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2-11-14 12:10pm Garland: on drones

Feb 11, 2014|

Garland talks with Steven Bucci of the Heritage Foundation about the use of drones by civilians.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Bringing the word drone to birds came to my attention number of years ago we ended up doing log shows in the and eventually subduing shows on the because there were primarily the military. There were primarily via. Some big commercial units lead didn't affect costs. But in reading two nights ago stumbled on this. And it's Al. The accordion and England's talking about a company. Here in the United States in the headlines says it's secretly record your prints in enemy. With the hand the pocket. Camera -- And you can go take a look at it on kick starter it's called pocket broad and takes about twenty seconds Stalin pact and launch and the reason it caught blows. And most of the -- -- drones or these commercial drones -- -- in retail market. In fields on -- capability. Technological. Side to control them use them. But this says. A very small and it takes about. Twenty seconds and -- the opinion putter the first -- in the pocket. You loaded with the inability did you camera that you -- you hit record girl. May even have pleased with camera. And you can -- does the drones. What about on your phone or or in your time. And when I start looking at all because kicks orders at the web site with a try and raise money. -- the project through and they delineated. All the capabilities. Of this thing to me just. Raises a -- and of portions of I had no answers for. Sort of often times do muggers who -- achieved rector Douglas and Sarah -- and foreign policy studies. With the heritage and it's even while conduct the -- project echo. I -- back. You think when you hear about these things like pocket -- and I'm making too much all of this all we on the costs. Of future world that we don't really know how we're gonna control it or that needs control. Well a little -- actually. -- -- just -- the same way you and I you know grew up with you know Dick Tracy's. Two way -- radio sound like science fiction and now we actually have. Things -- more capable and net. Probably almost all of our pockets with our cellphones. Cameras at certain thing. Technologies move it along and it's moving along at a very fair score a and if people can make money off -- they're highly motivated to develop new or in better technologies. The drones are are right in in the middle poll lack. There are legitimate. He uses of these kind of things. And unfortunately they can also -- -- so we need to. -- realize we're not gonna stop that from happening. But we need to find a way to deal with that does not change on people's privacy in does not. Take away someone else's rights in the name of of my right to to play with these mental. What are what are some of these do good things are being used for. Well hey you know. Most police forces for instance cannot afford to have a helicopter and airplane down on their books are just too much money. And that -- they just can't do it but if they could. When -- child or grandchild it's lost in the woods if they can put couple little. You know hand held you know throw it like a model airplane wrong with the camera on it. Insurgent area that you can't get to weigh -- on foot in a timely way. You're going to be pretty darn happy that they have that capability when they find that -- -- On the other hand there are people that are concerned that. Police forces could use a device like -- particularly. Suffering from one like helicopter type. That that could look in the fifth floor window. Of a building. Without a war to. And and they're you know that's problematic if they can get a war you apply this same sort of standards that. Police would require for listening device or something else. Then I'm okay -- that's not. -- uses technology as long as it's. Covered by that the case law that exists and in people's rights are protected in the police have to prove that they need that information and have justification to seek. And give people there were to talk -- -- helicopter cost. 500000. To three million dollars a piece. Cause to 400 dollars an hour or two more alive and the one I'm talking about that Q putting your pocket cost 300 books. And and interviews from I looked it -- and can actually do Jews have very clear very good visuals and they. Were born of him losing things about it. You launch this thing and you put sure cell phone in your pocket. And it won't follow you around videotaping of somebody using technology. They -- it really is and so you know it there's still some unexplored territory -- you know mean if you're real terror and you wanna get better. Uses some of the property -- trying to get people to buyers and have a little little. You know -- size -- that you can fly around properties and take photos or video to show potential customers sounds like a really really cool. Way to uses technology for perfectly legitimate business reasons. But again if if you have people these big government or another you know get someone as a stalker and there are. Flying that thing around behind you know your