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2-11 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Feb 11, 2014|

Dave talks about which is more important: cell phones or sex, What is Wrong with People, and nasty weather

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

WW -- time flies twelve dollar Dave -- here on WW well -- -- -- dot com yes -- early edition of WWL for listeners on this the eleventh of February 2000 and board seeing its oh boy I thought it was that day but it's not yeah it's news today Monday God's truth that we've made it that our rain has now made it from the North -- -- -- south shores. Everything is that we of this misty drizzle falling across the South Shore so. Everything is wet just about anywhere egos morning not nearly the fog we had yesterday it's -- -- now it's actually remain adamant that now in Jefferson and here in the media this morning long gone at least in those -- term and it's raining now. And the roads are very slippery sent several people having trouble navigating. This morning we're given a way to read it. The I don't forget that your current readings up but he sees something very strange I just noticed it too on the -- -- Clark readings but they're Gonzales. Kept us it's no. That's not possible. He words things it was and temperatures forty. This happened at home a few weeks ago they have automated equipment that the tax what's gone out there and sometimes. Did miss can be missed perceived. It's got to be at is that where it's not in our forecast not even a winter reenact the north of here that -- -- all the tree or Leon rose schools are all closed. Businesses are shut down as they expect another ice storm in the northern part of the state. Again that the deal with them -- that means it is raining in home of payments in Gonzales now national. Equipment is just having trouble with interpreting what it seeing sounds like it needs a swift kick them. Computer robot and a thing -- -- room automated sensor. Let us it's actually snowing now in. And now. Very interesting Harris Interactive poll -- -- -- people what are the things you cannot live without. What -- things you just deal one. Things things well just you know. Not my parents food well food was number well well well that was the most common response -- three quarters of people that they couldn't without that goes. -- By here's something interest. More people responded there's interactive poll by saying equipment without self I knew it then that they couldn't live without. Dying. To the question becomes. What is more important of people. Their phone. Or their sex life. And more people apparently spanking. Their phones and so I want to rewarded just a little bit -- yeah listeners already give up one thing. Your phone. Or sex. Which but which you give up bars and you had to give one up which would is that I can give them that -- That's amazing. To become that important part of our lives really that's important. Estimate Texas from styles but that's now in our judges -- Problem with this idea to knock that activated -- More people say they can't live without their phones that they can't live without sex. That's because both genders unit. And give wanna that's where we're gonna guess. I use my phone every day I use my -- probably. Eighteen hours a day -- that. Not sexist you know that. That. Hopefully we'll dissect it and give up sex before they get their are running here prize. Thank you David -- in -- entertainment or persons here on WWL am adamant that now. That's right give us more people. Try to keep their -- We'll talk about it it's sports and weather coming up right after the as a WWL. Five when he -- good morning I'm days -- and so we're talking about this Harris Interactive. -- asking what are the things you can't live without food by far comes in number one people that that the last minute wanna give up and obviously you need that. To live that's on the you actually could not live without. But after the -- 20% that they couldn't live without sex trailing. Cell phones 26%. That they couldn't live without their -- 123%. That they can live without TV. 28% of the Internet. So sex comes after TV Internet and phone. Man in. Fact is that not important to that many people familiar great text messages coming up. You didn't ask people about giving up sports. Yes I think that's that's real that folks are more obsessed I guess with technology then there -- -- that's a good way to put it. I'd rather spend the time with my wife her short game play and -- growth yet but how often are you with your western -- and other times I've have you taken -- -- playing an. It's funny a little while the other half of the mullet will be on her phone and I'll be on the laptops. It. -- hello again there again it's more attacking Iran WW Al Steve Dallas the morning everyone and make it two straight road losses for the pelicans as New Orleans fell one -- 2101 to Toronto Raptors. Coach Monty Williams on what hurt his team in this one. Our stars first in its third quarter were really -- do a lot of production from. Starting groups on both ends of the floor. Tyreke Evans had 23 points in the loss while Anthony Davis added nineteen with seven rebounds