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WWL>Topics>>2-11 8:10am Tommy, begging on the streets

2-11 8:10am Tommy, begging on the streets

Feb 11, 2014|

Tommy takes your calls and talks to listeners about people begging on the side of the street

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

These phones are lit up like a Mardi -- tree I'll like it. Says that because a lot of people do they take their Christmas tree in the inning and make him a tree on -- -- money grow lights is a matter of some sort. Out. I think it's more artificial trees and real but let's get lost in the weeds -- and hear a lot of people talking about. People in this room we're talking of people on that. Street and ask you for money and you always see the same people it seems like in. -- Zacks consensus don't condemn you might be on a corner some day card and I fully realize that it. I'm trying to do you differentiate here between. What it is. The people it really needs something as opposed to people letter. Taken your money and -- there's no reason money can't -- to exudes nominees to be an insurance agent I of the -- route so it. Did in home services and -- guy on crutches on the West Bank with very skinny -- and I know exactly. All of whom you speak yup. That begs for money he was one of my customers and you feel bad for this guy when you look at. He was on on cousins they pay me 450 dollars a month at a nice apartment announced years. On always pulled an -- pulled out thousand dollars cash out of his Fanny pack to pay me. Yes he was handicap -- thome gets at least 900 dollars a week and I'm an encouraging you to give or not to give that is totally your decision. But I think some times when they get these angry texts about it. I think it's people that want to do good but they don't realize or when the the Specter of them being scammed tomato full offered him being taken advantage comes up. I think they get hungry and they focus the anger and of people that are calling in and we would appreciate all calls and all tax I got a text from a guy that I won't identify. Very successful manned. Very rich man. Very liberal man believes in helping everybody Oakland he says. Tommy I carry a box of protein bars to give to people at intersections rather than give money. I would rather give them food that's not a bad idea this man is rich this man spends a lot of his money -- and everybody he'd just doesn't. While helping those in need -- -- has given me a dime but -- -- -- often on the sign. Hungry. You Seattle's -- congaree or her work for food yeah. And a lot of times they don't want. The job and they don't want the food moment to explore we give back to the phones. When you moved here -- told the same story over and over again in the person's belongings were locked in the room they were renting for the ninth. And -- had a -- nose again and we offered to drive the person of the plays and pay directly. They responded. Now that's a case of scam to -- to JoAnn Hammond hey Joseph you aren't -- W at a morning thanks ago. Eddie you know it was a lot of their own the though it on the web site. Catalog children stand -- the federal buckets. Finding the right money -- cooler recreational organizations. And they're never coaches -- parents anywhere real sturdy one of -- aprilia periods of legitimate it is not legitimate and it is that it took a look at it. How do you decide you don't if you -- you decide if you give or -- -- our deal always is same thing. -- -- I think our Google -- And a little -- now -- collectively they have Japan's ergo -- -- Marcos to it and I'll probably -- -- money in the pocket but I'm not going to happen on. There's no supervision whatsoever yet in who have yoga on the -- -- -- in that traffic in that -- against. Com. Do when you're on -- street and you see a team green uniforms collecting money with some adults to get money then. Yeah. And public about it. And how about people that report says. To be in dire times and they have to you know -- -- thing -- appreciate all have a good day. And I nom will continue to conversation into six 187 needle free 866 city -- early seventy. Another tech says you know I think. What we're trying to talk about here's the difference between. People literally legitimately homeless and with that being sent a lot of people are homeless. Or some people homeless because they wanna be. But between -- and people energies trying to make eleven skimming on your money that's exactly. 813 coming back. Under the W I Tommy Tucker if you're just joining us we're talking about people. That are on side of the road Lotta times same people at the same spot or maybe people in a different spot in a different area of the city. And I had to do a lot of drive and on Saturday and ice on at least four of these people do in this and they were all remarkably similar to me in -- to think -- well it is is this is the way that people that are down on their luck solicit sponsors as some kind organization go on here. Going on here -- ready jaguar opinion poll do you believe people begging on the side of the street. Are legitimately need urges scamming 78% or scientist scanning and some people are saying you know what. And -- god decide I would give out of the goodness of my heart. And the good lord -- sorted out as to whether or not it's going where it's needed. But if you run a regular route every day to work and -- -- -- out there every day in human dollar earned dollar every