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02-11 11pm Scoot, Trucking, Texting, TV Twin...

Feb 12, 2014|

Scoot talks about the excitement of being a trucker with solitiude and the road, positives and negatives of texting, plus; your tv twin?

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No winner is far from over one in violent weather moving through there at the deep south Atlanta Birmingham getting more of an ice storm parts of north Louisiana. North Mississippi Alabama all getting a more ice and as some some places are actually gonna see more show. I'm looking at live radar right now bad rouge is getting hit with some some thunderstorms very very heavy rain in Covington. And that area of the -- short looks like -- a little break right now in Slidell there certainly is a break in downtown New Orleans. We had to get a bigger thunderstorm with a year earlier and a big bolt of lightning knocked out power in the French Quarter. Four of a brief period but I believe that is -- is back on. And so there is just much rain -- spread throughout south south Louisiana and south Mississippi. I and it's gonna continue through connect through the -- I think the rain is supposed to end by around noon tomorrow look here's the really good news. There's a low pressure system from the western gulf Disco move over Louisiana and the New Orleans area tonight and tomorrow morning. And by the way I tune into WWL first news tomorrow morning from five to six with Dave Cohen and WWL first news with Tommy Tucker from six to ten for the latest on the weather. And the latest on the traffic because there could be some heavy thunderstorms. -- tonight. And into tomorrow morning. The high tomorrow is only going to be in the upper forties it'll be cloudy tomorrow. After the rain ends and then it's gonna be cold tomorrow night in the low thirties on the North Shore in the upper thirties. On the South -- then Thursday is expected to be sunny with highs set in the fifties but here's the great news. We'll get through this weather this weekend looks like it's going to be spectacular. Friday Saturday and Sunday looks like we'll have a lot of sunshine. With temperatures in the sixties and seventies. And the last I saw was. The high sick about 6869. On Saturday. With partly cloudy skies and and partly cloudy on Sunday with a high in the low seventies. So is going to be spectacular weekend for some Mardi Gras parades this weekend. And for the NBA all star game which is in town of course the games inside the people are gonna be moving around -- walking around from a one place to another. The city is already getting all dressed up for the -- does begin the all star game once again the national spotlight is gonna be -- and New Orleans. And if you wanted to come down and and enjoyed being part of the city when there's a lot going on come down sometime this weekend. And enjoy the city we're talking about does several things tonight. How many times you gonna have to hear -- story. About somebody who has gotten in an accident. And killed somebody. Because they were texting while driving. A North Carolina woman yesterday. Apologized to the victim's family in court. She faces murder charges reckless driving charges charges without also she's charged with driving without a driver's license. She hit until the pedestrian. She was texting while driving. The report also says that she was so under the influence of fun medication. When she was texting. And driving. Again. How many stories are you'd have to here. Before you stop texting and driving and I'm not here to to lecture you but I like to bring these things up and just remind ourselves -- why wait for to happen to us it happens all the time. And it probably doesn't happen as much as it could that there -- accidents that result from doing something that is so. Preventable. Texting while driving. I he had -- I used to do it. It's been a wild. And I'd -- I quit before the law the law changed the way the law changed I -- texting. And driving and yet there are still many people who are doing it and it really shouldn't take a law to Telus to do something that common sense should tell us to do. Which is not text and drive if you wanna join our show in the coming tonight are numbers 2601 a seventy. Toll free 866889. Cyril it's happening in our checks -- -- 77. Russia talking about the death of a -- -- -- Shirley Temple. She died at the age of 85 surrounded by family at home in severance Cisco. As she was -- through the -- curly top child star box office sensation from 1935. When she was seven to 1938. Not really him a very long period of time she later went into politics and became the US ambassador to Czechoslovakia in the late eighties. And though I couldn't relate to -- it made me think about how many people could relate to Shirley Temple. And as soon as a child star. It is their child star or teen star. That you could relate to when you were growing up and the -- TV -- And I were ever called reading a book in the in the eighties. About a about TV twins and ordered by I believe a psychologist. And the book mentioned how we tend to relate to certain characters so closely on TV. That we actually. We try to imitate the way they deal with certain situations who would actually learn. How to react to things and how to react to certain situations because of the way these characters react that's how closely we relate to the characters. And you think of somebody who is your TV Twitter is currently