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2-11 5:10pm Bobby and Deke, Saints draft options

Feb 11, 2014|

As the Saints get ready for free agency...which players on the roster need to take a pay cut and who just needs to take a hike? Bobby and Deke take your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He is the KG came by BA -- IND Bellamy had good stuff with Kenny the jet Smith -- up that W. WAL dot com let's go to David Carlisle -- David thank you for calling WW well. They -- in. The area put in Bobby. Quiet few rules. The locker room. Would put a player -- -- I had a lot in the locker room when trip we're going on. No -- no no no no. -- -- -- is the wives though they would come in the locker room oh win but you'd see major body as far as I am today yes exactly my family day. Can you -- and meet the the pace so that this guy may admired that you admired as a white going to be allowed Camelot a. Would you mean like his his is to partner. Yeah. Not that that's a good question I don't know that a -- won't know because he -- -- all know the thing is it wouldn't be no he probably could not. -- we talk about why you went from top male female talk about. The world am but when you talk about -- -- one would be allowed double -- classified as a part -- and -- does that mean if you a million out of life right I mean you might you might be all we don't we can't make determined brother. Yeah -- ended thing is David really LS Jeff could be edges and you're part of the media. At a certain time -- go in the locker room and I've been in that it's. That as a sanctuary for the players and you can't just come in and out like in other words his part of Tennessee was to get married. That mean Michael Sam with Eddie and Ronald under the same -- fan yet that he he wouldn't be allowed in. Right well the whole point is it is epic media brought up right well it's it's another matter distraction and I get a yet. You know. Professional football let the coaches. They don't need another thing on the plate to dish. You know David that that's why I think some teams and then not draft -- -- avoid him and that and but you know you don't you think about it. Really only had a 32 teams you only need one or two and then you -- have a job you know I'm saying. Right but it did it in the short window would be guys that put together winning teams to get to the highest. Are there is professional football they don't need another. Thing. -- David -- they -- argument is though you look the University of Missouri in that program a top SEC program -- as a C championship and he helped him get there and and they didn't have a problem with them. And that's the closest thing to the NFL. When you look at a program like relish you know drag or Alabama and it's how you handle distractions I mean look at the way Miami had -- and David. Look at the way San Diego and the demand -- tea house enjoys it and look and look what Philadelphia idea and -- -- -- playing right now. And if he's projected I don't know arm fourth fifth round. And if he doesn't make the team is because. He he's not produce it is not because he he's gay. Sam make gummery look when he went that it Texas boy disappoint a lot of people it became played they get rid of you if you can help the team win. That they can they keep you around. The same thing if you look at any aspect. Tyrell Matthew why they get somebody ten is that LSU. Because he can play. I mean up Pacman Jones did is they got arrested like twelve times and I was shocked to -- him either -- like played ten years. Roy has a double digit career because he -- play BK AB if you gave plagued it all put out what did they get ready yeah. As a name of that. It just seemed to be one thing happened other with the NFL. Just one thing after another into it and I. I don't think it's one thing Hampton -- is -- this so pop and and I'm -- seems like it's one thing after. Yeah I'd say I -- it's gonna have to see this kind of big distraction and what I mean like man -- tale one that I'll came about you -- -- a lot of different individuals. Teams. You look at Tim Tebow was Dillon went right and up. It's empty bowls are great role model. I mean a strong Christian and you love it if you daughter I was -- them you know I have might pull the -- -- but he just seems like that. But but look at all that distraction all the media and like almost. -- it would have been great it to Tim Tebow can play quarterback and if he could truly played quarterback -- high level in the NFL. Over a consistent basis if he he would be there. I'm telling you that he would be -- did not do is gonna put him in their because he's popular. Let's go to Tyson Tyson thank you for calling WW -- When they're tight and you can't know how I hope we all -- what -- can work you know from what we've -- -- -- it is true about football. Would you believe. -- -- government inducted that fail all the -- you have to Wear on the black going to and that -- Santana. One of these micro string in Texas so you and the other immediately. -- struggle to think about it. It went out probably what I believe it absolutely I believe the good history this way and now we ever produced as many. As of late as of late not not -- eight BC use handled of course the last you know what what Tyson I don't know. Would point you get to but I can tell you -- that when you go old school. I look at -- Kansas City Chiefs and all that. -- this whacked agreement pack -- well Rivers in an all amongst the best of the best in FL now I think as of late. Non -- but it. Past decade maybe even ten to lean towards the past couple of decades you could did you very seldom. Augustine NFL player from southern grammar because those individual players right now going today Ellis -- at the world. Ryan and anyway you go back and look coming ought to be -- turn them back on it's from this way. The greater -- -- doing all the time as from the sweat this one event is offensive lineman of all time -- -- made it from this way. The all time leading tied and from Savannah State is a black