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Feb 10, 2014|

on the SCOOT show: Michael Sam, an All-American defensive lineman and #1 defensive player in the S.E.C…. from Missouri has “come out of the closet” and is expected to be drafted by an NFL team as the first openly gay player. Reaction has been mixed. As a fan or player could you cheer for or be a teammate of an openly gay player? AND: the prosecution rested in the case of Michael Dunn the man accused of firing a gun into a car that was playing loud music, killing 17 year old Jordan Davis. Dunn claims his life was threatened and he was “standing his ground’ in self-defense. What do you think the jury will say?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It's a Monday night welcome back to our show some scattered showers you just heard this in the forecasts of scattered showers and more rain tomorrow. It's going to be chilly tomorrow and many view. -- and tonight might be a part of the country where there is a winter storm warning in effect again and you're not used to it because it's north Louisiana. -- governor Bobby Jindal has declared a state of emergency in advance of this. Ice storm that's gonna hit the northern part of the state. And also is going to be in northern Mississippi Alabama and Georgia may be even parts of Atlanta I'm assuming Atlanta will be a little more prepared this time. There's -- we're talking about on the -- showed tonight Michael Sam is an all American linemen from the University of Missouri he has come out of the closet. He is expected to be drafted by NFL team in the upcoming draft inmate. That would make him the first openly gay player in the NFL. Reaction has been mixed as you can imagine a six linebacker Jonathan Vilma among those saying he doesn't like he doesn't wanna gay player in the shower with him. He doesn't know how to react if a gay player was in the shower with him. And looked at. I think this is an irrational fear that people have because we've all been in locker rooms with. Gays and lesbians to our lives they booted off they were gay and lesbian. We've all been in these situations and as far as I know there have not been any incidents but I'm sure there have been isolated cases it's somewhere around the country. It is different spots around the country. But this has never been exposed to be any kind of a problem. That gays. In the company of straight people in locker rooms for example. Seized the moment. To pursue a straight person in the shower. Again there might be some isolated cases but this this has never been a problem. So the fear of this is based more on. Hysteria. That it is on on fact. Here's a -- WL pretty jaguar people which is getting very very close tonight the question is do you support gay athletes being open about their sexual orientation. It's sorted out tonight 81% said yes they do support it. Now that's down to 58% supported it 42% say no they don't support. It is your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com -- communities we tracked it to throughout our -- -- also the -- blog is titled are you afraid of gays in the locker room. And it's really it's about how we've been around gays or -- so why this is why is that such a big deal and and what are so many people afraid of the good news is that those who are hysterical about gay rights that numbers diminishing. And I think there's going to be a time we look back -- all of this and think what was the big deal. In the same way that now we look back on the the battle over birth control pills in the early sixties and think why was this a big deal. People were hysterical about that the moral majority. -- a them. They were a group. That thought. Birth control pills being available to the public. Because of fear that it would make the world or sexual. And removing the idea pregnancy from sex was going to. Somehow destroy America. And the supreme court judge ruled that a ban on birth control pills was unconstitutional I think that's what we're gonna find ultimately was gay marriage. When -- get took a -- -- -- also be bringing up to date on something else we're talking about. We're talking about the prosecution has rested now in the case of Michael -- The man in Jacksonville Florida on trial now for first degree murder in the shooting death of a seventeen year old following an argument about loud music. Michael -- girlfriend testified. -- he said I hate that like music shortly before getting his gun from his vehicle and firing into the car with teenagers killing seventeen year old Jordan Davis. He claims his life which threatened and it was self defense. I think this -- serious trouble buy it as I said earlier as we know we never know how juries or going to actually. Rule. I -- is a text. That reads. Scoot -- also those teenagers never left the scene from what I saw the shooter did. And never returned the camera showed that they never -- -- there there's been some talk -- and I think the defense is trying to make this case for their client Michael Dunn. That the teenagers. Got out of the car to confront him or one of at least or at that they somehow left the cart to stash. A gun that they had and that's why police didn't find again because they stashed it here's attacks I attended her all girl Catholic high school. And I know they were a small handful of lesbians in my class. Did I cared then or now know to both questions they are my friends. They are my classmates. Here's a text about the football player being openly gay I say good for him. As the saints fan I am embarrassed and ashamed