your TV -- And as I was talking about -- I didn't think about it before just talking about it live on the -- -- just a bit ago. My TV -- Frazier. And I guess I've had others over the years but right now I I have to admit when I watch Frazier. I'm glancing at Frazier and I can almost predict how is gonna react to something because it's the way I would react to something. You know I actually. I actually think when I left the phrase trust them laughing at myself. So Hoosier TV twin -- who's a child's story that you could relate to that maybe helps you with some of the things that you were going through when you were young. Our numbers 260187. -- toll free 8668890870. And our tech summer is a 7870. From I need to Patricia you're under a BWL good evening. Our stated -- Patricia. I'll catch. And now. That's -- talents you know everything -- -- -- -- airwaves. -- is like splashing you know. Different shows -- -- Asian. Main thing that was bearish analyst at fort -- it can and other events thank century they'll -- Four legged friends general stance and that that person that can really relate to their letters were ill. And -- -- share of Indy it'll all sort though the action has circumstance. Isn't directly elected and there. Really go on the show -- Now I don't I don't wanna watch the show but you can relate now when you say you relate to her. Can you almost predict how she's gonna react to something because it's the way you would react. Yes and she is -- country. Has had. And and there's a way I was raised and that's where -- failed so country. The actual numbers picture you know what she's gonna do next general. And what that -- -- say attack I you have been pretty -- Frazier saying it as well. And then it all the stars that I have met Tim interviewed over the years I would have to tell you that we have McEntire is one of the nicest. Most unpretentious people that I have ever ever talked to my career. I can't act can actually believe that congress. Association lately it's a good -- and error. However she and her brother out. Actually. -- and I'm a former -- grammar and I used statutes that are on -- And watching her and operational error overshadow. It sure why she is so. Country. It cheers the closest thing to me. Now Patricia what what kind of truck did you drive. -- -- -- You drove an eighteen Wheeler. -- now he does it's it's perceived as being a male dominated world how hard into how did you relate to the other drivers and how did they relate to you. -- quite well because I dedicate countless. Or not one that streak and packed Alex and you read it and I was like this irons may -- have. I wanted it -- and palace where the relationship sites. And when I was learning -- go into. A place where I was delivering cable Arctic inept and -- out here on the news. Is Belichick meanwhile. Back you know or care -- I think is. Eight patients and -- but it is very good to me. I'm Patricia and a and a shortstop did the other in truck drivers of the guys try to hit on your. It. And had a little problem -- church -- I like to read. She came back to write letters and -- of people or AJ. -- give me show. Can learn -- out counter. -- -- -- -- What was the most interesting part of being a truck driver and now we have a lot of truck drivers who was an official across the country and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm from a family -- truck drivers that was not my song turning. Them. And I guess if I was gonna explains. The best part of being and it tripped rapper actor is being an election own training. Well as like jerk like in the morning wind there was -- people around it that way and it checked and that they don't like oranges like so many grad level or -- -- like Orion. In the shining. -- It it is like a dream come true. Patricia I'm I'm -- good people don't understand -- because of what I do for a living but this is what I do for a living but I'm. I'm I'm very much an introvert you know I'm very inclusive. And I always I always fantasized about it being just a loan on the road. -- nights in a truck and I would love the ideas that. That I could could sleep in the in the back -- discipline you can do to give there is a compartment of the bag we could sleep and and and quite often when I'm having a difficult time sleeping at night. I'll try to fantasize about a pay your truck driver. -- on the side of the road wouldn't be great to just pull into a truck stop and you've just got your own little place they are you couldn't you can fall asleep right there I I also think about that. We're actually out. -- -- That's when I was at Terrell lactation it's good that they can. Move it's that's -- like to be out there are English take them ourselves. It's wearing. And it was just like -- My appreciation and also -- Elected Jack you know hours in a -- stick it to check out what -- in the shining. Cannot -- virtually to a daycare. And everybody else is out there. Publishers show I appreciate you sharing that experience for us. And thanks for listening graduates. Oh I'm always great -- great. Mexico that you and good luck let it show kind of walking out just. Patricia I appreciated thanks a lot of soliciting. I if you wanna join us for a comment -- you know if your truck driver you -- joining -- with a comment does what I get I get calls from truckers wants an oil. And we cover. The 38 Stacy -- -- I guess here is your -- the truckers in some of the rough weather right now don't don't bother calling us but I would think that I would think that that would be. Such a great job because in a lot of ways you. You'd you'd be alone you wouldn't have constantly have somebody. Telling you what's agility -- I guess she would know what you're job Visio your assignment is you know your destination is you know how to get there. But I would think that there be a lot of really positive things about being alone on the road. As a truck driver. If you and enjoyed I should remind our numbers 2601870. S for truck drivers or anybody else outside -- -- say immediate area are toll free number. Is 866. 