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2-11 7:10am Tommy, begging on the streets

Feb 11, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about whether people begging are in need or just scamming

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You know some people are texting and in this is so nice of them to do that -- that says send me the verdict I wanna know listens and happens. And I get what you're trying to say but in order to get the text alert. If the Nagin verdict comes and goes on average comes in. You have to text the word news NE WS. Tate's 7817. Am sorry but that's the way to computer's setup and message and data rates apply but we don't charge anything sports if you wanna sign up. For the news alerts to find out -- soon as the verdict comes in and Nagin trial -- the text news NE WS. 8787. Annual -- -- Gleaming New Zealand okay. -- -- Piece of Simi tried it justify 800 dollars a day for what's up with that dances and nobody can see it. Yesterday was. Incredible with what exploded on social media and some sports outlets picking it up because. Justin Bieber goes into a Starbucks. And dynamic shared on got his pants hanging down -- -- show man proceeds to abuse of the -- stuff. Well why -- made the wrong he did at the wrong time cussing now because apparently. Basketball player with the LA clippers and former on a -- husband I think are mentally ten minutes aren't they had Kim Kardashian in very short yeah. I think yeah they said I'd do and then they -- -- any island and and I don't. And it was over but anyway he gets up Blake Griffin doesn't tries to calm Bieber down. And be emerges goes crazy cousin and him so finally I think we're all waiting for this Blake Griffin just smacked the blank out of him according to a witness brought call. Deny he ran out Justin Bieber did running out of the out of the coffee shop crying. So I mean I think that's not an as a story that we all wanted to be here. Not yeah yeah. Are unfortunately. None of it is true -- -- yet these are -- this is one of those stories that I was signed into I don't know Iron Man somebody posted on a only Colin humorous site. A sarcastic side yeah you know we're fumbling for words -- -- satirical that Erica I don't know what I -- I -- come I didn't mind is not from right are no way it had been right for a long time but you know I think this once viral so quickly is because. All of this would love to see this all of us aren't obviously I'm Tanya I've bought into the oxide imported -- that I make this up now keep in mind some legitimate and irons I -- whereas and I think the reason is that's what we all. Desperately want to see and we all think he needs. It's like an intervention -- a lot of guys. You know let us tonight. Break down in tears and -- start building up again and right Libyans thank you might have been more impressive next story we'll do that. We'd have a better get our tour. But nine. Affiliated with the. No no David on next. I'm guessing they'll put together a -- Sure you knew his manic nobody's got older you be out on a cornerback again which is what we're gonna talk about this hour do you believe people begging on the side of the street are legitimately need. Or just scanning and beyond that do you think it is an organized effort. That a lot of the people on the street -- it seems like they all do the same thing. And -- it sounds facetious to say that they go to some kind of -- in training or something but isn't an organized effort. Pick up the phone -- ecology 60187. He till 38668890870. And -- and give me a comment about the Nagin trial do you think the jury comes back today -- do you think he'll walk he goes to jail. Tommy Tucker glad -- -- on this rainy Tuesday morning apparently. There's a light malfunction text comes in at Belle chase highway in the Balco. That is a very busy area so be very careful there and that is saying Kim Kardashian was married to Chris Humphries. But with all due respect. Moment -- coming back on -- because 78 CNA 100%. Chance for rain today is some of that could be had me. -- temperatures -- hang around fifty degrees or so tonight an 80% chance for showers. Some of it could be heavy lows around forty to get a feel like the thirty's and and tomorrow. Cloudy breezy and cold 50% chance for showers before noon and highs around fifty. We're talking about people begging around the city in they legitimately need urges scanning. I made 43 round trips from -- tastier I don't know drove through the entire city just about on Saturday. And I noticed a pretty consistent pattern of behavior from four different people in four different areas but do you think Kevin Rollins he's tiger and other WL good morning. Pay more. I'll call. Very well. Palestinian earlier. Can't afford -- Greek armed and I just recently got a about so called ER RA are unknown that is. Yeah eager to -- paralyzed you know what you get paralysis from his seat up. Did you get a medication or from on Tuesday that. That was associated with the Swine Flu flu vaccine back around 1980 years I think. -- on the subject from having a cold at the time I couldn department you know get the ball back at -- island. Deliberately on an opera orchestra as. During Google. I literally just got back to standards like two weeks ago -- -- -- practically. A went back to work. And it really obsession is able why people should not on the road bag of money people everyday. -- work. And you offer them job applications on our young people age on late. Keep your. Work or work. Actually our air. And people turned down applications and -- -- like they want money. I don't I don't feel comfortable doing -- does it. I. I'd like -- based -- Kevin if you. You know as -- -- -- that says if you if you ask me for my first dollar I did you have but he -- it's and my last dollar -- if you try to steal my first one. The you know I'm on the go at you with everything -- -- -- only went to be scanned especially when you're trying to act out of the kindness. On your heart but the thing and if you drive around the city line. It just seems like everybody. Does the same thing it would almost be like. And I'm not trying to be insensitive here are uniform more. You know book that everybody goes by but he