of illness comments if a player. A thinks they are not trying. They are not already in the locker room with gays they are ignorant and then again that's the point and -- You know my -- tonight another controversy of law legally either agree with it or disagree with that you can comment ordered if you like and share with others it's a turning on the front page -- website WW real dot com. Here is a text I have a bit discriminated against because of age I changed my resume and dyed my beard. I haven't seen on any app or use straight I'll think long and hard about my answer if it gets me a better job. Here is attacks if you're Christian or Catholic. You cannot pick and choose the rules of the Bible you follow period. That's like saying I'll follow the laws of our country that I like think about it -- it's not a choice. Again do you really wanna go into that area of this one thing the Bible says do you really wanna go and into that area. Here's a text dude I'm a Catholic. And in Knights of Columbus. I also support gay marriage and abortion rights. Peace in my beliefs as a straight man married twenty years with an adult son and daughter and grandkids and that is -- From Stacy Lewis. Here's a text which saints fans Sean gave players of the saints won the Super Bowl with some gay players I think not. If you wanna join our show with your -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. And a text number is 877. Here's a -- don't understand why everyone wants to have a parade. When someone comes on the closet. With all the blanket going on in this country this is. Buoyant. Makes the headlines please find something else talk about. And how the government is blanking out of liking out. Military out of benefits and we can talk about that -- show but this is we're talking about tonight we're also talking about. They in the case of Michael -- this 46 year old guy it in some ways this this case parallels the case of that. Seven year old ex cop. Who killed somebody in a movie theater over text. Now unless I'm missing something. I don't think you could use a gun. To vent your frustrations. I don't think you can use a gun because you're angry with somebody. And for this this this ex cop to to prove in court that he felt like his life which threatened because popcorn was thrown in his face. -- this. I I think this is the misunderstanding that that some arm. A few. Not all a few gun owners half. A gun is not a way to. Deal with humiliation. I got news for protection. Of yourself. Pampering. Your property. Somebody can humiliate you. And you're not supposed to use a gun to kill. And the story with with Michael -- that this is what we're getting from the police reports and from testimony in this trial which the nation is is watching some people think it's very similar to the trade on Martin George Zimmermann case. I don't really think it is I mean I guess you could find some some parallels but it's really. It's really not about that case at all but it's it's it's in Florida and somebody's claiming self defense. With a gun. And a black teenagers dead some people are drawing this this parallel when I really don't think there are many parallels at all. I've this to disguise it goes to discarded gas station and tells people to. Turn the music down. And pared some kind of words spoken apparently one of the one of the -- -- the car turn the music down. And that the seventeen year old who shot and killed Jordan Davis he cranked it back up and had worked with this guy. Well I can only think about what I was like when I was seventeen I might have done the same thing. But some people arsenal on the -- To Celtic in governing and shoots of over something just released -- So I guess this guy felt kind of humiliated and frustrated and I'm I'm still. I'm still scared. By -- I got earlier from somebody who said. Maybe this was just a white guy who's had enough and he's tired of the thoughts. Again how hard you know it if -- listened to loud music that you don't like how to you know their thoughts. They might be straight a students. This is the kind of responsibility that comes with only begun. You can't just pulling your gun. And shoots somebody. Because you're angry or because you humiliated. Because you're a disagreement that's not what a -- is for. If you wanna join our -- night our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Texas a 7870 something horrific happened at the Copenhagen zoo we'll tell you about that also on Hillary Clinton reveals something interesting about. This. This reaction that she had two deals. Sexual encounter with Monica Lewinsky. We'll tell you about that when we come back again our numbers 2601. A seventy toll free 866889. Necessarily seventy. A text number is 87070. This is this cute show. And we'll be right back on every WL -- to find justice for Ray Nagin the jury has the case that verdict could come at any time now -- not any time at this moment but any any time once they start to. I get back together tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock and we're gonna have that discussion tomorrow morning with Tommy Tucker into the WL first news. Also will continue to update to a man in when there is breaking news you get it right here and every WL if you haven't yet signed up for our news alerts if you wanna know when that verdict. Comes out. We'll send you a text now messaging data rates apply but it's a free service from repetitive -- real it's available on any cellphone. When we have one of the super Smartphones -- just a regular cellphone -- you have to do