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Feb 11, 2014|

Tonight on the SCOOT show: A new study shows that U.S. teens are more stressed than adults. PLUS: the latest on the trial of Michael Dunn the man accused of firing a gun into a car that was playing loud music, killing 17 year old Jordan Davis. Dunn claims his life was threatened and he was “standing his ground’ in self-defense. AND: if a female college student is drunk and gets raped…is she equally responsible for it?

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Welcome to our show on this Tuesday night it's very chilly throughout much of this area -- factor if -- to the north and to the east of the New Orleans area it is cold. And another winter storm is gonna affect much of the south which doesn't really expect winter storms today at this -- it looks like Atlanta is a little more prepared Birmingham as well for. This storm compared to the last -- and you just heard our for our forecast. If -- we've got the update or are excited to be if you don't dot com it's some showers and a possible overnight to possibly heavy. Is low pressure area moving from the western Gulf of Mexico over Louisiana and the New Orleans area rain could be heavy at times. Low tonight in the lower forties on the north and South Shore but the good news is by Thursday it's gonna be sunny. It'll still be chilly on Thursday with high in the fifties but then this week yet. The weekend of the NBA all star game. The weekend of -- operating. Friday Saturday in the weekend looks like it's going to be great Saturday and Sunday partly cloudy skies highs in the sixty's upper sixties and lower seventies so. If you don't like this kind of weather just hang on it's not gonna last that long it will get through this but there is. -- know a lot of rain some of that having expected tonight and into the overnight hours and many of the state offices in the state of Louisiana are closed in the northern parishes. It's time for tonight's top eight at eight tier of the top eight things we'd like you know which we begin our show tonight Debbie WL number eight. Star Shirley Temple has died at the age of 85. Shirley Temple was acute curly topped child it was a box office sensation from 1935. The year that she turned seven years old to 1938. And I think she quit. Doing films which she was only Tony one. She went into politics and actually became the US ambassador to Czechoslovakia. In the late eighties he was known as Shirley Temple Black. When I think about her now I wish I was. I was imports so I really didn't only to Shirley Temple I guess I remembers a kid seeing Shirley Temple movies but. This is nothing against Shirley Temple is as she was just not part of my generation. But very very cute kid who looked like she might. Might be able precocious at times but they're very pretty cute and I I was reading today. If she can actually cry on cue. And and there are not many accomplished actors and actresses who can do that and apparently -- very early age Shirley Temple could cry on cue. What child -- did you most relate to when you were growing up. And I'm thinking about this and I -- getting there were times that I can relate to. Richie Cunningham organizers doorknob to some degree by that point but I remember relating to two Ritchie Cunningham I remember waiting to. A few other -- for -- -- have to think about this you know what you to think about it as well what child started you most relate to growing up. Number seven on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Here's an update on no one of the top stories last -- Cary James the owner of a restaurant in northern Oklahoma. Who refuses to serve -- his story went viral and he has inspired a number of comments. On the restaurants FaceBook page. This is the FaceBook page for Gary's -- Karros. Club it's been promoted now on this web page. And I don't web page on this said this FaceBook page as a gay restaurant Lotta people are now calling it Aguirre and of course it's not that this is to get back at him for. So rather ugly things that he said. He said he really doesn't like gays around the talked about this briefly last night he said that he he's very good at picking out gays. Which. Is really a very very ignorant thing to say it. I mentioned last night who would've thought that. That rock customers -- That there are so many people who are part -- this did this football player from the University of Missouri we talked about last night's Michael Sam. I'm sure he doesn't look or act to game. And if you judge people just simply based on the stereotypes. That's. Totally ignorant. He -- guy goes on to say any man who would compromise his body would compromise anything. I'm not exactly sure what he means by that but anyways so is so his FaceBook page for his restaurant which flooded with comments about how it's of the best gay restaurant. In in northern Oklahoma. And somebody said ask for Gary. -- he is it's the best it's the best keyboard Oklahoma slick as his arrest front park although I must say Gary is far from subtle. The way he struts around in his sparkly pink main Keeney. Made me -- uncomfortable. But here's an interesting FaceBook post on the FaceBook page this restaurant from an American vet. It reads as a combat vet. Who fought for all Americans freedom. I hope you and your bigoted views change. I will never read a bite of food in this -- you call a restaurant. You or an