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2-12 4:30pm Angela, Nagin convictions

Feb 12, 2014|

Former 2-term New Orleans mayor Ray Nagin was found guilty on 20 of 21 federal corruption charges--counts of bribery, conspiracy and tax evasion—stemming from illegal dealings with city vendors dating back to 2004. A jury delivered the verdict after 6 hours of deliberations, following a 9-day trial. The judge ordered him to home incarceration until his sentencing hearing in 60 to 90 days. It’s a major day in the history of New Orleans…Angela was joined Chick Foret and Tim Mache.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well again quite a day quite a day for the city of New Orleans. Something I think many of the -- expected but it's it's it's still. Oh my gosh a mayor of New Orleans is going to go to prison. I am for ever grateful to check for -- to Paul Murphy and David hammer done a brilliant job over channel four. But Tim measure going to be with us so stay with us. And I'm I'm also very appreciative to Robert Jenkins who has to be totally emotionally exhausted after what happened today. The defense attorney for -- And we learn a lot we learn a lot through their thoughts and reactions to things in check you're still here with -- Talk to make. Well we took our rob Jenkins for a -- and just touched on that that the word that I used earlier today on television is an have been in his situation is -- you are spent. He is emotionally drained it really says a lot about him as an individual that he would come on your show. This afternoon and answer questions from -- -- David hammer and myself. And he is drained he's exhausted. He's doing better than Ray Nagin -- but he still emotionally spent at this time Ray Nagin on the other hand is now facing the federal penitentiary. And for someone with his big ego as he has you and I talked off the air I was telling you about when he testified at trial some of the things he said. I just shook my hand at -- Paul Murphy unison what one of the things he talked about once. He wanted to tell everyone how important he was the members of the jury so he said. I talked to the president. I talked to Prince Charles. And you looked at the jury like that was supposed to mean something -- the year I actually thought about that I can tell you. The people from saint Tammany -- -- the -- that your that mean anything to. The that you know I -- -- score any points with that another appointment trial. They said something about always security guard went on the private jet with you he said of course she did. Yeah I had a high profile. Do you like do you know who I want I was rain -- come like. A security got what you time and he just wanted to give the impression. That he went -- she talked. Earlier about he had these delusions. I really believe Angela I'm gonna end with this because I -- to do a -- shot myself. He really thought he was going to be the Barack Obama. He was going to be. The first African American president of the United States. And and to do that you've got to have substance whatever you think about Barack Obama he's a brilliant man he's a brilliant -- And you have to have substance the one thing the witness chair does in federal court in most other courts to -- abroad as well. Is that the witness -- is directly next to the jury box and that's for a reason. That sold the witness can be exposed in the layers can be peeled off Ray Nagin was exposed. It he is a style over substance when it came time to answer the substantive questions he couldn't do it. Matt Coleman knew more about the facts of the case even though Ray -- live under the facts. Matt Coleman knew more about the facts Ray Nagin was not prepared. To testify take the -- style over substance he was exposed during the trial Ray Nagin is to every once sought today. The opinion you have a Ray Nagin today. Is -- accurate opinion whatever it is he has been exposed as for who years and he's going to the federal penitentiary and he's not. Barack Obama he's Ray Nagin the first mayor in the history of the city and lowlands to be convicted of public corruption crime. Well you just sort of -- very succinctly put it back after that word almost delusional and keep harping on this because. Again if -- I've interviewed him before I've known him not socially but. Beyond just a reporter I think and I always thought he is the type of person who believes. What he says. It may not be true but he believes it so how do you battle that how does Robert Jenkins battled back. Well let something about into and if one thing making the wrong. It was put Robert Jenkins in the position of trying to -- by themselves. And I know I was critical -- you know the things that defense didn't do. And what it is media so that -- buried -- distress that thing on Nolan dot com one of the jurors was interviewed and -- I wish the defense would've done more work. Up part of the problem is Robert Jenkins was doing it by themselves and as chick -- and it when you do and that he. You're physically spent emotionally. -- the prosecutors come and had -- they had three of them they were alternating witnesses one of them would do one witness some of them would do the other. -- Robert had to do at all by themselves. And that's virtually impossible to do in the case of this magnitude. And mayor Nagin should open up the wallet or done something to give him some help and if I had the state did. The worse mistake he made during the stroke was not getting Robert Jenkins and so. But you could comment very early on that Robert Jenkins as of the defense attorney should have call more witnesses some of those witnesses wouldn't have cost money. They were they were local people. Well and that's. Part of the problem about duties of an asset that idea like this city attorney who mayor Nagin could've done it did this the secretary. Expert witnesses yeah I did say that a lot of that has to do weird sometimes you need decline it. Who's willing to our investigator to go interview witnesses and serving with subpoenas and that cost money sometimes you have a client you don't want to spend it. I don't know exactly why he wasn't done. You know like FM one of the jurors even quoted saying I wish the defendants would have done more work. There's a lot of reasons for that but put men attorneys in the position. Especially. Like the death threats and stuffed -- talk about my god. -- the undergo and that type of pressures and do it by yourself. He is is virtually impossible and so if things weren't darn it may not all be because. Mr. Robert Jenkins may have as much to do with the client. Failing to open up is quality and you know. Tim I wanted to stay with this were saying good by the Czech foreign and thank you thank you thank you so appreciative of all of those who have come into the studio and given -- call. -- for -- Paul Murphy and David