew somebody and you would be in favor of him getting married then. The other people who wanna get married are known by other people and there I think this is a big mistake that we we make is human beings week. We we tend to treat the people that we know or work we have for paying out -- differently. And we treat the mass population when it comes to judging something like same sex marriage when in reality. Those who wanna get married or they're somebody's daughter somebody's sign somebody's. Brother somebody's sister. -- Well Kenneth I appreciate you sharing that story was it really is interesting that. You know these I mean I've never said this on the show about this case in Jacksonville but I'll I'll go ahead say it because it's it's part of the story. The 46 year old guy Michael Dunn and I'm sure you party notice is a wake up. And the teens in the car were black and the seventeen year old whose dad is black. Now. If these were people playing loud music. They were close to disguise age. -- he reacted the same way. And why you -- so much judgment. About about others. This again this is one of the problems that. That we have been as individuals in this country. And this. Is very similar to the case of that the seven year old -- seven something. Who shot I think the guy was in his forties and a movie theater. Overtaxed. Not the guy apparently threw popcorn in his face but as far as I know yours. He should shoot somebody they throw popcorn your face me these are the people who give all gun owners. A bad name if you wanna join Russia with a comic tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890870. In a text number is 877. Also talking about him Michael salmon all American defensive linemen from the University of Missouri came out of the closet yesterday. He's expected to be drafted by an NFL team to the upcoming draft in May that would make -- the first openly gay player in the NFL Jonathan Vilma saints linebacker has been very vocal about this as saying. He doesn't want the guy and -- in the shower with that -- he doesn't know how to respond to that guy looks at him. Just because somebody looks at you. Doesn't mean they're gonna do anything wrong. And quite often the people who were so concerned about how somebody else is gonna react. Know how they react. And that's what causes them to subconsciously be suspicious about somebody else for example. Quite often it's the person who can't be trusted. In a relationship. Who doesn't trust others in -- relationship. Because that person knows how they are. And so something's suspicious happens with somebody with with the person there and relationship with and automatically they're suspicious. This suspicious because of their own activities their own knowledge of themselves. Now if if somebody is so concerned about somebody looking at them make it and what they wanted due to them what they're thinking about doing to them. Then I would question what are they thinking about. When they see people on the street or when they see people in general what's in their heart and their marked. For shell Matt Howard here on this du -- Debbie WL. All we need you to jump start off first so -- what -- you at all what this thing ever done through me all over the forest what. I'm looking people on the shelves and so what notes through personally. Not Getty you know well simply. Understand it. But you know I think the biggest problem -- what that. Is that it makes a market -- -- you know it's it's like they make an issue over. In -- they would just won't know why is it probably would be a whole lot about our main. -- somewhat like the racial you know -- in the black and white are encouraged you know from a relative that would albeit. Seeing the same -- from votes that would really probably the deference and -- I mean as we were not installed a white college on. Then there would send your partner should go about -- that we broke out forms part was fun. I'll go there there was there was there was there was indeed and it's time for. A negro college fund and and they're still is in Iowa and there was a need for a miss Black America because of black Americans are not accepted -- same way to right. Lot of it's your movement you know young white girl -- -- program is most problem. That would like that same opportunity but one record making an issue all -- that's gonna stop the damage here and actually your own your. That they use both of them you know he followed the senate because the result they have. But you really think he can look what they do -- he says he. You know he Obama say that because he wanted the sound like he's like that. What was so he's still insecure with his masculinity that he has to say that bottle of -- steps that. You know you don't make them -- and Howard let me go back to what you I mean I have a right to be what we -- -- be -- -- record mega -- about our respect and then everything would be okay. And Howard I understand that and a lot of people do believe that. It that these gays or making an issue uttered it and if they didn't make an issue out of it everything would be fine the problem is. They can't get married if they wanna get married and if people are discovered as being gay they had been fired they have been criticized. So and and I guess until we get to the point where. There is more freedom to be gay and and not face discrimination. Then there will be those are gonna try to make a statement. And -- and at duke on the Europe and look them that if that here in the small article and I'll let you back there and -- -- dispute -- not -- button and a -- and we all realize that we just got to get over. That's going to be okay. You know but nobody really wants the city at that like they all wanna make an actual work. When -- equipment again in addition over -- that it just have to be accepted today. -- not. -- -- Howard I do agree with that I think we're gonna look back on this as a country and and wonder why this was even a debate in the same way that. And a -- to