day. I mean it's 15 bucks a week when he bought some Mon 240 -- here where maybe you can make a donation to. An organization that is legitimately helping people who really need the -- instead of feeding somebody scam. But that's what we're talking about daddy's Slidell higher on got a WL thanks for calling good morning. And the fact that it. Pretty inspirational. And he's. My opinion on it. It's ESP. I do in the Long Island and analog. For the city -- I'll leave it look like bought it -- the act at the end of saint trawl. On the interstate. Well I would -- cited bad and given money I would make about it to -- and complicate the water. And I'd go park my car there -- that would -- these people. And they called the they'll have a day -- and the ball very high very polite. All have been am and you know our money and -- like that. He is about. My car all around even closing. And when people are actually made the then. In AM and cold spell. I even at my been close but it will mean I offered. An approach when you needed one. And immediately you'd do well on the corner. -- done deal. These people. Are. By alcohol and blocks and go into the sport like. Well. If you are scanned today and you were to find that out. How would you feel would you feel like okay. And God's donated punish him any -- karma or whatever you wanna believe in. Byrd. I don't -- ill. At an air and you know bad on the court -- body. I don't feel -- There. Maybe they have a very -- even now. Well you know -- got the job action actually choose to do. While I'd. I think we do have problems. You know -- almost -- and I do feel a lot of people get down a lot on that it. Pulled them that island -- situation. -- lot of -- -- -- the numbers show that you know 50% of the people in the country living paycheck to paycheck and a lot of people don't realize. How close they are and at no point am I saying that you shouldn't help people -- legitimately needed but I know for example attacks comes in and says. -- -- this same person every day our group of people every day and a way to word and I can't get -- three dollars on and on a pick and choose and yeah I wish I knew which ones were legitimate and which ones worried because the pie is only so being. Right I am and people -- That are culpable by being approach and we. Or -- elect I would recommend. That -- are all way aren't aren't the lobby and it is a different light if you'd say Allah cart like. And as the current. Part of -- -- you then you create all and they -- called. In our. Thank you appreciate Colin thanks a listening or. 260187803866. 8890870. Quickly to win the Intel -- hey Wendy aren't evidently well good morning. My age. -- -- Wall. Street. On -- you know. You know water -- -- a -- and they enjoy life. And couldn't get it out. Under under 300. And -- And it happened on. It was. It. I'm glad you called I'm sorry this happened with you momma are you know zealot now -- -- -- -- have relationship. I am a lot of eyes and black and let the men. And Christian country like. You know double. Industry we shouldn't be that the thing that people really got back. On. Them that what you're not. Really. -- That stuff sorry Wendy I'm glad he cult and thinks they haven't the patience to wait so. Appreciated. I'd Texans in -- I was lining you know and I Tenet Peron. And homeless guy can't knock an omen when Dylan finally rolled it down and threatened him he said I was just trying to tell you get in a flat. And it really was embarrassed they gave him twenty dollars. They're trying to get well signs of January 24 will continue when we come maxim if you are on hold -- was -- and if you wanna grab the one line it's open. It's 260187. Neitzel 3866889087. Right now time for traffic -- Michael. And you -- just encouraging encouraging rather of the continued behavior one -- do the most good with your money. Like give to manual transmission or bridge -- church group you know your money's going to the best ingredients used. While serving the largest numbers of those who need it most Jolie on a -- good morning thanks for calling your on W well. I think I'm -- sure glad you're having this conversation today because. I've certainly learned what that tension in 23 times a week if I'm driving down saint Charles. Wondering what to do. When somebody that's right handed out. Let me just interrupt you for a second what outages and I think is the crux because anonymous one not help people had. Leone gets candy there and and you almost have to pick and choose between -- help on the issue independently wealthy. Exactly right gap and allowed the -- idea that your guy you're rich rant about it now the -- in -- but what has. Couple weeks ago I was crying -- really about what did you go out there that's the end all of a sudden I comical on this quote. That is really helped me in the matter -- this year with you and -- -- to -- here here's a quote. Our job is not to -- Our job. Is not to decide who deserves. Our. It's the -- fall retreat on the deal was hit. So every time you -- in the last few weeks outcome across that it's helped them or not conscience on what did. Utah so what do you do do you give every week is if you don't hear that deal yeah not accurate it got a look at the -- -- -- -- -- you're you're pretty much. Everybody. But for me. I'd rather err on the side of law. But not to have -- at all. Right now I get that we got to go to news I'm just wondering if you passed. The same group of people