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2-12-14 11:10am Garland: on legal mind-altering drugs

Feb 12, 2014|

Garland talks with author David Kupelian about the epidemic of Americans abusing legal mind-altering drugs.

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We're just got -- doing a show based on our governor of your approach to drug war opinion poll we do every day where -- -- Q. If at all -- legalized because it's bad for you should we not -- and cigarettes. In this hour we've returned drugs again for dude something -- Newton the an article that it's seven million Americans taking -- and all ring grow seventy. Million. And we David -- billion. Who's the author of this article would also award winning American journalist bestselling. Author and since 1999. Vice president managing editor -- own online news -- W indeed the world on this article. Widely read online columnist also the other -- drug enforcement whistle -- magazine. The author of two influential books 2005. The marketing of the evil. And 2010 to cool how he works that are really appreciate each community. I'll let you bring -- a couple of instances. That you sort of -- Totally of the traditional distinction between illegal Italy moved through drugs and legal -- -- prescription drugs become so blurred to become almost non existent. Between Americans -- drug epidemic one illegal be illegal. Over seventy million or using mind altering drugs. Alcohol along sixty million. 130. Million when you put everything together. Won't talk to -- it. Yeah that's crazy we got that he got a little over 300 million people. Men women children. And you're talking closed -- on mind. Altering substances let's just over again in real real round numbers and these numbers from the centers for disease control and other you know government entities. And as of 2010. So the transit options that but basically in round numbers are talking about twenty million actually 22 point six. Million people on illegal drug marijuana hashish. -- -- the heroin cocaine in practice so for. And that you've got -- roughly fifty million on. Legal psychiatric drugs I'm talking specifically mind altering mood altering. The hope you -- that antidepressants all of those that did that really do change. Yeah they Alter your consciousness and and culture why today the same way illegal drugs. And that sixty million roughly. With a drinking problem binge or heavy drinking as it's clinically defined for these studies. You -- and a 130 million struck out people. On on mind altering substances. The forty million of these people admit to driving on the public roadways under the influence. We were used to have an estimated eleven point 4% of persons well or older. Drove under the influence what I'll call at least once in the year. Yeah this is the -- the stats they're using there question people like if they assume that people under twelve are not taking these drugs or drinking and the problem mostly. Don't need to be in this in the the sample. But yet it's really really alarming and so. And you know I tried to him you know that's that's like a 500 word article right there has to give those statistics might. Article which anybody want to read it it's it was up on Drudge Report for a couple days and it's easily searchable the headline news. Com. Seventy million Americans taking mind altering drugs. And you know if they've they've read it -- -- well. Ago and to some of the -- like that would be the blind that you read. About lowering. The line between legal and illegal drugs. Feel we have a thing where we think well. You know there's low life. Drug cartel gangs. You know. Illegal drugs saying the street corner and that and that you know the pick -- truck. With the shotgun and that and that that build low lights be illegal drug market. And that we have the you know what you go to choose the doctors and they prescribed these drugs for use. And it's -- medical condition. And it's somewhat like that but it's not quite. It's it's a little bit on possibly. That you know blurry line between the two for instance. The biggest abuse drug right now are legal to steal -- -- the OxyContin. Basically. Synthetic morphine type diet drug -- educated that take away our pain but it. That's the most. Used drugs right now and and the thing is that we heard about. -- Seymour Hoffman died of Ireland over those. And all the reporters say well those awful lot more virulent overdoses now you know heroin statistically has not won the big drugs that people were taking. But it is becoming now you know -- Because people getting so strong now on prescription. Pain medications like OxyContin. And then they find out they can get them anymore. And it's cheaper and easier to get -- That's what's behind -- and as we hear all these stories opens new orders dozens of people young people dying from overdoses. So there that the the abuse of prescription -- Is merging and into the hole. On the world of you know the drug cartel and the BP illegal drugs the same time we're legalizing. Not just Merrill on. But you have a whole groups that want to legalize LS DN. Ecstasy and India may Ecstasy of the rave drug and muscles I've been mushrooms because they supposedly have medical uses an -- thing. The old fashioned line between these two groups. Almost doesn't exist anymore. Interest English when we figure breaker whom come back motives for obvious question. With so many of these drugs that -- mention as the seventy million Americans taking him. -- big column problem. Doctors or from. Illegals on the street and Sunnis -- right back and Robin have with the would call that thing. Welcome back go and we've done a number of stories on the what's often called it heroin epidemic and we've been told over and over again. Lot of it is people that get hooked on the Arctic content over the prescription -- And buy -- I'd that they can't get the drugs anymore they're just too expensive. 