WWL>Topics>>2-11-14 3:10pm Angela: on East and West Jefferson hospitals

2-11-14 3:10pm Angela: on East and West Jefferson hospitals

Feb 11, 2014|

Angela talks with Jefferson Parish City Councilman Chris Roberts about who should run the East Jefferson and West Jefferson hospitals.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well it's been quite -- day we started off talking about the impact law in Orleans parish that. Really isn't working in the sense that -- people who should have their. Licensed to breed animals. Aren't doing it so we're gonna follow that we're not finished with that and then we had a whole hour on concussions mentally of that is to me. Such a huge discussion. The cup the whole country has to have. And not learned a lot on that one and now we're going to something that we have had a couple of hours on before but. I think is just enormous for the Jefferson Parish area. And the issue of who will run east and west Jefferson hospital's. It's more and more confusing. As the day goes by. We've done -- we've set a couple of programs on the issue because truly this may be the biggest decision made by Jefferson Parish ever. It is complex. And the discussion needs to continue. So we are thrilled that Jefferson Parish councilman Chris Roberts is with this for the entire hour to update us and to answer your questions. That you may have about this decision. Again it's very complex with got the whole hour don't hesitate Collison 260. 187. If you have any thoughts or any questions for Chris Roberts thank you -- so much for joining us. Angela thank you traveling on -- also apparent that it ideal for. Stop providing form because that you mention it's a very complex issue with many many different moving in dynamic part and that -- -- Has signed on your part to try and help educate. The residence on what's going on and we appreciate that term. Thank you well at first an NN always correct me if I'm wrong. The first concept was stepped in this changing world of medicine. That east and west Jefferson to survive. Would need to join hands and then it was a matter of let's finding management company that we can least the hospitals to run it and that's where. It bottomed out to the three dipped three factors the HCA children's and -- -- And you brought in the consulting company for 1000003 who was to help sort of guide. And didn't get much reaction from that other than it was then determined. That -- -- wanted one person to manage an east Jeff another. And that's where is everybody separated. Now. -- this is where my head spins. Now it's back to the council who said let's delay it let's have another consultant command. To look at what we might wanna do and now I'm reading that you're saying and please don't let me put words in your mouth you know what. The way this leases it's really selling. And if we're gonna have to sell than it has to go before public vote. Well what we. And we found -- the last few. The issue became trying -- a certain provisions. The offerings particularly from age -- there early to property tax. Payment that they claim that they were gonna make. In addition of language which is an airport poll. Which require. Her hair and determine -- To actually. Act -- appreciate that. Option or a poll does not include that calcium C which has children did not include that our. There -- some disagreement between. Harsh. Officials and those -- in the accounting department and others. On calculating what -- storage for property tax payments. And with the potential -- -- it would be. That does not necessarily charged with information that was provided to our each yet. So suggestive and not necessarily higher art consultant. Who suggested RE PA firm. So ballot. In recent years that. Really had been disputed back in sports are both part. And when that suggestion -- Ultimately achieve it came and then he changed polls so. Are we now live you know it's kind of -- weight which are not toward our car I ever could go on. A tablet here in tent and collapsed last year months restored direct questions right here. Financial our backs are offering particularly. HCA. Action on how much they claim they were and our attack and how much actual amount would be. So so you're trying to establish that even though HCA. Has changed its proposal specifically. As -- what are. -- -- And I don't have a -- on me now that the amount that they were claiming that they will point shouldn't he hang in property tax -- reduced. Which is the fourth line with what our calculations where. Our partners and -- that the council in hospital administration to look at their. At the off from world war. You know a lot of measures because. It has come. Relative to. Not trying to lease payments and where that weakness but to me and it to someone like Colin and I think to a larger partner community. It's a lot more. Not only just what. The parish. An early stop on payments but what you're sure that option shall we continue to maintain that. Level quality and service. Com that they remain committed to the community as a whole. That we don't see layoffs from the employees. Has helped over the years to build these institutions to what they are. Here -- -- questions from Reverend Wright internal aren't we it to the point. But we -- arc today and why isn't even necessary trust -- because it's there. Well yeah it's much why unfortunately the standalone. Hardware store I can no longer compete. We're also largely terrible on establishment there nation law. That come into our