WWL>Topics>>2-11-14 10:10am Garland: on face recognition software

2-11-14 10:10am Garland: on face recognition software

Feb 11, 2014|

Garland talks with LinkedIn expert Nile Nickel about whether Google glasses and their face recognition software is a sign of technology going too far.

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If you listen there sure all you -- have noticed that I'm kind of fanatic on technology. -- that it absolutely fascinates me the year and other people file and -- -- right now of things from. Three inches there. It's bio on. Everything from. Page to -- And he is and experiment school owing to word using a brain you can objects and goes on on on. Twelve -- talk about. Drone. There's a new. Ball in the infected soon kick starter in Europe in short kicks. Its website that. Conclude whatever device from what -- project you're trying to Poland. All in as soon as people contribute money or in obstinate. And it's a small little drone that can be folded up in order -- to put an emperor's. But it's their supposed. Got an -- boundary. A moment ago. But it's more goodies that made port -- and turn it on in you can use. And there's all kind of question to -- wall with -- and that something and take look. 11 o'clock hour. One of via. Leading conservatives. -- bowl. That may be running for president. A call and question whether about the government should be funding unwed mothers who continued to have kids. And -- where players ran to. A program in nineteen states back in than. The fraud and Q Rick Kaplan. And we've got some experts can be in -- -- the Missouri side in the liberal side and to give us an idea is this something that can even. Big control cap in earlier and were Foreman so well. This hour. -- technology that's absolutely. Absentees. There's a new. Google let ups. It's called me and -- Powered by something called the usual and -- dot com. And before give too much weight room labor union. -- miracle. Technology expert. -- do an expert human relations. Not a -- welcome or appreciated call. To be here. Tell me about this I mean. What is. Name tag is is something that we've all seen in the movies and all that but it's coming -- Google collapse. What it allows is what these collapses that you're wearing. It allows you to look at some one. And all of a sudden start to get all sorts of information about that and what their social media post start what they're maintenance aren't they yeah. I registered sex offender doesn't have a criminal background. All sorts of things like that just split the quick points while you're wearing the Googleplex. And how to resume work I can't imagine how that works. Well EU may be aware in fact that they've talked about it both of. Our national parties' conventions. But that. That just passed. They had -- Recognition software. That without being used well what this company Pakistan they've basically saying that software. They went down collected information that's publicly available that you put out there whether on social media had dating tiger whatever. Consolidated that information and they pump it back to the collapse so that that's in simple terms now works. Prohibiting ballistic criminal record. Most people haven't posted that -- social media Republican incumbent. Well you know that that's another that's another whole situation by itself you know it's become big business now when you get arrested. Matt. The -- arrest records are getting post about my. Soul. And canceled and sober and in what they wanted to if you want that taken down. He basically did -- have taken down so. Are in short of paying Nancy you know the information now available on the world people -- -- is it on the on the public debt in the public forum handsets available to this name tag application and of course they're gonna collect millions. Uses the whole raft of potential. Questions we'll get to those afterward -- his first break and I gonna tell on myself. By listening out there and when you hear this or you won just. Mildly. Interest that it did. I'll leave fascinated. And more importantly does -- raising incredible warm ups is is this the way we -- ago. We've talked to -- about them. Why so little loss of privacy over the last couple years. Is this just another thing we're used say you know privacy is a thing of the past it is one and we and stop. What date comets questions to signals you wondered subject. Told period where in the country it's six dictated it's zero so. Well once again in the -- -- worth thinking about technology. Thinking about did you make by conventional hard Liebman and collected through and you out for a group who glance. It's called name and he. And -- and to capitol that he has to prove it Google. Powered by facial wound up we're dot com. What it does -- ultra boring Google glasses simply stand a person's abilities. And see. There's social media accounts -- name. Even -- record lot of personal information pops up right in front of your very. A little of visual and scientific double of the Oprah Judd -- opinion poll -- yesterday. And it goes like and you for Google glasses loudly scanning people's faces social media accounts and their name. Is technology growing where aid to report to past -- 8% of you say yeah. We have an expert with a four and the technology experts and medical. And not -- Wanna go through some of the questions