is text the word news. NE WS text the word news to 8787. And you'll get that news update or any big news updates that come along you'll know before a lot of your friends know. When something happens text the word news. To -- 787. And tell -- we'll have that discussion tomorrow morning also he will continue to talk about this a Florida man that we're talking about tonight. Who killed a teenager over loud music that will continue tomorrow so like it would feel good with Tommy Tucker tomorrow morning WWL first news. Six to ten. The world is becoming a more inclusive place and the Westminster dog show is part of our changing world. For the first time ever mixed breeds. -- We're part of the -- missed election. They participated in the agility championship. Now. The politically correct name for -- Is all American breed. Now you might realize the displayed in in the dog world and I guess it's kind of acceptable for months. To call each other months. If a purebred dog it's a pedigree dog calls and the dog a marked. Using the M word. Is really not accepted in the dog world so the politically correct term for much. It's all American three. And so that's what we've really should should be using over just -- but this is a big breakthrough for the Westminster reduction. I don't have a dog I've had dogs occasionally in my life. I don't know what it is about that you maybe it's that maybe it's the movie best in show. That made me start to pay attention dog shows but I'd love watching the Westminster. Dog show. The prosecution has rested in the case of Michael -- is one of the things we're talking about tonight on trial for first degree murder in the shooting death of a seventeen year old continuing to get text about that. And -- get to some of those coming up in just a moment Ross are talking about Michael Sam. Who is an all American defensive linemen from the University of Missouri who came out of the closet expected to be in the NFL draft coming up in May. That would make him the first. On the first openly gay NFL player. And reaction to this has been -- but you know most the reaction seems to be very positive. And a lot of saints fans are very positive thing you know EU with the defensive player of the year in the SEC. Come to New Orleans be part of the saints. But then you've got similarly Jonathan Vilma who says I wouldn't know how to react. If he looked at me. Again I just I I find that question to be quite possibly. Something really horrible happened at the Copenhagen zoo. They euthanized. With the pissed -- they shot a pistol -- took a pistol and shot him in the head I guess it was they had the euthanized. A corporate Hagan. A healthy two year old -- at the Copenhagen zoo. And fit into the lines. While visitors including children watched -- There are a lot of protest but this does suit shot Mario is the young giraffe. To prevent. In -- Apparently they were concerned that. They had seven -- and they were concerned about inbreeding and the problems that. That would result from or why couldn't they just separated. Now apparently they don't they don't castrate or spader. -- do the things that they do to animals other animals they don't do this too dress because it it has an impact on the internal organs. So they leave them all intact but -- you -- putting in another pro abortion to kill. Me hurting us defeat the lines. I'm I'm an animal lover I realize that this is you know part of of nature I guess but a candidate. Two to kill -- died he was killed by lines they killed imminent heading to the lines and and visitors including kids. Are watching this and -- says that they're extremely proud of it because they feel like they have given children a huge understanding of the anatomy of -- giraffe. That they wouldn't have gotten from watching a giraffe. In a photo. Yeah look what they're deleting the intestines now an Olympic. Record for one of the lungs. Now they got the gallbladder. There was a guy who offered to pay 680000. Dollars for the zebra for the F for the giraffe. 680000. Dollars could have gone the Copenhagen zoo in this guy was gonna buy the animal to save it. And according to the organization that oversees -- in Europe. This used to not only animals themselves. They simply govern the animals. Soul according to this organization they're not allowed to sell the animals to an outside organization. So. You can't sell him but you can kill. Again. Beautiful animal like that just seems like there might have been another way to handle that. There are some by documents that reveal Hillary Clinton's reaction to her husband says sexual encounter with Monica Lewinsky. And she called Monica Lewinsky a narcissistic a loony -- and sell the -- -- that bill made a mistake. Because of the deaths of his mother father and close friend Vincent Foster. Now what I find most interesting about these. Documents coming out is that they come from -- Diane Blair. Described as a close friend and longtime confidant. Of the former First Lady. You know. I thought I understood their definition of the -- confident. I mean if you're confidant what are you doing. Releasing. Releasing information and and unless this was was done on purpose because as she prepares to run for the presidency and it seems like -- -- That this is a part of her strategy team to get this out. In these in these papers that had been confirm by by CNN to be authentic. This woman says that Hillary said that deal tried to break it off the -- will Monica. He tried to break it off with Monica. He tried to pull away. He tried to manage someone who