the -- next game is tomorrow night in Milwaukee. At the Sochi Winter Olympics Julia Mancuso captured bronze in the women's super combined for her fourth career Olympic Medal. No other American woman has won more than two medals in Olympic Alpine skiing. This morning Dara how will continue candidates dominance soaring to Olympic gold in women's slopes out skiing. -- Logan of the US took silver bringing the US medal count to six candidate currently sits in first place with nine. While the Netherlands and Norway both have said it. The -- Clark became Alicia -- 23 and final football signing as a defense event formally signed his national letter of intent with the tigers. He -- his prep career in Oklahoma City with 61 sacks and is listed as one of the nation's top defensive ends. Meanwhile as you basketball's -- Morgan had season ending -- surgery. He tore his right patella tendon in the tigers' victory against Auburn the LSU basketball team is back in action again in tomorrow. In College Station vs Texas amen. That they have four on sports talk as the saints get ready for free agency which players on the roster need to take a pay cut and who just needs to take a height. Plus T and t.'s Kenny the jets minute -- early morning look at sports. I'm Steve Geller do you think a big names same -- ago fan favorite someone who makes a lot of money has to be cut from this roster or can they renegotiate with enough people to make ground. I think that unless Will Smith is willing to take a significant. And that's a significant pay cut because he's due to make eleven and a half million dollars a season. I believe his days in black and gold are numbers that teleprompters -- meant that at them than it it'll get them close to just being. Within the salary cap space they're gonna have to make cuts to be able to sign free agents and also draft picks -- now in May just be the first. Several right exactly some key free games few free -- that -- a few names that people might be missing his. I like Lance Moore is Apollo possibility and also -- Thomas Roman. Harper will be gone wrong thank you Steve your nonconference battle with documents and when -- -- that's what sports John WWL. I'm 27 good morning I'm David -- get ready for the rain folks started on across most of the read. And cloudy chilly and damp today with off and on rain anywhere from light to moderate rainfall expected an 80% chance. And temperatures should hang steady in the upper forties to around fifty degrees. More rain on the way overnight tonight another 80% chance with lows around 42 but it doesn't wrap up Wednesday morning to skies gradually clearing Wednesday highs around fifty and still chilly on Thursday with 53. We're back to see sunshine. From the Eyewitness News forecast Fenner I meteorologist Laura backed out. We got rain and 45 degrees at the airport and -- north winds gusting over twenty miles an hour mix that in with some fog where it's not raining and then you have amassed McCain and 43. Had the National Weather Service office and slide down line Dave go -- it's nearly a distant -- WWL first news so I have this Harris Interactive poll. And it asks what could you now live without. And just 20% of those surveyed said they couldn't live without sacks 26%. Said -- die without phones 23%. Say they. Got to have their TV and when he 8% today. The Internet is a life necessities. So all those things on Internet TV are more important to people -- in this survey. Then his sex on masking our listeners is that true with you if you were given the option give up your phone or give up sacks what would you give up one person that you must be kidding me. This phone is the Bane of my existence give me sex and what evidently time. And then implement well now the president does -- the phone would be out of here faster than the speed of light. Says I'm a guy. And I can totally give up my phone before so that's that probably 75% of my phone activities. Don't mind. Opera paid give up the phone. I can ask any woman used her phone. So not all these people are agreeing with the survey but we do have those who are. Agreeing with the service they say. That wellness as a after -- -- something in my phone but the winner and I don't do that you don't have to give up your thought on this thing if you add. Another presence as I'm not having sex on my phone is the only fun I can have. And others that. That is of the -- on that it needed to arrange to have to act and that people had sex before they were found. A president that I thought I could call my girlfriend for -- -- over her house drive there. Now some people are saying that they their phone is more important to them than facts and they had to give up ones -- give up. That most people are texting. Are saying they give up the phone. But like I'll be mailing more letters that way that. Poses I can have stacked enough and -- thought I would definitely give up well I don't know I use my -- about. Sixteen hours that it was dangerous and unhealthy thing. And they -- keep the text messages coming. -- 87870. Up next with the latest CBS news' David might get a WWL first news traffic weather together and sports Steve Geller I'm here Tuesday. Now I'm 