community -- and the ability to be here are purchased remarks at a much reduced rate there over it is significantly damaged. Air force it and squeezing out the local. I think that that is very evident and yet on the common sense thing and I first read about this was. The fact that east and west Jefferson would join as one meaning just the efficient use of economy doing that. We start into an area and early. That blow was not going to make our hospitals sustainable long her. But it Huntsman and percent in the however this is coming out there's a very clear east Jefferson launch HCA west Jefferson once children's. So we're really kind of back and pray I'm wrong but that the original consultant's. Once you just go your separate ways and one get -- well. Open -- and buried and you know originally well we were not recommend this sport. We don't -- -- in the best interest of the public hospitals. Are not why we started very indignantly. And actor detained. Over you know -- -- They're essentially meant that there recommendation and -- think -- -- -- -- matter convenience. Trying to bring some closure to the issue. Then what is necessarily -- ER is obvious and let's -- -- this album on the table art and a proponent of calcium in. I think their children model is consistent where what we Lester challenged in a column order -- residents. I'm I think that they've done a heck of -- job went to grow in the last few years. Facility that was losing money that reputation. And and a palpable level at 11. Talk position now talk to patients that are going to that hill and it's and the dramatic turn. And -- we are very. Very much parochial and that -- You know we we we like priority right on Monday is like Marty. It you know where we're All Saints and it. You know -- we looked at this issue overall I think it is challenge. That is very difficult for anyone to try top hand. And Powell are our top -- be when decisions are being married. The upper East Asia or confident ski. We traded. -- responsible to uncle. You know how to be addressed. Making those decisions outside of our community that might not necessarily be in our best interest. One area that I learned from -- and -- we have a lot of the people on this community that work for Tenet Healthcare. And it. In 2005. Right after Katrina passed. Corporation that owned hospitals here are shocked that they no longer look and stand alone market. And they optimal. Well that would happen in my opinion. When you don't have people who have roots in this community that really could care less they're more associated and concerned about turned Procter. And they are out. Providing health care to our community and awful and building upon our system. That we can all be proud of and can be competitive and and want to I want all -- urged a little strength and it and a lot of the local people that were very upset with them. About decision that they made but it was her it was beyond their control anything. We're gonna have to take a break please stay with -- we're gonna continue our conversation with the councilman Chris Roberts. About the future of the hospitals -- to public hospitals in Jefferson Parish and Angela on WWL. Our guest today is Jefferson Parish councilman Chris Roberts and we're talking about time I call it almost not to be disrespectful but. As the world turns because. It is just kept going and going this whole concept. Of east and west Jefferson hospitals and who should be running them. If you were saying Chris before Rihanna took a break. You believe that Children's Hospital should be the one running it. That's correct and that's based upon. Their history it's based upon their reputation. Science based upon their commitment to care how many. Handle their employees. And they're -- -- and our local. Hospital due is expand and that is very familiar with the city of our community. And perhaps for that reason. Maybe that is why -- came out so -- sport. Well we did one program and members of the east Jefferson board. Came on and they are picking -- seeing. Not because they feel strongly that HCA knows how to run. Adults hospitals are saying John's hospital was beautiful for children but they have more experience HCA. And a much larger network. Where they can get things cheaper because they have a larger network of hospitals. And down and they were just very impressed with them. You know and everybody right to -- now wonder things that concerns me which then I would publicized. Is that you know each is not have stellar track record. They're dealing trapped in our country without. They recently settled a C. And now value in Kentucky at stake in the Kansas City are. Related to a transaction that they entered into a non profit -- We're we're in here and chewed the terms the the contract. Aren't -- law -- case in court. When we ask them. You know what they -- felt it was the reason -- them and Hastert should we are confident. That we're going to win this case on appeal. And then I -- recently in January. So it changed so. I -- that continent and don't wanna settle. That's got to yes certain comfort level who you'll work -- and -- opt for. There has been a lot inconsistency. And the entire -- past particularly from one. That has led me to not comfortable. And. That's why. Make decisions that I made barrier. I think the majority of the residents harsh east and. Are are in agreement that. And I know I. Respect. Ol'. Board members they put in countless hours they do not -- how they -- -- community service. And and we tried