teenage daughter. You've got a problem and but you know that kind of personal invasion of privacy. I think would still be covered under under the normal. While law that would stop that person from try to take pictures indicator. Or fall meant to school and and you know we have mechanisms. To take care of these things and the new technology hasn't necessarily. You know eliminate all those other laws so we need to apply to case -- we have. To the domestic use of drones. And -- get to an area that frankly falls and -- gray area I think we will come to goes. Then we we used to judicial review process and and that courts decide whether. This is legitimate whether it's legal -- there's illegal whether there needs to be a war -- order or whatever that. The process. Would be decided by a court. All right well we come back -- let's welcome of active fire. Did my homework correctly 2012. Congress ordered the FAA told compares birdies to -- Four commercial purposes. With Andy what he operating a ball 400 people report and have a permit. But everything also read says. It's illegal to make a profit from the -- would you go on the Internet retail stores you can buy these things all over the platelets. Try to find out exactly what the war is behind all of this support. Give column -- -- and we have been expert -- was call. 2601. Sibling -- -- In the country succeeds -- -- now owns you or seventy. Does this kind of technology. Frighten you or does that make you. Happy that you lived long enough deceive -- miracles come -- right. Well we've done the numbers shows on drones but -- but most of the big military drunks commercial drones in and where these industries so there's going. But ourselves on this couple dollars or so it's called pocket -- -- kick started the web site. If you're trying to open sores on from the public you put. What are your provinces and you try to raise funds. And this thing is fascinating new putter and pocket. And in -- Most of the drones and attempting to take at least some modicum. A technical ability operated reporter and a girl or repair them this is a very simple thing that old club you putter and blocked it takes twenty seconds to watch. You put a cell phone camera monitoring kind of camera you want. And it's often go in and and -- truly. Flies by itself is very easy for you to control and but replies and embittered. And and start thinking that. I think potentially. She's from problems that are not doing this sort of -- about 2012 congress ordered the FA AD. Open up -- pleas to -- for commercial purposes. -- -- and operating a ball 400 feet acquired permit. There was some even -- Q with the with The Heritage Foundation. Expert on these types of issues Stephen. Isn't the -- -- that you can make money problem that you can. -- your own personal -- as long as it's. Under 403 which can make profit that I have read that and for a. That is still sort -- the -- year and there's a lot of interest who were really pushing congress to. To adjust that note that was sort of an initial problem. Recommendations to congress made to it to the FAA. To put dead in the air but I cannot believe it that's gonna stand for very long. -- you know we we had this thing a few weeks ago where. -- be -- -- ahead of Amazon. You know -- talking about wanting to use small drones to deliver packages to you know within. Ten miles or so there're there're distribution senators. And you know for someone who really demands almost immediate gratification. They can just fly it right -- an drone. You know things like get beat these guys have visions of how they could really make a profit on doing this. And you know work our system is we we'd like companies to try to do that. So will Woolsey what happens but I -- -- keep in mind around these guys. Literally do wanna make money. So I know a lot of people were concerned with these -- idea you know that they're gonna get hit in the back in the head with a drone. And I have to -- again these guys are gonna bend over backwards to make this as seats. And as effective as possible because if they fail and -- it's gonna cost a fortune in lawsuits and -- else. So. I think it's you know and maybe not next week or even next year award to see these things start to proliferate. And the FAA is gonna have a safety. Issue that there are responsible for that studied the conflict those things with. People on the streets with treaties with power lines in with you know. Aircraft erupt at higher altitudes. And -- and isn't congress who should come up with the -- laws -- affiliate in whatever. By 2015. Yet that's the that date date gains the FAA come up with their recommended regulations. For the use of these things. Beyond that just -- -- to requirement you know how or they got the conflict to one there's lots some flying around. And you know they have phase work in real horror to -- to be honest with you the FAA originally was trying to say. A week we should just -- And because they knew it was going to be a not an impossible task but -- awful. And congress said now look there's this is gonna happen guys this is the future. You need to get busy and figure out how we're gonna do it safely and well. And so the FAA has taken that