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02-7 11pm Scoot Show, Beatles 50th Anniversary in U.S.

Feb 11, 2014|

Scoot continues to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles arrival in the United States with clips from their historical first appearance on the Ed Sullivan show. Scoot discusses how the Beatles influenced music and the world; nostalgic clips of Beatles songs are played along with Beatle stories; callers and texters respond with their own "Beatles Stories".

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Gave me a lot of memories thank you today my age is 66. They do rumor also. Here's another text us to win The Beatles first played DC after arriving in New York City I begged my parents to take me to problems. -- I was eleven going on twelve. On February the twentieth. There was a blizzard in DC. But when they arrived at rfk stadium by dead. My dad took me and a couple. Of of other neighborhood girls to the show brave man. He'd cut me for a dollar. -- -- -- The cardboard tubes with plastic lenses. The screaming girls and all of -- been knocked it OTC binoculars so the binoculars. Are -- when The Beatles came out now. You know I could be wrong here but I I don't think you would have been rfk stadium. At the time I don't think they would administer it might have been the same stadium in the name changed. Telling the north arena just became. -- who became senator. But I can't imagine in. I'm 1965. As. Well. Yeah because Robert F Kennedy was attorney general Janet in his brother I can't imagine they would apartment and might be in the same physical CD night. I would be surprising again you can and correctly from right I'd be surprised it was called rfk stadium back then. If you join Russia would come -- tonight on numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In a text Amber's late 7870. You know I I I think back on the the the visual presence of The Beatles on stage there was one small thing. If you might out of consciously thought about. That made The Beatles so unique. When you looked at him on stage. It was different from from other bands that you saw the way they stood on stage. The one thing that was really different was Paul was left hand it. So the neck of the base. Win in the other direction. And it was almost as if -- the the neck of Paul's base. Facing up to the audience. Was to the right. And the neck of Jarvis. Did John -- reckon -- fender. I don't remember. And John's guitar neck stuck out to the left. And it was almost as if those two things kind of created this encompassing border. -- around The Beatles. Here's attacks if you're under thirty and don't appreciate The Beatles. Your parents failed. There's an interest. I would hope that. I would hope that parents wouldn't. Introduce their kids to The Beatles. And to Led Zeppelin and some of the great music from the past. Aunt at is how does The Beatles were they. They were the epitome of a song writing team accordion when it. And George refute -- and -- Rincon sang a couple of them and -- the -- for The Beatles songs that -- is needed do much singing. On The Beatles were. Great songwriters. Good musicians better songwriters but they were visionaries. And musically they were the best day. And I don't admiral was the best -- and at the time but The Beatles musically were no -- simply. And and nobody had a voice like Robert planet. But today you don't have to be the best musician to have that big of an impact. On the world and and clearly The Beatles did as good luck tonight is on our web sites also on our FaceBook page I would like to Kabila's comments here. From our face prepares to respect every couple those out it's titled how The Beatles changed America forever. I just attack WWL dot com here's a comment on our FaceBook page to the blog. Definitely removing prayer from public schools. -- one of the things that that I talk about the bloggers. Are exited the things that we're going on the things we're going on in this country before The Beatles hit. And one of the things have happened in the early senate in the early sixties it was a big controversy was the Supreme Court ruling. It it was a one ruling a landmark decision in 62 another one in 63 -- back to back rulings. They banned at school led prayer. In public schools. And that was a reflection of a battle in this country. Also the the the fact that the birth control pill was was illegal and there were attempts to. Arrest people for using birth control pills. And Vick case in the state of Connecticut went to the Supreme Court the Supreme Court ruled. That I guess as was in 1961. On Tuesday it was over the before The Beatles arrived. The Supreme Court ruled that a ban on birth control pills was unconstitutional. And that was based on right to privacy. But it was. Back then it was refer to as the religious as the as the moral majority now that's the religious right. But that same that same segment of the population was the moral majority. And and the banning of birth control was all about trying to. To to have some kind of moral control. Over behavior of individuals. And there repeated even adults. Added there was is concerned that adults would have too much sex that sex would be. Too convenient and too easy and it would be more promiscuity. If you removed the fear of pregnancy. Because then there there wasn't anything like -- The biggest fear at at that time from having unprotected sex. Was to be any disease that you would get could be cured with penicillin -- the -- some available drugs it could be cured. What she could get today that it can't be cured and it can DeLia. But Dan the big fear -- pregnancy. But it's it's kind of hard to believe that that there was a group of people in this country you know a big group -- wanted the birth control pill. Illegal