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2-11 5:15pm Kenny "the Jet" Smith

Feb 11, 2014|

TNT analyst Kenny Smith joins Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia to talk about the "Kenny Smith Experience". analyst Kenny Smith and The AIM High Foundation are teaming with Feed The Children to raise $1,000,000 to help children and their families. The partnership culminates with “The Kenny Smith Experience” in New Orleans during this year’s NBA All-Star weekend. Kenny Smith and The AIM High Foundation are teaming with Feed The Children to raise $1,000,000 to help children and their families. The partnership culminates with “The Kenny Smith Experience” in New Orleans during this year’s NBA All-Star weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- world champion back to back champion 9490 file with the Houston Rockets analyst for ENBA. Inside the NB AT&T. Kenny Smith Kenny the -- -- John does not kings in town for a great calls that aim -- foundation that teaming with feed children to raise what they hoped. To be a million dollars to help children and their families combing this weekend with the Kenny Smith expanse in New Orleans during the issues in BA all star week here. Kenny thank you so much for the time how are you. I'll do a great bet but it. Well Kenny -- thought we did in New Orleans how do I get the last time it was in you're looking forward to it again this weekend. Watch the the last well we were -- all -- it was futile mobile rebuilding. Both of the wall and then you know Katrina it was you know still fresh on everyone's mind is right around the corner from that. -- now you know. The rebuilding process is continuing but I think overall now it's more the people -- all process. Could be. Hardy is still there bullet that big part because there as well now. Can you look at that. I guess that decision and I think it was definitely the right decision. And I just because the all star game is in yards with a new commissioner Adam silver. Adding. Anthony Davis. You know it's an all star roster. House looking at to -- this kind of speaks for itself -- right now he's on pace to become the first player since what 19992000. Season. The average at least twenty points ten rebounds and three blocks in a season you have to go the last player was Shaq. Shaquille O'Neal win them doing that so what is your take on Anthony Davis and where he's heading in. And obviously that you had that he fingernails -- writing and -- -- Quad but overall you know he -- buys place could be one you know he's going to be -- could've been like that that ten other and now that well with the water. I'm getting hit that they dealt with Meredith and I wanted I think you'd have a great year. I think now it's individuals that are are all Paul for what Altidore is due. Do. It is I think I -- Damon doing because -- dark all point lead with great players get. And that's what got that next step is that they affected teams the team it -- better around him as well. And then all of a sudden you have really good. A situation where Anthony but. You need to did to me it is here where this -- -- this week in a course for you you you always give back to the community but. 12100 families. Will be distributed this week and would be a tractor trailer trucks full of food in essentials for this -- in -- -- about. These experience -- and and I read a quote from he says he we will leave New Orleans all star weekend better then when we -- and that's a great thing talk about it. Yeah I think overall a lot of couples go we kind of feel like -- commented you take take take. He tickets from the cities and nearly -- -- overall this is to leave something behind. You know 12100 families who benefit that we -- groceries absolutely -- -- a lot of the things we have you know services -- helped conservatives out there that we're gonna help provide it for the day and we've done it with a lot of other cities but all of you know obviously sprinkled them a lot of people thought -- That Katrina. I've done a lot of events actually -- in the areas so this is that the government stepped forward I'm excited about it but we're excited -- -- at the brigade -- -- -- that. Uh oh I was because. To put. And all -- -- but you know other political beat -- pull out now good part about. I can see the people. Does it at all -- -- we've got a lot of people think that it's people that although it desperately been a couple of people wouldn't be you know output. The other is that. What -- week out what -- tells -- you know. It's not always about it -- repeat -- was edited -- the opposite you know -- -- the latter. And that's not always the kind of club built the whole building. -- -- -- it didn't matter we can help you get up to the next step. Now -- Kenny does that have you on. As a well people actually pelicans questions so why can't wait to get Kenny Smith on because you probably have some finances are. You can attempt at -- would you look at the pelicans -- -- they're doing. Defensively. Is it a lot to do it opponents of -- percentage did you look at last year. There were able to hold opponents under a hundred points in. For the most part when they do that they win. Now looks like a 10201. Points -- that hasn't been a winning formula now what's frustrating the fans. Because they look at money Williams only is he supposed to be a -- of coach Joseph what is your take on that. Well I think if you got to have a very young team and you have a lot of doubt it would new. -- a lot of visits. I think that also because it's a bit that I haven't really felt yet. You know I think fatigue might you look at every day -- -- -- obviously the all star accountable player maybe also think if you. But the way of getting the team that are really protect their ways and -- -- -- October came around. But what -- training camp this figure out. What their power play is going to be to have a credit kept the good thing. You know the local cities have a toenail. Clippers either he used to. With a bit of -- but you know Golden State beat Memphis -- saw it. Try to figure out. Oh really hit the ball with two minutes ago. I think that it got a bit that the lawlessness. Figuring out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- That the year that they could have brought a lot of a lot of property defense. You know especially would have had to be out. But opening games as well. In his mid desire especially games during the Katie Smith experience this weekend Saturday. Three semi tractor trailers full of food incentives will be distributed -- 12100 families in the area -- -- university now the money raised during the campaign will be split. Between feet too cute and in the aim -- foundation to help struggling fans including the one in the