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2-12 5:10pm Bobby, Deke, & Scoot, Nagin guilty

Feb 12, 2014|

The Saints announced they will part ways with veterans Jabari Greer, Roman Harper, Will Smith & Jonathan Vilma. PLUS: former 2-term New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was found guilty of 20 of 21 counts of bribery, conspiracy and tax evasion. A jury delivered the verdict after 6 hours of deliberations, following a 9-day trial. PLUS: Avery Johnson, former NBA coach & player…and former St. Aug Purple Night.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Good evening and welcome to continuing coverage of today's big news in a New Orleans as -- man. Ray Nagin found guilty on 20/20 one count of federal corruption charges along the -- came by the eBay and scooped. I'm Deke Bellavia coming up on today's program we will continue to give you the -- it's gonna open up the phone lines we want to hear from new. As a lot happening right now but operated jaguar opinion poll -- found Ray Nagin DOT. Well Tony Tony long counts of federal corruption charges is this a good day. Or a bad day for New Orleans 2601870. Text the -- 7870. Emails a big teeth at WW dot com. And you can. Also Texas 878 and -- called total freak. 86688908. -- most current New Orleans Saints news full faces who -- a big. Part of the Saints winning their first and only world championship. Jabari Greer or Roman mob book will Smith and Jonathan Vilma. Bobby on no longer with the New Orleans saint. Well begin you wanted to save salary cap space it kind of speaks for itself I mean. In the Saints had to. A shed some big salaries and a lot of respected that better players obviously and helped the Saints though when it's doable. When I'll look it Will Smith in and now how he contributed and you look at his ten year run with the team. I mean that he is the most consistent. Three units of lime if for nearly a decade. Kind of been down as a pass -- but he was always pretty stout against the run. Obviously his best season came in 2009 years at thirteen sacks. And help the team and a suitable but his salary cap number and coming off injury right on the fourteen million. You could see why you know the parting ways now it was rumored that Lance Moore -- part of that mix. -- we're gonna wait and see but you know Roman Harper. That's not a surprise he used basically say even a five point nine minutes of the round and all that's a six million so you -- see right there. When you go will Smith and in you do Roman Auburn -- the twenty million. And until you could see Hollis and -- -- you know change things and and make it him right now. It's a bright guard and -- -- interest in there. Because the side at age of tiger's held -- not a -- that a cup -- 32 years of age you could still play and that's kind of complicated. You look at it easy out there. But it that makes him eligible for the one point. 1050000. Dollar -- into protection benefits that you haven't this TBA if they cut him and now being cut. He'll probably deadly file an -- grievance. But to go along with that so. I really don't think Darryl when they Jonathan Vilma. He wasn't on the contract -- decided not to resign him so really. We're looking at all these players. And not surprise. And and Jabari Greer that surprise because he's injured. All right again Will Smith. Roman Harper -- -- Jon Vilma the Saints at parting ways with those world champion of the 2009. Saints Super Bowl season. Ray Nagin -- found former New Orleans Mayor Ray -- guilty of twenty of the 21 federal counts. Counts of federal corruption charges is this a good day quite bad if you wanna -- wanna hear from you. You a chance to sound off on all of us who got a lot coming up tonight 7 o'clock pelicans basketball and Milwaukee. 730 we have LSU taking on Texas Stadium -- who joins us. -- -- -- at the Hurricane Katrina just a couple of days. Ray Nagin. Mainly proud to be working in New Orleans when he came on and he said hey get down here we needed. And and it's a guy who had the whole city -- country in his hands. And the end result I don't think I don't necessarily say at that point down. Some people may have called me and not have thought this would be the end result. I didn't. And to me it is it's a good day in a way because I think New Orleans over the course of time in this area this is we're not open up with the same old same old we don't get straight Lugo move forward. But also to say they too because this is a -- That -- like when Rudy Giuliani from a standpoint kind of galvanized new York at one point I'm Ray Nagin did galvanized New Orleans. But very very -- in. Very sad joy in the beginning DK it's like when you do when you -- over somebody goes the more you're -- -- the -- the breakup is if you know if you if you win that was somebody and you -- -- -- -- It was it is deepest Seattle lost in the break up is not as bad this this this city really embraced right naked. They've really loved him I think Clancy do most of -- climate and -- candidate channel foreseen it best when he talked about now. You know the mayor this this mayor ray and Ray Nagin. He'd he'd stole everybody's heart coming in and broke everybody's heart Lucy. And he also talked about the the arrogance and that's something else that seems to be. So much a part of politics today degree of arrogance the degree of entitlement and on on this very day when Ray Nagin Lewis. It was found guilty you know the former corner of saint Tammany parish. Calvin east sinister Tony four months in prison and it seems like that might have been the result of the degree of arrogance or feeling of entitlement. And does go to along those lines and I take and I tell us argue about this unique. I think the common sense approach. As -- and you -- gets caught in the cookie jar. Okay almost like. I'm like apparent is that