89 is nearly seventy. In a text Amber's late 77. I here's a text us with the problem with common sense is it isn't very common anymore in regards to texting while driving it it's it certainly is true. I here's a text it -- I learned a lot from Dennis the Menace. You must spend a lot of time min timeout. Here's a text on a New Orleans cops text and drive all the time in that is a text from -- You know this is a topic that comes up once in awhile. And police officers. Speeding without their lights on May be not necessarily responding to a call. The police officers serve on their computers or their cellphones -- while they're driving. I don't think it's a good idea for police officers to. Not obeyed the laws. That citizens. Aren't asked you'll pay now. I'm not a police officer I have total respect for police officers if I'm missing something here if -- police officer or former police officer. And there's a justification for texting while driving. While citizens can mean as it is a human being I I can't imagine that that would be a safe thing to do. Can I can't believe that I did before. Even of a brief period of time because it's it's dangerous. And I stopped to -- law which passed tonight I don't text. And drive. But I know that people still do it and I see all the time on the road. And how many times are we gonna have to hear stories about action because that's so preventable. That's not something you have to deal with settling breathing although it's hard to convince some people that texting is not like freezing but. You don't have to do it. If you really have to get a hold of somebody. You could really pull over. You wait -- your travels. You might even if you're on an interstate you might have -- to pull off the interstate and and and get off on an exit you might have to actually stop. That might be a little inconvenient. But if anything ever happened. How would you ever forgive yourself knowing that it was so easily prevented. If you wanna join our shorter right our numbers 2601878. Totals 38668890. -- seventy. And our -- -- a 787 and here's a text. Now according to be Mary Richards. But I really more like Rhoda Morgenstern. Food -- -- -- show. And says alliance. Mary was a little more boring than -- if you know what I mean. By the way wanna welcome all of you who have been no watching the Jon Stewart today show and also Stephen colder. A lot of people watch those shows and then their tune into this crucial welcome George Schroeder nights and we'll be right back on WWL. I'm looking at live radar right now and it looks like -- -- rouge are beginning a temporary break but there around says Donaldson fill some heavy rain. Very heavy rain around Covington and in many parts of the North Shore. Over parts of -- onto trains right now the immediate New Orleans area is getting a break for the weather and it looks like may be there's some weather this gonna move into the immediate metro area. Later tonight early this morning this rain is gonna continue with this into tomorrow morning. That is supposed to come to an end around noon and it's going to be chilly tonight in Chile again tomorrow night. But then by the weekend it's going to be sensational forecast calling for partly cloudy skies -- Saturday and Sunday. Temperatures in the upper sixties to low seventies great great weekend for. The posting of morning gras -- senators appraise this weekend and those also hosting of the NBA. All star game this weekend in New Orleans and it's always great when the national spotlight. -- is on New Orleans. I don't know whether you've heard this or not to by -- -- the mascot for the New Orleans pelicans. -- of the pelican. He's gonna get a -- job. He apparently injured his -- During a pickup game over the weekend. You know I. I haven't seen the mascot closeup but I seen pictures. And from the very first introduction of this -- could pick people have been kind of scared of him. So I wonder if this big job is going to be a way to maybe make the parents who asked not to. A little less frightening because a lot of people found him to be very very frightening. It is not often that Republicans and Democrats agree so that's why this moment is worth mentioning. -- house committee approved a bill. With no opposition. A bill that bans the use of cell phone calls. My airline to airline passengers. Tended he'll receive reports are support from Republicans and Democrats nice to know the agreeing on something and you know I hate to take away somebody's personal freedom. But. There are so many obnoxious. Phone users who are so in considered and there's so eager testicle to think that we actually give a damn about their important conversation. And you see this all the time people walking around -- their cellphones and they're they're talking very loudly and that they're actually looking around to see if people looking at him. I mean how. How obnoxious can UV. So I'm really glad