WWL>Topics>>2-12-14 10:10am Garland: on banning smoking

2-12-14 10:10am Garland: on banning smoking

Feb 12, 2014|

Garland talks with Patrick Reynolds of TobaccoFree.org and grandson of cigarette-maker R.J. Reynolds about whether nicotine cigarettes should be banned.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Welcome back to big -- 12 o'clock we're gonna talk about who has seen Euro 080 well. Who announced it was Saturday that the companies help benefit of being caught. Primarily because of obamacare and when did you cornered down. Two women -- babies and that combined and it cost you well about a million dollars in health care. Created a little bit of a firestorm to immediately retracted. The yeah cutbacks in health and apologized that the two women. -- talked to some experts. About. How old companies or handling health care. Regardless -- bomb. Where's he going ten to maintain what they're doing and and take loan in depth look at you were in -- oil so. We've all heard it and and almost all of was believed that drugs are bad from drew legal -- with -- drug. They're the object. While we're gonna have -- gentleman on. That -- an article pointing out that 700070. Million America. To sigma and bending. My -- and all ring rooms. And many of have really better panic when -- -- decision making -- -- and so. This -- we're gonna talk about something ended caught my came. Serious news out of Atlanta. In reported help if notes have begun to call they called in injury on cigarette smoking in America. Right now they talk about this lol these declining adult smoking rate dropping to 10% in the next decade. And 5% or lower by 2050. And the acting US surgeon is quoted as saying. Except that would Jerusalem is mumbled to trickle down. We believe we have the public held through together is too -- room. On the -- with -- today petrol rooms. Executive director of tobacco -- dog award. Branson -- -- Reynolds whose father died from smoking Patrick welcome back to ensure appreciated call. Well I. What are your thoughts or or -- -- heading for the in the game and should we dues as surgeon general say they're considering zero. Well I in my commitment you. So that just in general we're talking about it right now making sure -- Surely his quote because we believe we have the public health huge together -- 20. Mullah. Well that's the -- sure president to -- It. A all right and we'll take a quick break to -- Patrick back. And come right back to be destroyed this war worth thinking about -- cigarettes. Now maybe you'd be public -- are talking grounded in game. Of trying to. Bring cigarette smoking down to zero level come right back doubled -- BO obligated 78152. -- Are welcome back we're gonna try to do and we were talking to Patrick Reynolds. Executive director to backward pretty dot org and a -- We just through reading this CBO report. That said public officials health officials are bigger and called for an in the game on cigarette smoking. -- They're talking about. Declining adult smoking rate dropping to 10% in the next decade. I've -- in the war by 25. And men acting US surgeon general Bora it's a -- yeah. -- said quote. Acceptable just following -- numbers to trickle down. We have the public health to -- togethers to zero level now. Your thoughts. Should should win. And cigarettes. My feeling is noted that -- -- that your third you have -- 43 million people that are still addicted to smoking and tobacco -- was the -- And just. -- in oneself. And put them. I think it's sharper fair. You should be able equipment on. That Chad Campbell that's really. Now that might label. You know -- essentially about it -- the troopers are good that your relationship illegal it's illegal to smoke in most -- -- in the country. Most outdoor athletic stadiums. And certainly not there was highly action. And the policies sort of led to who they decline -- smoking more than 50%. Were about 50%. In the last fifty years changed relationships and for the first or internal report. Have been very successful at reducing smoking rates are definitely things that the government did. That that it is 50% decline our number one smoking -- They have -- it is illegal to smoke in you know in most public places recommendation. Over half of the populations now covered by a depression smoking -- Because secondhand smoke can deal. Number two they have raised tobacco tax which tremendously. Even Republicans were an ideology of you know don't raise taxes. Machine that miniature wings in tobacco. Because a child children and charge the smoke. Brings in revenue. It can. Is incentivized as smokers to quit. And all of that together. Reduce smoking rates and the last thing that the government that was a lot of questions -- spending. Quite a good deal of money on getting that edge on television. Against smoking of course those pictures of tensions. Organs. -- blackened with tobacco pars in sort. On TV. And it was a pleasant to watch approach. But certainly created super strong. Disincentive. For children who were thinking about starting. And for don't choke. -- their biggest of those was probably. It's a problem between tobacco taxes. And -- branch should not cool smoke. Anymore. I equivalent that was what I schools. I support my campaign and I love that work as I've made my associate athletic kids. I do community oxygen. -- get upon you know on during my talk on the stage and there and obviously you know -- you're going to be my collaborator -- -- with your friends. At night and you're gonna hear -- -- -- go to our web -- -- there will be right back. And your potential problems that are injured will -- -- Albeit he smokes. On smokes. Call me and it's shameful by which you were -- -- -- -- That is bound to bring you. Disrespect from friends and share. -- triggered it's intrusive enough. The even public officials Coppola and on the show. Better for the legalizing marijuana. Just rolled the reasons. You said. That smoking is being reduced they want to regulate it. They would use the tax funds to educate people about how bad it is. One bandit and public places. It is the it seemed like when we look at the marijuana controversy compared