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2-11 4:10pm Bobby and Deke, Saints draft options

Feb 11, 2014|

As the Saints get ready for free agency...which players on the roster need to take a pay cut and who just needs to take a hike?

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to sports talk allow indicate he came by BA bad I'm -- -- coming back. Coming up -- a 5 o'clock our analysts on TD's inside the NBA's two time NBA champion with the Houston Rockets -- digits Smith. Joins us in the 5 o'clock now also jolt Corey will be would -- He is a former sports agent dealing with NFL contracts or CBS sports and the national football post to talk about the Saints. Salary cap situation. And -- right now Mike Triplett of ESPN -- common ESPN. As -- put out a blog. About the Saints and what they will have to do with some high priced guys. Going into the 2014. All season and first or second week in March. Begins that number and Mike Scarborough publisher and recruiting analysts that tiger made dot com be what does. Talk about the LA issue revving up their signing class and ending the best player in the state Oklahoma. Yesterday. As always on number to get involved at 260187866889087. It was made famous. About a lot of different dogs but certainly in 19880. Chicago stadium. When dominate welcomes yes -- about Michael Jordan was screwed out of another don't championship. That was a dunk contest of all dark content well you heard about BCS they'd this whenever a lot of off going into that we can't with three all stars in the -- dunk contest. Will you watch the issues in BA dunk competition. You can -- -- vote online at WW dot com hang your dunk competition or even. Big don't. Memories. All welcomed here at 260187. You can vote yes no all I don't like the -- being cast your vote online at WW dot com. About a there's a few things that stick out when it comes to the Saints some guys that you know with their Beck. They probably going to be a different number Alexei -- listen listen. -- big that's kind of a stands to reason that what they would have to pay him and the salary cap implications that. I mean that you just can't do it I mean and no team would do it so when you look at whether rat as far as the that have been. And had to say you know Will Smith probably on the -- and it lists. There ready get a Paco Jonathan Vilma Roman Harper guys that we really comment on. -- help -- -- -- suitable that would be what do you -- could -- -- hand. Well I've been trying to do is bring them back the I mean day he came at one game in you know each always trying to get younger. Not that it would take you know -- at the -- -- -- game I don't know a right now he has an offseason to see where he can. Truly rehab and get focused for this upcoming season. You know they -- that opportunity. I think there is -- a market for Roman Harper but not maybe what the Saints are paying him. So alone but that's that's sell names and Saints fans are familiar with obviously held and it's a winner suitable -- that's. I think the main. People as far as unrestricted free agents obviously not even talking -- -- Jimmy Graham and -- will get more and -- it. Alexei Malcolm Jenkins. And and all it's a blind Zach Strief and and Ryan -- went to. I haven't paid -- so it's a you know what is the market for Zach -- and and you look at also Malcolm Jenkins I think he got off to a great start obviously on the rob Ryan's system. And then it's a very disappointing games on on the back in especially I remember that Rams game. Butler if you one thing he is a hybrid guy like Kenny the Carroll. But not even in the same league as far as tackling where. Malcolm pitching until miss tackles. And Kenny recovered really. He's probably the best tackler. On defense so what does the market for Malcolm things I know. Rob Ryan likes them because he can utilize a very similar to become RO. I'm not a pure safety and whether he's sending them you know to rush to quarterback. You -- -- among the slot receiver. It's almost you know he was a corner. Initially. That can play safety -- -- -- -- kind of a safety. Who can play corner has covered skills. I still think it's Jimmy Anderson to seek. You know where we end up in the draft -- Who'd have slotted are ranked high enough. I made who would -- -- the first -- there's a cornerback help Americans putting dobbs and Keenan Lewis to me that's the biggest need. Right now. And letting teams are gonna do is so why take a chance to -- -- lose just go. The procession David the weakest link and that being Corey white the pack to Robinson. Nothing's been disappointed obviously being a late first round pick and -- -- knee injury. Kids leading into got to Georgia Tech economy can most of the money is weighing in says a lot and certainties. He never gonna have too many cover