was clearly a narcissistic looney tune. But it was beyond control. All -- port deal it's not bill's fault. He couldn't help himself. And -- you often you often see this win when there's. A male involved in his something like this with a female. You often hear this criticism that while it's not the man's fault I mean he couldn't help himself what it's like man can't control themselves. -- admit -- not expected if if a woman actually throws himself thank you it's not your fault if you're a guy -- what a great excuse at a news. So guy start using that -- honey. I can't help but she threw herself she. She made herself available to me. It's not my fault. Really mean is that not an insult. Two men who understand that they do have control of the situation -- mean if nothing else. Men and women are equally involved. If something happens. But he tried to break it off again he -- a piece of here's a guy who's president of the United States. He's commander in chief. He's dealing with all matters involving the United States as president. Eddie can't. Control. The advances. Of an intern in the White House. That doesn't speak much about the character. Of Bill Clinton. So interesting information coming out about and then. But I know I know bill had it rough experience is in his life with the death of his mother and father. And then their close friend offensive follows a lot of questions about how Vincent Foster died in what was really behind all that. But I don't know if that's an excuse for having affairs. I'm I'm I'm kinda sad I'm really upset soul. Act I just think I'm gonna go -- have a -- if you wanna join our show of the comet tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Late seventy. In a text number is eight sanity insanity is a text that I saw Roman Harper at comic con. Walking around nobody knew who he was. And it would is phony thought you get a kick out of interest to. Maybe somebody. You're if you're not dressed up at that event. You know people don't really pay attention to you but that's escalate Roman Harper got -- -- a -- time. Here is a text. That reads. -- I don't get what the big deal is about fearing gays I don't have a problem with them. Do they regularly affect my life know if it doesn't affect me. -- why do I care so much I'm a straight Catholic and I support gays. Here's a text and I wonder if NFL players. Would be afraid of gays in the locker room if they're really afraid. That they'll be treated as disrespectfully. As they treat women. I think this is a really good point and I'd I'd I touched on this earlier. If somebody doesn't trust. The waste somebody would look at them. If they might be attracted them to shower. Then. That means they don't trust themselves. And I think it's quite common for people who. Who. Cheat. To be very suspicious of the person their witness. If there's anything that might seem suspicious their overly suspicious because they can't trust themselves therefore they don't trust. Somebody else. If you -- did -- -- -- in our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889. Steroids every texting is 87870. From mobile David you're on WWL good evening. -- -- -- They don't. Call Monica -- Narcissistic attitude kind of like the pot call the couple -- Well I'm sure many people who make an argument. And it has written out. Kind of what possible -- -- so what are -- narcissistic would. I I I think that's if a fair point and -- -- does it surprise you that that Hillary would've said though he tried to break it off but he could have here's the here's the most powerful man in the world the president the United States and he can't control. The advances of a young intern at the White House. -- you're it would be -- attitude and stuff because it got the Secret Service to do it but he warned that. Yeah that that excuse doesn't. Well but but. Quickly. That it was quite the you respect. Our respect Hillary or. You know it should be Tuesday -- After bill they'll see it now you know the diplomatic arguments that cook political reasons. And I don't really care what -- that he was. -- -- He but the -- in irons. -- well the reason why. -- you have to respect that she took the key players to ever happen I mean you hear that it gives some work well. Out. -- David you know that that's one way to look at it I always thought that -- their marriage was such a far stated it gave marriage. The institution marriage shouldn't. A bad name because. Neither one of them seem to respect. Pricing either one of them seem to respect fidelity she obviously tolerate I don't know what goes on in in her life that this was obviously something that was not. Unique to just Monica Lewinsky and in the Bill Clinton this was a is was a pattern appears. And there are women I I I do respect women who who wanna try to keep failing or men who wanna try to keep a marriage together and -- Stanley together. But it. You know it end at some point I I think you're selfish if you stay for the money if you stay for the -- there are people who stay in marriages just for the money because they. Date date date don't wanna be without what they have so they sacrificed their own. Their own personal morals and integrity. -- for the money and and I thought all along that said she stayed with him for the political power. You know it and this college player that came out of him and John that no reaction to a I think it would be sitting in the difference. He has and at the end there. Haven't now blocked. -- top of the allotment. Was come -- to -- -- doctor -- -- competitors such and such. And wouldn't