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2-11 :10pm Bobby and Deke, Saints and NBA Mt. Rushmore

Feb 11, 2014|

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-- evening and walked into the final out all of sports talk allow indicating can embodied there. I'm Deke Bellavia open lines as our 260 point 78866. 889. 087 lead with three also wasn't issues dunk contest. And I'll be all these years -- Participants. Called dogs John Wall -- the less is when -- Terrence Ross Harrison Barnes and then McLemore. Will you watch this year dunk competition said and I NBA all sponsor -- cancer vote online at WW dot com. Are you a fan of India. Or you're excited about the NBA -- slugger Sammy MBA all star game -- as we can gain here this now. From anything. Great is also our moment our get a gauge on how on what -- a week -- -- gonna hand. Favorite player Jersey evening MBA associated. Current stated in the right now is it a forgone conclusion east. Ever gonna see Indiana and Miami again in the Eastern Conference finals will be San Antonio. And in OKC. Somebody else an awareness -- the Clippers. Do something. Other than maybe a first round or second round splash. 260187886688. 90 well -- I think you look at net. I think you need to have more -- presence as far as to how many do we think when actually. Get this right even if you casually follow the NBA you probably don't. You don't know this or if you do -- -- trivia question who is the reigning sprite slam dunk champion. The alive who will know who Terrence Ross who of the Raptors Sunday ovals. You need a bigger name as far as maybe I just think to promote the -- images sounds better netting against Terrence Ross. You know is now and I'm saying. And I guarantee you'd be better if our down not a prize it would be like in the single digits as far as the fans who we get that right. Right into a dead on Terrence Ross the the reigning slam dunk champion and then. The guy I didn't realize this and that Memphis second consecutive year to east and west to converts. -- is we'll compete during. State fair all star Saturday night an evening of challenges. And you know the NBA's all about and we just talked dedicated -- Smith about. Raising money the different charities in the NBA does a great job with that the NBA cares. And state formal make it joint donation of 500000 dollars -- part of the event. When a 100000 -- awarded to each other events winning converts his charity. And 25000 going to to charities of the runner up -- you've been. Tonight a look at the Eastern Conference. They'll be playing for the American Heart Association. And the US fund for UNICEF. While the Western Conference will compete. -- Teach for America and the wounded warrior. A project now the all star as a stepping curry of Golden State. And then if you look at a bigger I think he's on the way as the can Paul jarred. I was going to be on the east. You know winner of the 201213. NBA most improved player they gonna beat captain of the west and he's become it is in the charities. -- -- selected. They were able to select this since they are the captains. These charities that I mentioned. You know UNICEF and on the warrior project in. Were selected by Al Paul George and stepping cars so it's a lot of -- give -- back to the community. And -- events. And that's what it's all based on and then. When you supporting these time prevents. I think it goes a long way could you realize that. The money in then and what the awards as far so what do you do and as far as the cut the challenges. But but also you given back and but the great causes and -- a big part of the NBA. I'm going to be one of the topple plays that ever played his game the show. If they don't want me to have one of those top four spots they'd done a fine another spot on man mountain somebody got a game ball. But that's not the meat of the sat bats for the architect. Bryan K okay you ball. Is it going to be one of the top four all time greatest players name being used I think he will be. You he I mean but don't beg the question is who do you bump who regional top four right now Roy didn't. A note to -- -- big deal being gassed how many generations. That doesn't have to -- is it about IV don't know when another tangible if he -- -- this year is that and how you win one UCL -- is that enough. Three straight yeah yes that -- to 3 PM when you look at that. -- yeah we think for MVP awards two finals MVP seventh time. First are in the NBA selection in two and ten time all star you -- Now the one day that I would say dig out my put him on along the lists. When you look at just his physique. And his skills that. He might be no more an all time as far as -- LeBron James I would as athletic ability could be an NFL game -- look out of place right. It is -- the plan I don't understand ways -- But when you think about it how explosive ideas Hondo looked at them at Dez for on that mountain. I think John is a face. I think -- is a face those two. So there's only two more left who deserved to be at -- I -- has hardly come I just -- not fat he says for as a -- five. But -- does -- -- any players don't know he just says I know I'll be one of those four. Is that dragon. You think that programming to people who who already hate LeBron James will continue to eighteenth. But I mean I