guys always talk about that but. That's why when Malcolm thing is I think the leadership that he provide to the right price. I think he -- -- his Saints uniform. But it's a scenario. I think if you go somewhere else and and get more money in the -- willing to pay I don't think things have matches. This year is the -- with battery in the dunk contest -- Mack tomorrow Harrison Barnes. Of course of great young player with a Golden State Warriors. Terrence Ross -- is -- and Damian Miller who's not a lot of people excited about it John Wall and Paul. -- NBA history Bobby. Forty points. Back to back losses by forty points for the Philadelphia 76 as Vegas is quake in in the -- trying to they don't know what to do Bobby. They've given embarrassed. And it's almost like -- among other pros well I Heidi is set alignment and aegis and once they -- all at one point in a game the other night against the the Clippers I wanna say they were down by fifteen. Well that that's like. What is ahead of us like a top college fund manager of course than I am would even be maybe some times they'd be hanging in. Almost like -- commodity this isn't pro am prone yes no no that's. That that's mind boggling to say the least when you have. That kind of margin of victory in are you even -- is any -- you -- BA team trying to. Playing NBA schedule you got -- one of like Arizona Syracuse could become within -- point right by you you know you look at India -- players -- you know that bad as very humiliating in them kind of speaks for itself but. They've been mentioned this yesterday also he talked about. You know name players in the sprite slam dunk competition. On Saturday night. That this is also the first time at 26 years. That three all stars are competing in the slam dunk you've been -- and you mentioned Paul jars Damian Miller earlier and and John Wall you gotta go acted in 1988 competition. When that was held at Chicago. Dominate will yet dominate noted Clyde Drexler pipelines and on and Clyde the glide in. And -- Jordan and -- winning for the old folks in the -- Grew up down the that one -- with a 46 owners last month. He you know win -- he had easy should've been at the very least a 47 is more like a 48 don't. And they even just a note -- way dawn could win candidate Brenda hopeful via trade identity I think sometimes you have to throw the whole pokes the ball and I don't think it was given anything they hear and then Anthony Davis. That that would have been ongoing narrative that even a travesty if you -- not been selected to play in the all star game did you have that. Also have a local interest and -- think from a national perspective. And is telling you given anything Anthony Davis so -- earned is all star berths on glad they got that right the new commissioner. And the if you look at also. Was gonna come about. But the dunk championship the sprite slam dunk champion. Complete rules for the 2014. You know -- championship and also the state farm. All star Saturday night you can go to. Everything social media now you can be on the and media central dot NBA dot com. And athletic competition fans also have the opportunity to vault for the player of their choice. As dunk of the night through SMS I don't know that is Twitter. NBA dot com in the NBA game time at. So you're able to pulled far the dunk of the night. Are you getting hyped up about the all star weekend committed all -- what are you most -- authority to skills challenge rising -- the game itself. MBA Saturday night with a dunk contest. Or you're a fan of the NBA and three -- thought you heard Bobby say it's been nearly thirty years since have been three -- thought in the dunk contest. That happened this year. Were you watched the NBA slam dunk competition setting night from smooth became sin cast your vote online at WW dot -- most of the in digging deep. Back when he was the Himalayas. Robert. I don't know with his skates things -- but -- -- revel in the fact -- how old. I'm all -- about the issue about 34. Poison. 33. -- Patrick Ewing date on it -- camps. He was really into it. Because -- get man that -- immune housing house 198081. Boy about our run our game it -- him like a throwback YouTube clip you. I get some club and acting with a beautiful. It beautiful him you name well I get out of I didn't tell you I don't know if you ever have but I've won 500000 and Scott. Heidi went foul on out about them a lot of things this -- as I was well that. And and and what I did as a slap them on the board and I think we drink you know at at -- -- that you priority at all for you know that they don't -- 500 dollars that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- yes yes I was like two points -- on having and won the contest. Went on the -- -- go. Head -- it will be good -- So crazies that. You don't have like the