that you brought that -- number of months so. Did the the main question you ready and super good when. Why would somebody -- an app like -- won that when you're eating. Would you want to when somebody comes. To YouTube and that's what would one. Well you know in the there there's a number of good. -- Uses for it just like any other technology can be used for good and bad. But you know a lot of people my wife says it -- -- just horrible what. As he could meet some of them well and meet them you know. A month later some of them and she can't remember that name obviously -- got Google -- goes on our political class actions site. It's done the main popped up right there in fact you probably happier notes to people with that where you Manhattan. Kim and Paula and others. So you know back it's certainly did you'll wake up and make it more personable now that just that one thing alone. Virgin Atlantic is doing has -- right now. For their customers when you walk up to their can't -- here and their database. They're using the same technology. To bring you up so that the person and the cabinet and you aren't as your background is what your credentials with Virgin Atlantic car. He had frequent traveler and all of that total out of them at least they hope to get much better customer service. But you know -- all sorts of other things that you can argue whether they're good or bad if you wanna collect a list with pictures that who's in the event or meeting. And that means maybe -- follow put those people. You don't even need to know pet anymore here's the way to do. Did little glitches. Talk about true wife who would like me. Can remember and so you'd you grew up to the person then there and let let's back open technology. Suppose she knows that person's committed partisan issue writes in the end around there. So rule. A information martyrdom maybe. In which walks up to him she's gonna argues all that's that should get -- rights pulled scored -- -- We'll be atop your Google -- helps. Coach you had this true three seconds of this. Don't legalese over paused we're. Reading -- -- they can go all mr. Smith our. Well you you and I both have been some in the media bit. And you know that when you get exposed to things like that whether somebody's talking in the year here whether you're carrying on an interview. Or in other something popped up in front of your eyes -- in the middle of a conversation. You get pretty good looking at the one thing like you are carrying on conversations. Related to beat the other. And so. Is that going to be distracting until people get used to it absolutely. That they accept the benefit or the problem which generally look at is it doesn't take very Long -- used to. Yeah you know it's interesting and our little unofficial poll. We're got 88% of people were you heard me say using that technology boom we'd too for a breed to press. But if you're bringing up things. To this audience which often do. Where our privacy is being violently in particular by a government that part is indisputable. Instead of saying 80% of instinctive and -- -- are too fat to -- Well I'm done anything wrong tournament on the wrong I don't have a problem. So what are your question was. Is this -- an indicator of where we're heading as a society a roll that into the whole technological. Ball. Is this thing on its way to such an extent. That it can't be stopped and you're just keep getting bigger and bigger and her. In my opinion that it that it's it's an absolute yes. And I'll tell you where right. Where they are right at that. We all want to become silent. And anonymous -- warriors. And if you don't think that street just look at the successful social media. And if you're on social media. You know that -- Posting falcons -- -- or somebody you haven't -- Quidel you meet with them somewhere and -- -- it's so good quality and seeing my approach on. You had no idea they signal that. It happened over and over and over again in fact in my opinion it's one of the reasons is social media has become so popular. We could be anonymous and completely -- the lives of those -- this that would interest it and. This just takes that and expand that quite a bit because now you don't have to take a picture. Reed -- that he would get two hands -- going about life. -- a lot of those same images. And video for that matter to be captured. It I have two world experts on the show yesterday. Talking about hacking primarily. Commercial accounts. And they basically said you know you -- -- big picture password. Is -- but as you can in the mic and complicated. And so with the excellent. But aside from -- -- and -- -- -- can do about it you know -- they have these this acting isn't it and stop in practice can get more. Isner in the thing somebody to do the pasted. I don't -- Google glass moon walk -- Well you know that's. One of that questions that name tag or facial networks and have been -- And they've tried to address and I'm not sure that their -- right now so great but they say you know if if you've made your information public. He made that decision. What do you agree with that -- not that you've made it public or not it's out there for the world to see where only collecting that same information. So they don't have an opt out policy right now all I mean they say that's out there it's fair game. But I believe that that opt out privileges