WWL>Topics>>2-11 9:10pm Scoot, rape: a double standards

2-11 9:10pm Scoot, rape: a double standards

Feb 11, 2014|

If a female college student is drunk and gets raped…is she equally responsible for it? That’s what a Wall Street Journal columnist wrote in his article titled ‘Drunkeness and Double Standard.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If a female is drunk issue equally responsible. If she gets raped as the Wall Street Journal columnist wrote in his article titled drunkenness and double standard. -- it's it's outrageous sustains it is a music James Toronto. Advantage Jameson makes this comment that is obviously a reaching a lot of people and he compares it that if too drunk drivers collide. Then they don't determine fall based on demographics. Such as a driver sex. But it to college students are drawn and they collide. Meeting -- sex. Then the mail is presumed to be the one who is at fault. So is making an argument that the female is equally at fault. We're talking about ranked. And interestingly they are there are some states that actually have on the books. That if somebody is intoxicated. They cannot legally give consent to have sex. So the lesson here is if you're a guy. I've. Don't have sex with somebody who's drunk. And if you're a girl while I don't think it's your fault if you if you get raped at all. Don't get drunk to where you put yourself in a position to Wear something. Like that can happen you know. Something happens to us in -- might that be our fault but sometimes we considerably you know if I would have done something differently I would have been in the position for something happened to me. Here's an update on our WWL pretty -- my opinion poll tonight if a female college student is drawn is she equally responsible if she gets raped. 245% say yes. Simply 5% saying now. You -- your opinion by going to our web site WW real dot com. We're also talking about the the defense that resting in the case of Michael -- the 47 year old who is facing first degree murder charges in the shooting death. A seventeen year old Jordan Davis this happened in the Jacksonville Florida area. He claims -- -- life for his -- threatened after an argument over loud music came from an issue -- he fired into the issue feet. And killed a seventeen year old he saying that his wife was threatened again as a caller pointed out just a little while ago. There there is some clarification on on some of the things that are -- coming out I heard part of the testimony today. He was on the witness stand and I was I was a little unclear. Exactly how things transpired. But apparently he didn't leave the vehicle but he did. Have time to reach into his glove compartment and take the gun out and I think the main thing that stands out in my mind is if this guy's life we still threatened. Why didn't disappoint his own business. Because. They didn't seem to attack him. Any claims that the teenager had a shotgun. Andy said he thinks he heard the sound of the gun but he described it -- something like a pop. And is -- -- a shotgun and makes more than just a popping sound a pistol you could maybe describe him as a puppet serving on a shotgun. So he he seemed a little uneasy on the witness stand. When he was confronted by the either a prosecution. With this idea that well did they shoot -- -- And -- really couldn't say that they -- him so it seems to me that he was the aggressor but again. That's from my standpoint sitting here in the court of public opinion. And we have all known especially with some some recent trials we have all known that juries don't always come to -- same verdict that we think they should. I if you wanna join our show with a comic tonight if you heard the testimony earlier today and you think that Michael -- is she is not guilty based on what you've heard or if you think he's guilty in an aggressor. Our number is 2601878. Toll free 866889. Sincerely seventy. And protects embers a 77 -- talking about a new study showing that US teens are more stressed than adults. Do agree with that I I guess relative to their own lives they could be stressed. And I can't help but think back on on what stressed me -- when I was a teenager. Do you remember what you were most stressed out about. Pretty routine nature. Now for for me I'd have to be honest with you and -- of the if I've been open with of the year. My battle with obsessive compulsive disorder. I've totally stressing out -- as a -- ruin my life is a young person and as a a teenager and really affected by life in a very negative way for most of my adult life until. Until I've realized what it was in it and and and god help. But that totally stress me out right I guess. In not being picked to be one of the first people on the team went you know -- -- excited to a PE class serve you know whatever it was never one of the early ones picked. And then I just -- are always had a tough time meeting girls and I thought that was. But that was kind of a stressful thing to go through so while teenagers might respond to a survey. And say yes I'm extremely stressed. It's not the same kind of stress as an adults -- say when they're extremely stressed. And also tonight we're talking about if you were a teenager today. And I'm sure you've thought about this. What would you be most stressed about. What would you be most afraid enough. And would you even wanna be teenager today. To join our -- -- our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven text number is 87878. Here's attacks as a teenage boy. I didn't worry about the mortgages or the for a -- case or when the next paycheck was coming. Elated to worry about was high school exams and college adults and teams had teams have different priorities in life -- So while we're all stressed out it's not fair to judge who is stressed more. Here is a taxed. That reads. A -- you give the young thugs. Such love and care. Won't you go move to the Ninth Ward. -- I'm showing love and care for first of all I don't know if these kids were thugs and this text is so indicative. Of their hate and the judgment. That people have. A judgment. That might have led this guy to kill somebody he should have killed. There are some people who are jest. On the verge of rage. And unfortunately. There are some people who act out their rage with a gun. And that gears all gone voters have a bad name here's a Texas says don't give responsible gun owners a bad name like -- totally agree with it and you know it's it's interesting how people perceive what is being said as opposed to what is really being said. They're people who will hear some of the things -- I'm saying and think that I'm I'm for gun control. And I have never said that they're people who think that that I might today be saying essentially that. Well it's the gun's fault. No I'm not saying that at all. Whether I'm attacking all gun owners know I'm I'm not infect I'm defending gun orders by reporting out the -- I'm Michael Dunn from the testimony that I I've been exposed to. Read or heard about. He is a very responsible gun owner as is that former a police officer in his seventies who shot until somebody of movie theater over texting. A to join a shorter right our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. A seventy Texas State 7870. But -- go back to this text about I'm giving the young thugs loving care. Wonderment moved to the Ninth Ward. I don't understand how being honest about this is showing the thugs. If you are called him that and again I don't know just because you play loud music doesn't mean your thought. I remember playing loud music and defending the music that I listen to which the establishment did like at the time when I was young. I remember doing that. But that didn't make me a thug. And if you're so quick to prejudged it somebody's a thug. Because of their skin color the music they're listening to or whatever. Then I would suggest that your your part of the problem that we have in America. Here is attacks that reads scooter I'm glad to to be tuned in. What from working nights to listening do you every night too early morning first ever -- over thanks for being with us tonight we welcome all of you who were listing on your Smartphones your computers. And your tablets you can pick up the show anytime anywhere here is a text. Well I was stressed out because only ugly girls would date me. Here's another tech I I wish I had girls that would have putted dated me yeah I was just I was that such a total nerd that you know nobody paid attention and even I was you know. Here is a -- I don't understand how anyone can say that a -- responsible for being break because she was drunk. So does that mean if you go out to a -- get drunk and you get raped it's your fault that's just ridiculous well and that's what this Wall Street Journal. Our columnist is is is saint. -- it's it it's equally the girl's fault if she is if she's drunk. Here's a text. This is first degree murder no doubt lock him up and that is from buck town bond. Here's a -- he fired ten times while the show's cute here's another text. On if you were real man. You wouldn't have sex with a woman that is intoxicated. And I I totally agree with it. And I can think of times in my life would I have said no. Because somebody was with so intoxicated. First of all that's I don't even see why that would be fun. -- somebody -- Totally intoxicated. I mean how aware are you of your surroundings. Here I see people walking dumbest legal time on -- -- weekends. And it's it's it's couples. And they are blocking back to their hotel. And you know. One of them is just like really trashed -- in on taking it and somebody's gonna take advantage of somebody and again I I just don't see how that is. Enjoyable because that should be something that he shared equally by two people. And I think the great lesson here is whether you're male or female if Theres a lot of drinking involved. Just. Just don't do it operative don't Paula -- on -- WL. I -- I guess good. Just what usually that will really enjoy show colored -- cutesy problem cured that. But I think commitment liquor is that you're I think it is interpreting I'm a college professor etc. well -- committee that looked into sort of sexual harassment and date certain number of those policies. With the -- pointing out that there's a double standard and -- and alcohol consumption. And I was told that even in the committee. That is basic female college student at one beer and therefore she's completely enable. Giving consent. But the guy has one beer hard got drunk. He doesn't have that justification to say well I think I couldn't control my behavior because it was stroke. Even after a couple of drinks if she initiate. Sexual contact. Keep still at all. Because she is unable to give proper consent. And therefore he's taking advantage. Now the rate