pot. Honoree and I can't -- like Tony -- as they came river company is pretty outrageous. As an -- right yeah yeah I think college as a collagen in. So little team is well you know camaraderie and all of them have been together an avenue users dance -- And you want it well because it is the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- on. How to Cologne is -- -- I had today. No it was. I really don't remember. I think we went out there and even though they haven't -- there isn't -- difficult -- a very you can win this -- -- -- Kinda I don't know the good nine have bow. A little combination -- jagr and some of the crazy move I don't know if in the win that contest and and and so it's a good thing that. And and head football -- and couldn't take it back to the -- are the lines say c'mon you gotta take care missile. They -- drank at a colonialism has gone pretty quickly and much to -- you'll do -- this. By the neck as Agile point on the week before you went the day in reality it's only ninety well. Eight like kind pats. Yeah you know like it's kind of rights they go like in a year -- hybrid with a -- go to -- I'm going to got it any of the -- is the year you -- and -- as the cotton -- that -- and France they went great and that's all right. Malkovich is the feeling as a twin peaks. Like Atlanta Almonte couldn't write those. Think it's a good is that you know even the humans like we have a lot of the -- to always heavily -- -- things -- assured that. Bring all star DC in the dunk contest will you watch the dunk competition cast your vote online at WW dot com golf game now soup. Already an out to local list does it can't stand that try to talk to the grand apiece the most recent -- auto. He picked -- the grand we want to remind your pockets to four chances each day -- thousand dollars. Nationwide -- contest this and we -- tried here before the top down it was at 8 AM noon 3 PM coming up at 6 PM. I'll give you a quote or get decode words take it to WW dot com slash can talk like on the contest link at the site. It's easy to win Jonas Smartphone or tablet -- and have a device you've got office computer a -- at home. You can win anywhere every week they -- looking listeners nationwide. When a thousand dollars seats so good luck -- the time to listen. Right before the -- out news at 8 AM noon 3 PM and 6 PM here on WW. Yeah. And big. When -- look at this in including gimmicky ninety. You know -- -- look you won this one particular player who is the fan favorite and I think is the best saw all purpose back. And now you know talking about Pierre Thomas. And you know Pierre Thomas is gonna cause basically three million dollars. They could say two million dollars if they would release him. Now whether Pierre Thomas on the team. Are not next year. And and on the Pierre Thomas -- so hopefully he's still in that number. Mama -- it was a secret does have success next year and this is sounding. That. But he manages to do in research and you're looking at your notes. That. And then looking at the Saints did did average. Thirty and a half carries. In the final four games and they were able to Russell her between nine yards per contest. So I think that's let's say the lesson jrue is more. Then that's a winning formula but when you look at since -- -- his -- arrived at 2006. The Saints have run. Awarded 2100 yards as a team twice. So 2100 yards twice. And that's when they won the suitable 2009. And when they went thirteen and three and 2011. Purdue a break and all the offensive records and become the new greatest show enter. Now you look at 200720082002. And 2012. They failed to reach 16100 yards very similar to this year. -- that -- all said and done where 1004 is 73 yards so I'm telling you. On Joseph Sean Green and Drew Brees that it should be their goal. To have that sense of balance. To get somewhere near 2000 yards to the two best he's ever had. That's a big -- he took over 2000. One yards to only 14100 yeah that an end and you and when you look at what you truly succeeded -- succeeded. Says so we're right then as that we have to -- to run the ball and be a better running team adding Drew Brees -- even be better. And therefore -- last -- won't take as many hit Kenny the jet Smith would Jonas next now right here on WW go to the -- to go to school and -- on my one Luke thank you for calling WW era. Berry are out on cookies and -- I was gonna see how much longer be -- awkward angle to Monty Williams and they'll. I think big gonna be out evaluated. After after yesterday's after the see that's what I think in the end and -- when Perez. And well you know we knew it and kind of who actually talked about that early in early today about. Almost taken the approach that okay they're mathematically out. Our. You know typing -- if you nordic question out there were. But. I