was just weird Saturday because again going around cities in the four problem. -- that it was exactly the same I mean this signs we're in the same. That the way they work the traffic line was the same -- got to think that it's an organized effort now. Yeah I actually work street want to -- it. And -- East Timor I ONE. TV camera commute -- He began and it would make more than one be. A part art and -- political -- it. He liked it sounds like in the. Not I don't think I really. I don't think anybody that has been through cancer and and just getting over the health issues can make anything up to -- I'm glad you took time to call and even happier that you feel better. You're right Ray Nagin what -- think I convicted or acquitted and how long do you think the jury's going to be out. I don't think they're -- -- -- each convicted and it's like you've been. -- arrogant or it could sort out. Can't he can't immediately Asian. But did you know. And it paid a consequences the only thing that surprised me about that was. I thought it would have been more money involved also women talking about five million dollars is summit thinking if he's guilty and he did this I think he sold himself pretty cheaply. You have only one out of five dollars in utilities. -- -- I'm not I'm not taking up for him I'm just -- it's surprise me that he would if guilty would do all of these things for so little money and that's and that he wouldn't understand. I would have thought it would have been mayor's office would have been worth more than that thank you Kevin I'm glad you called limited -- -- -- 722 time -- traffic more calls when we come back. At T six 1870 toll free 8668890870. Talking about Ray Nagin in the jury and also. But people begging on the sign of the street ready jaguar opinion -- -- they legitimately need or just scamming. 79% of you -- saying just scanning time to look at traffic. That would go to -- twelve. -- -- 728. Get news and traffic coming up in just a couple of minutes to Korea to traffic light out on CNET. According these tanks that -- Alco and from LT silent which is a very busy intersection and having gone through that area when the lights are like that it is very dangerous of pleased. Like yourself if you go on in that way announces light out -- -- -- in south Claiborne another extremely busy intersection. About beggars. And the people on the street corners. -- get a -- that comes and some of them could be mentally ill. And if they wore in these four cases that I saw Saturday I would think than each one would have been doing something different. But what got there's all go on in my hand was. Man they look like they were from central casting a working for a company because they all we're doing the exact same thing. And had the exact same signs and methods of operating and all of those things in Tex comes sentences if you've ever looked at the shoes of people that are banging your realize they're not in need. Rick on a car in a car rather thanks for calling -- morning on -- WL. -- -- -- I have watched. These bigger majority of cell phone chips cigarettes. 888. Jeep truck approaching -- You know these people so you might help the most ball. There's nothing wrong. You think there's an organized effort by emanate in stuff up in my head because I didn't end sometime. I'll now -- reversers that was organized. It is yeah it is. I mean where my leg he's pretty delighted so on you know -- Congo -- -- -- Well what I saw was cardboard and it it just. Really was like the Twilight Zone where everybody was doing the same exact thing -- and dressed exactly the same for the most part. Well the majority -- some problem old child support. So Marmol government sort of cable network to cash manager -- enjoy which so -- trying to beat her body out of money. -- -- You give to anybody. No -- don't -- dot com all right thanks Daryn I'd be careful out there on a went highways and get a text that comes in I was eating and a fast food place one day visit text. And I -- somebody get out of a a -- Now it's as Acura and move over to the other corner with a -- and start begging unbelievable. No allowances on in order to get the money to their Tatis phones and piercings. And traffic no broken down eighteen Wheeler center -- it Crowder on 910. -- a lot going on if you're on hold -- -- -- -- -- -- -- as soon as we can and one. Line open if you wanna grab at -- 601878203866. 889087. -- forget right before the top of the hour news will have another code code words for you in error 1000 dollar nationwide. Cash contests and I think we've already had a couple of winners from this area right now time for -- WL first news and that. Before we hear from David Blake again we'll have the code words for you and our 1000 dollar nationwide. Cash contest to keep listening for that. We're talking about that people that are on the street begging sometimes -- see the same people. In different areas there is one couple that used to work. A corner and on the gold and I saw them across the river one time while -- that we west bankers say across a river but. In the downtown area in and year I just wonder how people. Com. Debt from one place the other and I he'll get a text here -- some money it's a little fussy on the a rainy Tuesday morning says -- people whining if you don't wanna give don't give bumping him and he's whining I think we're just trying to. Keep people from taken advantage didn't taken advantage of -- luck. Texans then yes I do give change in May be a small Biller to when I can mainly because I'm very thankful for what I have. I don't worry if they're scamming me they may very well needed and so I can understand that -- cancer he had but. If if you wired up like I am I think what that does is it takes money away from people who really needed. And that stats what doesn't yeah well with. What about the -- comfortable thing though you know the stock at a long life and the and the and the guy comes right over of the window hours are. Yet on and I don't know that I just find the whole thing very disturb I do too. Even and that's why we're talking about it because I wanna know what other people experience and know. For the 730 crowd welcoming NN -- -- is driving around all over the city on Saturday. As