that says people are not gonna I I I hope that continues no cellphone you -- up on a plane. If people knew how to use the cellphone. And they weren't obnoxious about it did maybe so but rather that no cell -- on a plane I'm -- -- that. -- here's its efforts are about to truckers -- earliest issues a truck driver I couldn't help but take a moment to ask her about being a truck driver what what was that like. And I think that's something that would really. Really fit by nature -- -- I'd -- love what I do and I guess in some ways I'm. I'm alone in the studio and I don't mean -- have somebody the other studio -- studio producer put. You know I'm I'm I'm alone I'm with -- -- a physically I'm I'm alone it. And -- by light that's I guess to some degree alike that solitude and I'd I'd tend to be very -- and so I've always thought. When I get on the road I've always thought how cool it would be to be a truck driver. And joining us suffered Nashville Greg -- and a VW all your trucker. Yeah. Greg. Absolutely. -- agree with that and out your -- eight years and there's stories tonight yes but. Like being in the truck. Or I wanna go art for a lot of -- big blow up. No idea. -- describe describe what you have back there because I've never seen I've never seen inside a truck but. Some of -- wider than others so it looks like -- didn't know they might have some nice my stuff back there. The gal the solution not as big -- all blow -- seeing the gigantic ones. This what is all the amenities -- unique factor -- battery creature greater. Microwave. -- -- Unity. Now how bitter how big would you say that the Betty as compared to a bed. But that is about. I don't treat it by eating. They can get a bigger feel like because demise. -- you -- TV. And so you -- depending on the weather you've got here you've got he'd even when you're not driving. Absolutely. It's like a little apartment behind your office. He initiatives. I have I -- this -- so broad -- -- -- passenger -- Like computers -- to swing at the fact earth slid into the term. Well Greg I appreciate you sharing that with this in no official ST while you're on the road. All right. Here's its -- I'm a trucker and night to prefer working at nights it is safer out there everybody's behaving themselves the crazies come out when the sun comes up. Here is another -- I always thought the same thing about truck driving open road music and just me. Here's a text about texting and driving in another incident where a woman. Has. Hit somebody and kill somebody. She was texting and driving somebody's dead. And she's in jail being held them on on a million dollars bond. So what do you think her life is like right now all because she was texting and driving. This takes reason I'm sure this person did not send this text while they're driving. I agree 100% with you skewed how many times do we have to hear about something tragic happening before we learn not to do it anymore. That's exactly. The same thing yeah I mean it's. Don't know why. Why do it pay again it's I'm not here to lecture you. But I'm here to discipline -- -- I see certain stories like his -- I'm here to remind myself and for all of us to just remember that. You know it tragedies really do happen and just because simply hasn't happened to is does it mean something won't happen to us and why would she wanted to -- Something so stupid and preventable is. -- simply not texting while you're driving. I hear is attacks have found a sobering picture on Twitter recently. These shows the Herring result of one man's texting. I couldn't send the picture via text. So I sent via email and that is from Laura if you do want to send me an email or communicate with me through email my email address is scoot. SC OT. At WWL. Dot com that's suited to VW multi count is something else and wanna start promoting on the show and artists are doing this on the showing ninety. -- what you start sending me forward meet emails that you get. There are among the ridiculous. Emails. Then you think are part perpetrating. Absurd rumors. And I I get emails from people -- able Scoble look at this and read this. And it's it's all this ridiculous. Hysteria it's it's ridiculous propaganda. And it appears to be true. Either it's not true or it's something that happened a long time ago and suddenly it resurfaces. -- on the Internet. And -- people are getting it on there they're FaceBook pages -- for getting it in emails. And it it's almost as if it's a new story. And it's not so I'd love to expose some of those so. If you if you ever did and an email from a friend a family member or if you just -- forward or didn't emailed -- they're trying to set the record straight on either though liberal media or. But it the right wing conservatives. So forward me that email. There will look into that we'll talk about some of those on the shown again my email address is scoot. And it's WWL. -- constitutes and it's WWL dot com. Here's a text -- TV twin is. Erica Kane All My Children. I favor her. And was a little more and was even a little more vindictive. When I was younger. Wow. But serving as a future Georgia says something else we talked about tonight in TV twins. Which are talking about a child stars. Because they're Shirley Temple a passed away at the age of 85 it. I'm sure a lot of people related to a Shirley Temple when when they were young. And I was -- he -- -- -- some of the child stars to -- I related to I can't think of really it had too many. But I also -- it started