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2-11 10:10pm Scoot, TV twin

Feb 11, 2014|

Who's your tv twin? The person you share a similar lifestyle relationship with.

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And it's a rough weather they continues to move through this area there was a big bolt of lightning and the downtown area I saw it from our studio winners apparently hit something because Jammer program director from B 97 called us. And Angela hill called -- she was leaving a birthday party for Dennis Walter and channel four. And -- both said that the power is out in the French Quarter. It appears to be on indicator it appears to be on -- near the site of canal if -- in the French Quarter and the powered does come back on you wanna Willard give us a call. Our numbers 2601870. And or a text number is 87870. And tomorrow Angela hill from one to four on an open mind and Angela. Among other things shall talk about it does it bother you that Louisiana has the highest in curse incarceration rate in the world. An overwhelming number of people in prison. For minor or nonviolent crimes. And I know recently the governor talked about edited changing that and making room for other prisoners by letting some. Go who have been charged with minor marijuana charges that'll be an interesting discussion tomorrow the newest member of our radio failure to VW well. An open mind and Angela hill tomorrow one before and to be WL. I'm surely a temple passed away in an. I don't I you know the only thing I know Shirley Temple was to seeing reruns in early and I have never seen bush I have to admit I've never seen a Shirley Temple movie. But I have to admit she's a she's a cute -- Curly top and she just had a three. That cute but so what precocious way of -- heard she was very very talented she she started out in in motion pictures in 1935 at the age of seven. It was really only in pictures for three years and achieved a few more things in Canada the business when she was 21 later. She went into politics and became a US ambassador to a Czechoslovakia. In the mid eighties. And she's now pastor we at the age of 85 and. While I couldn't relate to -- it may -- short thinking about what -- stars. I really did relate to. And I'm having a difficult time thinking specifically of of of child stars that -- -- Looked up to one on a regular basis I remember reading a book of though few years back. Effect this is actually in the eighties I read a book he was titled TV twins. And the book was really about how we all have TV twins they are the York characters that we totally relate to -- -- on television. Because they kind of have our. Our personality their things they're thinks about. Certain people on television in these are fictitious characters the certain there's certain things about these characters. That. Are are similar to us and we actually looked to our TV twins. And watch how they resolve problems. How they get in and out of things how they react to certain situations. Can you think of your TV twit. Do you have a TV -- And also -- can you pick a betrayal story did you related to when you were young our numbers 2601870. Toll free 86689. Is nearly seventy. At a text it was 877. From cedar hill Texas -- -- issue -- tell us about who who your child star was -- one that you are related to most. I look out your -- Two. Bradley -- -- -- Now when I -- K now you might have looked up to bluntly you might have had a crush number and -- -- you. I'm not I don't know I'd like -- at least think. I -- you you liked her. -- keep keep look at it and I think are very well colosio. In 1960. Can itself -- -- only -- good old American Bandstand. Show. He was an abuse of big teen idol. On any team Canada will probably get written. -- -- -- -- -- I -- over his suit too young to remember that but I I I know who we is in over the years I've. It -- and reduce to some of his music. Well he it's really jail as an old songwriter. Also frank you lamb and and the PH. What was their what was it what was your big kid I remember the name for a -- line I'll only court. -- SP I -- teenager in love. I think that was I believe bad -- that it I think -- can -- -- -- that. I'll I'll will -- -- -- also politically next week and they get to -- like the story about people out. Why where she would goes I appreciate you listening. All right Douglas thanks a lot I if you wanna join us for your comment tonight our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven in a text -- -- 77 he hears -- -- that reads do the math skewed she was 87 radiates. Yeah she was if she would ice I don't do man I don't like to do math and you know what I'm in the middle of the show if I don't have to do math I'm not gonna do -- I if if she was seven in 1935 didn't I guess she was. Maybe 87 area again I haven't done the math yet. But the story that I read from Associated Press earlier a says that she was 85 so maybe they need to do the math or maybe I shouldn't trust Associated Press. Here's attacks in terms of who did you look up to Mary Tyler Moore. So publisher TV twit who who who and maybe it's somebody today who use overlay to. That you can actually see yourself. Reacting to things the way they react to things. It was -- child star that you could really relate to when you were younger at scholarship is your comment on numbers 260. 1870. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. And a text number 67870. Michelle Williams or studio producer just attacked appear on the screen the Frankie linemen and the Frankie Frankie lineman of the teenagers of the teenage if regularly to the sun was why do fools fall in love and I I've do vague memory of that. I hear is attacks that reads Mike here on -- the power just came back on. Here is and other text bolt of lightning hit Picayune and the lights went out in a four mile area for about twenty minutes. Yeah there was a power outage in the French Quarter because of a big lightning strike and if you or in an area where. The power has gone out and you're report that to -- -- you can call our show it to 601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. In -- text number is 877. So which -- -- did you look up to here's the texted reads Alf. You know there were times that my hair -- reminded me of of offense here but that's about as far as -- go. -- here's a text Mike TV twin is Kevin James from King of Queens. I drive for UPS. I have a skinny wife. But I'm husky guy my best friend is African American. My mother says it's scary. How old. How are comics senses are the same. So. Think about you know that's why I just I just thought about it TV -- it. Now I'm not saying that this is the only team between that I have but I just thought about that I just thought about a TV -- and it's gonna make perfect sense to. I was gonna take a break and I'll I'll tell you -- -- at right on the other side of this break. Is there TV -- is or somebody that you soberly to that you you relate to how they. They live their life and how they react to things and and the decisions they make. I just I I just thought about my TV to win and I watch team in reruns. In the morning. I know what you mean reruns completed night after the show. And now I realize how comfortable I am with this this show because he's. My TV -- Yeah maybe. Okay. No I didn't. Honestly I really haven't thought about it -- just talking about it on a show. Frazier is one of my TV twins. Aunt and not only is -- in radio but there are just some things about Frazier that remind me of myself. Now I've Shelden Williams our studio producer asked me if I had a brother like mild like -- -- I had a sister like Niles. But there -- since the you know Frazier is perceived as maybe not being. Totally straight. But yet he is and I can relate to that I'd say that there's a lot it's different though because seven win when we go to callers I don't say. Hello call our hero and I -- listening -- -- debt that that part of it is very unrealistic but it just occurred to me that Frazier is. -- -- -- -- -- -- so who was your TV -- at it again I read this book in the eighties in I was I was doing television in a mobile -- Pensacola. It WK energy TV and radio and television there. I in the late eighties before coming back to New Orleans guy and I remember doing TV feature on this and asking people who was their TV -- And the book was based on the idea that there -- TV characters that we so relate to. That we actually watched them react to things and watch them make decisions. Because it's it's. It gives us information about how we might wanna act even though they're they're fictitious characters it gives us information about how we might react in certain situations. So publisher TV -- And we're also talking about child stars Charles story of Shirley Temple passed away. And apparently she was 85 because here's a text that said -- Shirley Temple was born April 23 1928. She was 85 would have been 86 this April. I'm doing the math for you thank you very much because honestly. I don't like to do math and especially when I'm I'm enjoying the show not gonna stop the show and do math the most I really have to. Here's attacks the lights are back on in the French Quarter -- the text -- power out of 11112113. Hundred block of Decatur mayor Ernie okay. So yeah we've had some power outages tonight Angela hill that called us earlier she was leaving their channel forward birthday party for Dennis Walters says that the big bolt of lightning. Knocked out power in the French Quarter. I'd -- from 1987 our sister station coalition said the the power was out to he was at a restaurant in the French Quarter and the power was out there but apparently the power's back on which is of course great news. Here's a text my twin would -- shortly on Two and a Half Men. While. As -- Tennessee twin or is that really year the year to win is that who you wanna -- -- that really your twin. When it comes to TV stars that you could bully to his child stars this text reason mark on the rifleman. Beaver and -- and Dobie Gillis. And that's from Todd in Missouri I can't help but think about. -- Dobie Gillis and and a I was young and you know Dobie Gillis was was older than me and I I guess I always wanted to be dead dead dating guy because he was in. I guess he was in college. And he was always involved in girlfriends in dating situations in different things like -- I always wanted to be at that point in my life put I wasn't yet there. Are we tonight have also been talking about an interesting article in the Wall Street Journal and a Wall Street Journal columnist writes in his article drunkenness and double standard. It seems as if he is suggesting. That if a female is drunk. She is equally responsible. If she gets raped. He talks about how there's a double standard. With guys drinking and with women drinking. And there