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02-10 11pm Scoot Show, MIchael Sam

Feb 11, 2014|

Scoot continues to talk about Michael Sam; the college football player who admitted publicly that he is gay.

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You might be some rain right now we're -- -- scattered showers overnight tonight but a very good chance of rain all day tomorrow into tomorrow night. And some cooler weather and temperature tomorrow is only going to be in the upper forties should -- is -- winter storm ice storm warning in effect. For the northern part of Louisiana Mississippi Alabama and Georgia and this would include. Perhaps the Atlanta area -- I guess will be a little more prepared than they were. Last time also a lot of very serious winter weather going into the Carolinas and you know much of this country's gonna be -- with this a winter storm named pacts. That is a sweeping across the country right now we're gonna have any icy conditions in the New Orleans area but it's going to be it's going to be cold and it's going to be damp. Now here's the good news. The forecast for this weekend for Saturday and Sunday. -- Saturday in the upper sixties. -- Sunday in the low seventies. With partly cloudy skies. So you know don't get down tomorrow let's just get through this weather and by the weekend it's going to be spectacular. And what -- what a great weekend for the NBA all starting to Beantown. And it's starting to see signs downtown of that city dressing up for for the NBA championship the NBA all star game this weekend. A lot of the stars are going to be in town. On a musical acts of will be talking about -- between now and Friday. I believe the I believe it's the footlocker and canal street. That actually shut down until Thursday and they're redoing whole store I'd guess they want distort to just look as good as it could possibly look. Not just for the people who visit here but for the people were coming in town for the NBA all star game so really once again New Orleans will be in the national spotlight. -- if you enjoyed being in the city when the city is very much alive and lots going on that come down this weekend. Is going to be crowded downtown but there's going to be a lot to do and there's so much. Interact interaction play and interactivity -- when would you call that -- action mean day it this time I'm losing I'm losing my thought here. There is. So much that you can to that involves kids and adults with. It's like interactive. So you know come -- going to be part of all of that it if you dislike to be part of the city. When this city has the national spotlight -- and it's a lot going on this would be of great weekend to come. I spent some time in New Orleans and if you live outside the city and suburbs just you know come on down and I'd walk around just being enjoy the city. Here's an update on our WW property -- opinion poll tonight do you support gay athletes being open about their sexual orientation. 57%. Say yes and 43% say no. Give me your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com we've been talking about Michael Sam and all American defensive linemen from the University of Missouri. Who has come out of the closet and he's expected to be drafted by an NFL team in the upcoming draft and made that would make him the first openly gay NFL player. This -- like tonight is titled are you afraid of gays. In the locker room. And it'll be another controversial blog you can. Read it to share with others come in -- if you like it's our website at WW real dot com we've also been talking about the prosecution resting in the Jacksonville case. -- Michael -- a 46 year old man. Who is charged with first degree murder in the shooting death of a seventeen year old following an argument about loud music Michael -- girlfriend testified. That he said I hate that -- music shortly before. He went to his vehicle to get his gun and fire into the car killing seventeen year old Jordan Davis. He claims his life was threatened. It was self defense. The question is. If this was self defense. Why did you leave the car. Where you felt threatened go back to your car where you would have presumably felt safe. And then come back with a gun. Why would you why would you do that if you really felt like your life was threatened. Now apparently. Discuss Michael -- and I told these teenagers to turn the music down. According to testimony one of them turned it down but then the when he shot and killed. A Jordan Davis turned it back up and had words with Michael -- Soul was he humiliated with -- but he angry. That's no recent years ago and I think there are more parallels with the case of the a seven year old ex cop. Who shot and killed somebody at a movie theater. Over an argument over texting and he has more to do with that case that it has do with retrieve on Martin George -- case but because it's. And not -- because it's. A black teenager being killed of George Serra was died when George Herman we know what it's. Was essentially Hispanic Michael Dunn is a white guy. But there are people drawing parallels because it's Florida so -- claiming self defense and shooting telling a black teenager. I really don't think this has as much doing that case as it does to do as it has to do with cases where. Where people. Apparently used a gun because. They're angry. That's not why he used to guard. Guys are for protection. Not for venting frustration not for. Seeking revenge. Guns are not to be used because you're humiliated. And and I think that's why these cases are such high profile case is now and rightfully so. Because these are the -- orders to give all gun owners a bad name and there's just a few of them but