to. New York and Paris protect. And that's changing arms were trying to and changing. But I know -- into the notion. A 100% and the quality shirts and hospitals aren't supporting each not your most stable and I hear from doctors -- there. I know that there -- differences. Between. And medical mystery. And the doctor -- on hotline has to. There recommendation came out -- -- parent -- -- that all of the doctors and supporter. That's not check and balance you know I think -- people to dig deeper into that in which. The council meeting on January 15. Voted to defer a decision. I don't ever. To proceed and and there are certainly was -- those in in interviewing John. At some point you've just got to make a decision and move forward and concerned about jobs etc. but the same time this is such an important. Decision that you want to make sure that everything's. Don't. That the decision is meaningful for and from that. Another group is being hired you plutonium. -- thing for another type of consultant and only one respond. -- day and what are they going to do. Well I don't know they don't have not met them. Com and vote too hard and came from for calculating -- went. I objected to that process I wanted to have an opportunity trust ask questions. And majority counsel. In the -- will which is certainly the chart track. And car another consultant Tom I've only. And Kirk Barton is April clicking in articles about stealing. But the arm that is coming at an art -- compare. I'm incorrect -- in the Wall Street Journal as -- specialize. In selling non profit hospitals. To for profit country. And you know -- actually. A real for Ernie you that you had earlier in the past few weeks. That this gentleman. No matter how all trying to portray aren't trying to sort of pop. Are not giving hospitals. And essentially you can call would make everybody feel comfortable box transaction. What are real here. And understand the law the -- public action at such a hot little Woodward require a vote or. And that another unit being debated now that interpreter that -- As -- to -- that there are going to be hurt in the -- coming. I'm storing and based upon. March -- it's just -- -- -- congress shall transaction has unfolded. I'm on this important legislation. So it's. Again it's. More more time it's going to be spent. Do you think what should aren't up to the public. While keeping I'm okay -- went on hospital board came to us the position. About a year ago. -- that we need to get the vote. Changed when you -- to a -- you'll all -- -- our party. So we are. And what are the legislature. Are exchanged. It was changed on the local when -- Which changed aren't pretty and. That are more than a year that we could wait for a referendum. When we're running out of time. And at hospitals were getting to a point financially. Where they were going to be very at all and possibly -- operation on. -- respect abstracts based upon it -- Attorney and arsenal board members. But here we -- a year later. And nothing has been done yet and some people are still opposing fervently -- we're hearing things again and again so. That notion -- lost a lot of content and there's. Objectives council acted based upon it -- split it into. Suggesting that. The way we're gonna -- their financial consequence. And here we are almost a year later that occur. Stay with the show everyone this really is a very important. Tom and if you have any thoughts on what you call were talking with Chris Roberts with the Jefferson Parish council take another quick break go to the newsroom and -- names. Again Chris Roberts is our special guest today were talking about the issue of what's going to happen to east and west Jefferson hospital's. Over a year ago the thought of joining hands really for survival and success in the future for. All people of Jefferson Parish to be -- to a management company and -- we're all sort of started to fizzle. We have a call on Chris from bullet which could take that. Thank you call in the parlance of that -- -- I'm very serious issue because it deals with our health care. With patience with people stating my hospital on a -- and facility. It's. People and children and there health care needs is leaving line. If I'm and it -- some arguments that his school system question him a question of -- is 10% and we know who just stepped -- -- that question after. Finally the -- -- Jefferson hospital right across the street from me. How did it and it the insurance plan -- did the hospitals deal -- this is it going to take. And Medicare patient and -- that would have to be trans offered to have -- I don't have the appropriate. -- Goldman was so we'll plant. When you have an emergency and -- and ambulances silent across the street lined with I have to go to western and non profitable -- profitable and we know. Profitable. Always. Based on care. And -- dedicated effort towards the profit. We are dealing with the health care saving lives and I think that should be remembered when we're talking about all the people West Bank or. Certainly you yes you bring up very important points I truly appreciate this call. And I I'd like Chris sent Roberts to answer to those. Why she backed. Usually you're talking about an institution. That is beholden to stockholders. There's a certain obligations they have in order to keep that stockholders -- And he ate its a matter if that thing do you want. Hospital. Korean -- -- back into the -- career back into the community back into true. Or do you want. Our company coming in to