five American children. Who are at risk of hunger and McKinney I go back and a look at different areas and they're about as got old man my hair was the best but I was kinda and that. The late late seventy's the eighty's and ninety's and I go back to Enron annual auto. Meet through the difference between being the Knicks in seven and 94. And then I succeed. And I think we'll know if the deal you've got swept Orlando and Rudy Tomjanovich says it's never underestimate. The heart of a champion so many memories on that. Than Dick Anderson missed the free throws in game one of the finals and not go back and -- look. -- -- Beckett did marry OLA from critical on a Phoenix in the kiss of death -- 3 bar I am. You're not golfing but -- a difference between winning a championship that year and in the -- say you're a six seed. And get a definitive but you've got a ball wrote -- How could have a different kind of spot what he's gotten so big that there is that would draw I think we always thought that we can went on so we didn't we take care it was a call. Would it -- there was not a role. Oh really care where the game was we felt that we had great opportunities. To get it done. We we felt we had arguably the best -- basketball. And we felt we had the best. Supporting cast them as people round. I think the one thing that you you have to do. Couldn't you have to. What I call win your home -- -- on your role on the row. Then you would hope -- whether it be good you have that good -- because there is -- -- who played. But I felt at home and do our role but you have to really focus. And not change your character. And you're you're happy it's what you get on the road -- if you can do that. Build the team that a successful both most about what went. Creatures of -- So they're used to come into the game to the arena that certain jobs create certain things eating certain food. All -- greatest player apart and you -- -- Getting inside the MBA now we would talk about this and I -- personally ask us all the time would come -- pregame and postgame shows -- all sports all the major sports -- out -- baseball basketball football hockey I think you guys. All the best and I say it's it's a right combination -- so many times. Some of the things is is that our. It's a great relationship and an as the point auto company EJ. It was a great out what is it like to be on it cities seem like your dad's wake up and enjoy coming to work together. Why are we we don't look at that as a TV show this and so. You know we're gonna not benefit of the draw lessons subcontract severity. We look at or got the count you'd you'd just privileged to have a camera in that rule. You get that it will we -- what was it about different subjects. You know we we might have been subject but we don't have production meetings where we sit down that kind of talk about what's going to be none of that ever happened we -- that. And we talk about that happens so does the league just like you do well right now but he didn't know that pretty rehearsal talk a thought process about it would. It's the difference between I'll feel a lot of the field and I think that's why I work. Now I -- any idea why you look at this player and -- as the gene pool was work and now he can shoot Dell curry but the play I'm talking about and you know you're a great shooters who you know what it takes. Stepping curry picked his first all star game. I mean could he go down a demo I think in the conversation as owners of the greatest shooters of all time and just break down his game. It was sort what a great -- -- he will be that he is you know every that I look at would agree that the that -- he's gonna stick out and -- I hope he does is not only you know there's all that maybe wanted to go out doggedly that could say that they shoot the ball like what to develop a free throw. There's you know without question and he will go out and has to be there as one of the top tension in the back -- It is finally again thank you so much for all help I know you've got a great event coming up this Saturday giving you anything you wanna wish to add and is a hot spot you like to go to when you down there. That I've Marat probably urban street -- well. You -- I don't love the food a bullet Watergate thing amid all the great restaurants all the great food all the great people the year total melting pot of all the golf ball a lot of better words. Of people. Doubt that things. That's where golf started well -- -- go to their executive. There in the university of I gotta put on the that people want it's badly that fact that you got some local ideas supports. Now get a before I let you run what about this movie king senator and you'll you see some players like it here in this movie sinners smooth as silk and you hear all those okay I'm glad I'm Katie is we saw Superman embarrassed us on Dwight Howard broke out -- -- that's true that I don't typically. Greg Dobbs got that the which you met the -- and -- that you know we got them later. Not his doctor that a guy out who I -- recognize the great players who flow sort of you know before the -- -- is indicating again thank you so much enjoy your time as we get into all. -- -- AT&T violence and that ain't my foundation the Kenny. Smith experience this week in. Hoping to raise a million dollars -- tune in and their families and violently what you'll. Again you know the sport. The topic is irrelevant you can just open on. And no -- -- talking about because -- you know. Charles play to James to team win -- one -- Can anyone to Ernie Johnson is an Emmy award winning Kenny -- from humorous nor care again knock him on I was you know based on lottery pick sixth overall pick by Vikings and indicated in got a better pastor. And with the Rockets. But it's just that. They know they talked about but they have on and it's not nobody channel one up and I like when they get to talk like when you break down like a guy like Blake Griffin. And Jack and and and Charles -- talk what you know Blake Griffin is gonna rip in his league he saw off. Interleague it's a heart ripped a bicycle respectable physical. Some people would come off -- that. Always hate these talk a smack. But their reputations are that they know at Daytona because they do the players talk to me they didn't conjure that up. They know what it's like to be out there enemy beat these it's going to be -- this team is -- in again. Yet begin now hopefully. -- will be a great outing again like it was last time it was close obviously the post-Katrina. And in all star game in. The golf like this doable I think we have another great show great weekend and all of a sudden the arena. -- this would be king arena and the pelicans in that fortify your rotation and out of a backhand yep absolutely.