is that moment Aaron Broussard. But it's almost like you can't be that narcissistic. That they me and that that you that big and had that abdominal win this thing you know when you look at the evidence and how can you be that Nike because all of a sudden. You roll the dice and instead of maybe looking at 45 years. Now twenty years so it that from him a common sense approach that's. What does not like they get a big grin is not that's I don't. You know everybody's secure right -- -- today it may be that the very arrogance that led him into the position that he was in it being charged is the very -- against that led him to believe he was gonna get through this. All right we've got a panel here indicating cannon Bobby -- huge Saints news breaking today because these does -- the -- they were the backbone they want. Foundation of the New Orleans Saints. To win a world championship that being Greg -- and a deep -- Jonathan Vilma Roman Harper Will Smith. And Jabari Greer are no longer with the club -- always with them today. Also a jury found former New Orleans Mayor Ray -- guilty of 21 of the 21 counts. Of a federal corruption charges it is a good they are bad day for -- wall and scoot is here whether -- We're on until 730 -- that's what handed off to the LSU sports network LSU Texas a and M 7 PM at 1053. Is the pelicans. Taking on the Milwaukee Bucks plus. Stick around later in the program will give it a code word in the 1000 dollar nationwide. Has contents in just the right time and ambassador for the city of New Orleans on the all time greats in BA greats and the -- damper upon night in a course. Now I ambassador and a big part of all -- week in with some good news coming into the city this week in Avery Johnson Jones now and Avery. I think they're all stock picking off tomorrow evening is what this he needs. And some good news and this is a big time event with some -- who not only in the Indy but. Not a entertainment people fashion industry be will be here this iconic event Olympic sport day. Yet about me it's it's an unbelievable. I'm just really so excited to be a whole lot of hitting coach here -- of them would Rita Benson LeBlanc. And just work with mr. and mrs. Ambience and and it's just an unbelievable man when you talk about. Do you all start game which is -- it. Culminate Sunday night -- movies kings center who would -- -- best. Basketball players in the world Kevin Durant but Bryant changed to Wayne Wear the white outward. This is an out Spain and in in the slam dunk contests in three point shoot down Saturday night in. All of the other -- especially with some of the retired players involved like the mailman Karl Malone. -- jam session which is going to be open. To the public is a great. In for two years it's insanely. Two goal in maybe get autographs of some of the current and former players placing basketball. This is unbelievable -- like you say it in different entertainers that are going to be in town. You know guys like Kevin -- was really hot in. -- -- going doing great with my dad has recently been in the day you get an impact which. We've heard it and be. Which of ninety million now to work -- -- economic impact. To long distance out Spain and grew quiet to be taught. The talk with the great coach Avery Johnson jones' home and and Avery when you look at it what occurred in win New Orleans has rewarded. You know the all star game back in 2008. Former NBA commissioner. David Stern -- I remember reflected back wanted to Emeka. A bigger contribution to your -- recovery efforts you know beyond all star weekend. The new look -- came out what is the inaugural balls they'll all star day of service -- 2008 which involve more in 2500. People. Including all of the all star weekend participants. Like bring in the likes of Julius Irvin and and you look they all took -- and it can service project across. Conducted across the all of that because of the success that 2008. The NBA has held its day of service during every all star weekend since. Yeah absolutely in you know -- be. Has an event they are always. Very mindful. Not just digging. But how to it and they'd give back to the community and now would be his third. Are retiring from his illustrious thirty year career. As -- NBA commissioner now. You know we have -- over. -- taken over for him as the emperor first and that's that's -- beat beat. -- -- -- fielder's. Commissioner's responsibility. Is to make sure he continues to the Asian. David Stern in making sure that you know Indy almost all week and is not just about the game but it's also about Padilla serve isn't. Fortunately. I'm going to be at the -- leadership academy. What saint Claude. All on Friday. And I am really excited about that we will and other. People from our team Reid is going to be yet jewels that -- high school. And in -- is going to be a great opportunity. For Al in BA players retired players. At all our support staff did out in really impact the community and no real way. And found Avery about an -- talking a lot of stuff this past week goes -- today 88 I'll start dunk contest than deacon Jones is so many great memories of all star weekend and one of the things were talking about two. If today you being a coach if you had a chance. To have a Pickens -- eighteen today what he'd beat Iran -- on LeBron who would you choose. -- -- that they would be do LeBron James he's the best player in the game. You know he east. Right now the most complete player today mobile into the floor. He and you know he didn't tackles three years in a role. And he's been in the finals for. Times total in -- won two championships. So right now. Kevin -- outstanding without Kevin Durant -- probably when VP this year. But. The best player in the game in the players you wanna start treating where it is to LeBron James -- multi dimensional. Plays well great under