with the cigarette controversy. There -- merger interchangeable and. Where there's some parallel I mean certainly. You know I happened was interviewed for a documentary movies which now out on you know. TV you can get a by searching your television screen and paying for books or something. And -- by great documentarian and -- -- very compelling argument for legalizing all drugs. His name is Matthew Cooke in the name of the movie is. What did you how to make money selling drug. And I think I think we're gonna have to -- tomorrow. Oh good yes -- used to -- your producer and now I'm not a big advocates for legalizing drugs but Matthew Baxter -- acquire additional argument. -- -- The tens of -- that we're now spending. Are fighting the war on drugs are brought to the court Belgians want. All that money if drugs were to be legalized. Would be better used to. By. Use -- memory for a rehabilitation. Of drug addicts. Using that money and educate kids. Not a few strokes and what -- nightmare there are. And we would sit in one fell -- get rid of all the court titles. And point seven feel that the biggest obstacle to legalizing drugs. Is quite an interest in one it's politicians. Because no politician. Could possibly ever run for office. -- -- -- Extreme attack -- From their opponents saying. Johnson live wants to legalize drugs is out of his mind. And so much so it's very hard even though that there may be here you know strong page. For legalizing drugs from pragmatic point of view. If not a moral one. Certainly there is. You know it will never happen because of their position ever get past the American people politically. And and that's where you'll confuse. I'd totally group reviews. Politicians in particular and a lot of law enforcement and -- not all of them all cellular you'd. Killed legalized it to of their their leaders thing news. You didn't marijuana in the present or maybe even causes brain damaged young kids. -- looked up cigarette smoking. Says the bigger goal to reduce through -- smoking related bills. His from the current level try and reduce the current level of 480000. Is that an annual -- I have heard that there are are as many as those that that number kept looking at that -- And around the world globally it's in the millions. Russian quite rapidly globally because. It takes to -- -- thirty years ago that this -- shall -- -- On average and 230 years ago. The tobacco industry was aggressively marketing. In the third world in the poor uneducated people in China and Russia -- India and because -- -- sales were dropping in America -- -- gradually. Began -- aggression abroad and because of that now we're seeing -- the -- -- started catching -- Shall we rear. There -- organizations is that. Essentially. We can expect to see a billion people die from smoking in the 21 century. At present trends continue until it was yeah. -- that smoking is going down in America because of the government policies. That we machine. You know I'm not real big on. Ideology. Because. We've got a complex start with a complex problem. And most of the start of the time to look at problems of their full complexity. So go -- invulnerable to these oversimplify that ideology is that shape or bad. And speculation is dead and governments try to -- well. There's an element that tobacco taxes we talked about it. Got tobacco taxes stopped his -- straight that. They get people to quit smoking chosen not to care caution they bring in revenue and then gosh that's a great tax. You're telling me that all taxes are bad under the Bush Administration we couldn't get back protect past. The public here is that ideologies. Our our oversimplified. That lead to -- government and the interaction. And the chance to. It was true that libertarians -- saying drug should be legal. Honestly. I'm not sure sure about that. -- I think that you know we need to look very confidently what we need. Is. And a potential problem leadership. Looking at pictures -- -- spectators -- charge more -- pragmatism. And that's sort of the idea -- out of pocket. Because of the -- Yes who would like scores were running out of time. Of will want to read that the one of the main reasons to keep marijuana. Illegal booze or in his brain damage or young people. A look at Obama get 480000. Per year from cigarettes here and over one prone web Indy. Smoking cigarettes -- Marines just like herald. Here's another one premium he. Smoking reduces your IQ reduces. Concentration. Ability to use. Excesses smoking -- to bring trinket. I've -- trigger -- so and so -- all of that. The the question. Is why wouldn't. You be banned it two point presented this as a proposition is someone. -- didn't know we're talking about so ignorant so get a product killed almost have knowing people year. It contributes to brain damage. So forth and so on causes cancer. I think we ought to make it illegal what most people say yeah salute. Well I think you know gosh that it might vision and met. With. Some predominantly wanted to. Give us some big bet Mujica. I would do a goal of smokers and I would hold smokers to see. It's like to see smoking made it legal I mean like tobacco sales band. And I bet -- there is substantial percentage of smokers. Would elect a shield law like that and I think that the reason it won't happen again is the same reason -- -- market legalized. Because in America because. It politically unfeasible. Politicians. Who dedicate. A total ban commercial of tobacco. I think are just never gonna make him at the office. Because your opponents are gonna position them as radicals. And extreme. So I think that that's really where it goes. It's not going to be the easy. To. Ever politically but about a ban on the sale of tobacco. Reasons that we have to use of the things that they raising taxes. Banning smoking in public places that unspoken. And it's educating our kids and as sometimes people get smokers to quit so Milosevic but listen we have the -- that are quite effective. -- I've appreciated to tell them good talk and you didn't have good day. Already. Ordered work to try and are activated -- do break coming right back double to build figured celebrity amoral 53 yeah.