embarrassment to this land you are anti American. That from an American yet. Number six on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. North Carolina woman who. Authorities say hit and killed a pedestrian while she was texting has apologized in court today the victim's family. Death. Putts this. Apologize to the victim's family court yesterday she faces murder charges of reckless driving charges. Also charges of carrying. A licensed it was not -- failing to carry a license. And driving while intoxicated. And also. Text emailing while she's driving she's held on one billion dollars bond that clear she has. A lawyer yet. She's 45 years old her name is death Portsmouth. She apologized to the family of 75 year old -- fond. Ramsey who she hit on Saturday with our suvs. North Carolina highway -- say that the woman was texting while driving it was also impaired by prescription medication when the wreck occurred. Investigators say that -- -- -- -- ran off the right side of the road and hit -- Just outside of -- home so -- is charged with murder reckless driving and a few other things as well. Right the artist. How many stories like this are you gonna have to hear before you stop texting and driving. I admit there was a time when I would text and drive. No more stop that. Along time ago. But yet people were still texting and driving. And I think some of my friends are still texting and driving. Because I know some my friends are in the car. And I text him and I know there in the card this is something else we've talked about I know there in the car when I'm sending a text. So does that make -- partly responsible something happens. I mean honestly. How many times you can hear stories like this this this woman's life is well first of all the woman who is dead her life's over. -- the woman who killed her her life is essentially over. This is not a lecture. It's just a reminder to do more than just. Hear these stories. Listen. To what is actually happen. To these people. So how many more of these stories are you gonna here before you stop texting and driving and I I I see it all the time and I would certainly hope. That if you have teenagers. It is very tempting for them they're much better attitude than the adult generation. But that doesn't mean they should do it. And why would you why would you preach against drinking and driving. And then think it's okay to text and -- if you wanna join Russia with a -- tonight about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text number is 8787. Number five on tonight's list of the top eight at eight. It is so rare when Republicans and Democrats agree that I thought. This moment with it was worth noting tonight. House committee. Approved a bill that had no opposition. A brutally that's kind of strange isn't it no opposition -- it's a bill that bans the use of cell phone calls. By airline passengers. The bill received support from Republicans and Democrats and it's it's nice to know that they agree on Celtic. I hate to take peoples of freedom away by it I really don't like the idea that people would be freed. To use their cell phones. -- on a plane. In and because you you can't get away from. Any it's it's not that it's it's dangerous. It's just that some people are so obnoxious. But they're cellphone use. That it would be a nightmare. To be stuck on a plane next to somebody who is one of those obnoxious cell phone users. And I hope that if you use yourself all right I hope you realize one very important thing. Nobody really cares about your conversation. And yet I see people constantly. Talking on the phone very loudly and looking around to see who's who's looking at. And I'm sure this is a sub conscious thing but. We don't really care. And if you do that you believe. Is this kind of look stupid. So it's nice to know the Republicans and Democrats the right and left degree with no cell phones on planes number four on tonight's list of the top eight at. At eight. Washington State has become the latest state to place a moratorium on the death penalty. The governor of Washington State TJ instantly. Announced today that a moratorium will be on the -- they'll be placed on the death penalty in his state it will remain that way as long as he is governor. Now the state of Louisiana are neighboring states of Mississippi Alabama Florida Georgia and Texas all have the death penalty. There have been a few cases where people have. Have been executed and it has later been determined that they weren't guilty. There are also big countless cases just in the last couple of years. Where people have been released from prison they've been exonerated because of new DNA evidence. And sometimes people are actually on death row. And if found to be not guilty. If the death penalty. Does not deter crime. As far as I know there are no studies that show a direct correlation between. Implementation of the death penalty. And a decrease in crime. If the death penalty does not. Decrease crime. Should there be the death penalty. Now I guess the argument could be made -- punish as the person who committed the crime. And I agree with that. But if one innocent person dies. That's not worth -- it's it's it's far better for. For countless guilty people to go free. -- for one innocent person to die. Is up something else to talk about tonight do you support the death penalty even though studies show. That it really doesn't deter crime to join our show tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889070. Tech's number is 87870. Number three at tonight's list of the top eight at eight. Has rested in the trial of Michael -- we were talking about this on our show last night he's facing first degree murder charges in the shooting death of seventeen year old Jordan Davis. Don't who claims his life which threatened actually took the witness stand. And this was apparently over an argument over loud music coming from an SUV were Davis and other teens. We're sitting missile is at a gas station convenience store in the Jacksonville Florida area. Now if you saw any of this testimony today I'm sure you found it is their riveting his idea I've but I thought it was fascinating. You know we all have an impression. Based on body language and the the tone of somebody's voice we all have we'll have an impression that. That doesn't mean that it's it's it's accurate. Sometimes people may be totally different from the oppression they give. But even though this guy where's -- not. Reaching on the witness stand. I really got the impression that he was the type of person. Who would seek revenge. Is somebody talk back to. And that's essentially what this case is about there are some people who draw parallels between this case and Trayvon Martin George government case. There might be a few. Slight parallels but not really. This seems to be more about. A man who was upset but some teenagers wouldn't turn down the music in their car. According to his fiancee who took the witness stand she really and she definitely didn't help his case at all and I admire her for for being honest. -- if -- she wise. She said that he referred to the music as -- music she -- the convenience store to get some things and in which -- came out she heard some action shooting. And he had had fired into the car. -- during testimony today I he was he was asked about. What he thought of the music to -- call it -- music and he said he doesn't remember calling it -- music. Like music but he prefers to that kind of music as -- Crap and he just he seemed to be very indignant about this type of music. It was interesting last night a moment they continue to update this on this this story is this trial continues because this is really. This is really a trial. About rage. It's a trial about. Claiming self defense when your real motive may have been revenge. May have been retaliation because somebody talked back to you. And in the case of the the guy who shot somebody in that the ex police officer who is I think it is early seventies. That shot a forty something year old man recently about a movie theater over texting. He claims that he he would he felt like his life which threatened because a bag of popcorn was -- face. To me is aggravating as that might be you can't shoot somebody of of that and that's why I think this case in Jacksonville to Michael -- story. I think this is a very significant case for us to a to pay attention to because hopefully this will send the right message to all gun owners in this country. They just because you haven't -- doesn't mean you can seek retaliation. Guns are for protection. Not for retaliation. -- or not to seek revenge. Their for protection of view your life your family's life and your property. I I have to. I have to comment on. CNN's. Ashley Banfield performance and I call it a performance. She was like this at the trial of George government. I don't understand. Why these network. Anchors. Feel the need to put on such a performance. She's almost happy. Well seventeen year old is dead. And it's she's it's it's almost like she's she's she's covering. Sporting event or she's covering something that. That was. A circus that she's covering of a very joyous event so if you if your if your home when you'd you'd get a chance to watch actually banned violence CNN I just I think it's really pathetic that she's so excited. About covering this trial. The system and a -- story. If there's any testimony that you heard about this case that lead you to think that this guy. Is not guilty and it was self defense or that he is guilty you -- call our show it to 601878. Toll free 8668890. Late seventy and a text number is 877 also this guy left the scene. -- -- didn't call 911 neither did his his fiancee was in the car with -- he left the scene they they went to their hotel room he was in town. I -- well I guess she lives in the in the city is nobody was staying at hotel he had just gone to his sons. His son's wedding and reception. And -- they stopped -- to get gas and he left this heat so he killed somebody. And he got his car what went to the hotel they ordered pizza and then matrix. And then she was so upset his fiancee was so upset she said take me home so they went home so I guess they were just staying -- hotel after the the wedding reception. To be home they went home. -- Agassi was drinking and driving that is well. And that's where he was arrested. But I mean what it will with this guy thinking well I -- my work my problem might work here is done. I've done my job here I've I've killed this kid -- they were playing music and they wouldn't stop playing the music loudly so I killed -- My job here is done. I'm just gonna go back to the hotel. Really a a tragic story but a great lesson for many people who think that a garden. Is something that you can use to seek revenge number two what tonight's list of the top eight at