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2-12 5:20pm Avery Johnson

Feb 12, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by NBA All-Star Host Committee Co-Chair and New Orleans son, Avery Johnson, to talk about the community relation efforts of All Star weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

An ambassador for the city of New Orleans on the all time greats in BA greats and a -- -- report night in a course. Now I ambassador and a big part of all -- week in with some good news coming into the city this week in Avery Johnson Jones now and Avery. I think they're all stock picking off tomorrow evening is what this city needs. And some good news and this is a big time event with -- -- who not only in the invade but. Not a entertainment people fashion industry be will be here this iconic event over the sport day. Yet about is that it's an unbelievable. I'm just living so excited to be a whole lot of hitting coach here this event would agree to -- and so problem. And just work with mr. and mrs. Ambience and and guys -- some. Unbelievable. When you talk about. Do you all start game which is gonna. Culminate Sunday night in this movies kings center. With Tibet's. Basketball players in the world -- there and look Bryant changed to -- where the white outward. It's it's an out Spain and in in the slam dunk contests in three point shootout on Saturday night in. All the the other -- especially with some of the retired players involved like the mailman Karl Malone. In being jam session which is going to be opened. To the public is a great. In for two years it's insanely. Single in may begin ought -- of some of the current and former players placing basketball. This is unbelievable in like you say it. Different entertainers that are going to be in town you know guys like Kevin Morton was really hot in. It going doing great with my dad is recently did in the did you get an impact which. We heard it and beat. What took nine billion now -- work it worked economic impact. To long distance out Spain and we're glad to be taught. We talk with the great coach Avery Johnson and all of his film and and Avery when you look at it what occurred in win New Orleans has rewarded. You know the all star game back in 2008. Former NBA commissioner. David Stern -- I remember reflected back when it Emeka. A bigger contribution to -- -- recovery efforts you know beyond all star weekend. The new look delete came out what it's the inaugural balls they'll all star day of service -- 2008 which involved -- 2500. People. Including all of the all star weekend participants. Like bring in the likes of Julius Irvin and and you look they all took -- -- -- -- service project across. Conducted across you all -- and because of the success that 2008. The NBA has held its day of service during every all star -- it. Yeah absolutely in you know when -- be. Has an event they are always. Very mindful. Not just to gain. But how -- in -- affects the community and now would be very. Are retiring from his illustrious thirty year career. As -- BA commissioner now. You know we have seen over. Most taken over for him as. Hibbert first and that's that's should be beat. -- thought it out -- fielders. Commissioner responsibilities. Is to make sure he continues division. David Stern in making sure that but you know Indy almost all week it is not just about the game but it's also about Padilla serve isn't. Fortunately. I'm going to be at the Cuban leadership academy. What saint Claude. All on Friday. And I am really excited about that we will have other. People from -- -- read is going to be yet jewels that high school. In -- -- is going to be a great opportunity. For Al in BA players retired players. And all of our support staff to -- -- in really impact the community in the real way. And found Avery about McNabb talk and a lot of stuff this past week goes mitigate 88 all -- dunk contest wouldn't deacon Jones has so many great memories of all star weekend and one of the things were talking about two. If today you being a coach if you had a chance. To have a Pickens -- eighteen today what he'd beat their ran on the brawn who would you choose. -- they would be -- LeBron and change he's the best player in the game. You know he east. Right now the most complete player today -- into the floor. -- -- and you know he -- -- three years -- -- -- And he's been in the finals for. Times total in any won two championships. You know right now Kevin -- and outstanding now Kevin Durant and probably when VP this year but. The best player in the game in the players you wanna structured team where it is to LeBron and change his multi dimensional. Plays well great under pressure. And you know -- Jericho trouble. -- think he can play different styles. So it would definitely be LeBron James split. Kevin -- it's not hard. The great Avery Johnson ambassador for the city New Orleans of the all -- advance to kick off tomorrow evening here in New Orleans Avery always a pleasant look forward to seeing you this weekend okay thanks for our cover -- night okay RFID.