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2-12 8:15am Tommy, shooting over music?

Feb 12, 2014|

Tommy talks to Sam Garrison, a Florida attorney & former Assistant State Attorney, about the Michael Dunn case

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Let's go to Florida and -- the latest on this from Sam garrison an attorney and former assistant state attorney good morning Sam. More from Mary good thanks to -- -- -- time -- this I think everybody pretty well. Understands that the basic facts of this let me begin by asking you may be something about Michael -- the shooter. Or something about Jordan Davis the victim. That has not become common knowledge of the people don't know. We're about to get that there's not much it isn't common now to this point coming at me in this case has been I'll be scrutinized. You know there's a lot of elements to this that that a called the public have a tension certainly in a loud music certainly -- The racial dynamic certainly the stand your ground law and it's come overtones over the whole thing with. When you get right down to it's it's a fairly simple issue. Did the defendant Michael Dunn have a reasonable belief that he was -- -- for -- life. That's -- he did bill Bill Clinton the front he didn't sound of spoken to. Does the record of either one -- to play here Michael -- if if he's got a spotless record Jordan Davis's. If he's never been in trouble or laws any of that relevant. No won't commit at all that this support will come before the jury is just the fact of what happened that particular night. -- any any criminal history or lack there troubled effort either of those two won't come before. Or I -- talking about Florida's stand your ground law given deduct taxes we know them in the Lewis testified. Two in court Michael -- yesterday I -- saying that the he tried to defuse the situation. When he heard his life threatened by a walk into the car and saying are you talking to meet. Where does that fit in with the Florida's stand your ground law. Japanese -- stand your ground isn't really that big of a factor in this particular case. This is more classic self defense. The defendant Michael -- -- says that he observed that the victim Jordan Davis. Point what -- -- believed to be a gun at him and he responded in self defense. The prosecution's case says -- nobody else says they saw a including. Your fiance who -- spoke with. Immediately afterwards that storage system the whole war. And is it correct that agers drove off that way he drove off after it happened and went to a hotel. About that correct Matt Dunn was in Jacksonville that particular day for anyway I think he didn't live here. Hum he's going to say it is more or do you -- he was just going home he had been in this extremely. -- file situation didn't have a -- here didn't have any support that project built his only mistake was to go home. The prosecution's gonna carry that by saying hey even if you don't have a place to go certainly have a cellphone can dial -- 911 and you didn't do that. -- in terms of the stand your ground law of the facts as we Nomo which way do you think the jury would be. -- -- -- Army and I was coming editor's note there's no way to -- predicted. I can say that this particular case as opposed to what we saw -- prosecution and other high profile. Self defense cases here in Puerto is much stronger for the state but there are some issues that the prosecution had to overcome. Specifically the fact that Dunn and his attorney alleged that in nearby field where they say. The shotgun if it existed could potentially have been dropped hidden was not search for a few days we'll -- that -- and water. And they know they say this because there was just a field there that would have been a place to dump the weapon. He's the guy drove off so he wouldn't really know what happened and -- witnesses. Well that there are a whole lot of witnesses other -- of three other. Individuals who were in the car with Jordan Davis. Michael -- fiance was. That the gas station. But didn't specifically witnessed the interchange between done. Tom and Davis are the others in the car but she certainly had a conversation with him immediately after the shooting and was with him as he went back cut down to Central Florida. And she'll tell you was called by witness on after the station didn't want to testify for the state the -- did. Very emotional. And quite frank I think she was the State's strongest witness against Michael them. Because. She said there was no what the conversation about the the big threat or what was it. The main thing she said when she was called to the stand yesterday after Michael Dunn testified. And was cross examine the state of Puerto prosecution called her back to -- back to the stand. For a very brief was -- -- redirect. And what date got her -- that testimony was she said you know PayPal Michael Dunn never mentioned to meet. That he had seen it done Christina shotgun. She just says he never said that and that's very damning evidence. -- -- and an older guy a Killen a younger guy with the stand your ground offense being offered and and it just seems like the race didn't enter into this like it did with the trade on -- George Zimmerman thing. Well there's certainly a racial element to this interaction between the two but it hasn't come into the trial. On what you're seeing here is it is again very strict. Self defense situation. Were done that the guy at point economy and acted now the other witnesses corroborate the -- the jury to determine whether or not constitute reasonable. Died -- suffered did I -- background on his light and Jordan Davis was black. Hey I appreciate your time really doing your insights and Oprah and Obama.

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