anybody who buys a gun today. You know -- about road rage today but I guess there's always been road rage. But it it it seems like. The anger. Within so many people the rage within Sony people is very close to the surface. And it doesn't take much for people to just go into a rage. Go to a -- anchor. And if this is something dead that you have a tendency to -- to. Can learn from these cases even if you don't have a -- to learn from these cases it. You know. Try to maintain control. And we all have a tendency to get frustrated. And our our lives are so busy and there's so much going on there's so much distraction there's so little. I guess she could say. Visual and audio wise peace in the world it because it's a noisy we live in noisy noisy world. And how crowded world. And people are becoming increasingly frustrated. In a summary doesn't get their way sometimes. Anger and -- take over. We can't let that happen. And even if you don't have a good line just pay attention to the times that you might find yourself so frustrated that maybe you've let. Things take over when they really. Shouldn't take over we've really should be common especially if you have a gun and you cannot use a gun. To. Just fit your frustration. If you wanna join our show with a -- tonight about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. And a text numbers 87870. Here's a text of Russian female weightlifter is. Might not be the hottest here's a text how do you spell her name help. So I've got people now I've got a couple of text of warning don't how to spell this. This person's name. Who -- in the February issue for GQ magazine first of all a sort out by saying that. I'm not sure whether it be Russian speed skater -- Graf flash the crowd at the Olympics on purpose or maybe it was an accident. After winning the bronze medal in -- All the took off for warming jacket and unzipped her. Skating suit all the way down to her belly button and she was wearing nothing underneath looking at a picture of it right now. So that was. A little bit of a controversy and then there has been some controversy over other female athletes being seen in provocative poses. Julia. Mancuso. -- and -- US so one bronze medal in the women's Alpine skiing super -- line. -- Swiss. Earlier today. And she's featured in a very. Stripped down cut away very tasteful though you can't releasing anything but she's wearing white underwear. India February edition of GQ magazine. And I'd -- saw this earlier -- is very very tastefully done. And believe me she has the body that if somebody's gonna pose nude she's somebody who I guess should pose -- And again there have been other athletes who have lived on the sort of thing but according to one Russian officials. The rather risque provocative photographs. Are. The result of a desire by the Russian Olympic team to change the stereotypes. It women's sports are just a heap of muscles and masculine shapes. And as you can tell they are not independently the official Russian team website last week released a number of sexy images of female athletes. Wearing lacy. Lingerie. And see through garments. Trying to trying to change the image. And there is a very positive reports off of the Olympics I know it's sorted out really rough. Terms of hotel rooms and things like that. Could not not being ready but you know so far it's been a peaceful Olympics and there had been some some positive things that definitive commodities. But it that there are those who say well with women athletes do this it's. If it sends the wrong message to young people. Does it. Or is -- the case of why not. These are -- photographs. They. Respond to. Our innate sensuality. And he's Serb is dirty thing wrong with you know I I I guess to some degree and we see male athletes. In. Poses that show off their bodies why couldn't a woman. Show off her body. Me personally I'm not opposed to that. At all. Again the -- -- of the comic tonight on numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. And a -- amber is 87870. And -- racist it's been an interesting discussion about Michael -- all American defensive lineman at the University of Missouri who is -- come out of the closet now Jonathan Vilma. Said that he does not want to be in the shower with a gay player because he said he would not know how to react if a gay player in the shower. Looked at. He would don't know he would not know how to respond. But now there's a report to Jonathan Vilma is saying he would be okay. With the go open openly gay a teammate. As sought. And I'm still. A little confused about what the furious. Any future instinctive fear as a heterosexual oh my god would want to be -- -- are we -- first. Think about the idea that -- forty billion this year with people. May be reborn openly gay but through your school years. Passed through. The times that you've been in in health clubs you you don't know who straighter -- There's no pre requisite to say when you're straight or gay. When you join a health club. So. In reality we have all been around. Gays. And lesbians in the shower. And as far as I know there haven't been any problems. So why is there's this concern and that also you can even go back to. The the the the few NFL players who have come out of the closet have been open about their sexual orientation after they left the league. Did did you hear players go -- that's why he was trying to do that to me in the shower. That's why he looked -- that's why I was uncomfortable for him looking -- that there were no incidents like that. So this is this is a fear that is not based on. On facts. Or events. It's just an irrational. Hysterical fear. If you wanna join our -- right our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a