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2-12 5:10pm Bobby, Deke, & Scoot, Saints cut four vets

Feb 12, 2014|

The Saints announced they will part ways with veterans Jabari Greer, Roman Harper, Will Smith & Jonathan Vilma. PLUS: former 2-term New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was found guilty of 20 of 21 counts of bribery, conspiracy and tax evasion. A jury delivered the verdict after 6 hours of deliberations, following a 9-day trial.

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And welcome back -- -- Bobby -- and -- I'm Deke Bellavia mixture of sports big news today from black and gold standpoint and of course. The news about former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin welcome back. The on the news talk and sports leader WW radio operated jaguar opinion -- A jury found former New Orleans Mayor ray making guilty 120 of 21 count of federal corruption charges it is a good day or bad day for New Orleans. You can vote online at WW dot com and from a sports standpoint the Saints announced they parting ways with the veterans Jabari Greer. Roma Koppel will Smith and Jonathan Vilma was coming to the -- in just a moment. First -- Your take on -- Well I think this is a good day and it's happening and the moment they were halting the NBA all star game so once again New Orleans is in the national spotlight when. This is also getting national attention so there's both very good in badly the positive is gonna outweigh the negative. There seems to be this did this temptation to to not resist the opportunity to use your position of power when your politician. And we've seen so many politicians do this I'm not exactly sure when politicians are gonna understand. If you're not gonna really be able to get away with this -- consider attorney Robert Jenkins said that today he does not regret putting -- on the stand although. I kept hearing from people in the courtroom that one of the things that seem to be emitting from from -- Aiken was something that may put him in the position in the first place. And that is a strong degree of arrogance. This happened in his second term. Do people get to the point where they just feel like I'm entitled to this and also I thought it was interesting that today in the very same building downtown federal courthouse. The former corner of a saint Tammany parish Peter -- Was sentenced to prison. And here's a guy who took advantage of of of the system and he's going to prison. There is and this is something that the general public is just so fed up with with politicians in general. They're does seem to be this degree of entitlement the politicians have this degree of arrogance once again -- the power. -- four players who would you on the Saints winning world championships -- Smith Vilma angry yet begun and I'm not even gonna bring -- Vilma because he really they chose not to resign him you know he's been on the outs ever since the whole -- gate and really was the captain of the defense and helped us in a suitable some beautiful the small may mainly. While will -- Roman Harper and Jabari Greer. If you look at it in you know we kind of I guess if you look at the glass half full so to speak and taken negative approach before even signing. I'm sure it did at tight end Jimmy Graham you know we were already twelve and a half million. All over the projected salary cap at 126 point six million British shows how quickly. Things can change if you look now. By basically -- release who will submit you saving fourteen million. Dollars Roman Harper six million. And then Jabari Greer. Six point 86 point six points and -- that range now. Not Jabari situations a little more complicated. Considering he's injured you know his ACL there. That will make him eligible. For that 1050000. Dollar in Andrew protection benefits that. My understanding is part of this TBA in and and probably he's gonna you know following -- agreement. And who knows he deacon played he can rehab and -- could still run. And I guess he Jabari Greer. Back in a Saints uniformity is healthy. Roman Harper it may be who Will Smith no. Now you look projected other players I think that they might have to address because -- a salary cap number. No one -- Brodrick Bunkley. That's right it's six million I know he's part of that Davidson line rotation I thought when healthy he did an outstanding job helping Minnesota mainly against the run. And in a couple of fan favorite so Lance Moore and Pierre Thomas glances. His salary cap it would be like five million and Pierre Thomas -- right now and a three million or two point nine. So you look at that. Because -- be another fourteen million so would you look at total savings all of us nine. That Beckett Germans that are like 26 and a half -- be over forty and a half million so big you can go out and sign the likes of Jimmy Graham. And bring in maybe did you Keenan Lewis and a so so there's that to be a lot of opportunities. And and I think overall the Saints fans -- good and nation have trust. I'm Mickey Loomis and I was run organization because they've. They've pretty much is in the right thing as far as who was best for the team to the phones ago Gene Taylor for Linden and a good evening thank you for calling WW. Hello and thank you for calling. -- -- It needs to hear. The music game. We maybe weren't there. Maybe do -- QBs. But of happy. And being that -- they need to. Because. -- criminals that. It but they -- them. In a credible. Read that green for a rookie year we -- -- went. I mean you don't pick Clinton who sent Eddie Payton he's been at the fastest but I think. The key to companies have profile cases. He immediately and maybe who play on the tour. You know you think -- -- signal. So you like to see a more fan and as a coach is saying. I would like to be secured. Be. Like 5050. And yet. -- that game that. So when it's been kind of like a guilty but I just need to see that happen and a couple opening performance that I'm a little time. I mean he's -- and being that black people and -- a credible committee. Can't -- it seems to. But -- you also have to understand that it but they're both attorneys have to give the year the approval. If of the people who weren't up on the jury in -- you're suggesting that because of skin color people don't. People aren't going to be fair. While -- with the Saints at bats but he he definitely go did not indicate it. I mean that's what he's saying to me that -- we have that. If it were to go down to -- up security security and then we never on these high profile cases. Still an indoor talent and apathy are -- -- white policemen try to you know pour. Well -- just argued you don't get out very much -- -- thank you so much for the call the Saints are part ways with four. Greats in