eight. If a female is wrong. That's what Wall Street Journal columnist wrote in his article titled drunkenness. And double standard. And specifically he's talking about college students female college students he suggests that a female college student is just as guilty as the aggressor. If she is sexually assaulted while intoxicated. And here's what he writes. If too drunk drivers -- collision. One doesn't determine fault on the basis of demographic details such as each driver sex. But went to drunken students collide. The main goal is the one almost always presume to be at fault. Is diminished capacity -- to alcohol. Is not a mitigating factor but her diminished capacity. Is an aggravating factor. For him. Now there are a lot of states. That. That stipulates. That if somebody is intoxicated. They cannot. Legally consent to sex. Now I I do realize. That there are women. Who. Don't like the way something turned out and they will claim that they were sexually assaulted or raped. And that's. Really tragic. It's tragic 'cause there are a lot of women who are truly raped. It's -- for women to claim they were raped when they really weren't raped. That's. That's not good and it's not good to placing blame on a guy. However. If a woman is drunk -- guys drunk. And a guy rapes a woman. Forces himself for a woman I don't think the woman is at fault. Now I guess the lesson that there's lessons for men and women in this case the lesson for women is. If you don't really know somebody really well don't get really drunk around. Always. -- have the the middle ability to to get away due to escape or to get yourself out of that bad situation. And my god don't don't pass out so that's a lesson for women. The lesson for guys he has. Don't. Have sex with somebody you don't know really well apparently put this don't have sex with somebody who's really drunk even if you know well. First of all. I can ask the question what's funny is that. I mean think about it. The lack of response I mean again what funny that so their lessons here for males and females. And finally tonight's number one on tonight's list. Today. A new study shows that US teens are more stressed. That adults. Do you agree with the study. Studies done by the American psychological association's stress in America survey test. And they've determined that 27% of teenagers reported to feeling extremely stressed during the school year compared to 20% of the adults. Now that dropped off a little bit during the summer months but then it it kicked back up when their kids were were back in school. Now I wonder if teenagers just think it -- when you think about teenager answering the question are you under extreme stress. And you ask an adult the same question. Well when your routine nature of the slightest things might make you think that your really stressed and you're really -- -- think about all the little drama stories. That it did teenagers think -- -- so horrific so -- my god my life is over my -- if I can tell and so doesn't like me and Alex owns those awards it was a bad thing. You know we've we've often heard about about those stories. But do you really believe the teens are more stressed than adults and Andy ask ask me and -- extremely stressed. Well -- stress but when I think about everything that I could be dealing with in life I have to say no I'm not extremely extremely stressed. So. If you're a teenager today. What do you think you would be most. Stressed about. Think about the world today and we often what we often do this when we. Talk about the issues of the day and quite often those issues involved teenagers. So -- teenager today. What would you be most stressed about would you like. Growing up in America today. As a teenager. And when you were a teenager what most stressed due out. If you wanna join our -- with a comment -- numbers 260187. Toll free 8668890. Wait seventy. In a text number is a 77 and here's -- -- seven W a pretty jaguar opinion poll if a female college student is drunk he she equally responsible if she is raped. It is your opinion we're going to our website W if you -- outcome Michael Dunn 47 years old facing first degree murder charges in the shooting death of seventeen year old Jordan Davis this is referred to as the loud music trial. He was upset over loud music and apparently he was not getting gas he be pulled into this convenience store and gas station. And I believe he stayed in the car but his fiancee went into the convenience store he was really upset with his loud rap music coming from a car. He went over told to turn it down to one of the -- teams in the car turned it down but the when he shot and killed actually turned it back up again. He was so upset that he went to his card got his gun. And I shut the T I I listened to too much of this testimony but if there's some part that you when -- -- says please call our show. It it seems to me like this guy is in really deep trouble and it's again it's a great lesson for for everybody who owns a gun. With that right comes great responsibility -- you can't go around shooting people because of loud music. I wonder a -- blogs it's a still turning on our web site is a do stand your ground laws encourage violent action. Now I haven't heard the stand your ground law specifically brought up but he is claiming self defense. And it's in the state of Florida. And a black Tina's dead. So people are drawing comparisons to the stand your ground