comment I'm pretty sure that I read that article this morning. You look and talking about rate percent particularly note that drug got raped the girl. It's rate should be imprisoned. It's just he's just pointing out the double standard that exists. On college campus regarding sexual assault. And the inability to get consent for a woman. After one or two drinks where it got. Are always they would -- conception are always responsible. No matter how much they have to drink and regardless of whether the woman and aggressive which is quite common today for a lot with. No that's that that's true and and I would agree with you -- there is a double standard and and that's unfair. Yes and I think that's what -- forming out in -- indignation in an article. An organization called foundation for individual individual rights and education. That sort of tried to protect free speech and protects the rights to constitutional rights the students. That are violated by. College administrators and tracked and -- that they -- I mention that there's no there's no court in the country that followed these sort of sexual harassment dot. I haven't been invited back into the meeting the bet that deterrence. You know and and it's it's it's what college campuses are doing and what a lot of radical feminists are promoting. That's what he's really -- and and and I love it -- -- right and you're right now should be imprisoned. It is unfortunate that their seemed to be a few occasions when. -- a woman regrets what happened and then claims that she was raped I was in Denver during the Kobe Bryant trial. And actually it did the radio show from eagle Colorado where the trial is taking place at Soledad very very closely. And from the beginning it always seemed to me that this was case of somebody changing their mind. Looking back on the events of the night before. And to that it's truly unfair to demand you know you can't take back consent. I guess Paul it's the best advice is. Don't get so drunk you don't know what you're dual. And that's the problem with college students and well. I was young ones don't understand -- of course but alcoholic prevalent and a lot of functions. And people would just become irrational. Or in some -- they become far too aggressive. May not understand when to stop but it also an age where women are highly sexual life as well. And because the the equal rights movement which was what sixties and seventies -- -- women have just become more and more as a as a gender they become more and more. A confident and aggressive and I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that but women have become -- a lot more assertive than they were when my mom was -- a teenager. Absolutely and unfortunately -- -- The evidence regardless of the evidence to change that the university at least what I've looked. Protect the wind and particularly where regardless of whether the -- accusation that accurate out more than via more than the guys seems to be this double standard black. Where it got bad guys -- sort of automatically assume to be guilty and and that's just not the case and a lot of these instances. No it's not the case tonight I did raise that issue and I think it's important that we do recognize that there are some women who do take advantage of this this power that they have to claim rape in this automatic assumption that the guy is is guilty. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Our -- are right -- -- -- pretty -- opinion poll tonight if of female college student is she drunk he she equally responsible if she's raped. Can assure opinion by going to our web site WWL. Dot com we'll give an update on that coming appeared just a few minutes. Child star Shirley Temple tonight. At the age of 85. She was -- curly top child star it was a box office sensation in 1935 the year she was. Seven years old until about 1938. What child starred. Do you most relate to when you think back in your life what child star did you most relate to growing up his attacks I looked up to Marsha Brady is a team. And us from Monica. I think I was already an adult I'm kind of -- a as a young adult when happy days came out but I can remember that kind of relating to it. Richie Cunningham does he was kind of geek and I was very much. McGee. Had reddish hair and freckles. I'm lucky to be alive today. What child started you most relate to our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890870. A text is 87070. And you can also join me on Twitter it's -- scoots W ill child stars Shirley Temple passed away at the age of 85 she was surrounded by her family home it's -- Cisco. I couldn't help but think about it -- I I could relate to her because I wasn't born yet and she wasn't a big story -- I wish I was growing up what child's story did you most relate to growing up. Or what teen stars did you emotionally to here's a text Marcia Brady here's -- of the text Dennis the Menace. I actually have to stop and think about this because I don't know who are most related to. Although inevitably there were times that I could relate to people in in different situations like maybe -- Maybe the the kid on. The kid on that the Donna Reed show. Jeff I think was -- it was decide if there were different times that I could relate to different people in in different shows but -- your child star. Or -- teen star that you really feel like you related to that you could relate to their situation and the decisions that they made in the things that they were experiencing. When you were growing up you can call our show it to 601878. Toll free 86688. Ninths nearly seventy. -- a -- over is 877. Also talking about a new study showing that US teens are more stressed than adults now do you agree with that. Martins -- stressed that it -- maybe they're in a relative sense they're just as stressed out as adults but certainly over over different things. And when you look back on your life what would you most stressed out. About when you were a teenager are numbers 2601878. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. Text Amber's late 7870 should former NO PD lieutenant Travis McCabe get his job back with back pay. He's been cleared with his role in the Henry Glover case should -- He brought back they should he get back pay. And would you wanna work with him as one of the things tummy -- we'll talk about tomorrow morning wake up the feel good with Tom Tucker. Tomorrow morning Debbie WL first news from sixth attempt it toward your text here in just a moment from the world's penny -- -- show. I -- needles and good and I thought I was listening to actually go from work. There are a little bit older than a college student but I do have a memory. When I was -- drove trichet yet. And I was right. Did just. Anything. Now I never I never told anybody ever called the police anything else. But. Thing is when things get broker Egypt and it. Well I guess you could make that stayed in in the saving general idea that there would. I am and are now I know. We will can handle liquor and deeply ingrained and because they're the body weight body fat food different everything else so -- It's you know. That. Somebody here where. If I'm a little bit too much. Then you need to meet the adult. In the matter and I know. And if the -- but he is too drunk then the guy needs to be respectful and responsible enough to. To not pursue what he could pursue because celebrities so intoxicated. -- Well pentium I'm sorry that happened here appreciate you being -- -- after the -- People out there you know that you know. Yet even one vote at college out there happening that Ireland and -- trial -- -- There comes a point where -- got -- draw the line. And -- I would rather have you. And you and somebody that you are under the influence of alcohol. I totally agree with that I I never understood why that was attractive to anybody. Somebody's just says sloppy drunken news didn't take advantage of them have enough. How how was that even even fun I mean it is should be consensual experiencing. Even though I guess somebody could give there. Verbal consent or maybe gives it repression of consent by not resisting. The idea that somebody is like mentally not into it the way you -- doesn't even seem attractive to me. Are you a penny I I enjoy our conversation again sorry -- when cafeteria I appreciate you calling. If you wanna join us tonight with your thoughts your comments are numbers 2601870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. In a text Amber's -- 77. Here's a Texan reads if both parties are drunk how was anyone at fault of rape just because you. Wake up this next day. With buyers' remorse. Women today. Get away with yelling rape on a man just because she has regrets about sex with him. But a man can't -- rape. Because it's. -- today it would not be believable against a woman in a -- from kitty. A woman industry's. Largest had a strike of lightning and thunder outside of our studio winters here it looks as if there is. Rain moving into the downtown New Orleans area if you're not in the rain you're going to be -- you might be in the of the showers right now. Showers and some thunderstorms and getting one over New Orleans right now. Low pressure area from the western gulf moving over Louisiana and the New Orleans area rain at times heavy overnight. I'm sure it's gonna be raining when the show ends at midnight. So this this weather's going to be witness until probably mid day tomorrow and the rain is supposed to come to an end. Again few showers in the morning and be sure to tune into WL first news from five to six with state Colin. And then Tommy Tucker from six to ten for all the latest on the weather and the latest on the traffic updates it's going to be chilly tomorrow with a high in the upper forties cloudy tomorrow. And tomorrow night. And the low tomorrow night in the in the low thirties on the North Shore shall winner is still witness. And in the upper thirties on the South Shore Thursday. Sunny with a high in the fifties but this weekend. For the NBA all star game in New Orleans and all the activities and everybody walking around to different events the weather is going to be great for that. And promoting are operating or for whatever you wanna do. Partly cloudy skies Saturday I think the temperatures going to be in the upper sixties and in the low seventies with partly cloudy skies and a lot of sunshine. On Sunday and if you if you if you love to be part of New Orleans when there's a lot of stuff going on when there's at a certain buzz in the city. Then come downtown this weekend you know give give yourself some time defines as a safe. And legal place to park -- you don't want a ticket and you know Jakarta be dorm when you come back. But it a couple of downtown this weekend during the day ended ended night this is going to be one of those times where