are a number of states. That have laws on the books that if somebody is intoxicated. They cannot legally give consent to sex. So if a woman is is totally intoxicated no matter what she says. Legally it doesn't matter. She can't give consent if she's intoxicated. Now again there have been cases that we've gone to court. It's not always easy to have to prove -- so relieved that the best advice is -- a guy or girl just don't get too drunk. -- I said earlier I I'd really. I don't understand why anybody would. Be attracted. To that intimacy. The intimacy of a physical relationship. With somebody who is totally intoxicated. I mean how can that be fun -- here's another text power just back on the 12100 blog at Decatur. Well the good news is as strong as this bolt of lightning wise it knocked out power but apparently. There was. Redundancy in system that allowed the -- to come back on rather quickly. -- here's a text looked up to lassie here's -- that questions about that. Here's attacks Kirk Cameron or growing pains. -- channel store that you that you totally related to. Was there a teenage star that you relate to and looked up to and can you think of -- TV twin. That you have today a character on television. Fictitious character. That -- share. A personality with you share. Some some some certain traits with that that you can totally relate to this character and until I started talking about this a few moments ago it didn't occur to -- -- that mine is saying is Frazier. If you enjoyed a shorter right our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point seven. In a text number is 877. Here is a text always loved and looked up to the dukes from the Dukes of Hazzard. A decent hard working folks love their family but didn't mind stepping outside the lines to do so. And that is that's up from Todd in Missouri here is a text that read -- I watched The Beatles tribute to and I recorded on Sunday. It was a very heart it was very heartwarming to see Paul and Ringo together again we baby boomers grew up. With each and every song The Beatles made over the decades. They still. They still haven't after all these years amazing just amazing. I did -- some of that special I believe it was on CBS Sunday night our show Friday night here and to be of a hero was that was basically documentary about. The Beatles Friday was the fiftieth anniversaries of The Beatles -- arriving in America. And then yesterday. Is done you -- Sunday. Was the first anniversary of The Beatles appearing on the Ed Sullivan Show and I wrote a blog and -- web sites would still on the -- page at WW real dot com. Now also under our opinions on the front page about it The Beatles changing America. -- -- blog -- I talk about how The Beatles changed America. But not as directly as some people think that the beetles really were. Very fortunate to come along with a right sound and the right look at that rebellious attitude at a time. When some things were going on in this country. The last thing that really hit America woods and and and young generation. Was the assassination of the president Kennedy in November of 1963. And just a few months later The Beatles arrived in America. And I I believe that this -- young generation that is now the establishment. One is. What is. Losing trust in the establishment. They were looking for things that would distance them from. The establishment. And it was this was a subconscious thing and again back in those days parents didn't talk to their kids like they do today. So we were and this is from my personal experience. We were sitting in the background watching the news and hearing our parents talk and hearing all the panic about the president of the United States being assassinated. And it is definitely. Had a subconscious impact on all of us and I think that. Along with a couple of other things were happening in this country. Really set the mood for a rebellious anti establishment generation to come of age and The Beatles came along with a sound. It was totally counterculture. Anti establishment and -- look all along with it the rest of the British invasion. They just came along at the right time. Here is a text that reads. I looked up to -- so that's two for Ralph. Here's another text Herman Munster now is Herman Munster your TV twin or is -- monsters somebody that you looked up to. This is a text from pollution in Slidell. Might TV twin is Al Bundy. You know you must be fun to be around but I'm not sure the need for -- and wanna be married to you. -- here's a checks it reflects a few the Texan we've -- that -- fines was the coolest cat ever. So what did you look up to. -- was a child star at thirteen story that you could relate to. And can you think of the TV twin that you had in the past routine between you have now somebody that it's usually too so personally that you can almost. Predictor YouTube you laugh at yourself when you laughed at the the character and how they react to certain things -- when I watch Frazier. NIC Niles and Frazier reacting to things when I laugh at them and laughing at myself. If you wanna join our shooter -- with your comment our numbers 2601878. Toll free 866889. Is nearly seventy. At a text number is 877. From -- assess Steven your under -- WL. Yes there are brought out how are only kid migrant parents always -- -- -- walker and I -- I he's always you know are around the arranger. My brother and our planet like we were