text number -- say 7870. Here's a tech series people need to take a break it all so. A lesson from the group. The loving spoonful. With their songs slowdown you move too fast. Got to make the morning last. Loving spoonful. Journalists trying to song come out of the break persona and moved to rest. Those lyrics are really familiar veterans I we're gonna figure that out during this break. This is the -- show. And we'll be right back -- to -- WL. You've got to make them on the mainland. You can down. And feed him. You've seen. Him in the eyes and someone said in a -- should follow these words of their song yeah pleasure loving spoonful thanks for all your text it was Simon and Garfunkel. The fifty -- experience for itself you know. Come to -- lots of flowers. -- -- -- Mean you don't actually -- guys I know this is kind of a great bunch of -- but you know maybe we just ought to get back there kind of feeling groovy. Marcia. He. -- Iran policy speech over the weekend from. That the state of Texas could become blow if the Republican Party does not change -- more about that in just FEMA is also. There isn't a case of an Oklahoma restaurant and order. Who is. Very very. Very judgmental. But apparently he's not breaking the law in Oklahoma also tell you about that coming up in just few minutes. We've been talking about Michael -- in the all American defensive linemen from the university of misery all American. Who was the defensive player of the year in the SEC. Wouldn't -- be great for the saints. Well it's come out of the closet and he's expected to be drafted by an NFL team in the upcoming draft and he would be the first openly gay player. In the NFL -- like tonight is titled are you afraid of gays in the locker room. And I'm I'm really deal with this idea that we've all been around. Gays from the -- we did run diesel -- all of our allies. And nobody has called to tell me he doubled this used to happen this. Nobody has sent a text or has has called the showed say scoot your wrong. These people are predators in in locker rooms. Now I'm not saying that there haven't been isolated cases. Here and there. But there's no general. Widespread problem. With not asking people what their sexual orientation is. When they join a health club. If you wanna join our -- tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 86680. -- nearly seventy. In a text amber is a 77 -- from Gulfport -- -- on WWL. Excuse. Me dean told this whole thing my -- edited -- What a great thing happened. True. That's that's what I'm trying to figure out to what what would have to. I mean not gonna happen I don't troubled friend that you be bartenders strip clubs and -- there where -- -- in literature and to be provocative. And they'll be the first for the Phillies that'll go often to do and you know. Dean you know I have been in many situations I have been. Backstage. At fashion shows we're. Very attractive. Girls are changing. And I say girls mean over eighteen but I I didn't. In my career I've been a lot of different situations where. I guess I was simply. Telling myself that I needed to be responsible and end this idea that. It had some don't some heterosexuals have -- well if I was in a shower with women I wouldn't be able to control myself really. It. Past due on. The work is lowered it professionalism professionalism. -- on the -- -- And work with people I've never had. I saw an. ID. Because it is the pressure and that's. What. You know -- -- a little thing I mean it's just -- you think Yorkers are so it's not like I don't know what these guys are thinking about. Well. Again it's. It's a baseless fear. Reject. Whenever a college it was the study done has said that when you're going to be allowed to or -- they drag. Well. There was a study released studies that we waste our money on predictive and it would play -- amateur and your house you are within fifteen feet from aspire all arms. But you don't CEO -- you don't care. The same -- don't knows that there was virtual dimension I'm sure our you don't care. But the reality is they're they are nothing has happened. -- are freaky about how close we are despite years of the. Number but like that -- This statement about it on -- payers have to say that it well and. I think about this that we don't even need to study to do this but think about people who are homophobic I mean how close is everybody to a closet. You know I I -- -- we're sure. Quarterbacks bed and blinds that are underlined letter from -- were -- -- Dina political to show thanks -- listening. From Baton Rouge can year under the WL. -- I'm good Ken. Battery tunnel is to voice my opinion. Because recorder. A person Italy orders. Brokers in the music hero or -- sure all our professional. Bomb. In Tokyo war soccer or wherever. They have the right to do where every -- -- hand Nam I think everybody and their god given talent. And on everybody's should. Not lit. Potential ordinary patient. That being judgmental towards other people. Can I totally agree with you. Are afraid to -- stereotypes are broken because you know here's a guy who is. A college player he's the defensive player of the year in the SEC. This would be a prime target for the saints you know we can always use a good linebacker. Do you think people are are afraid I'd feel insecure when the stereotype is broken. I think that maybe you're right. But overall. It was. Our. Records. In that appeal woman and a -- sports. They appear outstanding in the chi whatever you need to cheap. Lou would be very clear supporter. And you know -- has changed you know you'd look back years ago. Are. It would be. -- topic we're not -- in -- -- now you know remaining. Jeff I I know we have said it. We've