are are. Not only ballot that they needed. And that's going to be something and I hate to say it because I hate. More legislation and I'd prefer laughs but I think that's one of the situation that we've got to get into you where we really look at. And sort of privacy policy for Turkish citizens it -- only deal with things like desperate. But deals with many other things where our private information becomes exposed. Do you think that's possible. Well I. It has some degree yet. You know we have this -- not call. Does that stop every call from coming EM two to your house absolutely not. Does it get it cut on the number called it absolutely. So I think the fact that you'd have a policy you're gonna find it's sort of like a good -- good security. System -- honest people honest people still -- Do bad things with the wanna wanna pick completely ignore they're going to continue to. When we look at the majority of uses the majority of people are doing I think. That still premiere of the yeah president reading the -- to go face first it's visual recognition technology. And retail stores all of the country -- -- to implement primarily. To Dubai and shoplifters. And walked in and then poem by page. But now the retail units and those those company. Are on track to use that four of the best spenders. At the short so you just the ring -- Will load existing photos of known chopped liver to members. Members organized retail primes and the -- person of interest. And your best customers. And a police person. -- -- about it that said. Briefing and in this gears a little bit. And she said. No I don't know store I'm looking for certain person's not there wouldn't bother me -- -- two days later and opted out and said in the -- load -- here. That that's why I ask you it's possible. Term to regain so -- a part does a good -- risk is of branding and what we say it would. Crowley our week you know we we like of these benefits that something like that could offer. Bat and -- there's problems and and and some of those problems and I'm awful I mean you know there there's two ways about. This type of technology becoming so pervasive and and I eat a lot of people are claiming that Google class party -- and saying. It hasn't even started to explode yet. One and the technology like that hits the ground there's going to be some awful nasty stories that we Alter. -- had that happen happen. You know that doesn't detract from all of the good things that we see that will be coming out and I am absolutely you know whether that's him somewhat about. Semi anonymous -- You know they know. You and -- associated email back they could attack purchased YouTube. Or the fact that they know your name and address some meaning your age in your spending habits and everything else. Yeah where are we going to find those lines and the unfortunate part about it is. With new technology. We have no idea because right now we don't even though the questions and it is that which the only concerned about. Apparently it's a good news breaker and would come -- laws stand with the when liberal listeners calling in and listening to this is scare you. I'm going to be admitted it does me it if you were I remember reading 1984. And thinking. Enters thing both read fiction to -- And I think what we've got today is alone its way to what was described in the book and more. Because news. -- cited music because he didn't see the technology that's coming today does that scare you or. -- young person out there and Angela technology dissolved this Q and look like a better world. -- call comments questions to -- 01. Celebrity. Told bring everywhere in the country it's 66 dated 9087. Governor bill begin at 7 AM when I'm Rea. Yeah. I confessed talking about technology unit killed three and salute. And those. The devices. Software but where we're born. Reviled -- -- this technology picked. -- and -- yeah. -- simply that I wouldn't -- -- student who -- moral Google blasts it's called name tag and is powered by facial network dot com. What does put -- Google Gladys. You look at a person. You can even -- their social media camps in their name. You can criminal records a lot of personal information. Will pop right out boy you're looking at let lipstick Sylvia called from pollution. Who -- in -- your all on board and I'll appreciate golf. Yes -- in content but it's been going on for a while out Social Security numbers used to be like that. Larry anyone could pull you were you or your children's Social Security open could get a profile on him financially. What concerns to me about it is there's a lot of people out there that are not on. On the Internet on -- social network. For that reason because they felt their privacy is their privacy and can be scrutinized so much you want to it's the -- voluntary. I'm gathering -- information such as facial when you're standing in the grocery store. And he kitchen is necessary food items or you necessary item that you were. Wal-Mart. I hate to use name you know. Europe grocery stores here. -- department stores are using these kind of things and then selling them without your permission. And an institution. Such as schools. Are utilizing this information to categorize and two. In regards to -- -- social standards and here economic standards and children at the end actually scrutinized by and its. But that's met my concern -- then where