thinking about this book that I read in the eighties cult TV twins. And it was it written about the idea is that there are people that we so relate to we've soberly to their their personalities even -- they're fictitious. On television. That we actually watch how they deal with certain situations and that helps us deal with certain situations. And I mentioned my -- between right now is. It is Frazier. What's a -- sometimes in the morning when I wake up at first or watching the news and then. A Frazier who runs is on -- very lady died after the after the show so as I'm going to sleep sometimes a -- -- and I realize when I'm laughing at Frazier a -- -- myself. And it's really funny but to join ushered right our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. -- Stephanie. A text -- receive 77 and here's a Texan recent fortunately these types of accidents will happen more and more often. The generation now that is starting to get their driver's license is the same generation. That doesn't know how to operate anything without a cell phone in their hands. That's true. Unfortunately. That's true. And -- can be argued that teenagers today are so efficient and texting. That they would be better. Texting and driving then many adults. It doesn't mean it's safe. And they had been teenagers who have been involved in tragic tragic accidents. Because they were texting. And driving. Then again it's so. Is so preventable. If your parent. God bless you assess your role to convince your teenagers not detection drive. And then you have to know your teenagers and and have to figure out how you can best talked to them but figure out a way to get food -- them. And talked to them and convince them. Actually figure out a way to make it their decision so you're not telling them what to do get it at present in some kind of a way where it's an option. It is up to them -- -- let let them make the the decision that no I'm not gonna text and drive. And simultaneous with that is drinking and driving and that's something that I don't seem to remembers well. -- in Colorado and missing skier. After an avalanche is his body was found he's he's dead. The body of the man in his forties was found just afternoon today. About a day after he disappeared following a large avalanche it was the second skier caught in the slide. By two be able able to have to to get out and get help this when was not they found his body he's the tenth person to die in an avalanche nationally this season. And the fourth. Since Sunday. And still border died in another avalanche in Colorado on Monday and two people died after avalanche is over the weekend in Utah. Quite often these and this was so this was a big topic when I was on the air -- -- also and in Seattle and Portland. This is that this is -- it's it's a it's a big topic they are because there are people who go outside of the the set boundaries. The ski area. And if you go outside of the set boundaries. And something happens. And all this money is spent to rescue you. The argument and in the question is should you have to pay fort. If you break the rules if you go outside of the boundaries. And you're not following the rules if tragedy happens. And you have to be rescued. I should you or your family have to pay fort but I am an eighty's we are for the family to have to pay for but that but the point is and I I guess in this area we can. Relate that to -- -- to boating. If you absolutely do something you're not supposed to do would be an area where you're not supposed to be something happens. It it it's even more your fault. And there are people who do try to go outside the boundaries and we get into these these risky areas snowboarding areas. It they did the areas or are groomed. But there's a greater chance of an avalanche in the areas that are not groomed. So you'd do stand it I know it's it's it's a thrill to be in that kind of powder were nobody else is going good. It's and far far too dangerous. Here is a text. My favorite show is Frazier. I. Was -- on to donate so I -- awareness and owner of my favorite -- is -- resorted. It's -- -- and I wanna say it is the Hallmark Channel and it's on ads. 28 cheers is only 1 o'clock. One to two and Frazier -- and 234 them again -- I I watched Frazier so I'm prone to sleep after the show here's a text the band chicken on the bone checking in. I chicken on the bone lights went out on -- 500 block. They're on -- up about an hour ago. And couldn't good had a chance to hear you gonna judge okay -- -- seventh place went on the court gives a big. Bolt of lightning indicated that we heard -- the fund drive sought out of our studio winners in knocked out a lot of power in the French Quarter apparently. That is backed out if you wanna join a show the comic tonight our numbers 2601878. Toll free 8668890. Point 78 -- -- Think 78 cents barrels in the sound too. -- -- -- -- Describing -- really nice I do like I'm. -- to try to ignite his. Discrete solid too. Peacefulness about. Did you give him to a pretty general opinion polls is a female college student is drunk -- -- equally responsible if she gets raped. We'll give you an update -- -- when we come back this is this to show live from New Orleans on a chilly. Tuesday night we'll be back -- doesn't do well. Is one of my favorite bands right now I mentioned dragons so in his home. Demons. And then there's a lot around Philly could do music countdown and we've talked about this on the show much of my very similar. From