mean did the proof is in the good. But -- -- Tully community and in the fairway he was calling -- sell paintings of before he wanted but now you have to -- king -- he is not a -- similar -- he -- beacon PS and then big I mean just by that if he wins this year. And creepy. Yeah I mean how many Cuba three. And -- at three time MVP in the finals more in line. Yet so I mean. All I know is it is is that and I look at his physical presence. And how -- I that I that's why I think. That him vs Michael Jordan and ain't even close. To -- LeBron James is a physical piece. By the joint when due to get another program and -- on the -- bag I'm I'm Michelle Obama just on John -- putting him position yet yet that I don't know what I'll say Phil is a county Tennessee you wanna want okay. -- gonna go head on heading into did not do -- football analogy here physical strength. Okay -- -- -- and is snapped Michael and and you got LeBron at tight -- blocking trying to get an edge in the and you swap positions. I just because of physicals. The eagle on a little Carlo I always say Karl Malone to me what would it have been a great NFL tied it yeah you know like big target look like Jimmy Graham like. That -- that I just look. Like the Calvin Johnson mega Tron like Goodell LeBron wide and I mean gonna get the ball now you know he got to stay healthy and I hurt. I I don't see. You can maybe can correct -- -- some thank you Corey named to help me out of their as a basketball player. That was a physical presence like LeBron. That that that. Then and we'll never know -- is not a player in NFL but if you would of who would be that type of player. I could do night in Miami Alec Oscar Robinson and eagle physical guy and a Magic Johnson in the mine. A busy fast enough. He look at the magazine had those bum -- he's been around me but he was quick to yet. There's the will Rogers his first three selects in the when he called easy three Jordan bird Johnson. This easy delivery before saying Oscar Robin on the Oscar Robertson will be useful choice that will be his voice is one of those got to be ball. I'm always jaw and I'm always Johnson I would have Korean mobile bird type thing you know I have the all time leading scorer in the game that never be broken. The greatest high school and college basketball player in the history. Of both those. Or Seattle they Larry Bird library it would be a good NFL player to slow. To me not quick enough. This skill set. I just look at a bird would be one of those guys it wouldn't grain you have good Zambrano -- Dan. But he just last bogey Bobo and Williams all this and you put them in football you putting someone's comic playing at receiver possession receiver and we think enough. Yes I'd say that that -- -- a big -- guy. And ever basketball we were talking about this I'm just a fan I -- of expertise. But I've heard this player the got any NCAA issue reading. But I heard this player when they talk about bang for your -- and was ahead of his time. And then get appreciated because it's holes cool Oscar Robertson the -- Oh yeah that that that that's that that has better reach. That haven't him right there. It -- -- long goal a lot of young and he was don't have to Google look at ball would accomplish Ginobili appreciate him right. You know as you heard Larry Bird you know Michael Jordan magic Johnson and obviously go back. You know -- they're all star -- on the big goals. Finish in his career you -- kind of thing it Oscar Robertson was that it presently don't they went Cincinnati Royals sits there all -- -- in. The -- and a -- a day Nomo. In Bloomington Alamo I teach him bam -- about a wanna get to take hang tight and I would committee just to mow my Scarborough a tiger bait. Dot com -- person might be LSU recruiting class got -- deepened a little better yesterday's missed the clock. Eked. And salad tightness. Yeah you know you think that. Actually did silently and today but because of the weather in Oklahoma City and schools being close. Again I kept getting pushed back -- used to be enough to private school. Where he was gonna -- so that was -- held all while releasing his name to the media until he was able to have his day in the in the sun. And he got done yesterday -- in announced that she released it and you know when the bigger part of those is classed as a need position. Deep into the and that a lot of offensively ran the football. In fact some people think he even might be better suited as a tide in an -- back to the next level. But everybody recruitment is the defense of and so. Very athletic. If you see some of the running footage that we have on him. He's very impressive but he he's gonna need to get bigger. He's a little light. But extremely quick in and out. I think he's one of those kids that want to get the program. And eat right get to -- -- the strength and conditioning program has brought some muscle. I think he's gonna be. Better than as a rivals dot com rankings. -- -- -- That was the most impressive signing. Of this -- and out to you why because. Oklahoma is coming off one of the best victories in the history to a program. In primetime and the only game that was played at night in the Sugar Bowl a dominant performance over Alabama. Oklahoma future is bright and to think about not teams. It did get I think in a position