crime. So so popping appeal would be like. It would be illegal in the same way that doing drugs today is illegal but again that was about. Moral judgment of of a young generation really not just a young generation but America in general so -- see a lot of parallels with. Those debates that we had then and many of the debates in turmoil that we're experiencing today. Here is so response to our FaceBook post of the blog tonight. I'd like to think. It was teenagers. Of the sixties. That we the most responsible. They were doing the opposite of what their parents did which happens in every generation. It is the responsibility of every generation. To rebel against their parents' generation. But up to that moment. Did the generation gaps the the rebelling against the establishment boys. Was never never seemed as clear. As it as it has become. Now we look back on. That was a generation -- unlike every every other generation the past rebelled sold. So definitely against the establishment they -- they got the name the anti establishment generation. And it was always clearly. A time like no other time. When -- when young people were -- another time when there was a big rebellion that came with the grunge movement Nirvana. And the bands from Seattle and around the country it represented alternative music. Alternative to -- Alternative to the status quo. And musically. Whites. Kurt Cobain and that movement did to music. Was the biggest departure. From everything that The Beatles had established. Starting early in their careers. Music had been built on what The Beatles and establish -- to that point that was the the first real deviation. From. Established music. That really was part of what The Beatles established and I could I I remember being on the air and it 1993 years in in San Antonio. And win win alternative music when grunge. The clothes the sound everything when that was just starting to get get to mainstream America. I remember. My generation. Saying things like that's not music. Look at the clothes they're wearing. Not really singing. They can't really play instruments. What haunted me was that that was the same thing by dead set about The Beatles. And that was. That was a generation. Where the children of the baby boomer generation. So I think the next big in every generation does for bill to some degree but I think the next big generation rebelled. Was that to a generation from the nineties. -- Generation debt used to grunge. To express their lack of faith. In the establishment. And it was a lot going on divorce is a lot going on in the world at what we'll talk about that on on on another show if you wanna join us tonight with your comment our numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 8668890. What's happening. And a -- -- 77. Here's a Texan -- my mom asked why I wasn't. For Ringo. Do. I think she thought. He was the sexually non threatening -- sorry mom this is from the miss Polly. Interesting. We John Lennon died type I mentioned this earlier but I think it to bears repeating because it's kind of a reflection of of what radio was like I that he made a few years back when it was even. May be more. Rebellious in some ways than it is today there was a radio station in Cincinnati this was after John Lennon was assassinated. There's a radio station today and I remember callers that apparently. Made buttons they had but -- up. And they gave out the buttons at time events to their listeners talked about it on the air gave amount to listeners who came by the station went to their events. Right after the John Lennon assassination. The buttons read it should have been Ringo. And I just thought that questions for at least in foretaste. I hear is attacks. Removing prayer from schools ushered in the age of enlightenment. And on an architect that's part of the comments on the FaceBook page. Who got this on our FaceBook page as well here's another part of that conversation from Raymond -- drugs hippies and unfortunately the wrong turn. On the war on poverty took. Here is another comment from -- I think it was all -- hybrid that literally about the teenagers being responsible. Yeah if you were to give us a viewer comment -- join the conversation the -- -- blog how The Beatles changed America forever is also trending. On our FaceBook page which is WWL radio. And also our RWW a pretty -- opinion poll is is about The Beatles do you think The Beatles. Changed America or did the beatles' come along at a time when. America was ready for change. It was your opinion like going to -- web -- WW OO dot com and we'll give you an update on that we -- here's a -- what about the eighties. And the hip hop generation. That would change is their but the change in music was not his stance and as with the change in the sixties. From the establishment says he wasn't news grievously could change in music it started with brunch. -- mean it was it shows there's. Six Kurt Cobain had a monitor on his guitar that warning and Casey got too close to a militant. I'm -- will be right back at WL. Ladies and gentlemen. -- -- This is the the -- play the Arizona shows fifty years ago this weekend. I'm getting confirmation hearing it was called the DC stadium now it's aren't empty stadium but it's called DC stadium in The Beatles days. And now here's another text of this program to date congrats to you and -- supporting staff ya wanna thank at a time Vanessa Stewart did a lot of work getting some of these soundbites forests actuality so The Beatles were performing and it's element. And also reject Paris or studio producer who has done a great job tonight so on February the twelfth 1964 while in New York The Beatles played concert at Carnegie Hall. These teenagers were in the crowd outside of -- -- And yeah you like that and -- yeah I. I like it. And