classes. Becomes an issue and large institutions hold it against it and use it against you. That's my concern comes in your privacy actually is scrutinized to that concern. -- increasing concerns are appreciated cult we've picked out. I think she's absolutely right and you know that's one of the things that's gonna happen as a matter back. In one of the things happening with dating sites has been dating sites themselves. The information on the site you have to use like the password to get to them. However many of the users of this technology at -- And the fact that state peruse some of these sites that information leaks into the system so whether to broad interest or whether to school. You know whether it it is. The information that is from somebody else's. Pictures of you that you get sucked into it. And that's happening I mean first off don't think that technology. While we're talking about Google labs is just going to be used on global glass as a matter fact if you look at name tag. I had a sexual networks back and you'll you'll notice that. They're even talking about that's going to be just on Google like obviously grew collapses and their optimum. Application for people coming -- of any camera anywhere or even expecting photos from. From somewhere on somebody's social media -- -- this data gathering that network in the process process from many sources. And being put together and that Informix -- is becoming. Huge -- so the -- concerns valid concern and and it's one of the big concerns there. And there and have as you mentioned earlier. Lot of be able to let you know voluntarily getting on the unit your voluntarily putting this information out in public. When we had that first came to be a regular daily occurrence. There was -- talk about Google -- soon. And grooms. And NSA in its letter that says it's a relatively. New development. And I don't know if that answer -- -- you voluntarily. Put true information out there has. I couldn't agree more I mean for example how many cameras that we know that are in different establishments now. And I got it eclipsed frequently as an example and you know most of the bar in Key West have have -- that are on 24%. -- and you know being able to use some of this technology. -- except it's not gonna be used just on Google apps but all those cameras are now available once and fair game I know on my drive to work six miles. I'm one better than fifty cameras and Patrick -- about it. And a lot of those cameras republic. Due to a question from our audience. I think breezes to fold. Conversations. Says I'm 35 years old this scares the hell of -- hell out of me yet another reason not to produce verbatim told from media. Number what -- this year and number two. If if you heard this kind of thing so -- to an American and social media anymore in the late your information already out there. Well I it yet it is multiple. Part question the first thing has just because your -- media. Doesn't mean that you're not on somebody else. Social media. You know we get you get captured swept up in things so you could make the decision that this is for years it doesn't mean that here are out there whether it's. Yeah from forums and a more direct method. Or whether it's from some of the mine that's been done from organizations. That are collecting information about you and selling -- to. That people that are being used are using information for Internet searches. And should people be scared. I don't know -- make constraint cancer. -- that until the rules work to. And until the rules worked -- absolutely. What I do though is they should absolutely positively be aware. -- because it's happening whether you want to happen so. You know what we can bang the drums and and without the fear. I don't know how far that Canada yet. But certainly to be. All right let's continued to talk about technology when we come back. One via -- -- -- go in the face recognition. And only as good as the database. That it is it can access. There was was bought and tutored a broad based and somewhere in the we don't gym which nobody recognized coming right back. Double BO brigade souvenir item and applied to reopen. Toyota computer records that are written books and news. Life of me about your. Very popular. And he basically predicting about -- 20/20 four is that we've. We'll have a computer. That makes a computer just fractionally better than itself. And like mores law back in the seventies for a I guess mr. Moore predicted. Computer would double in spring every year year and a half a point Tuesday has absolutely done. He thinks it exponentially. That computer will become. 