and maybe started dominating Guillen. In the big Wales and to go it may indeed is gas. Hank Aaron over talking over the course of time that they will make it a push. That's impressive score from him and I -- -- your several states away and hit a man or your own game -- but don't they get they can get a guy he's faced a lot quicker. The new came in the waning moments that that was impressive for Ellis should get daycare out of that he. Hello. -- and obviously his mom was very vocal about how she also wondered in the stay close to home. And a little stronger relationship with Jackie Shipp who Lipton was there as a mistake. And that's why he'd visited there on the last week again. I think the overriding thing that Clark was just a desire. -- -- -- -- that has older brother was at Oklahoma State got. Booed at a program a couple of Saturdays back one last strong and he got removed from the basketball team. But I think in his case he admitted that the bigger issue for Clark himself and what he was probably. Undoubtedly did debating his mom and was -- when -- get out of state and -- result pat and get away. From everything that surrounded that he perceived as negative there was innocent -- Around there and so I think that's -- occasionally and and in. Less miles. Prevailed at the end -- mom were limited in let him have his way. Now Mike when you look at offense and defense every position. You have to say. You know ways across the board kind of thing as far as when you have the number two overall class now when you look at -- -- -- line. And I think is that a reflection of you know William -- Garrett brown field but it. It's more of I guess. But -- able to get more players as far as having only two commitment. But and now what have they were dead. Let's say be outstanding as far as the next year's class. Would it with the office of line -- -- that's when you look at it deliver loved. That are a potential. That that that's a team that should be contending for national attention. Really in a debt that is. You know what miles talked about so -- in the afternoon that that was the big need for 2015. The next recruiting class. Offensive linemen because they did that was the position that they didn't meet their needs. Some say they didn't they need want one more. I think maybe they should of gotten a couple more. But. Already. They've got. You know my Payton might get too cute with typically make. -- -- but younger brother -- a five star Robinson linemen. When he -- is about a -- from Texas still should be incident that was you get younger brother. And he's or -- by problems of -- for next year. Ten -- Shipley. It projectors and -- -- -- at the next level. These Italian right now powerful marble falls. Now he's 65 to sixty. And then the typical typical my Brothers have a cousin who's currently committed to Texas. This is expected to flipped LSU also. And Patrick's day from new at Texas such very high school whose 63 to ninety. We just put up a story on how Richard -- bone. Of course. You know -- you know that name a long time NFL coach. At Tulane Redskins yeah. Yep by his father. So. You know -- he's very excited about -- LSU he's been cited for awhile. And he's very familiar with -- -- that new coach. Jeff Grimes we just -- the story and then a couple of hours ago. You know which is very much to pick articulate for himself eligible the club signed five or six next year. And they're all they're all 43 -- -- almost there so. You know you might some might be a little skeptical of the mill -- class this year not that the -- the -- but the numbers. But easily turn that around quick you've got. The two or three commitments and and and some other ones and it was useful and looking very good with early. Now might -- NN -- Ellis his baseball program -- expect came to that expectation is obviously when you look at. You number two or three in -- nation and you look at his day in age. The small ball more what went LSU how they were challenged by UCLA. So obviously when you look at that. You know you got to manufacture runs but he also look at the pitch in. And you say overall obviously the pitch it is in good shape. But it when you look at it Aaron Nolan had the likes of him -- top three starting pitchers in the country. But when you got when you when you lose -- should sit close -- Chris cotton. A little -- -- Gerut right now as far as getting in the rotation. And is pulmonary competent at the start of the season where there. Where you on that was what he -- on the he would dated finding a closer was. You know a big key for them and you know who -- with a -- that they can be and that's bodies mentioned Brady domain. You know -- Kuhn. -- -- -- of those because some of the guys in and in Broussard coming off to Tommy John surgery so. You know some people have -- -- you real high note to those they did number two in the country is a little odd based on. And some of the returning starters in in in what was lost that. I think is going to be a very good baseball team. Might now I've got the dates -- other day about and I issues brain quarterback will be up and and had to be -- it's interesting course and Alou won't be privy to anything we'll see what we concede the spring game but. The one thing moving forward you talk about they need to make on offensive -- -- some big gone this season. Yeah I mean could you think about what what they have on our roster Matthew think about OK moving forward. Let's say these young guys offensively skilled position they started taking and receivers the quarterbacks and all that. But -- you know -- year to be misses some holes on offense -- line you'd like to have all like coming together. Yeah well -- and then that that the big difference. You know and and you know some myself kind of big negative -- I was she's recruited them and not at all I just think. I you know elegy is always gonna have great skill people there -- always gonna have. Receivers and running backs and and and have an effect very capable quarterbacks. Defense to back to be in. Video best in the nation no for an extended period time -- put put me at multiple those positions of his neighbor in the country. But you know if you just go back and you look at that LSU Alabama football game. That the major difference was is in the trenches and and the opposite line for Alabama -- to me that that's been the difference and that's certainly what made the change was to draw. And bringing Grimes in. Lost trade turn in. You know like -- got it shouldn't come back. You know also that the it to me that was a big. Reason for the for the change there and they got to give their deposition in and recruit nationally. That's state of Louisiana has been very. We hit or miss -- more missed. At that position in and year for years. So they -- that they've got to recruit at a higher level nationally at that position. -- because that that's something -- she's gotten clobbered with on the recruiting trail the fact that. You know Joseph Barksdale. Physical league got it miles assignments on NFL roster. Right Mike what's the latest opponent site. Got a lot of football recruiting stuff -- in the boot this Saturday. 2015. Is already off to a fast start got a baseball series preview. For a part series big -- these ordeals you baseball team. A lot more tiger big. Mike Scarborough Mike always a pleasant. Thank you so much into art talked all right tiger bait dot com and off the get go to WW dot com -- Ian Hoch -- separate -- very. Very good -- by Anthony Davis that's a -- WW dot com plus our most recent interview with Kenny the jet Smith. The -- James says -- great MBA players of the best eakins and as a volatile mine now the easy threes in a bird magic and Joni also put Oscar Robertson and ebony says. He will be one of the greatest four of all time so one of those four has to be bumped. Nothing in the this -- to ought to to -- them on that mound as one of the four greatest players who would you ball. The teacher in meets the teacher I was in mid -- date and I am hardly broke -- -- Paterno was. As a game up down and a half hall he cheese Canadian and I got to go back fried. You all teach you like delegates he's embargo. Are all you need to put it only your finger -- I don't know -- and I -- -- I selfless and -- size is a -- is some negativity. I'd say it but you irritated he would have been co Q and I have around Rose the stoppage and so. He's out yet the round wrote home. What he did you get invited me over his writing it down right now entering these I've never had that I'll take that from. And Ed teacher and visited me before our donors to youth on that but I think year old enough. I mean I think the younger generation they don't appreciate the big -- Oscar Robinson. The other adult onslaught with the left of the greatest at both -- problems change him. Devastating effect of the league you watch the lanes to accommodate him and I think our depth at that Caesar rules with jealousy can't be be able. I know you -- UT's due to players that day. Dramatically affect the game from a rules standpoint. Where -- -- the perimeter that that the structure of the incident did today dynamics of the court and then of course Kareem Abdul Jabbar when they outlawed did not. Yeah because of our -- and I got no votes came and slept with 101000 when they came in the -- exaggerated than maybe in his mind. You're like yeah I got to give it. Up you should have. The -- arguments but what it brings them. Kobe brought his spot in the kitchen it's just. Jaundiced expect -- the ghost and it is negligible and the -- but he general. Michael Jordan green. About taking that he brought it back and leading up to that national championship without. He's never won one championship well all paying all that a lot but it. At the same top Kobe Bryant -- to the public well and Bynum. Look at that like it. But I give Kobe did not oval over by the -- did you could put what did you do that that Kobe and. Well well I can tell you this -- -- dogged Jordan made those plays well the hall of fame player. Not that that that's that you love you what you ought to get him out. Yeah not a knock on numbing joining Miami could you think Scott hit him with a hall of fame player went -- Michael John -- know. Well the thing is it did today it did the job I think James more duo to jump on you aside. And on that this argument. Finding my good jar I thought he'd be a great player but when have the team is that he had. In the in the NBA considering Woody did a North Carolina not a real live in their style of play. More team cuts that would Dean Smith good. That will will US