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL -- -- it's February the eleventh -- 2000 and -- it's so wet Tuesday it is rain is -- lying and it's nasty out there folks please be ready to slowdown and take it easy on your way and so we've been talking about the Harris Interactive poll. And finds more people say they can live without -- -- -- that without their phone. TV or the Internet -- Only one in five say they couldn't live without that. I thought that number would be much higher and end of the table we've been hearing from taxing has an 87870. Sexes far more important to them at teams. Then it is too and then their phone is connected in the choice okay -- Well maybe that's sort of a little warm Louisiana waters I don't count but there are other people who say one of woman says I'm seventy I mean my day. Noses may -- they get better pictures on their phones and again in the -- it. -- well -- there is an app for that. Can their sex life must really stink or their partners are awfully ugly if they're willing to give up their own before they're willing to give up that. Growing sector for the money now that I guess there's an app for just whatever -- yes I do. -- -- -- -- -- did you a map on -- is this this is that one person tax the woman does phone is hard to live without for many reasons Sachs disease -- give. A girl -- -- keeps picking mr. wrong by an extremely easy to give that. I think that says more than. Well he's the guy with this doctor Wendy James psychologist. Says that this study that finds the phone the TV and the Internet are more important to Americans and as -- Quote I think it reveals that word evolving in our communications skills and all of this available technology is likely causing many people to take their real life relationships for granted. That sounds like she's saying we may be having less sex because we have all the state now yeah. -- do or do there it's not afraid maybe that's why that is important of people I'm sure that's all we need to get by is our our little flown in our TV and whatever however is that your phone and TV will always be their forties she continues. Certain people in your life -- pre. One I don't know east he says that with this surveyed. Tells them to maybe our audience since overwhelmingly people or texting me say sex is more important than than their -- maybe their more personally. Bullington and in tight end is there one there that may eat well and you know something when you think about it TV on or whatever who's in control. You -- Makes the difference now we're in deep yet -- -- ask -- this -- video like bacon. I love bacon well in its -- in -- week. -- at one Atlantic City casino. That Tropicana casino and resort is offering guests now bake in milk shakes chocolate covered bacon roses. And they're actually made from Macon. Bacon flavor to toothpaste bacon flavored dental floss bacon flavored lip -- bake it -- in bacon margaritas. -- beer and vodka. Bacon ice cream sundae and that was coming and -- blt sandwich now that normally has bacon as -- comes with a full pound of Aiken at the sandwiched. -- pound that may -- too much bacon for me you know -- clog your right out then you might seize up. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah I think it affected when -- -- -- -- militants from the courthouse in downtown New Orleans where the jury returns debris pulled him deliberations. On the neat in the trial. They don't after a couple of days now as we go live and direct the Eyewitness News forecast that they do. It barred dang thing -- meteorologist Laura Bucs now have another 24 hours the rain before it's out. Oh yeah now it's coming down now just about everywhere. Yeah it's a little lighter in this city than it is kind of northward it's heavier. I don't I twelve really it's it's worth the heaviest rainfall is that even in the cities of showers mixing and and often on -- it's not to be like this all day there will be breaks but they're all going to be kind of some periods of rain gets -- and today through tonight and we really won't have any time to dry out -- going to be nice -- tomorrow probably around -- yet even if it's not actively raining it still -- kind of foggy and misty and you know the grounds that -- be what we don't -- -- till tomorrow -- windows -- -- -- about what happened after that you know models are -- around six -- 7 AM tomorrow most of the heavy rain -- that is something that maybe sprinkle or two left over after about -- tomorrow but after that -- start to clear. Tell you what we have a really nice forecast beginning Thursday -- -- to -- for Valentine's I think -- -- -- bit -- on Thursday with some -- -- 53. But for Friday for your sweetheart day were mostly sunny and 65. Not a bad and he guides on entity -- just about perfect then Saturday sunny and 671. And -- Sunday where sunny and seventy were paying now apparently is just about the best you can go and we had a stretch of some dry weather after. RO created through the next point four hours as you deal with the nonstop. -- -- missile threat misty drizzle and ran ahead and everything out just keep thinking about how great again it's as we make their way toward the weekend. Not that winter nastiness that about