mandated -- -- trying really hard to come out with the rules. We're gonna talk to people over in the you know -- says. -- Model planes -- even little helium balloons that we only use. Different. -- it's going to be that big problem but what I think this is still an embryonic. Industry that doesn't even have a new rules regulations at this point. And you go to hundred to our shopping mall there's high in store that were 300 books you can buy. Four propeller. Works appears cellphone video. Dubai eighties. The two -- In and give. -- kid did its. Deciding to do little dastardly stop -- -- that -- solar Europe stalker. Or you or whatever. At 300 dollars a pop now that'll be a hundred dollars a pop. Virtually everybody in their cause and could have won even if there oral laws restricting it. Or we really going to be able restrictive. Well and it's going to be tough because you know this is something -- -- used by -- and stand up there. But you know you could say is the exact same thing about you know cellphone technology some of the first people it. Started using cellphones and majors back in in the old days if you will. Were you know cramps they could afford -- I remember war and as special forces officer and South America. And we had you know what would the best radios that our military head. And they were so for added date compared to what the -- drug guys war that we virtually around the jungles of Bolivia. -- that it made it look kind of full. So you're right -- technology can always be misused. But our. Or succession. Inning technology. Like this is has been pretty pork so I think rather than fight it. We need to figure out ways to do it as well as we can and then depend on our law enforcement folks to. Take get two guys who use it for improper. Behavior. The brother of things from putting a burden to new and a couple of military publications. They say they already have evidence that caught -- -- the Colombian insurgent group via. I shouldn't Rico born to do discerning guests in Tokyo subway. Are already experimenting would drones as this. Terrorist opportunity. Yes it is but -- -- here ready date they had that fellow I think was in New York connect. Was declared to be in al-Qaeda affiliated at least and he had purchased several war model aircraft. That he was gonna load up would -- foreign you know flying into government buildings now. -- you know this it was a thing they start at the size of the good size disk. You know that that Langston and wit and so you know he's been practicing for. He's not gonna bring a building that is like fly -- into that which you know here's a guy in the office that thing flies into. You know -- the states is serious emotional event. So it's. These guys are thinking about that -- ready. And if we -- in here in the United States or try to that's not gonna stop the bad guys should be thinking about how they can use them. So again it's a matter how much to wanna -- -- The the 99%. Of our citizens who just wanna do good thing mr. positive things. To try and stop that 1% who have bad ideas. And how much do we wanna say okay we're gonna make it illegal here's the rules. Now law enforcement and and regulatory organizations like the FAA you guys go out and enforce this and stop people from doing things that are they shouldn't -- We're -- questioned the use immunity technology that would track back. Who released one of these things if they did it rather terrorism more stalking or whatever. The technology out there where you can find out who did it. I I don't know when you ought to compromise had gone by I think you know that could be built into it but I can tell you that in a heartbeat. People there and has been in the -- year infringing on my privacy. You know that the you know -- that the police configure how I used might modular point. So again we we run into the same thing we do with computers. You know we'd love -- -- would love to be able find every ten file and every. Not criminal and every terrorist to use the Internet to do bad things. But to do that to protect current technology into the system. We run the risk of someone -- about it being used by the government to target. Citizens doing lawful behavior so. If this is that this fight between security and privacy is gonna continue. Its -- report parcel of what we do here in the United States. And we just have to keep praying that we do it correctly and and come up with the right balances. David it's brave new world and I don't -- -- breaks for. We've got a lot of work and I appreciated the driver and it's always good talking. Again crap or deploy. And come back we'll get -- a lot to hold -- -- to all what. You think is comparable what -- the use in major problems in legal. Or is this says that brave new world that the brings is good. Bill Bill Gates says that he him -- -- -- yeah. Which and a -- have power and I'm grateful. We talks even from -- -- director. Douglas and Cerro since and for foreign policies that Heritage Foundation. And doctors have been -- drones. Technologies. -- Well all doing anything to happen and I'm scared by some problem but on Sunday about them. And when the call live to England kicks or witches all intents and purposes. A