that be hypocritical David I'm glad -- -- thanks listing here is a text. Breaking news. Testing showed dog at Westminster has come out as gay. One of the other competitor dogs expressed concern over not knowing. How to react. If the gay dog worked a look at him or. Well you know it. You know it targeted dogs. Used their -- anyway and asked what he TT has developed that from Houston David your on this crucial and every WL. Hate -- and other Inca. I I think art I think we should get they're the -- a little bit of repair and the reason one arm playing. -- because. This -- move forward people organ or use city ideas and like you sit there. For somebody to be honest about currency. Exactly comparable with that that I don't think they. We should I think you have to be a conversation about that -- -- this little bit ago and and WorldCom -- and in the way we deepening -- then we've got to try and get that we've got to get both sides of that conversation. Out in the open and not ridiculed. That it you know. -- the -- somebody at some point they're gonna have to be a conversation about this because. Even a -- on one serve the level it sound what Philly that been around game before whatever but it. I think there are a lot of guys that probably think that that same repeat thing and I think it's from point gonna sit down regret that there are we gonna do news. We did and I'm sure I'm sure there are in and not just football players but I'm sure there are a lot of people who would be very uncomfortable being in. I shall our health club locker room type situation -- -- homosexuals and and maybe women with with lesbians. However we've all been in locker rooms with. Homosexuals we may not have known that they were gay but that. Based on based on the data. But it agree -- but there's but they're still there and there have there there are not widespread incidents. I'll I'll not know. -- -- going to be an incidence of trainers the I'd like Vilma gave an honest. Opinion where he was that was the right idea why he's an awful lot of guys. That you know playing covers an awful lot of opinions and you eat this scene there -- result with the UK -- regret that the same way that we regret anything you know. Well I I agree -- he does reflect the feelings of a lot of people but that's why this is a good time to talk about how those feelings are based on. On just superficial fear and not on reality or or fax. We got you don't throw in and so -- he's got this crazy idea could. Oh no it's -- in -- now I would agree with you David. In the minds of many is not a crazy idea but it's an opportunities they -- if this is how you fields and really think about it. Is this -- fear that you really should have. David let's call it thanks listing if you wanna join our show with your comment tonight's card numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889087. And text -- 77. Here's a text what is the name of the Russian woman posing in underwear -- talking about this earlier this amounts of criticism about. About female Olympic athletes posing. In provocative poses. Does this help or hurt the image of female athletes. The Russians. Wanna try to improve the image of the air female athletes which -- had a rather rough masculine image in the past. So they have set out some very sexy pictures on actually this is and this newest controversy really involves on a US athlete and well what I heard I'll I'll tell you more about this we come back after this break if you wanna join us our numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Steroids every text is a 77 he will be back there is now a report that Jonathan Vilma. Is saying he is OK with an openly gay teammate. What happened. Did he say -- he didn't want and openly gay teammate look at him in the shower and then did he realize. How ridiculous that statement was so let's let's give Jonathan Vilma credit for this. This of -- now he says he's OK with it and and that's and that's cool and I would hope that if your first reaction was -- I would -- be in Charlotte gay person. I hope that you would think about that and realize that you've already been in the shower with gay people you've been around gay people all your life. You didn't necessarily know it but as far as I know nothing happened. Here's a -- reads. A coed showers for everyone. Here's attacks would you shower with a gay -- cute. Here's a text or should we should all locker rooms and bathrooms be unisex. There's there's a difference. As far as I can tell and again I'm speaking from my standpoint as a heterosexual male. I believe there's a difference between. Gays and heterosexuals. In those situations. And I talk about it in the -- blog which is titled -- are you afraid of gays in the locker room. And I'm one of the things and I've I get it too is it. If you're gay. Apparently. You have had a condition yourself to be in these kinds of situations. Like locker rooms. Without reacting. Without thinking about sex. Now. I can't speak for you but as far as I'm concerned I didn't I didn't. I've been on a nude beach. With my girlfriend I have been in situations where there have been other nude people around. Members of the opposite sex which are attracted to. And I was able to control myself or are you in such little control of yourself that. The site of the thought of something like -- been would you would you look at it if you are straight male. Would you look at it. If you are straight male. And there whereas it was it was a two it was it was eighteen kind of situation but book there was one street female. In