the -- we're. His attacks. That reads. Please tell us about the email photos that you receive for the last like I got an email from so Asus and -- sobering. Picture on Twitter. Recently showing the harrowing results of one man's texting. Sushi -- to be a via email you know I really don't pay too much attention to emails while I'm on the year but I'll get that -- when I get all feared midnight. And we'll talk about them on the show tomorrow night I have to admit that I really like texting. I like the fact that he -- to the point but sometimes it's very convenient because. Well sometimes it's easier to live tonight actually have a conversation with some I know eventually sand tonight. I I I hate the fact that the the art of conversation. Is to some degree -- dying. And they are there are -- problems with texting over over talking to supporting the phone. But I have to admit that I I actually their times are really like texting because it is so. It is -- to the point. And I find as some people are more prone to insert text. Then answer their phone will talk about him on the show tomorrow night from New Orleans Larry you're on the -- show under the WL. New record Merc contradicted their Paterno spoke to wanted to talk about don't go ahead Larry -- what's on your mind. Unbearable productive very deep and wide -- good good good its technical picture. Not people regard and in your view of each field partner yet he's very good pick what he tried to drop at all. Now when I -- I like texting Larry I'm not talking about while driving -- Justin's my -- are very deliberate but to -- you're right Larry there that I and that's why. You don't wanna talk about this story and another case of a woman and killing somebody and into -- -- -- because she's text. Right we might bring you could you know. It took for you and you figure if you picked up till almost been called me -- -- -- -- -- which he called them on the -- Don Briere and in my case -- god don't read in -- -- got a -- -- -- mentioned everybody keep detriment global mail so. But if you call me on the -- we'd been told straight to the point and eliminate the conversation not a problem that we have made very near. You've got a bunch of people -- got a bunch here matured to rather than some problem with people who. Don't -- a tall openly to yet go whip out he would get content get beat -- -- you don't know what you're talking about. When you look at -- that's one reason why we got so many problems on alternate world we don't really prepared child littlest bit and everything else could be they're not a trip. What I don't know it's that that's the reason that we have news those people they're doing that yeah I I agree with you about. About people hiding behind attack cities. It's it's. It's and a very impersonal way to break up with somebody it's a very impersonal way to ask somebody out. And yet there's a part of it fits. That is appealing to me because I like the convenience of the very much to the point and I guess in this. In this world Dave we. At a live in now it's it's. Easy if you can find ways to get right to the point in -- and save time and I've I find that with texting but I totally understand your. Appreciation of of a phone call rather -- attacks. Undercurrent where there's no possible when you called me and we told governor -- Yeah and if you could not detect the mayor who are no I don't you've -- understand air for the spotlight you -- -- and felt more than one argued call mantra demonstrated. Delaware will be in the world is hell hole and apple you would there be -- good -- -- Laugh out loud where well well oh and and then there's senate bill. MA always she's laughing my ass off. -- nuclear and you don't find it there there are siblings that a lot of people understand Larry but I'll tell you there. There -- some of these acronyms they did did -- crazy in their new and I don't understand what somebody's trying to say. Still this is gonna be a good conversation -- will will have this conversation on the here tomorrow night the advantages and disadvantages. Of texting the pros and cons the good and and the ban it I think it's an interesting topic because it is such a part of our culture today. Robert noble want problem waited different people who could realize is well no -- up -- this Easter. You know just they can get -- Nobody needs to be texting and driving in the same way that people shouldn't be drinking and -- -- throughout Britain where I Larry and I'm glad you called it didn't say -- at Texas we was one more personal. Thorough review of our program -- from work and perseverance the AAA crazy colors yeah we're talk about that they'll be one of the topics on this crucial tomorrow night the advantages and disadvantages of tension. How texting is helping and hurting our society. We'll be right back. On WL. We're ramping up and Nova Scotia here at WWL I'm glad you had been witness tonight -- here's a section reads this to my daughter's old teacher told her class that he had just found down. -- LO element laugh out loud. He was embarrassed to find out that she had been signing it. And all of her correspondence. Even sympathy cards she thought it meant lots of love solutions spanning. Sympathy cards LO well. Your husband passed away. LO help. It shouldn't be laughing but things kind of funny. Here's a final update on our cavium fuel for did you want to -- home. If a female college student is drunk issue equally responsible for being raised 43% say yes.