surprise. That Michael -- accomplish what he did in the NBA because. I mean it wasn't like it was like North Carolina it was gonna win automatically just as they had Michael Jordan. Know our group of forget the conversation that they have -- -- -- when he talked about about Joseph Burris is sample. And granted -- but we need to -- and I thought it was played you -- itself. And I know DOT you're right. No you're right because I mean the blueprint was born and I mean no magic was big of a big play magic everywhere you know. -- only imagine you are much beauty have been bad all blame Michael jaw and it's an -- -- it's an. Absolutely about -- that don't float on out there -- that he often did that he's -- pretty -- triple double. But the whole. Yes he averaged a triple double for the -- you have a on a bully for -- military. Options now. You know and got right behind only I mean did they go by this Livan and infamy the jerk well there's been a -- history to average a triple double in the diocese did a big goal the -- yeah -- always -- and up the -- I was -- about that live and on forever and whatever that might be. Do you think about the logo -- as Jerry West. -- don't know. I gotta I -- did you Nick Saban thing you know Rocco let's go past -- I don't see how many states that LSU goes to. That gives scholarships without that you -- think about what a difference that it's okay -- -- played fifteen. -- Sosa Sosa so we've do you -- it was nationwide in Alabama and it's a different level. Probably you know we thought of these other guys that on the on the couch got to go to Vegas thought Gary didn't want to. And I bet that that's a valid on bombing I'll have to look on the Alabama in his lucrative in state as always Andy. No -- that many thought it it Nick Saban have a lot that Belichick and inevitable well yeah. That's but I have a little. Penalties -- -- I hate I art although they -- I don't -- about it that ran ran ST do you bridge -- row Tuesday. Yeah very Maria Graham yet. But yeah -- you may -- a pot -- the that put the opposite thought we'd have liked cricket or not -- you'd say -- at Ted Nolan. ROW a stoppage in the I -- So that's all I -- -- I -- the -- because now Bob I've I'm done my. -- Jacobs ms. de Jacobson brought our ball -- has some -- -- AG's and it and at LSU -- sanity. -- -- them out out of hand called it she's in people with Omar got. That it's there are no -- you could serve that it wanting to expect the most exquisite restaurant in New Orleans to put on late in people because of food is that. Is it fun believe. And getting people to do it operation salute -- it was a big advantage. Yeah -- know it was a -- you don't want to get. I've read the book and it said that if you make a lot and have been record in pool play never is the equipment to go out on the all -- the -- Excited to get up that rich that you may. Is that you play you lose weight. Well together they also heard that even program document that he. Admitted that he went to -- -- you all right -- caller's. I I need to take him a you know we think about the game be about it at this so many players that we talked about this over to someone -- kind of those days -- If they -- you know we talk about movies and sports in mid July area but there's so many players that have great players. You would have on a team that can win a championship but they might that be considered the greatest -- Like a guy like Earl Monroe. I mean you know what he wants -- what the Baltimore bullets. In the New York Knicks and a some people take it in the end it was it's an affectionate to meet because I its house you know you take things. He was known as black Jesus because of how he played on the -- I'm right you know you don't get dead and a man I mean he was just on believe I Korea white man alone. But immediately when that long in New York. But that that's where he wasn't always used to Baltimore bullets and he got to New York -- -- some great score in season there was part of it did early you know championship. But I mean. Earl Monroe and Bernard King the king and we all the famous Sports Illustrated always got to crown Tony's a. Well -- only other arm everything and and you yards with an -- the diehard Knicks and you or how about. And he was like the black version of Joseph name it -- the Clyde Fraser's. Call me right at the Waldorf is very good. They -- -- a win win the big boom a black exploration films came out. You know it's move dresses and I'll let. Walt Clyde Frazier. Was was so cool. It was it was unbelievable he was the most -- man on the planet trends and I'll maintenance job. I'm glad I was watching these is Oprah well they now show on the data it was the head of Vogue Magazine elliptical duties magazine in Russia. But it it was showing all kind of real real -- -- just in the kind of shocked offense and Morel were over. He got style from -- conferees ammunition and -- whole -- -- -- arsenal's long Colts own. In those Fedora hats and all that I mean at what camp that was that was my. Rather walk clap phrase or -- -- -- is that particular I think mr. professional conference of the yet Maroney emulating success. I don't know Lotta thing and that is about style and trying to be a trend setter and I frontier a few claw with the Steelers. He once had these platform -- yeah