mean that's why we don't want to jump the gun in. Right I know fans are disappointed. Especially. Basketball. Come to New Orleans the NBA when you have all star game that I've even been. And who is still -- into more relevant. As far as you know -- of wells compared to. The last Sam had the all star game here in the Hornets were irrelevant. I'm more of so that -- that's pressure to what did you take -- do you think we've been patient enough forward. Tom opting to we built a really really bad team but signer Gordon Tyreke Evans like Jrue Holiday. Anybody -- -- -- but he Davis that year you know there's -- -- -- to prop sure. Yeah right you know. But also. Margaret Williams dot. Thank you model -- all Andy's week we used we've got like a culture of losing now. And we just need new boy you know like a new voice in order somebody to -- strikes a little fear in his players. You know. Well you know I don't look now I heard that it was a conversation. And I don't know how you feel a lot of you might think guys tool forget it but I heard skip Bayless than the first take this warrant a look at talking about Larry Brown. And a great job he's done at the college and NBA level and how he can turn around programs quickly -- OP wanna do that. As 73 years of age you look at the job. And leave a job he's doing and asked him you. It didn't -- a job he did in New York but I mean are but I'm single nobody had success and NBA two of those the only did have success -- be no doubt about it but I mean he -- New -- undefeated I mean. Yeah I mean yeah you have to look him and I'm disabled look at finances that you fans they're not gonna be patient for basketball that -- that they want a quick turnaround right. Well and he took to Charlotte Bobcats in -- playoffs I mean the only time they've ever been in -- playoffs and he did so me. Yet at that that's did. This thing is I hear where you've -- -- -- -- everything will be in you know look at the organization took a look at from a saint stamp on which attack at an enemy they are they all the pelicans and not gonna do anything to evaluation obviously happen. At the end of the season you gotta let things play out but right now as frustrating as it is. When his team was predicted to beat that day about where the Nash although all the numbers thought they would be broke right where if they would make the playoffs it would be allowed back I don't 830 and 4041 win team. Right. Well like I like Jrue Holiday a lot you not a superstar. I thought the first thing that we should it does actually got Anthony Davis is error with a superstar kind of like Oklahoma City did -- Russell Westbrook. Kevin there -- in -- and then. Even a fortunate to have James Harden then you can't pay everybody. -- I mean that gene did a heck of a job bill you know I mean Sampras the -- or Sergio whatever he has. And I just all the Stamkos where where that or how concerned are gonna get. A superstar. Free agency over here and who we traded away 21 round picks so I mean how are we going to build new. You know. Right but I mean according to what they -- has done to date they've made the full big moves are any and the other -- other than improving and bringing some interchangeable parts. I mean his team is pretty much to me come by Evans holiday Goran in Davis meaning locked in. I mean I don't know knows may issued last offseason those were the move those balls will be okay if Bob Molly is what San Antonio did about model was what Oklahoma City -- But it's and dads with some experience we got our rookie peace we got we got out almost all you got you got the the biggest piece of the puzzle. You know -- Willie come to fruition in army out of out -- all top my it. I don't know what it was like in the early stages. Of Oklahoma City would Harden and Westbrook and to rant and about -- Ibaka and all the players. You know they -- and at first but I mean in May in May be similar. Out on and off half a season is you know is fair enough time but. How will say that. -- defense is the Forte. Of the coach wooden bed now and then they need -- to first -- had a meeting the expectations defensively which. -- right Tyreke Evans and Eric Gordon. Will not what he could be chips. And if you looked at Chicago. Where Jimmy Butler a lot lettered in San Antonio boot you looked at doubles that although we actual court. That it stops. Look at Jrue Holiday at. That point -- and facilitate rumble strips. But we have a -- -- That can get stops what do we needed an out here like -- that were mentioned by -- optic. He had a you know a lot of times to an out are just a year you know Wayne. One when the old Charlotte Hornets would dismantle. You've had out a huge meaning they were right there 94 they've they've pushed it makes in the east semi finals those six games. And hail Mary Johnson