in the city of New Orleans has that special buzz that results from. The national spotlight being -- I'm looking at video right now I've I've got to CNN on here and our studios. And I'm looking at video something we talked about last night and it's I realize it's it's part of of the animal kingdom. But I just saw for the first time. The video of the lions. Eating the draft. That was killed at the added the Copenhagen zoo. Intimidate they killed this this -- two year old -- because they the did what it's two to -- with the other animals. So perfectly healthy two year old male giraffe was killed. And they fed it to the lines and suffered a color show last night and said it to the children were invited to see them shoot the animal. And I know that did zoo visitors and kids were invited to watch. As the lions consumed. The dangerous path and again I realize it's part of the animal kingdom but. It just seems like there was another way to handle let's say what you could give the line something else to eat a committee and a rich -- to be WL. -- getting -- yeah I have shocked that question of our girl is dropped if she equal yet all of the answers now. Now pop guy that would act -- act there why not -- that -- him along behind bars. I got some kind of prejudice back to re young I got three baby sister don't let them lots. Four boys three girls it was and Jack Black warrior out actual -- for older Brothers and we laid out in the law. You're going to be perfect gentleman routes your body will never be filed -- You know I know what case I can't mention the names of the people but I I I know family and one of the sister's husband's. Abused her. They didn't -- and she can call the police her Brothers came over and to. What that guy up against the wall. And he never did it again. Yeah I mean it was -- bad you at the worry about to push for older brother's passion and it's far adds that. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know out loud he's out on television. And natural in the channel. And the -- and and that's a challenge out there and begging. Chris took place you go all the showing thanks for listening to the idea in Indiana. -- its next doesn't Tennessee woman's ability to regret drunken consent. And get medicated when she chooses to drink too much and get drunk I'm not exactly sure what that means here's attacks. Still when I was eighteen I listened to you on the radio I looked up to you and had a huge crush on you I still do and that is from. Monica in Metairie Monica I'd I'd I'd appreciate that I take this tremendous complement and major listening to our show -- here and to be -- to real. If you want to join us with a comet tonight our number is 26018. Saturday. Toll free 866889. I mentioned just a moment ago that there was just big bolt of lightning and thunder right here downtown and we're getting reports now that there's some whites out. I -- from B 97 FM joins us on -- -- -- the lights are out. I don't know that college got them all in the French Quarter and the -- go out number a couple of years ago. How the lights were out I was not smoking a cigarette com and outside a restaurant. And it literally. Every -- lit up but in this guy and I it was we were just a little bit. Of an -- lightning it was just like help help. Everything stopped all the lights went out mold the French Quarter. I seriously ever. And that's -- really. That's you know that's it's already -- it in the darker in the dim Vista hog it's already kind of in an -- place it and I'm never freed the French Quarter but is it if if the lights are out at different wouldn't it be cutting -- Bright and early tonight and now to really to balance so. I -- I had no idea what was happening you know it was quite a lot but now looks like. We're really come down Koreans really turned out so it earlier and that's. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- it Jammer does it seem to be widespread to the quarter. Owe everything everything about -- out what are -- what are people doing right now. Father walking around and feel themselves all light coming on people early in the restaurant. And I don't know what else did even better to be. I Agassi don't know what's going on. When Jimmer you can call to give us another update if you are getting more information -- that I appreciate Chile's military. And right. I big -- of a big bolt of lightning and some lights around in the French Quarter from the French Quarter sibling -- and to be WL your lights out. They civil. Order is Mitch oh hey Mitchell are you. I'm just signed -- -- word -- announced here and and the darkness. There are lots of television and saw -- Lightning and in. Just a split second later it on election all the power went out. Entered the French Quarter and your powers out. You have to look we have our little. Transistor. Radio. Rebecca just give it. -- of now can you can you look outside and continued seed -- what people were -- are people going outsider people talking to each other well. Our our property it's our residences. In the back of tell us on those associations so we don't even when not even close to the street were -- me. -- -- Will -- I appreciate you letting us know that. It's it's very you know. Very dark that it's and this area you know that didn't quarter twenty years very clearly we have. It's true I had I saw that big bolt of lightning right outside their -- you might have been had a