Ketchum Baghdad and everything -- -- has beaten up. Now it did that didn't cause you'd ever do anything negative in your life. Out of there like we ever kick each -- -- like that -- -- thought you know let's just keep the. Can't act like that. Way to manage your parents tried to distinguish the difference between reality and TV while what parents. Yes sir and -- We have watched movies and everything you know and it does she can't act like that that's not how people act -- and grown well we learn that. That's not the right thing to do -- just because McCain Baghdad I don't mean you can't take. Well why why isn't that the case why don't parents do that today what what repairs throughout their hands and go oh my god my son did that my daughter did that is because of TV. I've no idea like growing up now I -- yeah -- point one years old one not dictate. So. Today there -- Egypt and their acting up and everything you know about -- thing you know what did instinct but it. Generally. The -- to my mind is. You know Eric -- raise their child different like my parents taught -- the distinguished pro life from TV. Other classmates say. You know this is pretty -- at that takes you do this and. I wish more parents today today Stephen and and I think this is a great reminder to. On to all parents -- -- you have the the right and the responsibility to teach your -- the difference between fantasy and reality and if you kids do something wrong. It is a cop out is apparent to blame TV. -- I appreciate you calling her show and next time you call Stephen you don't have to say servant I and I appreciate that fact that you did. That's all right -- -- a lot of people would applaud that happened and not many people are in and have it today I appreciate you calling nationalist into the VW solid night. Here's a -- -- and I looked up to and watched all I looked up to and wanted to be like Johnny Carson. Here's attacks I looked up to Johnny quest. I remember that showed Johnny quest in. I was animation. I -- I mean I have I do have memories of that here's a tech's student I'm a dude. But I love Mary Tyler Moore. She broke the mold and I wanted to be an independent girl. Like that. Wait but she wanted to be an independent got. I guess because you'd have to go through a lot of trouble to be an independent girl like that. But you know I I can see where I guess I can think back on on relating to Mary Tyler Moore in effect she was a bit of a rebel and she. Was was independent and in her character. I guess this was in the the seventies to the very early seventies. And Mary Tyler -- character reflected. The beginning of that whole women's liberation movement -- and women being more independent. Here is. Attacks that reads Gomez Adams against this is somebody who is somebody's TV -- and so. Among other things and I were talking about. A child stars that you may have looked up to Shirley Temple passed away at the age of 85. -- curly top child star was a box office sensation from 1993 when she was seven. To 1938. She later went into politics and became the US ambassador to Czechoslovakia in the late eighties. And it made me think delighted relate to her it made me think about how many people related to Shirley Temple when she was a star. So was her child star or a teen star. Did -- related to. That you felt like was dealing with things in life that nature dealing with and do you currently have work and you think back on recently when you had a TV -- As I mentioned earlier I read a book in the eighties -- called TV twins and it it was in Britain I believe by a psychologist. Who determined that. There are certain types of characters on television. And some characters we so closely relate to that we actually. We actually look forward to them. And dealing with different encounters. And reacting to different things because we can so relate to how they would react to something and I if I'm not mistaken the book went on to say. That people actually go so far as to. To emulate. Their TV twin when reacting to certain situations in real life. So can you think if your T between. Our numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point 78. And a tax numbers 877. Here's attacks might -- between his Kramer. -- you must be a lot of fun at parties here's attacks Jack trippers. A lot of people wanted to be Jack -- because he live with. Mr. -- you know an instinct about. The rebellious nature of that show you know people are concerned about shows today. Think of all the -- this sexual implications. On three's company. The guy living with two girls too attractive girls and what was he always. Trying to do. Exactly so this is nothing new this has been part of television for a very very long time. We have another New Orleans winner in our 1000 dollar national cash contest congratulations to -- WL listener Joey Pardo. And we -- put some money in your pocket. You've got four chances to win thousand dollars. Every week to listen to WWL weekdays right before the top of the hour news and 8 AM noon 3 PM and 6 PM the code word. And enter the code word at WWL dot com slash cash. Or click on the contest -- Debbie WL dot com and it's just as easy to interfere on your Smartphone your tabloids here. Are your computer worker surfing at home you can win anywhere. Every week date four lucky listeners nationwide win a thousand dollars each so good luck and remember the times to elicit. Right before the top