hammer all of channel four Robert Jenkins the attorney for Ray Nagin meant a lot that he would call. And Tim mentioned stays with this. I am very very grateful for you to you know somebody texted us and asked the question. Who were the victims. Of rain again how would you answer that. Boy you know that is a great question because if you look at it honestly. The people new York and really weren't hurt bad that it. Most of the broad reasoning was take different -- bribery allegations. Of for -- never got. He had talked and taken about -- opener of the shopping center that never came to fruition he never received any tax breaks so the city. Citizens that suffered there. The Rodney Williams counts. And three -- construction got some contracts that was some suggestion that. He was the -- -- he may have gotten contracts anyway. However there was never suggested that he didn't do the work and -- was never suggestion that the work wasn't done competently. Come this citizens didn't suffer there. And I'm -- -- the -- -- Who Nagin -- attacks things further I think like except 40000 dollars. But the same theater owners of the city millions of dollars that they haven't paid TV on. And mailing interest that last year he would go after him here and done thing but still he accepted. Campaign contribution from all of those guys. So a good case can be -- eat. There really. That wasn't true victims here except for the fact that instead of spending time at City Hall. Mayor -- sometimes when it is silent screen it is and I don't know if the citizens work better or worse off because -- respect. That you know I remember reading a quote from on former governor Blanca who when she was hearing and reading all of the trial information. Her comment was. Where did -- have time were just Katrina it was madness. And he's spending an awful lot of time doing all of these things. Perhaps the financial -- that will will never know who benefited. Clearly this city was knocked to its knees one more time. By these image of corruption and now not just the image with the substance of it. And this is something I think the city is working so hard. To tour race to say we are beyond that. Yes we have this history but by golly were better than this. And look how we are place to live we are place to do business and you can have a good government and we'll all be the better fort. This is just the example of my god please don't let this happen anymore. Yeah yeah. You know SS for talking about seeing the images and have things changed that one of the most striking things that happened today in -- Come out listeners noticed. We're back in the day when Jim let -- US attorney and they would get a verdict like this. You Arum and those steps would run out to the steps of the courthouse and they'd have a press conference that would last for a long time. And Jim you know they -- each other pact they applaud themselves they talked forever. -- -- on your talk (%expletive) you're that you're all the talk shows do everything after the bird in this case we didn't hear anything. You just turn it did at a press conference they didn't beat themselves. But they didn't congratulate themselves. They gave him applaud themselves and suggest how great -- or. That's the change with this new regime as opposed to the other. And I suspect because of that. They'll be much more effective and prosecuting criminals and also getting the public's trust a lot more than people who were so so can graduate to worry is. Mr. Clinton's office. We have a caller let's go to him -- from the West Bank you've been very patient. All -- them might say for the questions that the Latin was all reappointed. -- They've been in memory -- and -- that could be yet in the but let. He was he was. Supported bubble of all sentenced. Is that good -- bad. Well cricket. I guess it was good fall out because nobody complained. Actually he never did anything wrong it was it was people that worked for and that did well. -- that not would judging works opinions that it needed. -- at all on the outlaw. Thought -- -- because of the people that it will work. But anyway. But -- you had a question or comment about it the -- trial. Right. Especially will fall. I got -- on the project and I handled mail optics school wall -- my question is these businessman -- bride. -- Nagin properly ward walked in and talks with US morsels but they wouldn't testify. -- -- -- -- You know on the the sense of terror you know that project in the first question I'm actually in the witness stand. Oh you servant term male or -- bribery. You know that it but the question I think that would have meant a lot to the jury right there. But they got a walk in the end like they did not at all stopping that had something to do -- that. And the second but -- been blowing up is. -- keeps saying that the Jenkins even -- it all by himself and now. Is that rails for an appeal -- that he can go back insanity award be given. A -- prop a local representation. Can that be appealed. We don't know. At that -- that that -- ineffective assistance of counsel and it's a very -- cling to make it standard here but it is dark and you know. The idea that you received death threats. In under that type of pressure. There. Obvious that may affect that type clothing. And depending on what comes out later. That could be something they -- that -- very very difficult claim to be success. The keynote in talking with Robert Jenkins heat heat alluded to. One of the reasons is that sometimes they have a different attorney do an appeal is so they have a different set of eyes as if to say. If your first attorney didn't do everything properly he said that several times. He did didn't it was and I noticed that was tellem. Yes it was. Chief I really appreciate your patients. Very very much very very quickly let's go to John in new -- I just wanted to call. I was pretty upset by the idea that there were really victims to Megan's crime. It certainly warmer. Oh story -- and trade at all. Minimal wage above average drops that would going to be some well people. -- it in order again. What he urged -- -- so good that somebody. -- doubts that that they never ever enter into those kind of deals ever state that said that that's not that's against their policies do. So they were never that that site they may have gone for. They didn't get scared according to what it in the paper. Until you realize Nagin was -- and all the evidence of their policy never ever. Does that they won't remember in the United States so -- we don't have a -- In Jerusalem this. -- -- John I really appreciate your thoughts on this assist with the show is all about giving your opinion Ray Nagin guilty on twenty of 21 counts I cannot thank Tim -- enough. Tim I hope you'll join us again -- do this again during the sentencing we look forward to thank you so much everyone for listening.