knowing. That I am. And that's what it was that's what it was like it's really doubt that much differed from the young people who like people like Justin Bieber today. Here's an update on had a VW attorney general opinion told the the question is do you credit The Beatles -- is changing America. Or do you think it America was ready for change with a Beatles -- 35% credit The Beatles -- changing America's 65% say America's ready for change. When The Beatles arrived. I here's a comment our FaceBook page from anti Vietnam and the new thing called television. Here's another Texas is -- I mean comments from our FaceBook page from Jana. And about moving prayer from public schools. It also came from -- from Charlie again you can give us your comments on what we're talking about tonight in the -- August on our FaceBook page it to -- WL. Radio also there's always something new and our website WWL dot com to judge his recess the Canadian trial closing arguments begin on Monday. I stick with us for the latest we've got all the latest information Monday's going to be a turbulent day in court. -- she was sending eleven players to this year's NFL combine we've got a complete list of the tigers who had been invited to compete. And the -- things that you should do about the Winter Olympics in Sochi and you can check in with us every day for the latest on the medal winners the medal count pictures and videos of the big moments at the winter games. And this weekend is the fiftieth anniversary of The Beatles arriving in American appearing on the its -- show we've got some interaction with Paul. John George and Ringo all of that and more on our website at WW real dot com here's a taxed as for prayer in schools. That should be revisited. Teams right at the end of practice before and after games. And some join and pray at the end of games. -- of coaches and athletes. Find it important why wouldn't we place prayer back in schools. We pray for our troops during the war when traveling. And it's -- Nobody should in my opinion. -- downplay the importance of prayer. What the Supreme Court ruled was that the school can't lead the prayer. Now how this happens with coaches I don't know. But you can still pray. And my point is that there was a lot going on in America at the time and again we've been talking about that tonight. At the time the Supreme Court banned prayer in public schools -- school led prayer in public schools that was a lot going on in America. That was changing America and to look back on that as many people do is -- that's what America's sort of going to help. -- wasn't that simple. That was just one of the things that was going on at the time that was not the things that -- America. In the wrong direction is as many people believe in and just go back and look at what was going on of the times and again much of that we've. We've talked about on the show tonight. And I don't think. I wish you were that simple. Yeah let's just put prayer back in school. What's going on in this country has more to do with the lack of perspective personal accountability. And less to do with prayer in public school would -- -- public school. Kids today. Then back -- -- change if they -- -- public school it's not something it's supported home. It's it's a lack of parenting. It's. This idea that there's either no respect for authority. Or in some ways I guess there's too much fear of authority. And maybe there's not enough of that. But there's there's been so much it is going over the years and and I have to admit that my generation has been part of of this growing lack of respect for personal accountability and that's it embarrassing. To me it's embarrassing to hold a bartender or waitress accountable if you drink too much and get her next on the way home. To me that's just. That's just. Evidence that we no longer responsible for own behavior. Now I don't think the bartender should pour drinks down your throat. But you make the decision. And when do we turn bartenders into our guardians. Again I just at that that's one just little slice. Of of of an example of how much we now diminished personal responsibility. That's what's wrong with this country. And I I'm embarrassed to say that my generation has been part of of of of contributing to that. From Algiers -- you're under VW out. This you know like to talk about the people here -- Yeah I am for. Only question indeed into the concert -- researchers. I don't know I didn't I didn't I didn't go always notice when I was is I kid that was just not on my radar not something that might. My parents wouldn't would have food -- taken me two or encouraged me to go to. Yet in order a company that -- he -- -- -- -- all these these evil the chips are intent can't okay. Bad enough. We're trying to prepare and all you know though. George Harrison -- actually -- -- before that trip where will certainly it should work. In New Orleans you know what now you can communicate and somebody came into the single with -- -- -- -- sister. I I you know I I knew that and I know that bright before they came there was somebody in America and some -- one of the -- doesn't come to America and they had no idea is that this deal mania was going to erupt. Rainy -- -- did not and you -- You -- now you can get Ole Ole days of The Beatles. Here in America. What. OK oh initial little. You see footage of the panels -- equal -- If you were even yeah. And you know what kind of cool -- the time but first one has been an important market Andrea. It was -- -- he wants it could be for -- before Leo captured he would -- prop. On our approach him on -- medication for more on forward at financial aid he'd get it will be seeking equity before. In our -- Georgian. All trampled and or the pictures and I'll torture as a bank -- the look back at the whole