of the hour news at 8 AM. Noon to 3 PM and six via. Here's attacks that -- I looked up to Alex Keaton. -- a family ties you know I I saw I saw part of -- -- out of channel surfing it's at some point over the weekend. As family ties was on and I haven't seen it in so many years. And it was just it was so funny to see how conservative that was a really interesting. Show with interesting dynamics. It was so interesting. To see how conservative. Alex Keaton was the teenage son in the family he was that. He was the son of -- two extreme liberals. And he was just the ultimate. Conservative -- And I guess that show would have been outs. In the eighties so that would have been around the time when Ronald Reagan was president so that was a really if that was it for Steve because that. That show family ties. Touched on the liberals from the sixties. There were having kids. But -- also relate to it because it touched on the strong movement toward conservative ideology. In the eighties. Here's a text might TV twin was JR you. Here's another text by TV twin. Is a -- Bartz. If you what did you -- show the -- numbers 2601870. Toll free 8668890. Point seven at a text number is 877. From Slidell John your on the -- show good evening. Outside he skated. You know. Surely with so -- Formica on camera to your -- But I do remember seeing some things in her kept the acting with the extra or just extraordinary. And everything that we're at about army this -- everybody. Yeah I was -- I was reading today that she could cry on cue which is something that a lot of a lot of accomplished actresses and actors can do. -- There's a director and member and that they were several directors gay men put Auburn. And one directors did did she actually they just step in and day we're helping other people with their line. I mean. People. Obviously had just an incredible mind of her mother -- into. Wherever it from other gutter to. And she was three years soul. And and from their peak at some will think something to help they need -- left but not the kind of let her you know -- Machida started young age and -- just. Had extraordinary. Career -- just -- just like I get cute girl musical genius or acting -- prodigy. Yeah exactly exactly and I mean we're trying when the president you're going for depression and he -- he's seeing ginger denying that. You know lifting the spirit of America and of course this is. After a hole one in between -- -- and achieved just think toward to -- he's the greatest Ella. And this is just my opinion you know. People won't agree but I think you -- like eight. Eighteen best actor sitting in Hollywood history your best now. But bridge just had an extraordinary impact on the country and the -- aren't -- -- You know are young at each yeah. This would have been around and did depression time from 35 to 38 the country was going through some really a tough time since. She resists. This bright moment in a lot of people's lives and in -- look back on. You know right now I I see commercials four they've that the senate surely temple movies Cindy and I am amazed at her her talent but I don't have any. Personal reference of remembering watching Shirley Temple and as a kid. Yeah and you were to actually apparently he got -- you -- right. -- never quirky unique whereas if there. You trumpeted their birthday so I'm adored it when you interpret -- out. -- -- -- The idea that would be an interesting question to ask if you did if you could see anybody torque. For the past two -- -- Tebow would be Shirley Temple but I can think of the few people watched over the years that I. I'd like to CNET torque of -- he was popular event that John a political show meant thanks solicited a VW help here's a text desk at my TV twit is George Costanza. While. Here's a text Ritchie Cunningham I'm texting from Columbia Tennessee. You know you might be and some rough weather right now in Columbia Tennessee I know it's cold that you might be instant snow or ice. Another winter storm this when his name packs. It's hitting north Louisiana and parts of the deep south are used to this kind of whether once again Mississippi Alabama Georgia and the Atlantic area Birmingham affected by. By ice but Atlanta appears to be more prepared now. Then for the recent winter storm -- north Louisiana has a state offices closed to many of the northern parishes. Because of the the ice storm. And a state of emergency was declared by a governor Jindal yesterday for many northern Louisiana parishes. And it's raining we've got some thunderstorms expected overnight. Time the rain should come to an end by noon tomorrow and -- let's get through this it's going to be a beautiful weekend a journalist for the Wall Street Journal has written -- column title drunkenness and double standard. And he seems to imply that there's and that really probably years at a double standard when it comes to men and women drinking. But he seems to imply that if a female is drawn to the college female is truck. If she gets -- she's equally responsible. And that's -- WWL pretty -- opinion poll was outrageous as it seems if a female college student is drunk. Is she equally responsible if she gets raped. 