half Louisiana's having to deal was adding. And -- now it's gonna be north Louisiana north Mississippi Alabama even over to Atlanta but yet they're looking at that next ice sleet and snow for the next two days well. Excellent that day we miss out he's got it I'm OK with that are they happening man that I'm all right with that. -- let's open up the what people file in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Where freeh was not good enough for an angry drive through customers now now patron at a Michigan McDonald's. Got the wrong order. He was angry. So. They said well we'll just make it free. And that's not good easily that -- it calms people down and they're OK with that then want got to admit to Madison at a presumption -- asked him this was a man. -- know I'm reading on police say lady that you women who are mad because the mcdonalds workers got their -- orders wrong not once but twice. Investigators say the employees at the McDonald's told the women their next meal would be free of -- police say the passenger got out of the car. Yelled at the workers through the drive through window. Pulled out of line. And admired it for at the window at. Police tracked them down thanks to a phone number left following their first orders. The -- yeah given that McDonald's their -- -- it felt right and they shoot the workers easily shoot at the drive through window because they got the order wrong twice now. If it make it if anybody gets my were wrong twice summit pretty upset. Yes banana that's something I'm -- shoot shoot at. Nobody was hurt the worst the worst is when they're like can pull up please you know ethic his I went out there like according need to pull up your lightning hot out. Always out there you just bought that eventually some -- walk out -- your food here's the real problem yeah. You paid him at the amendment rights they've already got your money -- so what choice do you have when they ask you to well up in weight yet that -- -- -- question is it sounds like in this story. That they were gonna that -- that managers said their next meal was for a -- so they still have to pay for their current meal that we can all refunding them wrong that two wrong meals. I think he should be refined it for the raw deal. You know what I'm saying that not like oh please come back right here it. I think he should be your money back for the current noted in my back and we'll give you another one or maybe you have eightieth and you know -- -- that shoot well bright it never rule out the -- that -- never again even if they -- ask you to pull off. Yeah pull out the gone into what you think -- orders wrong twice maybe they should refund your money for the current meal I would think that Anna -- and have a hopeful story. And well I've got what I've -- that's about it and I know that whatever the case and our badly McDonald's may or may not yet responded not work that out where that now in Atlanta man. Along with people rightly say regular have a great day to drive to you on a talent and recommend I would news forecast. Lot of sports with Steve gallery. I 49 -- touched a nerve with a few people were talking about this survey by Harris Interactive designs. More people would be willing to give up. Sex than would be willing to give up their phones their TVs or their Internet. So I posed the question if given the choice one of the others give a phone. Or give up sex. Which would be one person Texan says my wife gave up -- a long time for a gopher and another does most married men have already given up that. Now here that -- and somebody else extension we renamed February 14 that is. Well that day in camp I guess if you. Your moral arbiter found and you are what your -- may be on Valentine's Day will be spent on it with your phone sports time now on that yeah. Now with the people that were passed in the fall where they actually having sex is what I wanna go out it's -- answer. Survey lawyer exactly the you mean at any given time but like -- aunt and they've been celibate for awhile. Right now that it's easy to Cuba that by two guys right now by choice -- -- percent of people that has meant that only 20% of Americans. So they couldn't live without that. One and on -- or fifth of people that they can live without that rule and I don't think I'd die by it. Be very happy then sports analyst Steve caller's sports -- and -- -- happy is next -- -- Well good morning everyone and someone who's not happier the pelicans it was another rough night as New Orleans dropped their second straight contest. Fully wanna wait 2101 in Toronto. Real reason. Back to time of the season I'm not sure what we just didn't saying -- -- to -- That happens it would go farther. We'll decides low energy coach Monty Williams watched his ball club have another poor shooting effort from the foul line the -- missed nine free throws after missing twelve the previous night. The -- return to action tomorrow in Milwaukee. The US picked up another medal this morning as -- Logan took silver in women's slopes style skiing. Team USA's medal count now sits at sixth and or fourth place overall general Canada leads the way with nine medals the Netherlands and Norway each have said it. The country