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2-11 7:20pm Bobby and Deke, LSU new recruits

Feb 11, 2014|

Bobby and Deke speak with Mike Scarborough, publisher and recruiting analyst of TigerBait.com, about LSU's new recruits.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- Dot com -- person might be LSU recruiting class got Alou -- a little better yesterday's missed the clock. Eked. And silent tightness. Yeah you know you think that. Actually did so -- win today but because of the weather in Oklahoma City and schools being close. Again I kept getting pushed back when he was going to be announced to private school. Where he was gonna die and so that was shoot held all while releasing his name to the media until he was able to have his days in the in the sun. And he got done yesterday and in announced that she released it and you know one of the bigger part of those is -- is a need position. Deep into the and that a lot of offensively ran the football. In fact some people think that he. Even might be better suit as the tide in an -- back to the next level but everybody recruitment is the defense and and so. Very athletic. If you see some of the running footage that we have on him. He's very impressive but he is going to get bigger. He's a little light. But extremely quick inning and in that. I think he's one of those kids that want to get the program. And eat right get to Tom in my -- strength and conditioning program at about some muscle. I think he's going to be. Better than -- as a rivals dot com rankings. -- -- That was the most impressive signings of this -- and I'll tell you why because. Oklahoma is coming off one of the best victories in the history to a program. In primetime and the only game that was played at night in the Sugar Bowl a dominant performance over Alabama. Oklahoma future is bright do you think about not teams. It did there I think in a position and may be started dominating Guillen. In the big Wales and to go it may indeed is back and now I remember talking over the course of time that they will make it a push. That's impressive score from him and I -- -- several states away and hit a man or your morning -- but don't they get they can get a guy he's faced a lot quicker. The new came in the waning moments that that was impressive for -- to get. Q do you realize. And and obviously his mom was very vocal about how she also wondered in the stay close to home. -- -- him a little stronger relationship with Jackie Shipp left and was at Arizona State. And that's why he visited their movement on the last week again. I think the overriding thing but Clark was just a desire. Two charges all pat -- older brother was at Oklahoma State that. Boon for the program a couple of Saturdays back one last -- on and he got removed from the basketball team. But. I think in his case he admitted that the bigger issue for -- himself and what he was probably. Undoubtedly did debate his mom. Was tedious when I get out of state intro result pat and get away. From everything that surrounded that he perceived as negative there was innocent stuff. Around there and so I think that's probably occasionally and and in -- miles. Prevailed at the end -- were limited in let him have his way. Now Mike when you look at offense and defense every position. You have to say. You know ways across the board kind of thing as far as when you have the number two overall class now when you look at the elements of line. And I think is not a reflection of you know William -- Garrard Brownfield but it. It's more of I guess. That -- -- able to get more players as far as having only two commitments but yeah now what have they were dead. Let's say be outstanding as far as the next year's class. -- with the office -- line blood and that's when you look at had to live -- That are a potential. That that that's a team that should be contending for national attention. -- him a debt that was. You know what miles talked about so -- in the afternoon that that was the big need for 2015. The next recruiting class. Offensive linemen because they did that that was the position that they didn't meet their needs. -- some say they didn't they need one -- one more. I think maybe they should of gotten a couple more. But. Already. They've got. You know my my reaction to that -- illuminate. He only -- but younger Brothers of five to proper alignment. When he flippant is -- -- -- from Texas still humid defense and and that was you get younger brother. And he's or he's not five -- -- -- -- for next year can or Shipley. It projectors and opted to bomb at the next level. Need to tidy and right now firfer mobile falls. He's 65 to sixty. And then the to whom to -- -- Brothers have a cousin who is currently committed to Texas. This is expected to flipped LSU also. And Patrick today from -- -- such pretty high school whose 63 to ninety. We just put up a story on how Richard -- bone. Of course. You know you you know that name a long time NFL coach. At Tulane Redskins yeah. Yep by his father. So. You know and he's very excited about -- LSU he's been five for awhile. And he's very familiar with those teams didn't coach. Jeff Grimes we just -- -- story and I a couple of hours ago. You know which is very much that the articulate for himself eligible to -- -- five or six next year. And they're all they're all 43 of four -- there so. You know you might some might be a little skeptical of the -- -- class this year not that that the -- -- the -- -- -- numbers. But you know he turned around that quickly got. The two or three commitments in the end and some other ones and it was useful and looking very good with early. Now -- might look NN that Ellis is baseball program -- expect came to that expectation is obviously when you look at. You -- number two or three in the nation and you look at his day and age. The small ball more what went LSU how they were challenged by UCLA. So obviously when you look at that. You know he got to manufacture runs but he also look at the pitch and and -- say overall obviously the pitch it is in good shape. But when you look at it Aaron all you have the likes of him or -- top three starting pitchers in the country. But when you've got when you when you lose -- should sit close elect Chris cotton. A little where do you think Gerut right now as far as getting in the rotation. And is pulmonary competent at the start of the season where there. -- on that was what he says on the he would dated finding a closer was. You know a big key for them and you know who was -- was the guys that they can be and that's bodies mentioned Brady domain. You know currently Kuhn. John Broussard. Of those -- some of the guys in Indian. Broussard coming off to Tommy John surgery so. You know some people have that that was you real I know the -- -- they -- number two in the country -- a little -- based on. Some of the returning starters and an -- what was lost but. I think is going to be a very good baseball team. Might now I've got the dates go day by Taylor shoes brain quarterback will be open and had to be -- it's interesting course and it'll be privy to anything we'll see what we concede this spring game but. The one thing moving forward you talked about they need to make on offensive linemen is that some big gone this season. Yeah I mean could you think about what what they have on our roster Matthew think about OK moving forward. Let's say these young guys offensively skilled position they started taking and receivers the quarterbacks and all that but did you know him. You'll be misses -- holes on the offensive line you like to have all of it coming together. Yeah world day in and that -- the big difference. You know and and you know some myself kind of big negative thought that was you recruit them and not at all I just think. I you know elegy is always gonna have great skill people there -- always gonna have. Receivers and running backs and and and have the head very capable quarterbacks. Defense to back to be in. During a best in the nation no for an extended period it would put me multiple positions of his neighbor in the country. But you know if you just go back and you look at that LSU Alabama football game. That the major difference was is in the trenches and and the opposite line for Alabama debt to me that that's been the difference and that's certainly what made the change was to draw. And -- Grimes and lost trade turn in. You know you got it should come back. You know also that that to -- that was a big. Reason for the for the change there and they got to get better at that position in and recruit nationally. That's say Louisiana has been very. We hit or miss -- more missed. At that position and in year for years. So they got they've got to recruit at a higher level nationally at that position. No because that that's something -- she's got clobbered with on the recruiting trail -- You know Joseph Barksdale of physical league got it smiled -- -- NFL roster. Right Mike was -- -- -- up on the site. Got a lot of football recruiting abortion the boot this Saturday. 2015. Is already off to a fast start got a baseball series preview. Four part series breaking on each party it was -- baseball team a lot more tiger big -- Mike Scarborough Mike always a pleasant. Thank you so much of the time I -- and all right tiger bait dot com and off the get go to WWR dot com -- Ian Hoch is separate -- very. Very good dock by Anthony Davis that's a -- WW dot com plus our most recent interview with Kenny the jet Smith.