him of the beau -- in the -- he had Alonzo Mourning about it was -- side about the for some reason. -- notice mr. Sheehan at that point in time they decided to break their group up and at that point in time when you get a guy. To come to a place in when he Evans came here I think we don't think it Evans is a scoring guy right -- Okay. Larry Johnson with a scoring back. What can rally where Jeff Van Gundy wanted him to do was be a defense and got he became. A very good defense and -- But he's also the game -- that he would no longer want the elite scorers. In the NBA he had the bye and I was about what they have on a team stalk of the -- you know -- Doc Rivers has certainly parity you're. But if that's the case. Then he's -- you've had to give ability -- game to be stout on defense I'd I think that I really do because. -- there's very few players in the MBA with thirty teams. That exert. That type in you -- both ends of the floor and then I thought of as the best offensive players. And the best defense to play in his use of the usual so his big year in year out some of the best offensive players aren't aren't the best defense of players I think it's all Angelo. -- -- Well I always see that he ended his season high value Luke thank you so much for the down -- coach Jason Jason thanks for calling WW. I -- I -- about it did pick it the other question or. You'll play football so many years. A home. You don't price credit bubble ball on the and don't -- quite right number. Is it common. Think twice about that. No I mean. Know what he did a good play out of my element of side the helmet I'd probably pat him on the button. And then tellem a great job Owen and keep doing the same cousy and improbably. Help us win. I mean I I never. -- -- -- Paulus said this as -- fifteen years I think probably. That I know let's say for sure of and I was quite certain at 100%. Because I don't know USA's stayed in the closet getting Kamal but there's maybe five players. Out of fifteen years. You know when you look at the population. In the estimation and -- you go by the national population in the city at fifty players. You tend to have Florida five gave players and a team not I don't. Operas I have an experience that I don't know he was even close to that number but I wouldn't be surprised today. If if you have 32 teams have at least one. Gave Valero on on each team are I don't know I don't know what the ratio would be. But. -- -- follows one always between a locker room as you did its edges again as a kid. And that arm I never had a problem -- You know sometimes -- Anniston Al alluded jokes today -- put some clothes on so it's a male locker room blow in and it's no big deal and and you know is that kind of atmosphere in. And then. You know taking community showers. I mean I think if you gonna have and you have individual players because there or religious beliefs are. Are just think in more old school maybe how they're grandparents so whom might have approached it. That they would be and comfortable signing yet to keep everyone. Somewhat. Where does not any distraction so. Why not address the issue and all of NFL facilities. -- you have at a health club have an individual. Shower stalls. And and instead of a community shower but. I'm -- to get to the point where players would be that homophobic about all I don't -- locker to be next he has. Because I -- Mean even made their approach I heard. Michael salmon interviews say that. He. Had a conscious effort. That even a safety would've liked a fellow teammate on the Missouri team he wouldn't go there is kind of like. Wherever you place of work. And not getting involved -- anybody and work out and taken that approach and now the individual. On. -- the University of Missouri -- wasn't a football player. So you didn't have that conflict there but right -- is Tennessee. I think what's gonna come about and you know the mini camps and OTs. Wherever whatever team he's on. I'm sure he's gonna draw a lot of attention. And the same thing. You know we're training camp his first -- -- gain. And now it's a different kind of attention you know when you look -- have with Tim Tebow in. And man tied tail but I know NFL teams tend to of all wanna avoid that. As far as them having that kind of distraction but I think he'll blow over and eventually it would even be in when any meaning you're there won't be big news put it that way. As the Kasey Kane and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia coming -- -- to all you cost Tyson Davey and Jimmy can keep royal applause we pay -- instead the dunk contest this week in the MBA all star game. And all the activities coming to New Orleans kicking things off on Thursday with the all star jam session at the -- in -- -- combatants and a plus. In the Jets -- jaunt to this a sports talk on WW.