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WWL>Topics>>2-12 6:45am Tommy, Nagin trial update

2-12 6:45am Tommy, Nagin trial update

Feb 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL-TV reporter David Hammer about the latest with the Ray Nagin trial update

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

647 and -- trial which is already delayed. By a cold weather last week there -- -- was last week this week bill problem yesterday with the juror and David handler from -- WL TV dot com solid investigative reporter who. Probably knows more about this based on -- time he spent governor about seven years now than anybody morning David thanks for coming on again. More -- you know. It doesn't matter how. While you've been covering the story it's crazy -- like of the changer during deliberation happens that's not much you can do. No it and that is somebody texted me that a TV station not yours is reporting that. And everything on TV is not true people get it wrong as in radio but. That the juror had been replaced you know having knowledge of that team. Now I. Let something happen. Governor right. I know the person that the person would not. Precisely the opposite happened -- that the judge decided to wait until that your. To come back and actually put out and -- entry which is a reflection and have a meaning that that help behind closed doors. By kind of on the record. Saying that juror had. Sure the court that that person would be available today to resume. To resume deliberations and and because -- there and have that choice to replace Thatcher. I am not entirely her -- it would have to be kind of been. Cooperation with both sides in the case. -- critical play center reported fourth -- that all four alternates were absolutely positively there waiting. Ready to go. By they were not part. The first three hours of deliberations. The day before yesterday. And said the choice of late start over from scratch for the development and it -- among the twelfth. Well. Well just hold off today and start fresh pick up where we thought the -- you know day. And what does that tell you because in terms of cost and benefit. I think they deliberated what two or three hours. Reality behind rating three hours for what could have been eight -- But I think. It tells me that they've made some significant progress in getting through some of these charges. During those three hours and the prospect of bringing in the insurer into the mix to start over with that person. It was let's not something that they were. Wanting to do the other things that and and again now here's something that would be speculation trying to speculate. At all -- were put in a difficult position because this is too sensitive issue. Because to adjust on the job is supposed to know where there are in their deliberations. So but one thing. That has been brought up that's worth thinking about. But again I'll make it clear that this is nothing that we know about sure. Is that if the juror one that was that was the one black member of the jury. There may have been concerned about diversity. Where you don't want to end up with no black church. Indicates that has not injured any operational issues that we now of course the mayor Ray Nagin during his second term in office. Often kind of -- captain racial light. So you don't want to end up with a situation where you could open things up to an appeal over something like that. Is there had been a lot of trials have been overturned because. For whatever reason the race of the defendant was not represented on the jury had their ground. Right I mean there has been an issue in the past in terms of the civil rights certain that the concept but you know. -- history was elected. You know through the normal what you're that's we vote fraud participating. It's stating both sides having. Peremptory challenges where they -- excuse juror from the pool without any cause and then we call -- challenges and the you know there were sixteen black. Juror is -- in our prospective juror in the jury pool. Sixty. So yeah but more than a quarter and you end up with one out of the final sixteen being Glaxo that didn't seem to be great integrity issue. In the election process but now you can see it being potentially an issue on the back again and again that's totally speculative -- though. Crude that's juror is because. It's actually not feeding the jury. You know she didn't put. You know the end up there in their seats and then but that's what they call that happened behind closed doors yesterday. On this isn't the fairgrounds near not a handicap replied if you had to -- on the jury coming in today with a over a presuming the jurors all of them go in. Then the chances of memory earning a verdict it. Right I think that you believe that this was just the a plane medical shoot nothing else to that nothing really. At issue behind it. And that that you're here juror will return this morning at 9 AM and start deliberations by the way I think you get the sense that there will be. Decisions today because it's. You get the sense that they made some progress the first time around and that was why they decided to pick up where they left out today rather than try to start over. David I talked to him on an election on the 6 o'clock news and -- have long days appreciate you taking the time to come on. --

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