however many people it is can you afford to give to him every day. No absolutely not you know yeah and it ends of the decision. Always comes from my heart I gotta tell yet it's about -- somebody but certainly first I'm not seeing them I'm gonna do what commented that there the day that we. And -- of Tama story about that and twenty dollars when we come back and it was -- with with a child in this Roland lady cult -- taken time. Hang on if he can't get to you as soon as you can right now though lessons I can't right now slow down time for them at W offers news. You know real quick before we get back -- -- conversation about homeless and soliciting for money on a street corner. It's weird because Shirley Temple. Because my age I -- I knew -- is an ambassador yes and and there after I was. Exposed to her as a kid when she was named and ambassadors from that plan to realize that used to always it was a politics inning guy and and State Department all that stuff it was from there that are realists who's actually a child star because I think. -- again because my age -- -- -- Shirley Temple Black guests who was a disaster yacht and a -- out this year movies it is used in movies -- car so I guess for the people letter -- a lot older than I -- there -- members -- Shirley Temple and apparently she had a good run thank you David -- back to the conversation here. And T six 187 Neitzel 3866. -- 89087. And this is an interest in text. And I always think in -- a break you know if you've ever gone without launch. Or for whatever reason you run only to eat dinner and and you're a gift of and -- it would blessed enough to have something he does. Most of us are well you know how hungry you get you get that that she just. You your belly is sucked in the years spying Hungary and you'd just starving and as I drive around and look at the people that are soliciting money and I think. You know if they're -- -- and -- -- and -- Bowman a couple of dollars that would be. Just the best thing in the world but then I think. You know if it's a scam -- world. -- lets somebody take advantage of me like that. And -- sex comes in Tommy a homeless person does not scam you out of your money. And the screen refreshes because they didn't cause and I apologize to you for that but I promise I'll fix it when we come back Berrian -- side you're on -- WL I hate when that happens. -- -- Yes come probably difficult about it it's given to begin to put it doesn't necessarily mean you give money. Forgotten active chapter would have gladly -- they'll be able to outside of that we looked up -- -- that date of the terrible. But the -- human don't have enough but -- -- and immediate threat that radical. Agenda being that person needs. Money is archipelago. Dig about food that's good proposal approved it hobbies go well. And they don't want that he bet that you noticed scam -- -- do you that it just first of which which let you create. So we knew you could appoint you to do that you can do. About arguably broke. But I do use a word judge in and it anything reasoning and is trying to make is informed of the decision as -- -- And it just it just makes me very uncomfortable can you can't give to everybody. Ain't got to decide is somebody legitimate or not and and you drive off Lincoln. Man -- -- -- -- if somebody really needed money thank you Maryland tiles or real quick and Anna told this before on the air down by -- you grow. -- Henry's and all that it Carrollton area. I was eagle on neatly one night -- in hand couple with a baby in a stroller and they told me you know. We are down on -- we need to feed the baby it's that are etc. As denying any money because I'd just bloom off basically and I. Eight myself apart in -- and chewed myself up for years I think in one of those people really had a hungry baby. Eating and twenty bucks has -- of that amount twenty dollars. And then about a year later true story I was back in the same spot different couple came up. With a child in seeking gimme twenty dollars as were hungry and I thought Melissa is a sign from above is my chance to gain even. After just eat my heart out for a year about it we talked about them on the -- a bunch of people called in and Simone on it's a running scanned their people do that with the kids. And they know that twenty dollars the amount to ask about and maybe that makes me suspicious about people. On -- side of the road now or are cynical about it at least but. I know for a year I regretted that decision think in Manning had a couple with a hungry baby and I found out not only did they get scammed out of money. But I gave myself a year of guilt over nothing back and electric vehicles on WW. Tommy Tucker have a W out on and a thousand miles an hours here with this topic and everybody that's calling in and taxing and -- And some really good tax I wish I had time to read them all out loud on the air but hammering him during the commercial breaks one of them says if you are in need. There are programs and missions all across this city. If the person really wanted to help they'd find it but most homeless have a mental health issue or drug addiction. And this text continues on no offers and Izzo is one of them ten years ago with a heroin addiction and I counseled. 