had battles in the past him to look back on those battles and they kind of ridiculous -- and we're gonna look back on this battle one day and think oh my god believe it was a good deal. And you know gone. You have everybody acumen talent I don't care if vocalist or wherever. Their career might might be. You just lumped everybody and that's what people need. -- -- Everybody nobody's perfect in you don't judge somebody in your future as well. Can I agree I'm going to call my show to express your opinion and now we know around 92 midnight sowing time you feel like calling -- your opinion please call us. Thank you I can't think sought here's our identity of you are pretty general of people tonight do you support gay athletes being open about their sexual orientation. Give us your opinion by going to WWL dot com. Our mentions as we've talked about Jonathan Vilma is first comments about not wanting to be in the -- -- with a gay person because he would know how to react. If a gay person looked at him if there was a gay player. In the shower with him and they gay player look dead and he would know how to react. But now Jonathan Vilma apparently is saying he's OK. With. An openly gay teammate. I wonder if he received any phone calls I wonder if they talk to him about how that attitude is his original thoughts were not can grow with the image. Of the NFL. But I wonder if people. Are afraid win win stereotypes are broken. And there's there's some fear when you can't find somebody. And so the idea of the idea of somebody. Not looking like some people think gay people should look at of course we know how stupid that is. Now I happen to know because my grandmother and mother -- my mother but there -- parents. Briefly moved from New Orleans and lived in Beverly Hills. And so my grandmother knew a lot of really inside information because of people she knew and Hollywood. As kids growing up we knew Rock Hudson was -- Miss was like no two loss so it was a big deal when when I heard it much later in life but a lot of people were shocked. Because there was nothing obviously gay about rock that's it. And there's nothing obviously gay about a lot of gay people. And I think sometimes people. Or insecure and they fear. When they can't. Define somebody. And to some degree I I get that on this show when people. Insist. On defining me as a liberal or conservative. And if you wanna define me is that that's -- but there seems to be this desire that a lot of people have to wanna be able to labeled Q. Are you liberal you conservative -- straighter you get. Why is any of that important. And and why why don't more people realize. That they're not totally conservative or liberal. But it depends on the issue. If I support gay marriage and as I said countless times including earlier tonight. The argument over gay marriage in this country is much bigger than gay marriage. The debate over an openly gay player in the NFL is much bigger than homosexuality. It's about judgment. It's about. Labeling people it's about condemning people that there are different from you. It's about fear of what you don't understand and look there are things about. About homosexuality for him but you have to understand -- things I don't understand about it. You don't have to understand it but what we need to understand is that is that people in America. Should be understanding and tolerant of each other we're talking about law abiding citizens. Now. When you when you watch the news. If you watching gay pride parade. Who gets on the news. Not the two gay lawyers. Or that two gay nurses. Who were leading a quiet life in their neighborhood. Who gets the attention the most flamboyant members of that group. The most flamboyant members of any group get the attention of the news in this system that week. Constantly talk about an issue it's the nature of news. So you you can't judge an entire group by the members of that group that you see on the news. It's not fair. And so I just I I I find this debate interesting because again it's not it's not about homosexuality. It's about Americans. It's about the spirit of our country. It's about us. Questioning ourselves if we find ourselves to be extremely judgmental about something. Judgment about something that we really shouldn't worry about it. To join our -- -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. -- Amber's age 77 years attacks that people should start going back to church the Bible explains all of its. The year really wanna get into everything the Bible says I think not. From New Orleans Larry -- to be WL. Were not able to -- football. Well he ignored by stage dirt. And -- with a particular in the third it's not you did it go. I would agree that. -- football. And a little. Too. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Or visa -- diesel model -- boy. -- Cochran. And -- what do body illegal use of the hands. Go go home. Written -- -- Out of the well. What could go to. That's right dubbing this a lot of that they goes on around the Vienna thing you know and maybe if he if he gets called for a too many interference. Penalties. Using his hands and maybe he would be criticized for that. I love your sense of humor Larry. Part of our problem okay go ahead -- that it would be equivalent of -- -- right. There was a linebacker -- he know he is alive he's alive I think he's been through Internet via. Are probably keep order in the -- gonna quote -- American character group editor. Now on case don't get their man and sometimes the -- And enjoy it now. Well I appreciate you calling a show meant thanks to listen to WWL at night on the -- short Tony welcome to our show right. I still played and I didn't immediately okay yes -- can