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WWL>Topics>>2-12-14 10:35am Garland: on banning smoking

2-12-14 10:35am Garland: on banning smoking

Feb 12, 2014|

Garland talks with Daniel D'Amico of Loyola University about whether nicotine cigarettes should be banned.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

If a storm areas were taken about two health officials in the United States. The begun to call for an inning game on cigarette smoking in America. Acting your surgeon general says I can accept the word just allowing the numbers to trickle down the numbers of people smoking. We have the public health tombs togethers to zero level. And to me this brings up but and of course it's a -- Ted Patrick Reynolds on. Organized garage electorate executive director to back who -- daughter or his grandson of RJ Reynolds who die from smoking. When I planned trip when I asked if -- be on the head to the other anti smoking. Nonprofit organizations. Well. We're we're always talking about -- walk. Should be kept illegal okay let me go to that side and Fiat group I don't but. -- -- Purposes of debate I -- -- Well he told me cigarette in New York or relieved and so. Marijuana from -- really -- cigarettes. 480000. People a year die from -- Just from those that are left. Smoking and that's less than 12% of the population. Can you imagine a product. -- terrorist attack that again and a half million people. Without either eliminating the terrorist. Or eliminating the threat. Why you wouldn't hear about and why wouldn't you do is saying it's illegal. If you think of working for drugs. The new -- -- Brett tried a little unofficial. And scientific governor of the Oprah people we have every day. If -- -- marijuana legalized for good or bad for you shouldn't we ban cigarettes -- 7% of -- yeah. -- the most recent arguments for bending pot. Isn't he had heard young people -- damages or Britain. Or you would go from the web. In the web site. Smoking cigarettes -- Marines just like -- Pecked at like more being pecked at like our. Go read that shoes so. Here's Loveland. This stadium and databases smoking reduces your IQ. Kills your lack of concentration in future lack of concentration. And smoking is linked to bringing flowing. So. All the reasons they give. For making one thing legal. They use for. Not. Making cigarette smoking in a league to make it insensitive now. One of my suspicions and interrupts. There are a whole lot of tax being paid. On cigarettes. That tax dating. Violence. Some of the State's budget. And I thought well -- this called an economist. So what to do I have professor Daniel to meet Korea economic sort of moral universe -- you with the school educator on the proposed from welcome back to the show. His -- cigarette taxes or the individual parts of state budgets or do they contribute to a pretty large number. Not terribly. I've done a couple figures this morning that that estimated tax revenue from tobacco and 2011 was about a yard or two million dollars and you look. No just for the state we have but if you look at. The proposed budget increase in higher education about the same amount of what people proposed just the single sort of uptick in in one policy arena with spent the entire. About the tax revenue garnered by. By tobacco being compared to to things like income taxes in general sales tax revenue. Tobacco taxes are relatively negligible for the state budget could certainly be very dangerous war secretly in that. To -- against spending decisions -- the partners are written on. From tobacco. Our -- or if cigarette were made illegal rule wouldn't really affect too much in the budget. I don't think so I think I think you are you are hinting at something true. Which you notice. Almost hypocrisy of a criminalizing something like marijuana but allowing something which -- obviously has Parker out the back. Like like tobacco or alcohol. But I think in the state of Louisiana. There's bill likely culprit why we have a relatively liberals smoking policy you can smoke and more endorse speeches. In New Orleans for example than other parts of the country it's probably because of the significant role or his -- and the casino industry. Casinos certainly don't want people to have to go outside for cigarette. Especially when they're engaged in in in India ambling in placing additional debt it would represent a significant loss of revenue. -- here but you know industries as significant. It would -- public policy. And lobby effort. To maintain those sorts of those sorts of policy control. You'll forgive me but it was fun and then let you know if there Wednesday. News or make him so well this year it's bill reportedly thousand people died so it's a low. Are there the terror strike port 80000. Our growth we've got the sub groups of young people were freaking from the use of Peter well you know you're in which allow the currency loans rates. It's it's hypocritical. There's a cute thing to keep in mind quoting things like 40000 deaths attributed stricker. First of all their a bit of concern within scientific community about smoking related -- being slightly overblown. Large part because there's tremendous amount of research on being tied to grow up with so oftentimes you have someone who died for something like. Heart disease or heart attack. And they happen to be listed. An occasional smoker. O'clock on that smoke out. Even though are could've been related to coated in stress induced it could have been a lot of actors well because that. That person happened to be a smoker. It's sort of easy to to increase those numbers seem out of additional week. Surged to a -- who backed over him through don't trust him we can't pros who we've read Anglican. 480000. -- your own ward to print sources that a student in itself but they'll see it's 200. Let's say Britney. There would be -- wouldn't provide. Would you agree like crazy. Sure but that do -- quote that you mention from from the would help. Regulator was. Typical outlines that we have the school of public policy to bring that little Euro well meantime here. Some would say -- that leveled out his Euro as an economist. Bells should -- law and so far. More rate of smoking -- -- he is probably about Euro because the cost. Associated with implementing a public policies are probably really really hot. Bottom line is they're in some amount of people were going to want to smoke. By prohibiting war regulating cigarette store or criminalizing them -- -- like ways that we do which airline equally illegal substances is going to. Unintended consequences it's also. Enforcement -- you're gonna have to outfit police detention regulator. Regularly call. It to keep tobacco card companies are manufacturing producing. And it should be observed little people people considered -- -- black market in cigarettes in the past we certainly don't increase. More black market activity because basically just bottles popped it into. In different networks of criminals who are who have figured managed servicing the needs. I got a Terry break I totally agree with the when when act quote these things -- courting them to show the hypocrisy. Of what police say on the other. Are you gonna do one thing one thing duel with all in the back that they don't. Political it means you can leave. Efficiency and a few like half of everything you read is this more about pointing out that apart as they can do you think you corporate Albert with the numbers. At that got to find out that. Taxes for the -- to even that it's not a good. Argument -- why can't make. Illegal protester always thoroughly enjoyed -- on the have a good double bill come right back and rub -- with a group called that the.

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