Clark became LSU's 23 and final football signing. As the defense have been formally signed his national letter of -- of intent with the tigers. He finished his prep career in Oklahoma City -- 61 sacks and is listed as one of the nation's top defensive ends. -- sophomore -- Morgan had season ending surgery. The guard tore his right patella tendon and an 87 to eighty victory against Auburn the tigers hit the hardwood again tomorrow against Texas a and M in College Station. And Syracuse remained the unanimous number one in the latest a 243 you know with their win against Clemson. -- -- -- sports talk as -- -- get ready for free agency which players on the roster need to take a pay cut and who just needs to take a height. Plus TNT's Kenny the jets made it -- Steve Geller with your early morning look export. I've defeated they've gone Steve Geller with you on your radio we were talking yesterday about how the -- -- word disgusting. Pierre the -- in the mascot that had been around the bottom many jokes on the Internet. And they've very frightening character that had children running away and screened. And lot of people putting -- the pelican in various pictures and anyway. Generally it's in the consensus was that -- needed to make over and surprisingly the team acknowledged -- well and and now apparently there's there's no choice here had a horrible accident yesterday. Yet he usually does reconstructive surgery did see the picture they they sent out and we -- and the we should CV result I heard everything went so well well. And we should see a new here tomorrow. All right appearance had surgery. After playing a pickup game with other mascots are in town for the all star game apparently and again and it. Got fouled him came down hard and -- gallantly that he all other hit hit a wall. I don't know some -- always smashed his base that you let me ask God's man tied to tomorrow we get the the newly reconstructed -- of the pelican. Yeah hopefully -- -- child friendly and -- -- yes I would imagine. Doesn't talk to the all star game thank you. Yet at this weekend. -- -- We'll be back with more sports and fifteen minutes -- WW well Emma man that accountability you're very rainy forecast -- the payoff afterwards coming up. 555 times take -- -- here wept for. Showers will be often on during the day and into the afternoon and that can keep temperatures nearly steady around fifty degrees. And tonight more of those showers on the way with lows around 42. Other rain should wrap up early Wednesday morning but it may be heavy still for that morning commute on Wednesday. Afterwards guys start to clear highs Wednesday at fifty and Thursday mostly sunny but still chilly highs of 53. From the I would Wednesday's forecast senator I'm meteorologist Laura backed out. In just about anywhere right now light rain mostly on the south shores of heavy stuff north of the -- it's 45 degrees at the airport in general with winds gusting over twenty miles an hour. 43 at the National Weather Service office -- right now. 5:57 this morning time game -- so we're talking about this Harris Interactive survey that finds just 20% of those surveyed said they couldn't live without sex. 26%. Said -- diet without their cell phones -- is the cell phone now more important. Two Americans. Then snacks. One person to X rated 7870 says there was sex when he before the found their four I can do without the found. About the found -- maybe there'd be more time percent. That's a good point maybe a lot of people or taxing out who are saying they would rather give up their phone. I would rather give up sex and give up their phone. Maybe if they spent last time on -- found that have more -- that -- -- -- the -- person says in this order with most important to them water food sacks. -- phone comes after that. That the BO says give me sex or give me Dan very interesting discussion. We also heard from doctor Wendy James psychologist. Who says if your phone or TV sounds more exciting to use in the joy and thrill of being sexually active with someone whom you deeply care about. You might consider seeing in mental. Health professional. -- so I guess she's saying four out of five Americans need to see a mental health professional -- four out of five Americans rank their phone. Is more import. The fact. Not that clear how many of these people were in a relationship with time and had sex available. I would point 3% said their television. They could live without that's more than second 28%. Said there Internet. That he. I want to thank the -- Texan mediate 7870. To wish me happy birthday -- -- anything about it and I don't like that to get in the way of the discussion on this you know. Have a normal thing and talk with him -- When -- tech to mediate 787 in which may have a birthday attack takes them back into that you know it was my birthday. -- that they just heavy Rain Man -- -- I'd be scared. -- should be flattered that they remembered my birth. It's not a stalker I guess it's flattering to bite you thank you for which after -- Having a wonderful day folks stay dry stay safe and remember. Beautiful weather Thursday through Sunday. She with a in the ring.

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