the locker room which you look at her like your predator. Or would you just simply go about your business. Again I'm I can only assume that that gay people. Have condition themselves to be at all of those situations. And you use restrooms. With people who -- day. And I don't know of any widespread incidents that have taken place anywhere and -- have you been approached. In a bathroom at work. Have you been approached in health club locker room were you approached -- school were you concerned about. About being sexually attacked. Because it was a homosexual. In the shower. To join our children and our numbers 260187. Toll free 866889070. And -- tech's number is a 77 from Guerrero Michael you're on the -- show and having WL. Who -- that outcome but it was you know law. -- the trial of Michael Jackson's record -- -- -- what happened with you. America. It moved him rare but what it used to -- and -- edited it. The statement it got hurt though it. When it and likable women and it'll -- so it'd go right below the boat and alienate him out of there you go down. Is the apple like we did not -- -- Look at that Britain is wrong with the cut at some people care you know -- -- We hope is that you brought up no doubt that you see. Get. And when -- market albeit well there will have a the ability. And -- It was a lot of white people gain on the we you can -- everybody who did not. -- like -- to talk about -- over here I know people in remote here. It is. Yeah we do that some people can't. This bill would break. And we know that okay. -- that he retreated this. When the policy. Quality -- and to where directly without the work its radical about it -- it will and they condemn well below. Okay I'll I'll Obama blackmail. I couldn't without oh. Great Apollo. -- could have -- -- -- you're backed up my curtains to open a boat Obama might we'll have a look at it mullah. -- Michael you're actually writes I but I think Paula -- players. Part of the world. Did his change long enough to nose and it did that's inappropriate idea I mean I I I I -- I think you're right. I I think it was mainly I don't think it was this much is what she said as her apology seemed to be insincere to a lot of people. It is but the top of me and I've been okay. And it that you. I mean you can edit it but. The would have done it -- It was a month. Okay -- pick. -- that is okay but it. And that might happen. That popular in the -- well. Well not only was he who he was actually a changed -- when he became. Such a supporter of segregation -- George Wallace. Before he reached the prominence of being governor of Alabama George Wallace was actually a moderate Republican any lost. And he realized that if he stood out and supported segregation. And supported the purity of the of of of whites and whites just being with whites if he did that he would get elected and that's what happened but he'd -- he went back to being his his old self. But that would -- with in the people look at people. And what is it all about what -- look at it today. Okay I'm -- that -- -- -- and -- like Obama who built up in an interview with would be okay. Oh wait without fear that -- he's got the presidency. Addict and somebody what did -- do. What you view with article that went in you know these -- Because. An album right. And I read articles with Monaco in the west yet and he's been a bit what and I as somebody come up to get help -- He's saved without the it was -- river. Outlets. That. Don't know that is that is very reputable. Michael -- -- get to break and let you share that witness. I think that's a really good way to put it Michael -- UWW -- -- This is this gonna show of hands will be back by coming up we'll talk about some controversy with Olympic your female athletes -- in provocative photographs. -- one of the athletes is -- somebody -- -- This a US this with the US women's Alpine super combined skiing team. I'd I'd Julia Mancuso she won bronze. And she's also a featured in the February edition of GQ magazine -- we'll talk more about this coming up after the news. And and really that the the Russian government is trying to improve the image. Of Russian athletes although here's a Texas as I really don't think the Russian female athletes have an image problem remember Maria -- and a Serpo over. And Anna Kournikova. Yeah they were both Russians and they were both really really hot in and actually still are but there has traditionally been this this image of eastern European. And Russian female athletes. This is being masculine and and being rough and so of the Soviet and Soviet Russia. Has actually. Sent out on their web page. Some sexy pictures of their athletes and a lot of people think that this is just sending the wrong message but if you have a good body. Should he just. Be able to show I mean it would these are not obscene the pictures that I've seen are very very tastefully done. But is there anything wrong with. A female athletes. -- showing. A sexy side. Here's an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight do you support gay athletes being open with their sexual orientation. 58% say yes and 42% say no. Give us your opinion by going to our web site WWL dot com the blog is on our website also we've got the latest on the Sochi Olympics. And also the fate of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. It's in the hands of twelve jurors they convene again tomorrow morning at 9 o'clock as soon as there is a verdict you'll hear about it and we'll be talking about it here on WWL. I'm screwed and we'll be right back after the news.