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Feb 12, 2014|

Dave talks about stupid pillows, the DMV, and changing your name

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition -- WL offers news on this twelfth of February 2014. Maybe what what. Yes and I've got Obama's. Not a -- Off -- awful. Nice being on the way towards the weekend I'll direct. Everybody -- it -- it and getting going. You can't -- just. Yeah yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know it's vital. I almost. Hate him. It has a happy home. You you'll hours from the early edition WL for -- number with -- -- that we can get rain out here yet it's cold out here now you've been. Promising such a wonderful weekend. I -- if you're still get a -- inside sources. Yeah it does what lord -- there in the -- what does -- do keep it points. I'm mentioning. Friday's round. It just looked at right and I -- -- -- I think she's yet to public service help but all that guys not. Boy you don't want a fumble and stumble and let our -- now is that time to take action now is the time rains that delivery now is the time to these map a plan. When you going to surprise here with what are you going to surprise answer. And how are you going to maker feels special. On his round and you better arm to get to it no matter how much -- Amateur resentment how much you think it's now mark now Yemen Friday -- do it yet personalized. To. It. Just. It is gonna take when a couple of minutes it says it's the flaw that at all it's so yes the prices and everything and -- In and then in the flowers that we can speak and hours a week at a time when dale if you got the mind them. Either Thursday Friday at the earliest you combine the party at the prices. It's you know as a company to stash in the -- bring honor. Christmas you can. He has -- We've seen the ads and that involves a lot of -- all kinds of things from you know. Thousands of dollars in jewelry but I've noticed that it good giant Teddy bear. That thing is like four feet tall at the oh my god it's a Teddy man that's like three feet tall and admirable one. I've never understood that I told -- But if we went what do you do with -- I know I just -- -- like one of those stupid -- -- those stupid pillows -- your -- I have -- -- yes Google will sell you eat it lamp on the Nat they're not -- you're not supposed to use them for her. They just go on the bed. Every morning and they stayed there until you get back in the bed at night now and you take them off the bad. And he put him back. -- I served her purpose. An economy -- Austin well I guess I don't know that held on my bedroom and look at my pillow yeah exactly my mail order those but I guess that makes my wife feel like that you ought to -- the party pillows on the. I have noticed in these ads that were jargon about that that are and aren't lots of little subtle hints that are tucked in there of the view them. -- -- -- -- Yeah -- -- might get a look like there's this -- -- you go for a total other motivation not a not only don't screw it up but yeah you're right exact and there's a reward out. -- -- -- Teddy bear had to sneak that in there yeah I did you give it to him -- next thing you know look -- look at the coddling ignores that ha ha yeah. January so yeah I guess those big Teddy -- -- like stupid to know just item on the bed and today opposite movement away at night. Board on our -- today again coming about it today about -- Experience yes it was my birthday. And had a human. I'll boycotted that well and it's -- damn. Him an. Auto worker on the there's. More arsenic if -- -- I don't know what what is the deal I think it's the easiest target for -- for jokes to make fun of -- the DMV. Very opposite motor vehicles or what evidence that places Korea familiar driver's license. But it may be deserves. If it's -- culture that is developed in our. Entire. Country. We're just a horrible horrible horrible place to go I don't know if the people who work there are trained to be that way or they just become that way but I'll talk about -- Rain and -- beautiful forecast he withering get that here coming up next Steve Geller was -- who some say it may be shown the door today. We'll find out more about that after that. About the pillows. On the -- all. Days nobody can use them actually -- night some Texans at their decorative. DEC RI TIV. It is OK you know I get that and I know why there there I just when you have like you know. 468. Some people have like when he although as pillows on the Betty just keep moving every day and every night. I just think that's maybe a little effort on. And that's that's -- announced I and I asked him why don't just renew my driver's license by mail label let Q and the end they will every other time I. I did it for years ago I dated by mail -- sent me a little sticker. Now I understand this and you'll only licensed in the mail. But after eight years they make you go winning get a new picture -- is there's just no way if you don't receive that invitation in the mail to do it on line. You can't order a new one in the mail so I had to go win we'll talk more about my experience coming up after your forecast. Still a 40% chance -- showers around for the morning commute the heavy thunderstorms have moved out of the area but still from cold light rain