24816. -- PowerPoint goes along and his -- ones we're evolving. Evolutionary. And technology. Is evolving in -- law in perhaps exponential law. If that's true. We begin this season little bitty indications of -- technology. That may get away from. What we're talking about is new while -- Google glass house called name tag powered by the usual network. But a judge put the Google Gladstone new look at somebody you can see -- so from media can answer the name to all the way down to. Whether or not they have they've got a crew on the record and probably much more. We have very expert Wear those at this time. No miracle. Technology expert now one of our listeners brought a good point when it comes to facial recognition which seemed like a lot of the putrid technology. Is being built on. All -- gonna have to volunteer. For. Facial recording. -- it's simply you walk into a department store. There were. Videotaping new and they're doing because they're more than two appears shoplift there. If you're a member of the criminal syndicate all are if you're really really good customer that deserves special creek. Well he you know the you want it I don't care inept oppose or anything like that there are certainly enough information out there on most people that they don't have to. To worry about that but you know one of the things came out but I think also. Listener that brought up the question. About this information gets into a database. I want to liken it to two other databases that that you know -- backed by every day one as your credit report. Obviously there's great big firms out there that but handled that date. Interesting thing dances with all of the protections and everything else we have on that 90%. Of all of those credit reports and here. So what happens when you get -- improperly in some of these databases from these databases are here. And the same thing goes with that Kiev saying no fly. In other people would show up to the airport they've done nothing wrong whatsoever. That somehow they're very similar to somebody else in -- -- Dayton where they live and all of that and they get -- -- -- Then they have tremendous difficulty getting off that. So -- these things there are huge concern. They're a couple of other callers and served earlier in the show. Well you know what I hear this kind of thing I'm doing all of technologies. And -- contract. An expert on the of the day. Month ago actually when we're. Again talking about technology and we're doing he pointed out he said. On the Internet you can buy these wallets and apparently that line and whatever it is to protect. Your credit cards from being stolen has said. We're it would mean being stolen as a huge symbolic and steely. And so -- a lot of areas. You walk past a coffee shop with -- Wi-Fi. And if there's in the if somebody in there are stealing information. They they can detect your credit card and then numbers in the identity. And everything else. If if that's true and -- and if we get quote war if we get rules. Right now would you be an example of these tiny little drones that are illegal. But it -- on the Internet they're being sold all over the place even in national retail stores. It is is -- the -- way of creating laws really controlled or just be very easy to circumvent the law. Well. Go back to what I said earlier and it laws are like clocks you know they keep honest people on. Do we have to worry about all of the people that would be using. With this technology that will be available properly that we absolutely gave. You know where's that going to take that's what safeguards we gonna put in place the. This story on the credit cards is actually more European based and -- Canadian pastry now what is she left but it's true. You've got these new RFID cards which by the way everybody in the world as the the United States and its. The coming here Annika. That's -- that you weren't putting the calls them. -- yep exactly calm those of the chips that you walk by and you don't have to have actual contact that ditch just near field. And for that matter people have you know boggled on where they're key ring for example they go to the gas stations. You know they don't have to swipe a credit cards and things like that it it picks it up and did what some follow up. We've got that right male well that's the same thing it's called near field communications. And there are people that have packs for that now -- like that that's more in Europe today because. That's where the cards will be coming -- absolutely and yes they do you go on the Internet and there are number company's itself. Wallets and -- leaves some things like that that what you put your cards and so that they can't be written. If things go Google actually end up with the credit reports medical records -- and all and worthy of the information is just limitless -- go to your doctor he loads a -- in your room full medical records. Absolutely I mean it's it's you know whether we like to think about it -- -- it's coming. How fast with the Telecom how pervasive as -- going to be. Well those are questions yet to be determined that you know you mentioned the book. The George Orwell book 1984. Prior and anymore that almost a kindergarten reader for so what's going on and technology we. And would grow by the reactors in the Woodson maker files oh lead when it comes with -- You know the only problem with that and as you know the -- -- -- -- at a place satellites stop and other people are hurting the satellite corporation of -- evenly divide to go off -- disappear your sensible somewhere. We'll have nothing else we've made Enrique and convinced Google as the good good jokes on the back. Up Friday -- ever appeared well -- 101000 of these shows a month low objected to back for the future shows and. Love to be back it's a pleasure. Can have a great has been great conversation and I certainly enjoyed it. Very nice bill -- -- talk to you again you have good debt and you do. Right coming right back governor bill begins 78 and one of 53 have. Already it's they would come right back a mobile brigade celebrities -- mortal applied to --