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2-12 7:15am Tommy, Travis McCabe job back?

Feb 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to Eric Hessler, an attorney with PANO, about a former NOPD lieutenant cleared of his role in the Henry Glover case who's trying to get his job back

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Whenever it comes to matters legal I tend -- rumbles stumble and fumble because let's face it. About a hundred bucks from bankruptcy and I don't need any trouble from anybody but Eric Kessler joins us right now an attorney for. And those who represents former lieutenant Travis McCabe. And since he's an attorney and let him handle all the legal stuff about what happened with. -- lieutenant McCabe and what's going on now good morning Eric you -- -- -- are well thanks for taking the time when disease. Travis McCabe look in for reinstatement looking for back -- Take -- back to the beginning if you will -- and explain. How this all got started. Of what he was convicted how he was granted a new trial and and what happened after that. Okay. Well -- -- cable at lieutenant port district. Court or Katrina and Eric virtual time. And and -- at shooting. Mr. Henry blogger. The port district ranked. Specifically are now seven to partner responded that scene. And later the police report about what -- that picture field. She actually navigate. You first and writing the report. And and -- -- McCain gave her mental because they're. There -- not a whole lot. Wrong with the report. Mainly grammatical. And minor minor changes. Or addition. At some point at this investigation was -- by an idea behind DOJ. Bottom. Started seventh and approached and act about report -- -- report you confirmed that fact accurate and -- held to that. That the search for quite some period of time. As pressure increased at some point cheat sheet change the story in and end in fact after -- testifying to that. To the our belief that report one that's correct he later changed. Her story -- that. We can't keep it obviously. Change to make this shooting up here. -- -- And lieutenant cable. Denied. Denied. Britain and I spoke at -- numerous occasions. And he always -- not that. Any change in any any meaningful way but it certainly didn't doctorate you ought to make you appear to Bible. Any help. To that position he testified that the grand jury. The government or portray is it that money. -- -- marketing grand jury. As an obstruction perjury. And has applied yet the I start by the government. Should back for the. Then they found out at some point that in very good basically I guess what you what the correct me if I'm wrong they had an earlier. A copy of the report is what you're saying that the prosecution hadn't didn't turn over the to defense. While my understanding is that is that. All parties had the report but it's so it was it was overlooked and that it was so minor. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The potential recognize that they actually -- were the original version of the report. It was submitted. I do that -- about it as evident for the new Trout. And the judge seen it. Obviously you don't -- could do any any -- my partner trial now. I don't believe art position at any point out that the the report that was submitted. Ford -- and -- -- -- that accurate and not believe the government and the British and that is it different that. So on -- think he did say and and you break -- -- escalating and certainly know that we're expected judge. Pete Stark. The judge actually in new trial. For a minute in an artery. The government the bill but want to thank you -- -- -- They were decided. To drop the -- what bracket yet. It -- -- -- mind. That. -- -- line there and there there. There witnesses mainly due mainly to dominate a game. And and are apparent target chairman said he would apply. An art to lie and lie and it was a -- and as he always. That it was packed at the -- now. I never agreed that that he would. Prosecuted. For all it would mark later orthopedic group. Let me take a break when we come and we'll talk about what he's looking for now on the probability of that happening and what he has to do -- Accomplished. What it is he's asking for Eric Kessler against an attorney for the police association annual and talking about former lieutenant Travis -- At no point was he involved and correct me if I'm wrong -- at no point was involved with the burning the body or anything like that correct. You're not directly about it shooting -- not directly involved -- any of these. Any of the unfortunate that that that that happened subsequent. I thank you back in a flash 723 time -- Hi Tommy Tucker -- WL talking about lieutenant NO PD former lieutenant Travis McCabe mourning his job back after. Charges were dismissed against him and Henry Glover case Eric Kessler's is attorney. And an attorney for panel police association of new loans Eric before we get to your client and what he wants and we only a couple of minutes left here. If he had not talked to the investigators at all what he has even had any trouble began when. I find it highly. Probable that had he not spoke with investigators. He would not charge. Me now -- in -- and the rationale behind. Well at the department. Our camper wanting one thing only and that port street it's federal conviction that you're out. Federal -- Of course -- served as -- all we are as such I'll. Now that that's the end. Overturned. And yet. At the department legal caught fire -- -- failed. And he should be reinstated and should be. -- look back and I I believe he looked at that. And how many years in John. Partly a little working here that. So I don't PD looking for experienced officers you got a guy who -- lieutenant their fourteen years not. All the time lieutenant a real quick get a text about did the details of their earlier report and what changes were made but he said there were very small. Exactly -- not that substantial than that that. Tended to support the government position that he altered it -- and sent America to make an unjustified shooting appeared just. Any just give me an example of one that change that was instead you consider so miners died -- -- notable. Com. It had a really don't have any specific examples -- But it was it -- grammar. Or punctuation. And just do my work but -- change the meaning or -- The track -- report. Gotcha thank Derrick would get a move on the news and and I'm glad you. At the time with us this morning.

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