2015. Dollars bill. Or they can go error when -- like cheaper with the same. -- a very interesting story on www. OW. In do you dot com. Alive the author of this thankfully news had done Gibbs called Dave did a compelling. And the article says 71 million Americans as in seven old. Are taking mind altering drugs. David -- at this -- and time. Where were they getting these. Well as our -- it's illegal drugs the same source the only you know marijuana has grown everywhere. Opium poppies come from Afghanistan and other places but looked at as long as there is. -- -- -- It's huge money involved the supply will be there again have the -- There's big money yen and and diverting prescription drugs via the drug gangs and Mexican cartels and organized crime. Bet that's all like what it always has been it finds a way and the other big source is through the medical establishment and this is we haven't talked about yet but psychiatric drugs. Are arguably at least in terms of numbers. Bigger problem occurred and that the trend is it's becoming a bigger problem. Just it took to put -- number on and funny -- mrs. according to the Centers for Disease Control. We wrote 250. Million. Prescriptions. For antidepressants. For Americans. They're only like 300 some million people. We're 250 million prescriptions. Ambien. That's the one where you watch sixty minutes the other night that -- people. Are. Rising in the -- -- -- this is not an exaggeration may have a name for Rondo on the big answer the -- -- sleep drive. You'd take Ambien get up. But we saw Patrick Kennedy what does the 2016 city music at the accident -- and receive the former congressman and he said he's got everything. It takes to what you're consciousness people are eating. Having sex. Driving their cars on the public roadways and having no consciousness about it and this this is scary. We're talking about sixty million prescriptions in 2011. For -- so we're talking very large numbers of people. Are taking these drugs that. Some pretty strange -- And and we didn't mention them. Well antidepressant that's at 250 million people you have. Well here's one statistic 2.3 percent that's one and four basically middle age women between forty and 59. In America are currently taking antidepressants so. With where you know with illegal drugs that you talked about people work to -- Obama a lot and they're they're on the fringes of society possibly order at least doing illegal things. We're talking about the productive middle class of America. Okay large percentages of them. Are taking drugs that are poorly understood and have really really weird sometimes dangerous. Side effects. And so this is that's -- today arguably the the illegal drug problem coming from the medical establishment from -- from basically gets attacked the psychiatric profession that is. Dependent on drugs that I can put it that way. Is is is. Almost as bad or some people say worse than the the illegal drug problem in terms of numbers of people that are being affected by. David. Patent reptile -- let me take one more quick break and come back and the question will be OK so why don't we do is double up yeah. Are welcome back drug talking about what I think -- fascinating article. Well -- W in the it's called seven million Americans thinking mind altering drugs. With the author Dave bid compel here and where votes. David and warned of the year sentences you see approximately 27000. Unintentional drug overdose deaths occurred in the United States one day at every ninety minutes prescription drug abuse. According to the CDC passes growing drug problem in the United States. Probably in naive question. Do drug cartels get hold. Prescription drug. Honestly I don't know the answer that. -- not. I just -- as long -- there's money involved with that you have criminal enterprises that will. -- that managed just about you know connect the the user that that -- the source of the of the product. Against what the masking it. Is is -- primarily doctors over prescribing. Or visited and legal. -- -- -- People are diverting legal drugs however -- getting them stealing them there they're giving false prescriptions for them. That that's the illegal market but what I'm saying is that the psychiatric profession. Which refused to you know a generation ago and there are oriented toward. You know talk therapy if somebody comes and they're not dealing with Strasburg well they have emotional problems they're full of anger. They've they've they've got the other big big on