pocket cam. But pocket drawn and actually law during report. And very easy to use and to -- it just brings up a raft of questions. Steve thank you so much for spending a couple more moments with this. I'm -- from the association -- on me and -- -- systems. And choose what they like. To call drones. And drones. -- -- People ahead of at swindled them now. About 7000 jobs in thirteen point six billion dollars that the US economy. Just over three years won't get through it from refused have you seen any numbers is that an exaggeration there's that. It's not that big exaggeration if it is I mean they're that's obviously their trade associations and they're going to be. That's positive about it as possible and contrived and leverage it but it it it could. Be very very positive. If these things it wide usage. In Britain. We've we were talking about terrorists and ended several -- it's. I have I've seen I've never live show -- it but I have seen via I'm sure seemed in photographs of the mosquito drones and that really are not true yeah. They're just. Prototypes -- being worked on. But we knew we knew look at it lectures say that technology gets developed where they can do it really does look like a mosquito in the concept -- is. They're really apply it and window boss hostage taking. Some kind of terrorist activity. -- land on the wall board itself into the wall and pour. A couple of days below record both audio and video. If we reach that type of technology. Can -- we -- Big Brother. Yeah we can't. -- there -- -- danger clearly you know any time you know he had these kind of capabilities. They can be -- they can be misused by the government they can be misused by individuals. I think if we keep -- -- good oversight. You know those those kind of devices would be very high and very expensive. Accepts so you need those kind of things you can usually keep. Track of better than you know which is something that was much more widespread in and easier to obtain. Probably years -- danger crime in this all of this stuff. You know can a -- being misused. And the example that we give as you know we. Every once awhile policeman could go crazy and pull those weapons that destruction now -- the innocent citizens but. Because of that possibility. We don't -- song or law enforcement folks and tell on that they can't carry their weapons. So would there has to be some. Faith in me the oversight and the tendency of the vast majority of people and in our government in our law enforcement to play by the rules and to do things -- -- that sound good it just seemed so complicated the of the pocket -- that I mentioned. They advertised. That it has opened source. -- -- So you can -- it. And you can make it do whatever you hypothetically. Implying it it's open source. You using whatever capability you gonna -- and have to do something -- And maybe I bought it and there's -- serial number or there's. A radio. I don't pay attention -- But I didn't really do it did it get really cut again and. It it it definitely does and you know if you add to it I don't mean to throw another thing out there that. You know just recently they announced that the that Google collapses that Google is coming out with. That there's an app available for it that if you. Get this you walk into war room and historic low focusing on people's faces. And it immediately. Dozens of search based on your your visual recognition facial recognition. And Natalie tells me that you know which Garland Robinette that I am looking at. But then give me your address your phone number all of your -- detailed information it does a complete Google -- view. And built a profile. So you could walk around the room in and have all the information in your buddies air and that's very concerning for a lot of people lets you know. To have that capability it that this snap your fingers. Have all let personal data on anybody you look at. Do you reconcile. And so. These these again as you say to brave new world and and we've got to figure the rules out to do this stuff properly that. Allows us to leverage the technology for the good but doesn't allow us to abuse it for the negative. And that's not an easy thing to do. A problem people -- move to Google. Probably. Victor talking about some huge responsibility. But it's called me and -- and its own visual on that board dot com and its year. It is available. Stephen that some -- call you back which lie to me -- should be assured me you can -- okay. Do like you would with a little kid in our. -- Garland people like you who ask these questions and get people thinking it's it's crucial. Because -- the American people are actually pretty Smart group when you aggregate -- together. And but if they don't think about it they don't discuss these things were not can get the right answers but I. Thank goodness people like me you have people like you took called them by know what that is going on previous expertise. Have a great -- -- especially. -- time Gibson abuse. And take care. I've taken a break come back again as fascinated by this. -- and she. Beyond belief stuff and ended it feels like it's it's moving. Within tools you'd rather than. Our -- our regular time. Double -- him.