different when it might have been the same one that I just saw big flash. Out of the Carolina I've got to the wind is open. And I could see that he is it's it's raining now but today it hostages here it is just just just the right spot. Yeah sure not all right Mitch I'm glad you called an -- your car back thanks for listing Angela hill joins us on WW Angela do you have power. Our money and I was calling -- got anywhere out and the small Kirk thanks a lot. Got to get stopped the content people back and my cock started to back out. And that light -- thought -- all been shot it was so. It was stolen -- and then every black and I'm calling it that was listening to your other colleagues. It looks like on Decatur street light on the -- dark green or not without ever seeing. But whatever the power grid. Some -- that light at the cost now. And well let's -- -- -- is unbelievable Miley just on the other side of canals so it means I've got power so everybody can come to my house no this just kidding. Partly because you know it raining a little bit but it's much and then all of the -- it. Was like a bomb. Yeah you know these these windows here and our our studio or are relatively sound proof and and I I heard it is if I was just sitting in a normal apartment with a a normal window. No slacker you're saying that what we decided that both of -- well it was but -- get on backing out of that parking lot channel four. And hope that we are dark and there I just sat there looking woman that. And then the light went on but it does have a generator. When you're sort of a profit smoke and I didn't really did not want. -- -- on the net and caught fire learned a -- it would degenerate and cranking on your life. Com or -- At what an incredible where there weren't -- Boy it's it is amazing -- Atlanta's going through began Birmingham's going through and again and don't north Louisiana there are. A state offices that are going to be closed tomorrow when many of the northern parishes in north Mississippi Alabama Georgia. -- Carolinas are just getting getting pounded. With the winner weathered it you know they're there are people who who make this this correlation I'd I'd I think it's just been a coincidence. A supporting and correct me if I'm wrong but. We have a very active severe hurricane season after we've had an extremely cold winner. And again after it snowed there where is suited to the winner efforts -- there was there was Katrina. I had somebody call it stated that clearly has just been a coincidence. I. You know we didn't have much of -- hurricane season last year so we know we might have a more active when this year hopefully not but there's always a possibility but this has been a very very strong winner. And you know we're. -- at this point -- didn't at this point in. At this time of the season we really start to think about money draw and spring like weather it'll be nice this weekend but it's going to be another cold night tonight and tomorrow night. Unknown and then that regular cup dark how beautiful -- will be that we can't -- -- told me not because we got a lot in order on them. Unbelievable -- Angela thank you very much for that I'm sure Dennis Walter and had a wonderful birthday party and I think it's great that you were still -- part of attitude channel four. Well actually I've been departed could probably get this Dracula curling up. But it was good to see him and and Collin again good look there. And we'll be listening to an open line with you tomorrow one before they're wonderful they're all right Angela talked tomorrow. I if you wanna give us an update on. On the power if there's no power in your area are numbers 2601. A seventy. Toll free 86688. -- nearly seventy. I -- -- 7870. So what child started to look up -- you relate to here's a text that reads lassie. That brings about some interesting visuals a poster child star that you really looked up to eighteen start that you totally related to its one of the things we're talking abouts. We heard from Angela hale who is now part of our WWL family here to at a via literally am and -- and not comment she reported she was at a birthday party for -- watering it. Channel four big bolt of lightning and the the power -- matter appears to be -- in Decatur and on the other side of canal but -- -- at the French Quarter start. And we also heard from. 97 part of -- constantly here. He and their New Orleans to program directed B 87. Was -- a quarter instead lightning hit and we saw the lightning here in our studios downtown. Lightning -- and power was out in the French Quarter and it doesn't happen very often from cedar hill Texas -- this year on this crucial under the WL. I -- about it I'm good Douglas. Betraying -- will be uber it would written by. Robert Blake pleads please who. Well Bieber. Kicked it would be able to yeah I'm banking -- I don't -- we remember that. Well well of course you. And -- -- you do you still to this day you remember relating to that character oh yeah oh yeah Picasso in the late Yankee victory that would go. -- two movies in downtown. Texan. And hey can. You. While what are your kid each -- And lock you saying they deal. Him. Although I'll -- -- which -- the Cha. All right Douglas have listed nominal if you continue on. Just hang hang on I've got to get to a news break Belichick is here to that is also -- continued talk about the child stars that you looked up to when we come back.