psychiatrist for help. Be the intent regardless of how successful was the the intent was let's see we can help untangle this person help them understand themselves and find some. Some healing and improve their relationships with people. Now it's like you go to the doctor and they give you drugs period device. OK and so what happens if you're happy you're really -- time dealing with stress burger. As victim of childhood trauma you've been program by that common for problems. That a little bit of real -- and understanding. Possibly could help sort out and instead you get a a poorly understood. Drug. -- got a serious side effects added that. Masks your symptoms takes away the pain. I think a lot of people take it. Legal or illegal. We're taking drugs because we've got -- you know that these types of drugs drugs that take away pain. We take them because we have pain whether it's physical pain -- we have emotional pain. -- stressed out. And we can't real actually full of anxiety. Were killed or whatever it is -- that this is the human condition. There's got to be a better way then taking drugs Ford and and most of us agree with that assessment we're talking about illegal drugs. But it's a doctor giving it to us we somehow think oh well it's a doctor. And the doctors says you have a problem with brain chemistry it's it's spot that is but you're you're not at fault is that some kind of Pacific. Let me -- director David Ramon we're -- bring commute but don't want to get up right there. On the brain chemistry issue and also the the basic question. If we bring this article we worked at -- doing a follow hughes' problem is. We do about the movie and -- the common right back -- to -- -- celebrity immoral three. We're thinking about an article in the W indeed. It's. Hedlund says the media. Celebrity million Americans speaking mine all. Got to Texas says Garland if you go hog received a 180. Who promote prescription. A thirty milligram OxyContin with a little effort into actual physical condition requiring it. And -- was taught to do bug them differently doctor shopping bringing. Here in New Orleans. Let me know you know you -- call. The author of this article in order urgent reason is that you there's some thing you did know David compel him with the David one. We doomed to stop us. Well. I think we need to stop taking all the drugs. That he either say and that we got the moral authority to say that we're talking about crack and heroin and stuff because -- that's -- common sense. It's a little more complicated we talked about psychiatric drugs because then go before the break you mentioned about the the brain disorder thing. Here's a quote National Institutes of Mental Health Brookline -- of the quote depressive illnesses are disorders of the brain quote. Now according to the Centers for Disease Control on the Atlanta it has one and four. Americans middle aged women are are depressed and taking antidepressants. So let's put those two government. Quotes together. We are saying that one in four American women have diseased brains. Do you believe that. Right now. Believe that tens of millions of Americans who in reality or just having trouble dealing with the stress. Of modern life okay and the doctor is too easily. Prescribing and the pill. The -- it's easy and it's fast you make money from a you know have to get involved with people that get in the bill. I don't believe all those people have defective brains they have. Defective brain chemistry. Com -- is if you you know what. I've been a long time I've known people who are depressed a lot of people who present themselves as depressed. They are full of stress and anxiety and and resentment. And problems we we all party human condition also offer this to one degree or not they're at one timer. And and at a certain point they say OK you're like clinically depressed here's the pill well. These tools are available okay. A generation or two ago you had the same problems. You didn't have those pills and so. And -- may be and -- away that was more of a there was more urgency on -- sit down and talk about this what are you so angry about what you're so anxious about and possibly. But analysts psychiatrist and a some that are very gifted and skilled depends on what they are. But are really good. Soulful psychiatrist. It can get somebody else's brain can -- And this is this used this it was always the intent of psychiatry. For the adult pills and I'm saying maybe we should go back to that and more enlightened way and try to -- understanding. Forgiveness. You know just on angle. Of the brain that's so stressed out by modern life instead of automatically taking typical or because -- you're paying a big. -- we we have not even gotten into the correlation between school shooters and anti depressants and all the horror stories that are associated with these drug. I was surprised to play. I hear everything city in the mix but let me debris bringing in cool to review. At a federal mindedness and a -- tool please call Vietnam and -- program and came back and I mean more. Twenty years knows. Hybrid -- psychiatrists. And but does that Taiwan and I was in pretty bad chip it and it was talked Europe and it and it did not zero. By