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2-11 6:20pm Bobby and Deke, Saints salary cap situation

Feb 11, 2014|

Who are the Saints most likely to ask to negotiate their asking price or immediately cut ties? Bobby and Deke talk to Mike Triplett who covers the Saints for ESPN.com.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

He covers the NFC south and the New Orleans Saints for ESPN EE SPN dot com offers little command Mike Triplett. To the radio -- -- -- is so much for the time to start off of the top Bob May be a shot list of who you think guys will be in the -- asked to may be. Consider taken a cut or maybe you guys it just and -- always about the bad. -- and appeared short list unfortunately I guess and start. Into that pretty soon here yeah. Patriots are injured they're in good guys don't you know injury -- seem -- -- cut a couple guys out right a lot of teams just correlated that. There are a lot of guys that think the Saints might wanna eat good they can afford them that. Will Smith is that the top of the list obviously post -- over eleven million dollars that you -- closer to the veteran minimum. Roman Harper another guy like that -- it definitely would take great -- -- cute yes salary get as -- The the next wave of guys at some you know some interest against Jabari Greer at least about the injury. Well it's more. Brodrick Bunkley and Pierre Thomas so that this explains that kind of trot out most often and tier talent I think still in his pride that it's just a fair summary running -- sure that put him with the other. EMI guy and I look at Pierre Thomas I don't know in when you look at his salary cap numbers and what he's like two point nine million. That I still think -- brings that it cable LB -- complete bag that he would be the last on the list if I had that. You know break down that -- you look at it is hard and and the Patriots have done and that's has been so -- impressive with them. Is that when you look at the suitable roster of what it takes to win a championship. And are -- where you said. The Saints went -- to part ways it up to nine and maybe even thirteen players remaining from the suitable roster. You know I'd diplomat it's a minute all of those names are still plus the guys who are free agents like go mine Meachem that experience and Malcolm Jenkins they can be done -- just or got left. Possibly from that Super Bowl. Now my god look at that at first trial okay saying we don't. Move bars the bridges pick where we're picking. And I don't know I think you -- UK needed to need to address both -- of what -- one when you today. A cornerback. Well I think I think quarterback is more pressing need. No matter what the quarterback -- -- position where. They might have to address that free agency. If you haven't gotten your -- -- start right away it's been open to -- and start -- it's a -- that at least have a -- compete with scored late for that job secure Uga that's it need bigger -- agency. -- receivers more of a draft need. It it's a position where I think you need this to the start to get younger and it looked toward the future a little bit more you still got -- number one guy Colston. Can still obviously be back and and we don't know yet about Lance Moore Robert Meachem. So that position you need used. And then I would put linebacker right up there in their top beater obviously awkward -- line as well look for position tonight -- up. And break his side so linebackers is sort of like receiver you don't necessarily -- starter right away. I'll be needing your younger because Curtis Lofton and -- and also are obviously getting older you'd like to go to maybe it rotated -- -- -- LB -- future starter. Now my ego what is your take on this when you look at it obviously. Outstanding in a conversation best free agent pick I was Keenan Lewis and how he contributed. Is there another may be a Keenan Lewis that you get maybe at the right price. And you know everyone those -- -- name Aqib Talib and I still think. I don't know because of his background and and he's made a difference obviously with a pages that -- might be demanding. A web -- what about a guy like captain Motorola and a frustrating there is that a possibility of what kind of -- think for him. Right he had and you're if you're ever last year what it would be like this here last year the quarterback really went dirt cheap. Compared to what people were -- and all probability of that suitors spoke to be on quarterbacks available again. So you wonder the -- could you know that another cute little level player in Seattle think it would still pretty cute to leave. And and it never do -- try to break the bank but that is that one the most impressive thing to say to -- Well we're talking about the fact that they've only direction about a player left of the Super Bowl. They have really respect the show as well in free agency with a mid level -- with Curtis well and cheer Lewis I'm so excited it's in that they get out of Victor Butler. So that's the level guy and you know we didn't know all that much about -- -- that -- from the other they were gonna bring it was Peter talks. Optional might not be household name but it'll I think Pete expected here. That you know maybe is entering his prime that there would love to try to sit out another Q there was a began the -- probably pretty unrealistic -- to put -- Now my ego how about this and you look at Jimmy Graham -- -- he's going anywhere. They'll put franchise tag on him and does this go to arbitration -- it's a big difference what does -- tied in six and have six point seven million franchise tag receiver -- -- eleven and a half million. -- when you break it down. And you look at the number of snaps when you look at a traditional tight end in line. Tight end position 33% at a time when you look at the slot or out wide 67%. I mean how do you he arbitrate and Heidi truly guys that is whenever they put in a program cold a. That it's a fascinating debate and and I talked to a lot of people there's just no consensus on it because. You know what it's set and that collective bargaining agreement is. You know black related -- What position that they played the most snaps last year and so obviously -- experience side which they -- -- was when he lined up in the slot in the lineup by life and legacy yeah it's almost 70%. Right but the Saints would argue it and they have a strong argument well that's what I didn't do I didn't good good good good job of a. Tight end in the NFL today is -- blocks and I'm hello protests and and almost all the -- Titans. Go out wide at least 40% of the time 45% of the time at it -- -- that 50% barrier but some B two including Tony Gonzales in order gate so. You know it is Jimmy Graham like this battle and it reaches that point. They're gonna have really rework. You know all that map that tight end position in general because the the franchise tag based off of the top five salaries which includes guys like -- -- culprit -- a gate and Rob Gronkowski. He got a deleted decide what all those are two it'd be you could really. Completely changed a way to try to decide to look at -- that it chip but you you wonder. How long that will drag on the or the arbitrators finally get your decision this -- event but now. That maybe you'll you know eventually. Agree a long term deal every time in history that one of these battle come out. The team in the player I've ever reached some sort of agreement or arbitrator has ever decided it has. It quoted Bill Polian this morning on the subject you know we're set that'll save it you know if you let it third party -- -- it's possible that either -- Trip so let's go how can folks -- on Twitter. It trip thank you so much of the time we appreciate. All of onto it at Mike Triplett take him out great working years you espn.com.