look a little we say that the black white insists -- sixty looming tomorrow. Don't know alignment and it's now coming up on him. My -- sent it to chocolate city and things like that and we just you know racial factor and and the fact that there is now yet former. -- I let go. It's term you know let's just get on -- -- let's protect everybody. And do it right there and again. Kids to which you -- Kidman's golden boy and astute at that or worry about things or can not be an important -- end of the real problems that day. The ball two women together to remember. Wrong. You know you're you're right now the real problems in this don't already get. We need just. It just -- all the lots and do the right thing that's what comport I think that's what worries that it. Art bought right now -- -- people that aren't. I'm going to call the show and -- I totally agree with you. The biggest problems we have in this country or not. Should not be about race should not be about sexual orientation it should be about. About violence it should be about equality should be about. Living up to what this country is supposed to stand for which is inclusion. And tolerance not to being ostracized. Yeah see -- chucked you under the WL you know basically straight -- church. My record that would that your caller what he should. And -- air America think that gave similar instruction directly measurable disorder. Yeah that was librarian I've been I've been divorced twice so we don't why should why should I have all the misery. And a -- against equality for anybody. No matter what their color or lifestyle when I was -- with. Being better than others you know and special areas for the -- army officer. Man my last command -- -- injured -- -- and we had a and openly gay female guard unit. And it was a daily occurrence of -- -- -- the division club Jim -- sir because nothing we ever did not know what concessions we made it was never good enough. And it law school in medical school and graduate schools in actual points which -- gay or. I mean it's easy target like me and you know and lost to litigate the -- by man. Well and and that's and that's wrong and you know there are people who complainants and and and just because somebody's gay or lesbian that does -- mean that they don't have the ability to be negative and to be complain all the time -- -- IC -- is in society it. It annoyed at work any public people just have this nature of of complaining and and and that's a shame. Because they're the ones who are giving. That the quest for equality abandoning. Yeah and tell people all the time you know and actually born English speaking white cursor actually go to war combat veteran. I am the most discriminated against concentrate on America. In the future school torture last policy and you know the united Caucasian college. But that doesn't need to -- there's -- straight pride parade but does he did not about equality it's fun being better than everybody else. -- know it's about her -- but it was originally about recognition recognition that wasn't granted before you know as soon as an English. As an American born English speaking white male. Hey you did need recognition it was already granted -- Well it is changing diapers that it discrimination about equal employment actually solution that won't listen to. -- as you know you're wiping your mail you're at an angry -- should -- -- mention this championship. But -- egyptians like it's it would just be quiet about it. And what engagements. I just think about you know I don't wanna hear about it every elves say you know look I'm -- first actual everything everyday you know -- I don't walk around what was the trauma and -- -- about it. I'm chuck atletico show got to get to break -- thanks for listening to it every -- -- -- night. If you wanna join us with your thoughts tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a -- -- 7870. Here's a Texan Reid's patience tolerance and love it's. Not a thought it's a way of life. We'll be right back aboard the -- show. Live from New Orleans on -- -- -- welcome back to our show on this Monday nights of rain is on the way you might be in the rain right now on another winter storm is going to be hitting parts of Louisiana Mississippi Alabama Georgia. Maybe even the Atlanta area I hope their little more prepared for this time. And there'll be a lot of very severe weather into the into the Carolinas with this a winter storm named Pac's. Michael Dunn is charged with first degree murder he was apparently upset over loud music and killed a seventeen year old. Now he claims it is like which threatened but I don't understand how you can claim that your life is threatened if you. If you retreated from the situation and went back to me I think this guys in serious trouble. I -- as as we've learned recently you never know how a jury is going to react and they are things that that we think can and they are things that we. The that we determined about a case -- sitting here in the court of public opinion. But we never can predict as we've learned how a jury is gonna react but -- did it seems like this guy is in very serious trouble. And if you if it's a case of somebody getting angry. Over somebody playing loud music. And architecturally from some party and it just it's it's scares me that people think this way. I got a -- -- somebody earlier who said maybe this is just one of those guys who had enough. Maybe it's a white guy who's just tired of the thugs and he's had enough. Wait that's the reason to go kill somebody. Doesn't that sound scary to you. And because people are playing loud music. How do you how do you determine that there thugs from playing loud music. You might not like the music. But that's. That's gross stereotyping. And you know here's a guy who left his son's wedding. And I had a couple of drinks his girlfriend testified that he had three -- four rum and colas. If she says she had about two. He was. Aggravated with the loud music told his girlfriend I hate