Roberto form colleges. And it -- overnight change. The allow me -- its lead. And went sites let. Other ancillary. -- much better spotlight from Peru and a problem from there and it'll. -- and was taking bringing in mystery in changing the brain chemistry. IC board troops. About over prescriptions and taking would we don't really -- But it's in just commonsensical. If you're a shooter and one of these scoops. In your brain chemicals or -- so that's. That picture crazies -- and they give you. Prescriptions that the two worst in there an argument to be made that it's going to change bring in groups and some -- yeah. Think if you read toward the end of the article have a nice big -- paragraphs were like so and so many different. Circumstances where these drugs aren't needed and useful and and there's an absolute blessing to have them so I'm accounting for that. But you most of the psychiatrist I know that have a it's a good nuanced they're -- they're the spot drug addicted and terms of their treatment. But for the most part they say yes these drugs are useful in certain circumstances it is generally for a short term. To get somebody from where they are. To where they need to be but the intention is not to leave them on these drugs forever. But it but haven't used in conjunction. With the help them straighten out their life and understand the life where essentially they all need demand. And I'd I'd certainly have no problem that I'm not a doctor I don't play one on the radio I'm just saying it's incontrovertible. That these drugs are way way over prescribes. And in our doctors cutting back in the end if they do. -- that drive people into the illegal market. Are on the cutting back not -- and that I can beat. It is this is the state of modern. Psychiatry is that drugs is where -- and you know we have 22 military suicides per day. Between active duty and veterans played two per day. And you know the age group but the heart of the army for instance is like just playing it 25 year old age okay. That is exactly the age that the antidepressant black box warning labels as you're at risk for suicide out. And there are many people not need just a lowly journalist to their doctors and pharmacologist. And experts that say you know what this is really concerning that we are giving 20% of our soldiers that have been deployed to. Afghanistan and Iraq are getting antidepressants. And sleep -- like Ambien. Because there is this suicide now the problem and we're giving them -- -- -- that are repeat deployments and and all of all the stresses of war. But again parlance they're surprised to be paid and I am just sounding the alarm that we. We need to be aware of the big picture that is not just all you have the brain problem. Here's the magic wonder drug take it for the rest your life and everything will be okay. That's kind of a fairy tale I am actually glad that it helped you let -- know what these are still. Taking them. No but -- three and leaders. Yes most of -- of the enlightened psychiatrists say yes they have a role. For a short term that's a bad place to a good place that we got to get off. -- you mentioned kids on Ritalin and you're saying. Nowhere else in the world -- ten per cent a ten year old boy is diagnosed and treated for ED DY is that. Shot as well it is and there are a lot of state legislatures that have passed laws to stop that. You cannot have some impatient school administrator or or or or or principle that -- this. You know the global ways. I was little boy once you were to work not wired to sit still for 678 hours -- and has some boring teacher sitting at a desk with our hands folded. And we wanna do that we're we're mentally on these drugs and that is what we've done somewhere between four -- nine million. American children most of them board 21 it's boys are given these -- stimulant drugs are dangerous process drugs like Ritalin and others. Because they have 88 the year 8080 which is. I think it does exist but it didn't exist a generation ago we gave an end to it. But again. Radical over prescription yes it has made a difference in certain cases -- is really bad taste to many times. It's just -- impatient or non understandings school. Adult thing what these boys are just dropped in the class they want is still and -- they need to be on drugs. I'm saying that's a crime and there are and I am quoting many many statistics and many doctors that are you know professors and armored and so forth. But the head of the CDC. Says we have serious over prescription of these drugs so don't take it from me on the messenger. According all the experts saying yes we are radically over prescribing these drugs one -- and kids are the most vulnerable they're the ones where we have the least. Understanding. Of what these drugs too long term some -- back off stop drugging the kids because they're not wanting to like it's still. And and and you know listening to some teachers kids want to jump around and climbed trees. More recesses. And do something different about them. Bringing -- -- -- -- -- -- have you ever in renewed talk to anybody you'd CDC the York. American Medical Association in the of medical entities. An -- and out of the doctors where of this and do they