around temperatures later. Only in the forties with cloudy skies this afternoon and so mainly cloudy overnight tonight 33 north of the lake and 35 on the South Shore. Back to some sunshine -- tomorrow -- skies clear highs of 53 and Friday right now looking great Freeney Valentine's plans. The -- partly cloudy high in the mid sixties. From the Eyewitness News forecast Fenner I mean -- to slot back itself. Right now we have cloudy skies and forty degrees at the international airport and -- with a north wind at fourteen it feels like freezing right now across the South Shore cloudy and 39 in -- with a windchill of 33. Light rain and -- Reported around the area and National Weather Service office. Automated. Equipment added again we've seen it in whole -- we see anything Gonzales in the past today it's -- out of where they say there are flurries at 42 degrees. But again. Think that that computer just misinterpreting a little mist in the air it says there are snow flurries that wouldn't go outside and Galley out right now expecting to see. Flakes flying through its. Again. -- that and how that's the WWL that we take good morning Steve Geller. So today -- the day that some -- may -- found the doors to thank you for your services have a nice -- yeah as the interest the report coming up from pro football -- dot com saying that -- could be out the -- as soon -- today -- now who could -- be -- that and -- we say good morning to Steve -- with all of your. -- and Wednesday morning sports on this home. Good morning everyone in this that this city continues to your for the NBA all star game as festivities took off on Thursday. Kenny Smith will be in town with the rest of TNT's inside the MBA crew in the chip feels that our New Orleans pelicans are heading in the right direction. A bigger vehicles that have a great spot -- -- -- I think that the following year after year that they could have other -- sort of property decent job. The pelicans are in Milwaukee to battle the bucks tonight -- ball -- 1053 WWL that -- is that sent him. Well according to pro football talk dot com the saints could cut both will Smith and Roman Harper as soon as today. Smith has ten point four million dollar base salary and a thirteen point nine million dollar cap it. While harper it's at the count three point six million dollars against the cap. The Cleveland Browns have announced a major shake up in the front office CEO Joe Banner is stepping down in general manager Michael Lombardi is leaving the team. Owner Jimmy has them says that assistant GM -- farmer has been promoted and will immediately take over the team's football operations. And lead the browns during free agency and draft. The US has added one more -- in another bronze medal to Sochi Winter Olympic experience. Aaron Hamlin became the first American to medal in the fifty years of Olympic singles luge. Coming away LeBron was -- -- Who won the silver in women's slopes style skiing so what are sure all white -- -- During his first run about half -- finals that cost him a shot at a medal. He into the competition as the defending two time gold -- medal winning champion in the event but had to settle for fourth this time around. Norway currently has the -- metals currently with eleven. Canada trails with nine the Netherlands is in third with eight in the United States since -- fourth place with seven medals. They have -- on sports talk should medical marijuana be allowed in the NFL. Commissioner Roger Goodell said he doesn't rule out its use by players. Let's Avery Johnson talks NBA all star weekend at 730 it's -- basketball in the big 870 AM at the tigers take on Texas amen. It's early morning look at. We're tonight Steve Geller five point four days gone Steve -- with you on your radius of where -- is at the pro football -- says may be gone on today. Will Smith is which no real surprise because of his cap number and also Roman Harper. That he's been also mentioned as well because of his. Pretty exorbitant number for the production that he's been giving us on the field. -- one -- -- -- well. Cut. Right. Neither one of them have been. Terribly productive last couple of the good news too is this might be a sign that the aid might be getting closer to long term contract with hopefully -- Jimmy Graham. And that's why they're trying to make this room right now that -- may -- correct me -- wrong folks -- you worried about either one of these guys getting now absolutely. Thank you deducted points -- more sports here at WWL I am FM and that -- by the way folks Thursday is tomorrow. All star festivities start tomorrow right here in the Crescent City for the NBA. And it should be a lot of fun we'll talk more about that with -- and 25 minutes your forecast. Margaret comment today 7870 -- right after this. 5187. It is still not a pretty -- vote -- matter whether his comments. We'll still hang on to some showers this morning even at the heavier thunderstorms are now well east of us still of 40% chance up through lunchtime. Of the light rain at its estate -- all day temperatures holding tight in the forties then tonight. Well they mainly cloudy skies the -- is all gone 33 north of the lake with a light freeze south Billick around 35. And you're waiting for that sunshine it's back in full force tomorrow skies clear on Thursday highs around 53. And partly cloudy on Friday taking your -- up for Valentine's Day. Could be mild in the mid sixties. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Feels like just about freezing on both sides like with the wind chills actually fortieth the airport in -- 39 in Slidell -- -- -- -- 7870 about the stupid fellows I'll share that. -- coming up what a lot of people 37 minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition of WWL person is it's the twelfth of February it's 2014. AA it's hump day it's. You danced a little -- -- got talking about. The stupid fellows as -- health fellows that. Put on your bad and then in the morning it ticked off at night and -- back in the morning decorator bill. But it is smugglers and tackled. Him -- someone else next meeting 7870 sang thank god I'm not alone. I'd love to take all the stupid pillows throw them in a pile on the aren't like them on fire and it's around them back. -- a stab them I don't know. I don't need -- fat sides and -- -- But but you were your right you can just take them off and then just leave -- -- around the floor they got to go back. Where the beds made notes and the development chair for me -- about the been put on the chair you have got to put -- decorative Leon. They take them off the chairman of the -- home and I think you got him. Give them back just right on the bag you do and if you -- look like please some produces Macomb. From the other. Element that. Complete. Hey hey I'm here you know maybe when they get them here pillow fire just make it legal ever yeah please. Be careful -- People file it's about time -- -- arrested a man they say spent the night the back of a police car and and couldn't get out and Portland -- Apparently there are no handles. On the inside. Of a police car on the back doors makes cents all year out because they don't want the arrest eased to be able to get out card since -- -- -- maybe to sleep it off maybe get medical whatever just crawled in Seattle public out the next morning -- in the yard near the -- screaming from the back home are. Let me out. Let me crowd. One caps that want to shut that back -- you're essentially indicates. And thank goodness I don't know that I've never been arrested in doll any -- charges against editor no absolutely -- really yeah they've arrested him. To break it into a police -- out there right now ninety -- rude when ago. Kind of felt like I was in jail yesterday. Yeah with Europe and my driver's license deal the oldest DMV I went early. Now I am I get ahead of the -- gonna get there early. So I got to the brand new express driver's license application in Kenner we thought you'd be out of there and like the like ten minutes airline in these got there quarter till they open -- the party for people in line. As other workers walking ahead of us they went in another Doris ongoing and here's the thing. It was raining and it was really cold. The workers are in there and it is lined up outside and there's no cover this -- on saying there's no nothing to while they steaming in the rain and open the door and could they open the door five minutes early to. And amateur route Lou it's like they are watching the clock to. Tick tick and they could mimic it has sat in the waiting area. Inside the warm and out of the rain -- but that would make sense yes there's that. And than the first thing the woman says when we walked in she opens the door to our governor cars illegally parked -- need to be. I -- they can start your day. That's how it starts with a nasty comment that people come and get their driver's last year. And then it was just down from -- -- I was gonna go on I was the fourth person it did take me about 25 minutes -- they called my number. And then the person who was helping me as my mother described it was like molasses and this person moved slower than any human being ever seen -- And I don't know if they're hired to behave that way if they just start acting that way because they have to deal with so many ugly rude nasty people in the public that they again you know they get that way for more in there. Bride. -- it was three women work -- I had the one who is the molasses and you know another one was it not a computer apparently taking some -- attacks. Not helping any no no -- now so and that it was about time I left there was like ten people on the waiting. And it took me out and get out of there to apply quarter nine rules about an hour and a winner. I was when I was called take my picture. And you know my hair was glad. And I'm glad that vein but. And I and our members are understandably when my drivers could realistically ten minutes if if somebody was really movement. Thanks I would I mean I don't -- him more than this kind of walks love him. Don't go around lunchtime I know you've either got elected when admit more first news Chris Miller joins us with his latest poll on the US senate race. Turns out to duck commander Phil Robertson. If election were held today -- this ball would beat Mary Landry I coach now at the surprise. Oh god let's go live indirectly that was his forecasts that are in this is wishful thinking on my part -- hot hot hot you're seeing yeah. Again this morning. But I appreciate -- mr. meteorologist -- but tell that in every one of your forecasted you reminding