pressure. And you know he's very collectible. And he can play different styles. So it would definitely be LeBron and change split. Kevin Durant it's not hard. The great Avery Johnson ambassador for the city New -- of the all -- advance to kick off tomorrow evening here in new long Avery always a pleasant look forward to seeing you this weekend okay. -- our cover of night -- -- -- always something new WW dot com Ray -- found guilty of -- of the 21 counts of corruption we have the verdict count -- count. And the only comments Ray Nagin his attorney Robert Jenkins made after the verdict. Plus the associate so be Olympics -- in every day we have to medal winners table -- -- Also it's a video and audio big moments in the win against -- hockey forthcoming things are really getting and get excited. With a win in Olympics and -- got to see the video that is going of our -- Davis dunks off the wall at practice it's all online right now at WW dot com operated jaguar opinion -- A jury found Ray Nagin former New Orleans -- guilty a twenty of 21 count of federal corruption charges is this a good day. Or a bad day for -- we are coming to Tony K -- patiently waiting would scoot. This is one thing's for sure Aubrey is difficult time for us you know it just doesn't look good regardless of what side he. You may be and it is it's happening at a time -- the national spotlight is on their -- again with the NBA all star game here but I I think the positive aspect of the game is gonna far. Overshadow this of this and negative moment and here's an update on our -- if -- are pretty general opinion poll. I'm 24% say it's a bad day 76%. Say it's a good day. And again there's two series here it either is it is seen as a black guy for New Orleans. Or is seen as a time when you roses once again cleaning things up. I've told -- the West Bank you're on WWL. He's gone there do Bobby's beat -- -- -- the comment in this is definitely. Not you know I'm not dead now and his attorney Robert Jenkins and -- he's a great attorney in New Orleans. I know several people that -- -- -- -- him at Tulane and brought he's a great harassment tourney but I just don't know a whole lot about him and how much experience he has. And federal court but you know I'm not sure the man was paid to do a job and he went out there and he'd put his best. His best put forward and I heard somebody earlier we -- -- -- on said that Ray Nagin should never put Robert Jenkins. And that situation. You know not in either bad boy and it was a great -- by himself he should ahead you know maybe a better defense team and maybe he just didn't have the wants to do it. But I also look at the come in I thought Ray Nagin. Always it would look like Brady you know -- and get some direction but the man was well spoken opt out he did okay job for the city. And what I understand is is is is -- they say that you know we have the best justice system in the world. So when you go to federal court and I could take operating out that if I was on the jury. My vote everybody's entitled to about. It would have been not guilty you know -- you know it is coming from you got somebody gets in Paris and I couldn't be -- penalties as well. Hope. Not but it -- Bobby and it is is you know if you listen to some of the fact that came out on its case. But cheat forward just add that these guys that supposedly. Quote unquote. But then again. Said now we got him but one of the government put this fortnight alimony and act instead hey if you don't say what you say basically quote unquote. We -- go and prosecute JaVale what you YPG and you know how how -- that they had justice system. When the government as the pot and do that and all of a sudden people start saying like about it that I wouldn't say it was -- it's something else -- -- Right victory that I did all right thank you for it I aspire that way then that wouldn't be that wouldn't be fair. I'm as far as Aaron. Jacobs is concerned you know it it could be and and or Tony would disagree with his but he could be that the evidence was -- Overwhelming that it didn't matter what kind of lawyer you you have yeah he's only going to be able to do so much. You know I'm sure looking back Ray -- might have won a summer like Rob Ryan to run his defense but it. If united again if the evidence is against you. What I do it's it's always easy for us to pass judgment in the court of public opinion. And we've seen so many trials -- juries have come up with decisions that as we sit here and judge based on what we know. The juries have have disagreed with -- in the court of public opinion. This may be a a cases that with -- somebody like Tony who believes that well they didn't have the evidence there are many many others who believe they did have the evidence and again I think the saddest part of this may be. The idea that somebody was so loved by so many people -- is such a savior for New Orleans such a breath of fresh here from New Orleans. And then this happens and it happens in his second term and I believe very Broussard so -- happened in his second term you know it could it be that some people. Become. So. Narcissistic they've become so -- again today it is this what politics does suit to some good people. And -- -- I dig the email. That I mean it takes that you guys. The -- a legit comment on this and -- YouTube because -- maybe in line because I think the common sense approach where if you kind of caught. And then -- four -- a plea bargain like fortify Bears vs Swanee. Then maybe I dig you kind of said is that maybe he didn't do that because he was protecting maybe his sons and his wife -- this edges and. And look out out out on taken approach in my opinion is this is some like it might only if I watched Watson not watching a show -- -- you watch on TV. You going to it is and he I'm sure every Nate in I think we'll all agree Smart