run hospitals. To run it the Britain's. Too many cuts Internet bury them to being able to catch our stockholders. Let me say that they can take out there. And that's a big difference between it to him. But she brings up some very good points let's say she lives in east Jefferson let's say the hospitals are run differently by different companies. If that happens. And she has a type of insurance that would take -- on Medicaid or whatever it is. Has that been discussed how those patients would be handled. -- trust. Any obstacle. Potentially better -- cattle farms. Is going to be required to take Medicaid Medicare patients. Now what could potentially happened and that's -- model that. Occurring in its gonna -- regardless of what happened this transaction. -- air -- specialize in her eye care. It is not going to continue -- not a sustainable. Every hospital and not capital he imaging machine -- cannot -- on every oh not at. He's. Ability to perform transplants like. So. Now. -- essentially are coming down for special. They're there on board or logical. They're very well respected neurological. Each -- a partnership. Where MD Anderson cancer tree. Easter also does a lot of party. So. You'll find that in India particularly in person. Hospitals are going to be com there won't hurt who aren't clear. That there are specializing in. Will be where people go if you -- that I treat. And in early in the lease agreements among although she looked at those relationships would remain the same in other words. East Jefferson would continue its relationship with them in ending Anderson that question asked would maintain its Centre of excellence neurological link. Correct you know every indication is that those doctors sure are staying put so. -- arrangement would -- place. Let me cash is there any thought at all that you could or someone on the council could bring out OK guys let's go ahead and just vote. Wait. And so you can't do it again. Well. There it would strike twice collapsed on the boat on that promotion trail. So. Yeah there -- Aren't nearly 10%. And you know that has not been successful. At the state. One more time and you -- -- don't know these people but the one per one organization that said it was putting in the bid for the next consultation. The goal of that regardless of who it is was one. Or ETA. Balloting financial aspects -- -- the extra poll. And mine won the war property and part of what there are. Laying claim to America. Proposal -- that they will pay property tax. In addition to that -- CAA. Aren't backed provision at -- into the arm of the league. Which essentially would mean. -- election effort it will matter by -- Would have to pay back to -- In on depreciating. Values of improvement which remain on the books. What we were trying to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- HE days old couples that were considering right now and how they act provision. Though. What might get one by recommending. Is that it EPA. Look at global and get an active. Year and literally Q what they're past estimates are based on current tea. What -- -- it would essentially be paying property tax and what about the parent could potentially. OK CA in the thirty years if I turned back over to. Well it is the same silken. Now -- evolve into. A complete reassessment of the entire -- And you have a consultant who's coming in now with the track record in history. One. In -- hospitals. HCA before. In an -- that. Being recognized nationally as someone. Who fear is prairie. Involved in the transaction -- Nonprofit hospitals are soul. To for profit institutions and that and that's alarming and. Chris Roberts stay with this where we're not done yet we'll be right back Chris not Roberts our guest today talking about really important. Situation happening in Jefferson Parish and in our last minute and a half percent -- Where are you now argue for perhaps in bringing this to a vote of the people. Well my commitment charming that I actually -- and -- Given. That. We have not entered into negotiations. Anyone at this point. And based upon common there had been made art consultant indicating that. What were potentially. Entering into the more detailed look slightly. Or at least from our there appears to be at least that's actually sale those are open in question -- would have to be addressed and I feel a lot more comfortable entering into transactions. We're. Proposal that and put poor football from the beginning turning it has not changed. Or not. Can -- the partner -- Iraq. I got it to try and being there and -- total to date has been children's couple Oprah does not apple -- And they have representation within that market. And our commitment to quality out. These -- -- any room for compromise. On non on the side of those who wanted to HCA. You know it all out or -- -- -- -- -- it's really matter. Where. Do you want you know mention all the time on. That is why he wanted to meet its decisions to air or booster car. And I have a little bit 17 month old -- Richard -- or you know or are you sure you might not be around for years now we come to an -- sure why. Well. You know. -- -- We cannot. Simply make a decision today. And not recognize the impact. And it's gonna have terror. For decades to come. Chris Robert I can't thank you enough for for spending a whole hour with us and giving us your insights into an -- in touch because we agree this is -- real important. I thank. You thank you very much and we'll be right back. Thanks for joining us here's -- names.