that -- music. And she goes in the convenience store the gas station to get something comes back and here's pop pop pop and then another series of pop pop pop. And so the story is this kind became aggravated because he went over told the turned on the music. They actually turned on the music but the guy he shot turned it back up again and sets up into the guy. So that he goes to his car gets his gun out of his glove compartment. And then goes back to the car. And the prosecution is saying that's first degree murder. Now the defense is trying to say that. Well they might have had a gun in the car but. The police did search the area they had time to get rid of it. Then there's also a story about a tripod. Being in the the issue -- he with the teams. And he thought that was ago. Well you know what if you get into an argument with somebody and they've got a shotgun. At a shotgun reckon their pick up truck just because you see a gun can you shoot him until. I think this guy Michael Dunn is going to be very hard pressed to prove that -- is his life was threatened but then again I'm speaking from. This position in the court of public opinion and we know that we can't always predict the wait. And juries will react -- are talking about the case of Michael Sam and all American defensive lineman for the University of Missouri who came out of the closet yesterday. He's expected to be drafted by an NFL team this coming -- in the upcoming draft. That would make him the first openly gay player in the NFL. Reaction has been mixed. Jonathan -- says he doesn't want -- looking at him in the shower in the gay guy looked at him in the shower he doesn't know how he would react. Do you think professional sports. Are ready for openly gay players -- blog tonight is titled are you afraid of gays in the locker room. Because. That the truth is. We have all been in the locker rooms with -- we did in health club locker rooms with -- we did in school with people who were gay. The differences we didn't know they were again. But I have yet to hear anybody talk about. Any regularity of incidents involving. People in the locker rooms. So if if there's if it's a fact and we may not have known who they are but if it's a fact and certainly reality. That we have all shared locker rooms and didn't make -- in showers in dressing and -- we've all been around gay people. And there are not problems. -- this hysteria about a gay in the locker room whether -- from inside the NFL or outside the NFL. Is based on hysteria. And not fact. If you wanna join our show with a comment on numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Saturday. And a text numbers 87870. -- here's a text -- it's not about white or black gay or straight. It's about human nature to use something against other people to make themselves feel better. In 500 years when gay or straight or black or white doesn't matter. It'll be something else that we as humans use to make themselves feel better over the people. And and that's true like I can't help but think that that so much of this is. Is based on insecurity. Based on the insecurity of of of humans. And did the feared that if if something is unknown to you if you don't understand something then you're afraid it. But he something doesn't involve you. -- were you afraid of it. And really what are you afraid out. If you wanna join our show with a comment on numbers 260170. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. Text numbers 87870. Here's detects sounds like the Jackie Robinson 2014. Here's a text of bill may not have to worry next year. Even though he's been great. Always love him though suggesting that he might not have a team next year might not be in the shower with any -- In the locker room anyway but again you know there's no pre requisite to declaring one's sexual orientation before you join a health club. So the fact is you've been around gays. And lesbians. Has anything happened. This is this -- show and we'll be right back on WL -- documents revealed that Hillary Clinton's reaction to her husband's sexual encounter with Monica Lewinsky. -- was almost making an excuse for bail. -- he tried to get out of it but she she wouldn't let Monica would letting get out of it I'll tell you more about that coming up in the next hour. Here is a text. It reads and you seemed to forgets that the Bible clearly says a man should ever lay with another man. So if you say it's OK to be gay. You can't -- Christian. Well yes I can't I'm a Catholic. And -- a Christian. And I know that sets a lot of people but do you really wanna go into this area of of everything the Bible says to be do you really wanna go there. Here's a text about the trial in Jacksonville Florida with Michael died he was drunk and agitated. And should not have been driving and waited until his wife went into the store. It was his girlfriend and essentially I guess like a wife. We don't know exactly what was in his heart. But here's a guy who may. Have. Used a garden. To vent his frustration and anger. Over young people playing loud music. That's not allowed in America. I don't know about other countries but that's not allowed. It in America. And that's not coming from somebody who doesn't support the second amendments coming from me I support the Second Amendment I support. Gun ownership. However I don't support. Using a gun to vent rage. And anger. Same thing that the guy at the movie theater recently news story that got a lot of national attention I think this guy really feels badly about what he didn't. He gets into an argument over texting. We all get frustrated sometimes we we get -- Angry when we get frustrated with other people but if you take out a gun and shoot somebody because your angry. Not out of defense. Shooting somebody because -- angry is like seeking revenge it's retaliation because that person made you angry that. Is not allowed. If you -- -- Russia with a comment on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point semi tech is a 7870.