guy. From the standpoint he knew gone and it is probably what he had to do from a standpoint of tickets -- And I mean if you look at all of this and I think we've heard a lot of attorneys say when you look at the overwhelming evidence there was against him and the guys that testified against him. -- bet it made sense to say okay well I'll I'll leave and I get a lesson charged but what does that do open up for as other people like privacy choice in my family. I'll open up our other stuff and some people take their approach and I'm just that -- I'll go down so my fans to but isn't the isn't the ultimate way to protector failing. To be honest in the first -- always know it absolutely no doubt about but when you look at it OK wait wait you were. Where you are way you wanted to be Elvis started transpired in demise of the -- -- best option. -- defender may go down to all you take all of it in and you -- is protected and that's a decision you had made. They don't last night I was talking about not another case of a woman who. I was texting while she -- driving and she hit and killed a pedestrian. How many cases like that are we gonna have to hear on the news before everybody stops texting and driving -- how many cases are gonna have to hear about. Like Ray Nagin and Aaron Broussard and and Jefferson how many cases like this are people gonna have to hear before they realize you know what you might just not get away with it so why take that chance. I think that over the course of of that usage of -- and you -- Bruce on this -- making course Jonathan saint -- of course you mentioned earlier Skelton yeah I think now that did their reputation is is here is one of the people are proud of is that it's not going to be tolerated morning and it had been tolerated anymore. Well part of the history of this city has been. About corruption and we all know that those of us who grew grew -- -- spent much of our lives here. But maybe Thaddeus is finally changing you know that there was this feeling that that's the politicians were bigger than the system of justice. Not Kerry on the calls has been waiting -- -- give him before break Kerry thank you for calling. You've heard it called park so well I think. So it -- exaggerated. The federal government. Did to extract testimony on those other felons but we're going to say. The -- and it shocked that that speech was not arrogant. It alienated. People. All. It was a very very poor choice of words. And I think Ray Mickens. Image in the -- in the metro area and by. -- -- -- when he first ran for -- I think bad job that's -- speech. One -- in crossing that rubicon and that's when he sort echoed around you know. Well it's scary it's it's certainly when you think about what ray Megan's tenure in Ryan a man and and in New Orleans this is I think a couple of -- -- right after Katrina -- speech he made great you know he. Came out to get down hand save us you know people a -- and and I think the next thing that pops up or maybe to prove. The other one is those comments that didn't just -- Of course you make those comments and that's not a reason to be prosecutor go to prison right. That there with that this the speaks it's known as the chocolate speech he's had two worlds is gonna be chocolate again that was a horrible thing to say and it was a racist thing to say it it was the wrong thing to say. As mayor of of any city. Yeah and -- look at -- he knew we had to do to get reelected the immediate gonna get reelected 2601878. Texas at 87870. Toll free 866889087. Quickly let's go to Jack Jack thank you for calling W dead you know. Hello guys argue that -- right. Bag you know about it and we're right in the -- and update is good for the city that they cleaned -- -- option. You not nation and in the court we all knew about it it is that he put up chronic -- and am Ishii out collecting money poll. And also. There working on hollow is a Katrina would wrong actor ounces. Everybody knew it would stay you know in the public guys you know what apple what you wish for that you might just get a jock but city now. Jack thank you so much for the call. -- it's. It's on this can be talked about a long time this hot button topic a lot of people and I'm not just getting a chance to sound off because of all the things that have happened today and it's -- it's a hard day for two worlds because Ray Nagin was seen as such a hero he stood up for the city after Katrina he called out the federal government demand that they get down here. And and and people were rallying behind him and then. Now it's it's it comes to it comes to this sad moment. I can New Orleans still appreciates the good things that he did to think about it when Edwards -- you know it when it was made mistakes in the people still Revere him in well okay he made a mistake but look at all the -- he did for Louisiana. You gotta react well the only thing is and half ago I heard this -- in the habit. You know when you die in the right you obituary right well I guarantee you this is mentioned. You know the matter if you do a lot of good stuff yeah they talk about being the first mayor. Right to go down abstinent and though he'll remember that forever. All right it's the 1000 telecast contests and the code -- this -- is role. RO LL roll up. Take that code word role in utter the word at WW dot com slash -- -- put on -- contest link on our website for your chance to win. 1000 dollars nationwide. And it's just. As simple to and a where the year at the office computer. Serving at home on your Smartphone or tablet you can win anywhere. And listen -- vick's -- Wear red for the top down news tomorrow morning during Tommy -- show at 8 AM. Good luck from Smart radio dot com and WW -- coming up next it to Craig Jo Marie and it age on him Guerrero. Ray Nagin is guilty and the Saints at waterways with -- hop with Smith and bill.