47% say yes. 70% saying no give us your opinion by going to our web site to be a -- don't count. And there's always something new and our website to deliberations their resume tomorrow in the trial of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin will have all the information for yet. And we will bring you the verdict as soon as it happens also we've got the latest on the Sochi Olympics you can check out every day who the winners and losers are. Really. Disappointed that show on whites in snowboarding and half -- competition. Did not even place. And he was looking for a three Pete's performance but he did not get it. Also was a -- blog it is still trending on our way of say getting a lot of attention. It's -- wonder I wrote about Michael Sam and the question is in the title the blog is. Are you ready for port deal are you afraid of gays in the locker. Because the truth is -- we did in locker room uses health clubs in school we do with gays in locker rooms all of our lives. Maybe we didn't know it. But at some point there had been gays and locker rooms -- and as far as I know there haven't been any incidents. And the players in the NFL who have. Admitted that they were gate after they left the game. There were no reports although Mike about that idea that to me in the shower. No there were no reports of that sold. Is your heterosexual and you don't understand how somebody can be in that kind of setting with a member with the with the gender that they are attracted to. It's I guess it's different if you're gay or lesbian because you condition yourself to be in the situation all of your life. Without being able to react. So it's unfair for heterosexuals to suddenly say well if I was at show low -- this is a way I would Reyes is what I would -- Well it -- and again it's it's not fair to judge that that's what the behavior would be like. And to set the record straight Jonathan Vilma saints linebacker now says that he is perfectly okay with -- gay teammate. A from Illinois Gary here on the -- show good evening Gary. -- -- -- -- -- Second time calling you from Illinois last topic and -- dumped value on the reach double what my family you know talk about debt to nine which ever agree out of Seattle I felt gee probably 25 or six times so there. Delegates samba that. Analogy -- I guess I can look to go over par value SNC is currently brother. As a as a brother or sister. It's but twin brother to direct a little bit like go over austerity and -- and I related a little bit took me. Yet -- the very kind of indicate that he. It is thought those. I do this or look at -- -- I haven't thought about this book in years but I sort of thinking about it tonight we're talking about child stars that we can relate to because Shirley Temple passed away at the age of 85. And I was thinking about how interesting this book once it. Do we we have TV twins that did most of us are relate to characters and we -- to them that we we actually. Watch how they react to certain situations and as is I said when my TV twin. I guess I've had others over the years that my TV -- and now is is is Frazier. And I watches reruns in the morning and then at night it's on very late at night at -- 2 o'clock in the morning so. If I'd finish with the show and I'm still up all I'll watch Frazier what I realize now that we're not let that Frazier. I'm also laughing at myself. Interesting. During which you elected that you elected Illinois. Last night it was like seventeen bulldozer so I I talked to -- immediate post office. I'm I'm an old Boettcher I don't really have any friends that actually try to talk to anybody -- beach and she said it's the longest time it. -- -- -- -- -- -- Are you guys have had you guys are pretty brutal brutal winter in our Gary if Europe if you're bad -- now. I wanna give you some advice. Don't meet anybody before Friday Friday's Valentine's Day and you just gonna have to buy a present. About like cats and our president is like cancer. I don't let diverted like Valentine's Day I always felt it was kinda made me hit terrified people that are longer I'm only eight I just and is it like it. You know I telling Gary we'll talk about that on this crucial Friday nights because I have did in that situation for out. For for many times in my life -- I have been. I have been alone in not with anybody. And actually my attitude about all of that has -- changed over the years but I think that'll be an interesting thing to talk about on Valentine's Day so we'll do that -- you know she'll. All hope sort -- doesn't -- Illinois at 200 ignite. All right thanks -- and stay warm. Thank you -- take -- here's a text that read some might twin my team between was Julia sugar baker designing women. Here's a text doctor Alex still the father in the -- -- Donna Reed show. Actor Karl Betts was the quintessential. Fifty's all American Dad!. Here's attacks my TV -- and it was Fat Albert. Here's another text I don't really have the TV anymore. I am so in I guess it's because of computers but I really kind of surprised to people who are. Who who don't have who don't have television. Just it's a may but I guess you could get what you want on the on the Internet. Here's attacks there it's as. Don't have TV -- my closest TV twin boys Tyler Perry's Medea. And I'm a white woman weird LOL from Metairie Arnold McIntyre for quick comment -- your TV to end. George Lopez you DD is do you laugh at him and you laugh at yourself at the same time. Yeah. You know obviously like you know -- I believe it was -- it would you're open what. Are only as good -- -- probably do that I appreciate you calling -- we're coming right back with more on student WL.