scoop this is just my opinion and I think it's a little different from what -- tonight -- -- And by the way I don't listen you content so let me because I do my my my. Jon Stewart -- Kobe thing but it. Well that's that's fine -- I guess I guess it would be a good follow up to that. Two what I see here. Is a publicity -- To draw attention. To this person's. Situation like it was -- and it all he wanted. Was to leave -- -- -- an openly gay football player while I just go about his business. End and just beat woody why you know why. Because him and his agent want to draw attention. They want to make in the focus that this they want him to be historically known as the the first -- football player and they get the endorsement people lining up. This is about money. And that's all the the buyouts to. I don't disagree with that Tony are hard. Now I don't I don't disagree with it it I mean there are going to be people who Agassi when he's not gonna get endorsements that they're gonna be others who were gonna. Wanna use him as somebody who will endorse it so I I think that's a very legitimate point is not a publicity sent by the NFL it's not -- it's more to to draw attention to this specific player. Exactly yeah I think like us that he could've gone about his business being openly gay and people that it is okay. And out of it you know. The only you're you're right I again I can't speak from the standpoint of a gay person put in in. Studying all of -- in in dealing this over the years. It it seems to me that their resume. There is a desire to be proud of who you war. And and and fend off by -- by declaring that you're proud of who you -- fend off the idea that if somebody discovers who you war. Then there's going to be some kind of discrimination. Today that's one of the motivating factors for a for -- to to not try to showed anybody's face but to to simply say look. If you discover who we are we're just gonna go ahead and tell you who we are because I don't want you discovered later and then judge me just it except me for who I am now. Scoop can make one -- one appoint a question sure. In regarding to beat these women in the Olympics if I'm not mistaken this happen India. Back in the in the seventh that was -- east Europeans female athletes who turned out to hand. Male equipment if you will again. You know that does sound familiar yet but I -- that what I was -- -- they actually physically looked at by someone to determine. -- -- -- -- -- You know do I don't know well. At -- I don't know but I do remember that something like that happened back in the seventies. I mean there there. And you know for some reason that sounds right here it's it's only something and I may have committed talked about on the air once. But I I've I do know that you know there are those women that seem to. Defied the stereotypical. Feminine woman so you know these women these women and I'm seeing in the Olympics -- opposing these provocative poses and looked really good oh no doubt about Hillary enjoyed our conversation meant -- -- -- -- -- if you -- watch Jon Stewart and -- Steven called there. Play deterred -- on after. This is this -- -- you wanna join -- for the -- tonight our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 866889087. -- Tech's number is 8787 in. Here's the text -- read this does every generation produce a crop of gays. They don't reproduce. And then eventually die out 90% of the population currently. Came from non -- right. All right we're coming right back with architects -- or your comments this is the scoop shelf. On WW. So did Michael Sam come out of the closet because it was a publicity stunt as the caller suggested here's attacks. It's sad day he came out because he was going to be outdated -- is on record as saying he will keep a low profile. Again I can't speak from firsthand experience but it would seem to need it because there is such harsh discrimination. As steel. Against people who -- discovered to be gay. Then there seems to also be this attempt to be proactive and say look I'm gate we need to get over it is it just accept me for who like him. And some people would continue to a struggle with that. If you wanted to pressure with a -- tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven tactics amber is. 87870. Tomorrow Angeles gonna talk abouts. The C word. It's getting a lot of attention at the Winter Olympics. Concussions. Especially -- snowboarders. The big concern a twenty year old American snowboarder Trevor Jacob admits his memory is already a little Fuzzy after 25 concussions. Over the weekend I was watching snowboarding -- Whitman's. Downhill that would instead of the women's a slope. Competition that jumps. And since I've had to happen to me so many times as snowboarding and doing stupid things like trying to go over to not to chumps like in the Olympics but. Small attempts at net but it does that mean I didn't try. Would -- her head it's still part or helmet cracked. And she just kind of just. Late in the snow motionless for a few moments but she got up and she finished she got up at that point in in the course. And and finish the slope the slope brought. Which I thought was very admirable but that -- as soon as I saw her head hit. I felt it because side and I'm sure you've you've felt that as well when you see somebody get injured if you had a similar kind of injury. You know exactly what that feels like anyway that's one of the things that Angela will talk about tomorrow also don't miss her conversation with Jefferson Parish. City Council member Chris Roberts. All of that. Coming up financially we'll show tomorrow and open mind with the legendary Angela hill tomorrow weekdays from one to four -- in