all of those gentlemen that Friday's round. That's why you can give everybody had -- right -- you're out specially us guys yeah times that's the way things move more quickly and then suddenly it's here and like -- It's easy to talk with two beautiful forecast for Valentine's Day it makes it that much easier now on I think -- things Valentine's Day. -- yeah not down times with an M yeah Atlanta by a theory that's what it is Valentine's Day. Time for valor Nazi gas but -- -- so cold wet snow today right. Yes it is you know that the heavy storms from overnight right now out east of us so that continues to kind of lingering near along the coastline that. As we go through the morning -- some showers that will continue to mix and all -- through the -- day we could still see some showers and its mistake -- and and kind of overcast even at the afternoon and it's gusty chilly LT temperatures in the forties all day. Our rights and not warming up very much and now all today and the rain that really get -- here till late in the day. Right -- actually clearance -- late tonight and early tomorrow morning but. When they finally clear. We got sunshine on the way for a stretch at least six days now act hops on Thursday starts the six day stretch it's on tomorrow. Yes we'll say tomorrow's skies clear and since I'm still look cool day tomorrow at 53 on Friday for a Valentine. Day at. We're -- -- mid sixties and sunshine and then the weekend 65 on Saturday seventy on Sunday and we keep mid seventies and early next week. And I -- I love it now wants samarra that's scoring chance after today comes on Tuesday of next week and it's that 10% and I feel much better just look at a little there -- north little stories just about anywhere but here yeah in the deep south is the only guys the nastiness is going to be -- up -- admit that -- -- -- -- out late forties and a little bit of -- problems that it's nasty but it still better than the alternative they're right yes all right if you could change your name. Okay absolutely anything have you ever had anything you just wish that -- had to -- and -- -- -- to -- -- -- I really like my name it's kind of but usually they hear a lot of Lorenz and -- next though not as many -- But -- always kind of wish to had a double me. You know like Laura Lee here. You know lower seed for an hour and -- something out to the southern thing kind of -- so. I was going to be need my million hits the shelves that's kind of a little bit long tipped up by -- -- kind of you know but I have and I hear that and our -- -- -- for -- -- -- -- the -- -- -- -- -- so our you know and I guess. Had my my dad calls him our Lou which is not my middle name -- that kind of like new thing yet to get data closest I'm ever gonna get to double name. Well central Ohio woman could not stand and now told the judge that she thought she which was her name with the ugly its name out there. Tesla the ugly -- name how long -- she went to the court and won the changes that judges granted her request yes she's changed her name too sexy. -- -- That he's fun and free spirited and thought it would make her life completely change your name to. Sex I will finish and it's sometimes hard to remember people's names and he'd just met them write that down were not forget her name he will be not forget her. Right well here's the -- the funny thing now. There last MS. Crabtree. -- she's sexy crab tree that's interesting yeah I think imminent change the last man and I -- I guess like your -- yet it is after all that trouble he had. Think that next week -- out ballots not one of my names that was going to change. You Orly I. Know over but down -- right from the Eyewitness News forecast -- reds may have appeared -- Georgia company of that after that. Five point nine days on thanks for joining us here early edition of WW wealth person that is so Pierre Boudreau. Out here. This is they're they're talking about their friend who who Moines. And Google mowing goes the courthouse to changes name to appear on the -- -- was down at a quarter Russia. And he says he wants to change his name and a judge to enemies and I'll really what does that Amy says. -- it's Kubel goes are now. -- -- -- and -- and and its first next. Studies suggesting. You -- explaining it joke and I would tell people even get graphics and the jokes don't tell us. Did you get that explains. I was pleased the giving their demise Boris exactly I did not -- -- I'm not -- that the but I will let duties towards -- WWL on this -- as they home today and February. Indeed to. Good morning everyone in the morning gave -- story Anthony Davis was a late addition to the NBA all star game due to an injury to lakers star Kobe Bryant. The end he's Kenny the jet Smith says that Davis is definitely deserving and that will eventually carry this New Orleans franchise to new heights. That's the next step is that it did affect the team the team it could better around him as well and then all of a sudden you have really good situation play at city but the law. The -- wrap up their three game road trip tonight in Milwaukee tip off is at seven on the flagship 1053 WWL at them. Pro football talk dot com is reporting that saints linebacker will Smith and safety Roman Harper could both be cut as soon as today. Smith has a cap number