agree and if they do. Is there any movement at all here and and finding a way to. Prescribe laps. There is a huge movement with and psychiatry. Against all of the the the Bible for psychiatrist is called the DSM the diagnostic and statistical manual. And the most recent burst that first call BS them by BS MV channel five. -- last year is very controversial. Because it is a solid sizing meaning you know just categorizing as an illness or disorder. All kinds of things or making. More give more easy to prescribes differences they used to be that one. A one disorder that have five different symptoms for a psychiatrist that diagnosis now in the new -- the only one. That symptoms needed. So you'll have many like David -- use of famous. Psycho pharmacologist and author of the book Armageddon I've. Communicate with him many times in the and the UK. He is he has leaders in this movement a psychiatrist saying stop the you are apologizing too many things -- making it too easy to prescribe antidepressants and other drugs for people. You know it's it's not it's pendulum thing worse all or nothing you have to find in -- response. The drugs are useful for certain people certain times of certain conditions. Not for everything at all times and every -- and every pregnant mom and it was so -- distressed I'll take the pill. That is where we are and yes a Garland has been pushed back with in the psychiatric profession against its. And one -- Puerto Rican meteoric courtroom verge of -- re seeing. Even -- variety in our memory. Yeah I couldn't resist that via the article the last section is looking into the future. And I could help putting on this. It was -- from tea popular science article that have mine is now scientists are learning to shape our memory and the stuffed. The chilling. The next treatments for trauma could be spotless mind and it literally taught well using drugs are gonna go and and take memories. Out of your mind talking about being you know war -- -- and it was ETS the and I -- -- -- lot about PP ST in treatment for EPS -- I draw the line when you're giving people chemicals that go and and remove memories from the mine this conflict and tennis Star Trek episode. You know that we we we play in mad scientist that there are no more magnificent and complex. You know. I don't construction and maybe in the universe and human brain its -- And to go and give drugs that change the level or transmitters and then removed. You know. Memories from it. Tell you this is mad scientist stuff and they're there is surprise to -- -- grew up watching all the movies. Where scientists did this stuff in you know in the movies and it made -- Frankenstein monster. -- we we -- little humility to realize we don't really understand fully what we're doing here what were meant to your app. If they don't -- my way it was a pharmacist for years she's -- you you know years of pharmacology that I've learned that spears -- accessed on line of facts. And the one we want we call effect and the other -- effects we called the side of that well well you know. That we that we didn't give art has a lot of the drugs you know raising them because my wife had -- around and pharmacology. It's so that was scary stuff and and yes this has displaced but you better. Damn well have some humility. And some some nuance and hold back a little bit and don't just there -- Is that you know the best -- bibles says he got this is a tilt -- the nation. We're only about a minute clip -- border each tell people what bill of -- when they get into real Adobe India and tell me about books. Well the W India's one of the largest independent news web site and route for fifteen years witnesses. Long time and Internet world. Just W and he'd dot com just go check it out and my books are. Are the marketing of evil now evil works and that most recent months. I had a chapter called doctors drugs and demons and that's what started me out on the table. Issue with you know getting into giving people drugs for everything associates. And it did it goes and two. All of the book also goes -- to all the the BB actors and most recently sold more often but there's you know you have actors that have everything may have. They have money in Spain and everything at all fall apart and on drugs why is that. And I mention that those sort of topic and so that's what I write about and and -- David fascinating article in a very in pursuing our appreciate your time we have agreed. On archer. Bigger break come right back in going to be giving you the code word for -- Thousand dollar cash current. Number the Hubble -- and we debated legal illegal drugs I think of one thing that can the debated this is prone. -- -- -- -- -- Authority of law authorities -- current report to drug gang responsible for most of the -- is violent crime. Across this country they readily employ violence to control and expand drug distribution activities. Traffic and whipping weapons prostitution. Launder money he'd bought real listed recording studios motorcycle trump construction companies. They are in cocaine leaving our very economy. Would be illegal drug money and they bring with a violent people get killed over they don't. Overs cigarettes and -- seldom or problems.