the news talk -- sports league of the south. -- -- Here's our WWL pretty -- opinion poll tonight do you support gay athletes being open about their sexual orientation -- give -- update on that coming up in just a few minutes. It's a story of of a restaurant -- in Oklahoma. And he he doesn't serve gay people. He says I really don't want -- around he owns Gary's. -- Karros club. And the -- is -- James. And he said that any man would any man that would compromise. His body. Would compromise anything. Well. I know men who are straight do. You could argue compromise their bodies. He says I didn't business for 44 years and I think I can spot a freak or a like F word derogatory word for homosexual. He's been in business 44 years in me thinks he can spot a free -- blank. Anywhere. Interesting. Again why they hate. -- the judgment. He goes on to say I don't like girlie men. I'm not fond of men. With all kinds of middle in their face. My customers don't want them around I don't want them around I don't consider that racist. It should be noted that he's refusing to serve -- customers but apparently that is legal in the state of Oklahoma because the state of Oklahoma protects people. On not being turned away not being refuse service based on race gender. Or religion. But it has nothing to do with sexual orientation. So even though this guy might have a right to do it is that the right thing to do it again. Think about this is what I find so hypocritical about this. This guy could be serving gays. That don't have that. Feminine persona. The sky could be so and last year a feminine -- this guy surfing. To me that's. Hypocritical. He has T shirts. They have the image of a target. With a list of groups including Muslims blacks. And Democrats. Are from Algiers John -- on this crucial to be WL. At one -- real quick our commitment -- our own heart again now a couple of call it. You know deep in the locker room in -- career I aimed at. Year what we -- not you know well you're not under (%expletive) Oh well we now wish to you know. Think about it. By I think I think you're right I I think people fear things that that they don't understand and yet they fears things that they don't understand the things that don't really effective. There are true that a lot younger generation today -- and find. Out you encrypt it. It and blow that bridge project today you know years. All right you know the the the opinion of same sex marriage changes dramatically under the age of 45. And as soon as this is -- this is a changing world and the baby boomer generation now the establishment. Is having a very difficult time. Dealing with the ideas it. They might not have complete control over everything. Picture. Of. What club and have a great you know. All right John priceless -- -- -- night here's a text which way is more gruesome for a giraffe to be killed. I shot. In the head. With a bolt pistol. Or have his head torn off on the freeway over castle in the movie that anger of the three. Well. I would think that I don't know both of them seemed to be brother instant. If you just joined -- have to organize something. I don't know I thought it was terrific. -- They should they they killed the date on purpose they killed a two year old giraffe. Because they did when it -- with the other is arrest somebody even offered to buy the jury effort for 600. An 80000 dollars they killed the giraffe at the Copenhagen zoo because they did when it -- with the other giraffes. And they -- to Lawrence. And they invited listeners include I'm not -- they invited visitors to this do and children to watch the lines. Eat the caucus. Of the nearly killed steeper on not -- nearly killed. Giraffe. -- it. Here's a text good for Oklahoma he has a right. Well yeah of course he has a right. But I don't think it's the right thing to do it again think of the hypocrisy. And lets you look like a flamboyant gay. Guy serving new. He's serving homosexuals he might not even know it. So if you don't look gay you can be gay and that's okay. This is the -- jail. And we'll be right back into the WL all right New Orleans is getting ready for the national stage once again city is getting all dressed after the NBA all star game this weekend. For a Williams -- -- fired doctor John trombone shorty and Orleans avenue among those who will be performing this weekend. Here's a final update on our WWL pretty -- opinion poll do you support gay athletes being open with their sexual orientation. 58% say yes and 42%. Saying oh for pearl river Joseph you're on WWL. -- -- -- only told -- at historic concerns that -- -- -- Well the draft was only eighteen my and so. It was shot in the back that they hit. And try and helps cool the children like no I didn't know -- shouted from the students hello and and horrifying activities kids. And an -- deterrent. In front. On display while they proceeded to claw our. -- -- And run as a key issues saying no more it looks on their race. So this is on on YouTube. No. No it was actually on the -- to -- that that follows. Eyewitness News at six. All that and -- is that the inside edition. It's -- while I missed it I'm more. And really really really sad joke earlier on this the end of the -- I'm. I'm sorry you told me that when I'm glad you enlightened and allegedly be known that the rest -- it was more horrific than I even thought. You have to line -- I am sure you can YouTube murder or some. Well John I'm sorry to hear that it was a gruesome and specialist -- One thing John -- studio producer Jack there's also the of the studio thanks for your calls thanks for your texted him just to get all of on the air but I rent a mall. Have a great evening we're back tomorrow night's bloody New Orleans.