for different intersections. I just found it remarkable how everybody was. Dress alike for the most part had the sign that says the exact same thing. And they had the like you're talking about -- comfortable -- part of it blocked an up and down our neutral ground looking in the nine what do you do you'll look the other down. -- -- subtler sort of Rosalie and a car real quick heroes earlier on got a W out the morning. -- A lot of -- People want -- every. Day. The majority of people -- here. We are not. -- -- eat and eat hot one. We know. What happened. The majority. -- not. What. -- -- -- People. That -- not going away she. Yeah I use and I appreciate you called grossly but he says abusing the system and on that there's really a system and that's my question. On the other side of it is there a system because. -- -- -- civilized people -- -- exact same thing in the exact same way you know I don't know if if it's a scam or nine but if. Do you eat. Eat eat. Eat eat eat eat. Whether or not. -- Yell I'm glad you called in and I'm glad you do the work that you do and adds. That's your opinion but you know -- everybody else like you're saying -- he talked to him play even if you -- that can be good cover story ranked. -- -- -- -- -- I don't think congress I think it's hard -- people. Up call and. CN I think conversation like this and I'm glad you -- we each have different opinions. I think conversations like this allow us to share information and maybe see and if in fact there is a -- so that people concern given their money. To people that really do need the chair. But I'm glad cult 74317. Before eight coming right deck on -- W. Tommy -- 748 well before they got a hot when no one with. People are on -- street soliciting money on the corners and is driving around just to recap real quick Saturday solid just about every area of the city. And noticed a lot of common characteristics between everybody that I approach the car looking for money and I guess it could be coincidental ecologists now said. That having this conversation would discourage people from giving. And -- he she might be right Montag says she's exactly right another. Text says what you last column may very well have done done realize it is encourage more people again. And -- -- realizes discussion could work in their favor but all opinions. Are welcome here at 2601870. Toll free 8668890878. And idea I just think this I think if people are scamming you on side of the road and that's where -- discussion about -- maybe that'll. Cut the amount of money that people have to give to legitimate charities if the people on aside the -- not John in -- good morning on -- WL thanks for calling. Yeah I don't think the people -- and mostly all people close to yay if family Brian compliment. And now. But these people treat this like. Elected leaders -- hang on and even scanned by your family. Well it's always the people closest thing yet NATO wants the opportunity. You know I mean you know just. Well what apparatchiks not really that important. Much literally brought it up well because that's that's a real leader saying they think about it. And we come home -- but wait let's just talk but you can't beat these people say they treat deflected job I don't know. Somehow might be your disability with the government. They. And you know a lot of them like they say you know people who are. You know divorce would have a cute cute child support it or maybe just lazy in light keep. You know they make a lot of money ya heard of one it's docile -- what 200 bucks a day 300. They. -- -- We will know he was. Unanimously that story when they're at home looked. And he yeah he was solicitors -- one time did really well. Am trying to understand Jones and a lot of people -- going gets him so ready jaguar opinion poll do you believe people bag and on the side of the street. Are legitimately need -- just scamming. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Got you I'm glad you called an -- everything straightens out with yet. Family or whomever it is that scanning you know -- in Metairie Heidi aren't evident to you on good morning thanks for calling. Hi content of the -- when you talk about these people let. Are you -- over and over again and if politicians. Yeah. This for the long. At about eighteen years ago my son and I. While we lived in might amount -- time where I -- down canal boulevard and on the neutral ground by a family. It was a man or woman with a baby and two little boys around every four years ago. And so -- month and I get really out. Really bad arm and -- the story we bought them like -- -- a great country. Baby food -- time out and brought it to them and -- -- very grateful so you know we felt good about it. Well today -- my daughter comes home and it is. And time you know those that family you and I'm mark like grocery store. To get my -- -- has rental property. And land and offered them. Rent free apartment -- Album and -- the -- and -- -- a -- in New Orleans eight. This talent -- Marlins. So. Naturally kind of blue I'm not but then two years late here where. I'm done that again we got out -- clear view and it barren lot on mom you know. It was me I am. And -- afterschool. Jobs and help the thing that this. Probably teaching children how do you like to help people. I really do need a -- Well but when you find out that. You've been scammed -- how you react to that. Well you know I I was I was really. I'm Mary very angry and but I was really more upset because I felt like at the time my side and -- had -- that blacks and actually he kept -- -- in the past Pataki gets felt so bad or. And he you know we talked about it and we both do steal. You give people when we not time and I would say law and then it more often that we don't. Thank you walk appreciate you calling you've taken time nickel and I just getting traffic -- -- Selma tonight quick text here. Listen to gospel not our place to judge it's the be attitudes we should follow they will be judged. If there are doing wrong and then this one to the earlier cult family does scanned my wife is pregnant with another means it. Lately from people on the street morning here -- -- and it happened 753 time -- to crack. -- enough to cast my ancestors might well.