5900 dollars a day to support my habit one dale walked into the bridge -- And gave that lifestyle so it's not impossible because they stared at that place for years while sitting there in the parking I didn't high. Well help was staring me in the face. I chose not to use it so it's out there if you want it. And another tax comes in and says from somebody that helps to raise funds and donate to the saint Jude communities senator. The center feeds the homeless lunch and breakfast every day when an approach by the disadvantages I give them a card with. And address and -- and directions and even the use of the word disadvantaged kinda goes to the crux of the argument as to whether or not these people are disadvantaged -- Just trying to take your money from and I tell you about the experience on Carrollton and non of any of you all of head. That same thing happened. I had a friend this text says. Then did a social Shakespeare meant in new wall ones on the homeless. He -- the part lived as a homeless person for two weeks he averaged around a hundred dollars a day panhandling and a French Quarter. It is Sonny gave it all of them homeless he had met downward too proud to ask for money and live by collecting cans and dumpster diving. Some of the panhandlers -- even lived in apartments and had cars and claimed to be homeless not the majority. But some. -- other taxes. Tucker we should all know that -- isn't just -- who in their right mind would beg intentionally or willingly. Those who deceive will be judged in the end and it may be the case but. There are a lot of con artists out there. Saw a guy yesterday another text says by Claiborne to -- clean dressed in his twenties with a sign that read veteran please help. He looked more physically able to work than some of the guys that work with me and then there's this text that addresses that. And says a lot of people are on side of the road saying. Needed job will work for food well how many people listening right now would actually be willing. To hire somebody that they find on side of the road holding a sign. One more Tommy at the same guy come up to me three times in three different parts of town. -- downloaded downtown in the same story every time about his car was broken down and needed this part that he had in his hand. So the -- financed how did you get downtown when your car was in -- or elm -- he called me an agent walked off. But this -- as they do give money to some. Not all so we'll continue to conversation were also and talk about. The CEO of AOL in case you've not heard he apologized. After telling the employees that their health insurance premiums are gonna go up because of two specific children. Whose health care costs exceeded a million dollars each. And that brings up the question you know we on the way the insurance business -- understand it is we all pay. The people don't use it that much favor the people who do as they average rates and would you prefer less coverage. With lower rates. Or more coverage for everybody. With higher rates. And what's a situation where you do work in. When Evans if you happen to be the one that has a catastrophic situation and your family and lower premiums you decided well let's cut it off here. Talk about it when we come back right now time for -- WL for traffic. That would. Well Tommy Tucker -- to take this discussion of helping people to the next level next hour paktia was in the joints of friend who's been on. Got a W a lot talking about I guess Obama care and on an insurance in general he's the president of the benefits planning group. The CEO of AOL was on CNBC talking about the benefit program -- -- -- look at it very seriously is the CEO of management team. We have to decide do we pass -- 71 million dollars of obamacare cost to our employees. Or do we try to eat as much. As of that is possible and cut other benefits and -- went on to say in some people are saying you may have violated regulations. But as saying two things happen in 2012 we had to AOL -- and had distressed babies were born. That we paid a million dollars each to make sure those babies were okay in general. And those -- the things that -- up into our benefits -- so when we had the final decision. About what to cut because of the increased health care costs we made the decision and I mean the decision. To basically change the 401K. Plan. A -- everything's gonna be paid way at some point. So would you rather have your 401K. Cut. Or pay higher premiums to ensure coverage for the few that needed. Or would you be willing to accept lower premiums with lower coverage. But then what happens. If you turn out -- a member of your family turns out the -- catastrophic. Cases and you wind up. Bankrupted by the medical costs which does happen. Pretty frequently or at least a lot in this country. I get a text here final word I think although we can continue to talk about it if you like he could be the final word. And it says you talking about scamming when you give to people begging on side of the road. So long -- you give compassion from your heart which is really what you're giving a -- money you can never be scanned. So very well written that text and I'm glad you took the time descended and we're gonna come back talking about insurance premiums and and real sick people costs in the people that are healthy and -- -- draw the line between all of that. And don't forget top of the hour news right before it. We'll have another code word for you in the 1000. Dollar nationwide cash contest. And congratulations to Joey Pardo got to WL listener. He won and you can too. Back in a flash --

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