sale. And any team told. Nineteen number one to -- in you know little wonder that dead meat and make interest -- etc. not one call local. As ever -- that the year that's why people called him. The great experience ever know -- bigger airport at seven. Once all year. Dad it was just amazing that at one point says they occupied that number 12345. Position on billboard's hot 100 chart. Yeah you all eternity -- ones in -- That's one although also return to be number one I didn't know that -- -- an amazing feat. But it was a different time -- day that this will never happening -- -- likely to -- -- -- leader it won't happen. It will be one group for example wind wind when crunch hit this country -- alternative music and -- grunge movement it was -- one band doing it. Now it really wasn't The Beatles but there was more focus on The Beatles. And I guess Nirvana got the most attention on that -- grunge movement but. I just don't see because of the the the complicated world we live in because of all the different. All the different media outlets we have today and I just don't see that kind of a focus. One on one band like there was of The Beatles when they came out but it doesn't know there are others who were influencing things. No -- -- it would I think -- -- we've ever had this image Kurt -- ability children's self. Ultimately every per -- painful would be like all the and we always be awful and is it or you know argue -- -- -- under. And in this quote with the Nigerian. I'm glad you called thanks for listening got to get to break here he was another one of the songs The Beatles played fifty years ago this weekend. When it's open. This is the -- showing. OK okay. Okay. -- we do every Fareed I don't Disco show and it's a very late in the show today because you've been playing a lot of Beatles music been hey it's Friday night we're heading into the weekend. I think it's gonna be a decent day tomorrow and others a chance of rain in some parts of this this area tonight -- haven't seen any in downtown New Orleans. Asking a warm up a little bit but that's gonna get cool again the weather just has been crazy but I it's the beginning of the weekend so what you just reach over. Crank up your radio because this is what we've been working for. We have been talking about said The Beatles since some of the social things that give are gone on. Not only today but -- but then and and how The Beatles really did. Reflect our young generation's desire to two rebels say they were the perfect image of a rebellion. There hair. Close. The sound of their music. Now if if you just joined us if you were listening to the pelican scheme earlier tonight on every WL. On a 53 FM and you order relive facility showed tonight you could find in our podcast the information so on our website at WWL. -- dot com it's a real simple -- go to the upper right hand corner. For page our web site. And search for. To show wonder shows schedules and you should be able to. Relive -- some of the stuff that we've been talking about tonight it's it's it's been a fun show. And I've been thinking about this for a long time and had a chance to spend some time today writing and this could block tonight is just all about -- Beatles changed. The country changed in the country forever although they didn't really change the countries they. They reflected a change states as I've said tonight was was part of the change that was taking place in America but I enjoy that and I hope you enjoy the blog tonight again it's on our website at WWL. I don't -- also on our FaceBook page had to be WL. A radio and a I would hope that she would share with your friends here's an interesting checks it's odd that The Beatles formula has not been copy. Then he is a band with no lead singer. The all played their instruments. And they wrote their own songs. I can't think of another band that. That really fits that description. If you could think of something you -- semi quick text -- -- the end of our show our text numbers 870. 870. Here's a text that read scoot the USA a better country thanks to a baby boomers. While I describe myself as a hostile witness to the baby boomer generation there are some things that I'm proud of but I I guess well it. I guess word. It's been worth talking about tonight. Is. That much of what today's a stab assessment. Is so afraid up. With a young generation. And the music. And the clothing. And the counterculture. Signs of things like piercings and tattoos. The generation that is so critical of that. Is the new establishment. And that's the generation that was the generation that was so criticized when when they were young. So can't we look at the world and think okay. We were dismissed. We were criticized for our hair. Our fashion. Our sexuality. We rocked the world at the time. And we shocked the establishment. And we were counterculture. And we. We were part of a big change in this in this country but it turned out okay. And I think were responsible as a generation however I do think we're very hypocritical as a generation and again maybe not you and maybe not me. But as a generation we're. We're very -- I think we forget about what we went through. And we will see younger generations. Become the establishment. And they will do fine. They will define the times. That they go through and ultimately -- define what it means to be the establishment. In America. So. Let's focus on the things that are negative and try to change those things but let's not act like what are young generations doing today is really that different. When -- -- Jack Harris -- studio producers thank you very much for being with us tonight this was this was a fun show -- I've really enjoyed it. I'm scoots have a great weekend we're back Monday night in the -- show a -- to derail. Love you New Orleans.