law that came up with the George human trial. A so you can their read that they share with others it's on our website at WW real dot com -- are talking about North Carolina woman -- -- apologizing. In court today. For killing a pedestrian. While she was driving. And again how many times you have your stories like that before you stop texting. And driving and Ross are talking about this new study that shows that US teens are more stressed than adults. Do you agree with that. And when you're a teenager what would you most stressed about to join -- -- right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. In a text number is 877 -- to your text here in just a moment a for bill chase Anthony you're on the -- showing -- WL. -- really the issue every guy in really miss when you would normally that's it but anyway I -- -- -- they get all my favorite. Actors but how and how we keep on plugging on diesel as well our Robin genealogy data -- You know and I I could relate to Roy rod but I guess I could relate to Roy Rogers but I I remember is a kid I guess it was Saturday morning there was -- Roy Rogers show. Now -- not much equity arm on part of a gauntlet of the data and morally. Yes and we never did -- -- -- want to learn a lot so we need to go to -- that W market scoot. -- -- -- to show there was so many more people that we wouldn't locals don't Cheney's yet. We take equality. Campbell's soup called Paul -- We wrapped around Campbell Soup he brought that to show you guys entry. -- -- Can you believe that. That's it's amazing to -- of the price of movies today. You know I do I do I remembers -- watching -- Rogers saw I guess it was on Saturday mornings we're talking about child star of surely jones' passing away at the age of 85 there were talking about what child stars -- most related to. Can music and a child -- issue related to. But -- what they had to -- please go ahead I. He -- it would blow your mind you informed and and hit the ration stamps when his stay in the run as a kid. Analogy is there any -- AMP bulk food market entirely in the right well make or shot. Thin line up still admire rations banned books in Iran instead it but that. Bin Laden may be -- have -- did you little Britain also while on May be some milk order levels. We what we walks -- mostly away from belch day. Across the -- -- gatekeeper is always. Donald bell chase where all the way to Algiers. Remember not sometime later in -- box strong vehicle best beach yellow which of course you don't want talking about we had equality under -- -- -- mobile. So. Know the story is. I'm gonna -- remember about the ranch in industrial. That you treasure that -- -- in the books they go to Asia also. -- -- -- -- all that Campbell -- keeps it. Sure amazingly. Anthony you've experienced so much in your life and and somebody changes. You briefly before I go to this break what do you think of the world today. Well number one. The world which you make it and I'm I'm a former US marine Korean veteran and not serve our country Derek probably. My flaws and all World War I and Germany are -- affordable -- and maybe. But -- the Marines are one of the I don't know you know what I'm still a lingering mean machine in attain what until -- a partnership. Anthony I love your attitude and I appreciate that a philosophical advice you make the world is what Jamaican and I totally agree with you. You do a good job he did which can. Anthony have agreed eating -- thanks for listening to Libya be real -- and I hear is attacks to that reads. I'm sorry this is something that happened I guess recently I'm sorry I called you an idiot last month about the murder in the movie theater topic. That has bothered me since then I was driving texting road raging and you know I'm sorry that wasn't cool. And I'm not touching. The parking lot -- music murder because you know I'm an idiot. You know it's not often that somebody in -- and somebody actually apologists. -- -- -- new unity and or perhaps even worse. Here's attacks on texting and driving. And I hope you're not driving. On texting and driving a wise man learns from a full a full learns. From no one. If you enjoyed -- shooter might we see your comment about anything we're talking about our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. -- seventy. Text is a 7870. It's a chilly windy night in the greater New Orleans area some scattered showers possibly few thunderstorms tonight to low pressure area moving from the western gulf of Louisiana and the New Orleans area. A rain could be heavy at times overnight and into tomorrow. A good news is it -- going to be coming to an anti -- around the middle of the day tomorrow is going to be chilly tomorrow opening a very very nice almost spring like we can expect that coming up this weekend. A from -- Mike here on the -- showed good evening. Well literally just a good -- That you made the comment that you bought -- I was using shooting Kabila and the people all guns. That you can't usually gone justice -- artery -- his right. I think -- will be -- people so considerate. That Michigan. I'm doing things are people around trying to ask you patrol. So let me ask you lightly to mostly did -- Yeah the store -- turned it down to go to college he's trying to -- up to -- -- -- to expect and I. Well it would make an even -- I wish I would I would expect to be shy -- seriously you you know eight I argue I agree with you that that is also a lesson