he's walking around and his platform shoes is like acrylic. I goldfish in the Seoul Korea on him like like -- like -- -- Yeah I know all these goals visions of body but he's not gonna Rahal weaving goldfish in the in the NBA -- -- issues. Quiet name on there at the gate when Pittsburgh resident player as a -- alive Chris mile two mile follow. I don't know if it was Myron cope with the enemy -- -- -- -- wanted to Pittsburgh brought chances he was a fullback he did some one place in any though he's it. That's one band not a -- you know how you play. The perk of the day is 48 long stands -- for not saying it's only twenty dollars. Forty long stand dot com has everything you need this ball back judge charts there -- belongs long stand this tries a different yeah. It has everything you need to smaller role that special someone on Valentine's Day there flowers. Lengths and gift baskets. Send flowers directly. They arrive fresher and Lance longer if you ball. Then from a -- that's 48. Long -- -- won't hurt. Dot com well I know part of ratios gift and. Better have. That big will be taken advantage it is deal already got a lot of only two and how come -- beaten like well why does a man have to why does a man to think about the woman on Valentine's Day. How how about the ladies. Think about demand for a swallowed -- -- every challenge and I'm I'm not I'm not be in me because I think some ladies do but he. It's almost like is -- it is naturally known it Valentine's Day. It's automatically a lol what a man's gotta do some. While the on the call ratio it's that you better get resolve all equal opportunity anybody -- -- at least a couple of those and read rules and I don't know ruled. Well you CO SMU and it's. How many I have something else. What a -- chock and that's a big I'm in my Valentine's Day here and there are some agree. I'm gonna decides relative to an overwhelmingly. Well I know it. Yet the biggest especially that I was I household. -- -- is Joseph Joel's birthday is exactly -- -- -- -- may be bunker which don't speak and I got to -- -- to have some very you bettors feel like you -- -- -- but you know I'll do some though. Does anyone -- yesterday is exactly right in -- mean as my target a you get. Dress up and -- brownies. I make a nice -- dish this week here for him. -- for Valentine's. Via a a good thing big if you are married did you originally and that way you -- go ovals brownies you have a weakness -- listened. You might yet and -- -- -- the -- I conclude that geo Gio stays in shape. But I know what I've seen this team brownies are within this you know they'll do anything in excess is not like me you know she's discipline humanness and yet that the Dolphins don't eat it don't -- do anything in excess -- moderation whether this medical matter medical marijuana or whatever. No that's been an access via. And speaking to them by being on tomorrow's show will be talking about that to mr. Roger Goodell said he doesn't rule out. Medical marijuana use by players would you support or oppose it governor Jindal is over the -- and I think marijuana for medical use in Louisiana. All you you -- about recreational use like alcohol. Plus. Can be great in New Orleans Avery Johnson jaundiced Amar talk about you MBA all star weekend and LSU basketball. Vs Texas -- and -- just right quick you know. I mean people are against smoke any kind of slow you know how all of a sudden American small on that from a tobacco. And -- the lung cancer and all that where I think it might come to the point when you truly. Our educating and I guess that you should never do anything the next access I mean XS and people. Might be a Volvo what they have a drink after work to wind down -- you know smoke marijuana whatever the kind of chill out. And but. Not a Tim Brown is and then the semi might have to educate me Bo would be wrong with pot brownies are marijuana brownies vision that. Dealing ending with smoke -- you know so you would be open and anyone's second hand smoke and all that. When and we has reversed with the tee to Sydney and we have the grabbed -- -- that -- me. -- talk about all that tomorrow. It's a wide range of topics and and a lot -- day. It it's it's somewhat like we talk about a week it's it's somewhat of a generational thing to its educational process the president has -- but I did it hurt and and the ticket you know people it can be your love on thinking keep them from suffering and give the blue ease in his -- who've dealt with some -- terminally ill. That you may tend to look at it a little differently. Blood ER I noticed last night on the Military Channel. That -- Tom -- Troy vision and and and realize that it was the kkk vs the mafia. And do what Neal was behind a prohibition was the kkk. And and how in a big Monday and alcohol and all that and all the sun but how long that lasted but it was all dealing with a kkk was promoting that. All right he's the case again -- -- -- -- -- thanks to the dining -- -- -- decent. And of course Steven Geller and Christie Garrett -- Ian hope -- some -- should the NFL consider. Using medical marijuana mr. Roger Goodell is not opposed to a we'll talk about that was Avery Johnson -- Pete Carroll's idea that the I'm big bella there's always talk about that aging can't -- -- there one really -- all connect people.