cows oboe yeah is he knows sandy -- But I think laid degree new look when guys out and yeah he had no doubt as a related to -- -- -- that'd be an issue of being dictating -- sort of go where they get. More exposure. At the big SEC schools. Big twelve whatever it is just I -- they got and how you can address that could you wanna give any individual every opportunity to go where they want. Right but but ties I don't know if you southern grad are. Our what would -- background but did Butler are okay do you do you see a difference now. Then maybe this lack aren't getting players that they -- -- let's say obviously -- point at thirty years ago. Yet it is a big difference goes like this that you want to get. What they don't give you -- -- what was Julia and that kind of took away from the sweat the small school -- with all the select amount. -- had a lot to do a lot of bad ball hurt a lot of small talk. He had -- -- I I agree with that toll and -- argument I'm planning -- -- the walls and played with white players against them. And you're talking about the best that are best I can tell you it is the because they had to attack they had -- -- hang Sam was telling me -- -- -- all of -- -- Grambling. That it -- -- -- they have like that undated Tony to start his eight you know more like pro play. Excellent when Graham and was scrambling was any grabs then get out of is it Willie brown and all of this -- -- data base to -- -- -- of the schools to a plant and asked him basically and if you look. They had the segregation that -- venues did you go to a time capsule. And take the black championship team and play whoever's winning the national championship -- I didn't allow would have been fourteen and you don't -- -- let us say like good Ole miss in the early sixties their hey day would have played. The black and ground the black school national champion. That did not that that would have been -- big because of what you wanna talk about. Playing on the feeling being like gladiators. And that might have a you don't have that no more back. Thank you so much for us all called guys we appreciate it don't forget it coming up soon. Look at today code word in the nation while 1000 dollar -- counters John thank you for calling WW well. Well I don't put too much stock in. In mock draft battled to reading one and the guy said that Sean Payton was very interested in K -- all the -- it -- try to trade up for. And out one and what topic at that stage trying to trade up to get a high class -- wide receiver in the first now. I don't know they would trade up would you look at came on Austin and and probably got out to a slow start -- who finished yet and when you I think you're looking at how they utilize Darren Sproles in the any trying to envision. What Austin would have meant. To the Saints. I think they've got to get. Younger a wide receiver obviously when you look at a Colts battle I'd be surprised. If Lance -- -- more will be here in his salary cap number I want to say is like five point one million. Even had a reduced role. So so that's obviously a question more -- you look at running -- I think that was. Kind of right place right time. I'd be surprised if he's even back. Kenny stills really you look at young guys he'd only young guy Joseph Morgan. They wanna come and -- how I was gonna come back from his knee. I think the wonders of what it has been neat to do so yet they deadly need impact receiver considering -- agent. And where we -- as far as you know when you get at thirty years of age you considered. You know a -- on the old guard to back any day -- as far as maybe a skilled player. At times but. I don't know Joseph what do you think if you had a chance in the first round. To get a top notch quarterback. Our receiver would you go receiver -- cornerback in -- always want to say that. Is because. The injuries to Jabari Greer. And considering his age and -- seed 32 in. Coming back whereas these these really messed up and what you have to pay him. The so what did you take you put receiver priority over cornerback. Yeah output receiver of first because we have to get the call or when we can get a a good cornerback in the second round. Right bit -- and I think there are no top notch receivers. In the second round as they are in the first round. But I tell you led I think -- little's. In Louis area -- -- address next week I was looking -- with the emails is you know. That I can mediate is -- that talked to some of the draft experts in my main actors want to NFL network the Mets at the front next week you know it's -- almost always gets -- but. You'll you'll see some names dictates some some work out wall you glimpse forty times I jumped. What they do in in about oh about ten days and now it'll be it'll be -- wrong -- you know who's kind of who some guys and what they'll be slotted at the net com -- you get a good feel because that's usually the one ridiculous thought kick in and after -- com nine you had those individual. Pro -- -- the I think as babies for the mom my Sammy like instantly tell when -- while I again I made the -- Justine in my grass top commands. Like that top five and it kind of a top ten and really give titles in eight. Right yeah yeah so but there are all that is all that is certainly forthcoming. He's a -- again -- Bobby bad dig deep Bolivia on it big on the -- -- -- -- -- Coming out of -- so it is good but how much value in -- there are. Holidays and flag yet he didn't dig -- of the you know. You gotta grow it all right it's time now for the 1000 Alec as contests and accord is now it is worth. Always -- I would say work. The coordinators now is worth. WOR. TH. -- -- worried WW dot com slash cash. On a contest link on our site -- your chance to win. 1000 dollars may still watch. It's just that simple to into whether you're at the office computer. Serving at home on you'll Smartphone -- -- you can win anywhere 1000 options no way. Visit the Nick -- were right before the top of the outings at 8 AM tomorrow morning good luck and Smart radio intercom and all of us at WW.