about being considerate. But I I remember when I was seventeen and it's something like that if if some 46 year old guys 47 year old guy would have come up to me. And told me to turn and the music I wouldn't of turned it down and I would have did and obnoxious and -- you know used on your business like you played about want to I remember when I was like when I was seventeen. Now to an election should be shot but I I agree with -- is it that we should all be more considerate of each other. And it's it says I live downtown and is that a lot of time walking around downtown in the quarter especially on the weekend and it night when the weather's. Nice to people at the wind is down -- their beer blaring the music from their cars. It's almost as if might people feel like the they have to have a soundtrack for their lines state they want you to hear the music they're listening to win I really don't care about it is certainly. Quite often isn't my selection of music. And so it it really is very very obnoxious and. Well as a teenager Arkin maverick side and it would frustrating don't. I you know on the world a teenager. -- on the rock music. Market never expect people and reported that the gesture at the same appreciation for. And it and no they didn't like -- played -- We -- it it -- -- it would take a whole lot of consideration in my -- disable you know aggravate them lasting rock music. Not a wholehearted -- Nah I have I have to admit dated somebody would've told me to turn it down I probably would have turned it up. That's the way -- was but it today use some people. Feel like they can. I'd just have to seek prevention night when we were talking about this road dating tonight since the defense has rested the case of Michael Dunn. And last night I remember talking about how. It seems like rage and anger largest so close to the surface. So close to the surface of coming out in in so many people in -- It's road rage incidents it's. It's incidents over just ridiculous things and you know. This guy Michael -- if he's found guilty. His life is essentially over -- life in prison. And their they're talking about it you know the mean this is first degree murder in the the prosecution is talking about premeditated murder case they're they're charging him with with. Premeditated murder because. You know he he did retreat from the situation. And if your life is really threatened why would you go back into that situation. I am dreaming if we don't know what happened but it the only -- -- is adamant about them being disrespectful disobedience. That's definite criminal act and what he did after the shooting doesn't help the case at all in a column believe it -- -- also afraid. You know people don't believe that when -- feel threatened his credential difference. I'm like I'm glad you brought up the part about to people who are in considered because there's certainly is a lot of that I appreciate -- if you wanna I join us tonight are numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. Text numbers 877. -- I don't like some of the music that I hear blaring but then again their parts of town that I wouldn't drive through with my windows down and the Goo Goo -- blaring in my car stereo. Some people probably wouldn't like just an update on our WWL pretty -- opinion -- seems like an outrageous question. But is based on something that was written in the Wall Street Journal by columnist. Is a female college student who is drunk is she equally responsible. If she's ranked. That writer for the Wall Street Journal says. A right now 33% say yes -- drunk female college student is equally responsible -- she's raped. 67% say no she's not give -- -- -- able tractor pull through -- our show. And see where it goes senator in -- show give your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com from a talent George you're on to be WL. Believe it could. I. Happy elementary and exposed ultimate outcome of the trial. Deviant side and there are few things and then I've heard differently just people talking then it -- very different -- the dust in today. And that is the gentleman never did leave the car. He sat in there if people the -- And the guards sat in the car -- that that sort of written down. He had a little bit argument with a guy at the argument. With the guys Stewart. We bought an apartment and shot he never got up from the -- and put reversible. -- -- -- -- -- -- Yes that's grits it is quite different from the story that terror originally where is it where it was was being told. It did you did you find that testimony to be fascinating I I may be didn't watch the part did you watch I watch as much of it is I could today I thought it was fascinating. I think he was coached to be the nicest guy in the world you know because you did he -- it will be part of it. And he has played the -- like gentlemen good to restart the music and assure that exactly how it went so sure. And and so you know it just showed you horrible things can work. Our job going to -- thanks for listening if you wanna join us with your comment tonight about anything we're talking about. Our numbers 260187. And toll free 8668890. It's Saturday. A text a -- 77. A new study shows that US teens are more stressed than adults do you agree that. And when you were a teenager what was the thing that you most stressed out about this is the -- show like from New Orleans on a chilly Tuesday nights and we'll be right back.