of thirteen point nine million dollars while harper carries nearly 83 point six million dollar cap it. These cuts could be a sign that the team is preparing to -- tight end Jimmy Graham to a long term contract. Over the Winter Olympics in Sochi the United States picked up two more medals bringing their total medal count to seven and now sit in fourth place. Norway leads the way with eleven Canada owns nine and the Netherlands are in third with eight medals -- Olympic rarity is one of the highlights this morning. A tie and double gold. Tina maze of Slovenia and Dominique -- and of Switzerland. Both won gold medals in the women's downhill. When they completed the course in one minute 41 point 57 seconds the last time Olympic skiing happened in the men's super G at the 1998. Nagano Olympics. And -- even -- the followed the father of Alicia baseball coach pulmonary has been selected for induction into the college Baseball Hall of Fame. -- was the first junior college coach to win at least 1000 games more than 100 of his former players were attracted. Or side by professional teams and thirty made it to the big show that is the major leaves. Today -- -- on sports talk should medical marijuana be allowed in the NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said he doesn't rule out its use by players. Plus Avery Johnson -- MBA all star weekend that at 730 it's LSU basketball on the big 870 AM as the tigers take on Texas a and -- That's early morning look at sports and I just. -- -- -- 53 Dave -- Steve -- with you on your radius in Norway has eleven overall medals four gold Canada has nine overall medals four gold. The Netherlands has eight overall medals three gold. And the US at fourth and overall medals at seven and fourth in the gold attest to gold medals the it hasn't been spectacular -- so far the United States do you know if there's a whole bunch of gold perhaps that the Americans are favored to win later in the games and that in a come back strong. Why knew that -- I was -- favorite to win and he ended up crashing in famous -- so. I I know that the showing for the United States is typically not as good in the Winter Olympics as in the summer games but yeah I'm not sure of any. You know ones that we should. Have locked down coming up and to -- delegate really matters gold whoever has the most goals -- the right exactly and at second and third place that's nice. But I -- who has the most first place the most. Gold medals again right now the US's only get to I guess being second or third in the meat you know it in the world this is not ready yet shabby now it's still nobody. Nobody remembers who's -- second there. You need to remember who lost -- capable. Hello everyone I'm pretty sure people remember this year proof of that Peyton Manning lost the Super Bowl media and you lost it and thankfully. Thank you Steve talked about -- more sports here on WW well and let them and act now are you forecast. That great today but get much better after that. 555. At called today and get better after that. It's mainly cloudy skies today with some lingering showers around for that morning commute now that the thunderstorms are pushing off shore 40% chance. Up till about lunchtime and then after that mainly cloudy. And temperatures in the forties today and skies we'll start to clear tonight is closed it down to 33 on the -- or what they light -- -- little like around 35 then back to some sunshine tomorrow and a cool high of 53. And even milder on Friday for Valentine's Day -- high of 66. And partly cloudy. From the amnesties forecast center I'm meteorologist -- Tell -- lasts all weekend looking forward to it. Cloudy forty at the airport scanner -- feels like 32 with the wind feels like 33 in Slidell where it's cloudy and 39 and I think I learned my lesson once again you can't truncate or summarizes joke. It doesn't work as well -- my apologies for this morning that the price -- last. So we're talking about the woman in central Ohio with changed name from -- -- because -- -- it was the ugly -- one out there too sexy because it's fun and free spirited like he has. Sixty Crabtree. To protect mediate 78 -- that I -- a guy and the military changed his name to the last four numbers of a Social Security number. His legal name was 3747. OK I guess he won't forget at least the last four numbers. If he contained all the numbers but too long. Am I coming up we'll find out this morning if they juror and the trial of former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin who had the medical issues that kept the jury from deliberating yesterday is back today and what they picked up the deliberations where they left off of one of the alternates have to be. Placed in dividend twelve member jury for deliberations. That resume at 9 o'clock this morning it. -- how long's it gonna take this period to come back with either a guilty or not guilty on 21 counts. Against former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin stay tuned to WWL AM FM. And that come all day for that by the way about the stupid pillows ability. Don't accidentally on -- used for anything other than decorative purposes on your bed on persons that they want have a bonfire with them to -- up sex if -- doubling the hot.

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