black and go who helped the Saints won a championship Jabari Greer or Roman Harper will Smith and done that Vilma. With one of those is the biggest loss plus a jury found Ray Nagin DOT appoint a 21 counts of federal corruption charges. It's a good day or a bad day for too long studiously with a -- the Kasey -- embodiment. I'm Deke Bellavia seventy and the pelicans and the Milwaukee Bucks at 1053 FM flagship. And it's 730 LSU at Texas a and M basketball tonight on WWL. Radio or read in Metairie thank you for calling WW. I believe -- and I. I have a question on that Tony talk about that and he was telling -- -- about you couldn't get hit particularly has it that induction Aaron. Right yet saying he's on the West Bank Jefferson -- But -- really you could beat from any prior is that correct. Because that -- you're all that was I think and act and it's Gregory. How are you -- that because that on the street and me and I have adequate acquire and this is a federal trial. -- so that would indicate how many at Marie do you think this is a good day you're -- day for New Orleans. I don't think it was such a good day when you walk on I mean a lot of people did and I mean I didn't vote for in Japan -- -- -- and -- Five all. I think -- hit a really good job restorer of and make is that internally with our post something like this saint they put a dollar. You know I got an early second term is like they just think it great you know. Like you know there's something there's something I think important about always having to be so accountable. They did you do a good job and and may -- this sub conscious mentality and I guess it's a realistic that mentality as well sets in and in the second term. A politicians went well you know I can't be reelected so I can do whatever I want. Right and I mean I'm not say is that they all -- there but Louisiana is known a lot of bad politicians. In -- Don't know all that and that's something that I know all that does not -- You know I've often wondered about that Marie did did does politics have the ability to turn. The good people are crooked. -- have to temptation is is it was overwhelm. Yeah. I mean and even about the saint -- Carolina are set. Yeah this happened this happened and ended the same building on the same day. -- place called specialists into WWL. And dig very very quick whom we come back after this and next break -- let's talk about something that it last caller -- -- last column -- the caller before I've talked about. And there's this automatic assumption that it's always about race and if the if the jury didn't have enough blacks on it that's why he got off I can't help but think about. The whites that helped put re negative office so this city has -- a history of of being fair. And I don't think it's fair to assume that just because the jury didn't have so many number of blacks on the jury. That this was an unfair trial to the phones we go let's go to reach rich thank you for calling WWL -- it's right here. Earlier I just want to call in our -- comment a minute ago about he reached each previous call up. You know -- it's not about who rates he -- eight corrupt politician and he got caught. Judged by manager. Peter. And I am guilty that that. Not a black person white person Chinese knee was held guilty archer. Ear and -- It sure does all of them all year. I your -- you're absolutely right and answer -- quite often there's always an excuse if there's something. Bad happens because of race and it's not always about race but as long as people continue to view everything. As as racial issues that we're never gonna get beyond that attention that we still have in this country yeah. -- area tonight you know I think I think. That now you know. Is different now than you want to close season where it needs to be absolutely not but is -- are going to be some people on what side of the bench all. Saying something about race. Why acting or it's going to be some that always bring that up he -- be about like the fact he came be about. The information it's always going to be something about race it happened it happened in politics it does happen it's sports a medium -- -- over the week here. He claimed that the the fan at Texas Tech who clearly by the investigation was done everything. He caught a piece that you plan like crap your crappy player they'll play at Oklahoma State wanted to say he he Yeltsin got. A racial slur at him and that was not the case is it gets -- -- is -- right no but that's the real world. And that is real and very unfortunate equal out I got I appreciate it. All right rich thank you so much when he made it to have a opportunity take out the New Orleans pelicans and the Milwaukee Bucks on FM 1053 of the flagship but the pelicans and it's 730. LSU fighting tiger basketball against Texas a mammoth. On 870 AM big news today. Black and gold and in political world. A jury found former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin DOT a twenty or 21 counts a federal corruption charges is this a good -- -- bad day for New Orleans. And the Saints have parting ways with the veterans Jabari Greer or Roman Koppel will Smith and Johnson Dilma. All of your take here at WW up to the phones that we go and let's go to Byron Byron thank you for calling WW -- There are gonna be -- Here are doing government. Believe it -- all locked bill are a lot about it. The David typical for all exports. In order good bit. Of a bigger problem -- emerged. For a little while prepared really well -- -- -- -- -- It looked fatigued. To me and being you know. Up what was going to be deadly -- -- -- -- If he didn't play. Cornerback -- do that reform and do it very. I mean very very open a couple of you know -- buy out there you can -- short bound Utley wanted. -- it -- a couple of corners it is he call me a lot of them mean. I'd like you couldn't -- -- put you out there pretty well throughout but it Atlantic rookie crop but. Pretty -- and Jordan Jordan so. You know the -- Way you know we know Larry -- situation if you have an opportunity if anybody in any funeral as an opportunity to not only take care of themselves. But futures of their family cheered and cheered and cheered and in some even bother the net. But Michael Michael Bennett. Well -- to -- his -- that you know what he's it is saint cause go to saint Wal-Mart is there are not give -- -- I'm not give -- Seattle discount these right. Is all right if only amount of time that you could capitalize and get a affect contract in you know what if you can get one did. Andy are ready are you ready wanna suitable as Seattle -- -- there yet. You October again -- -- give -- respect you -- -- that sort of thing. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I'm not going to bring -- Jimmy Graham because and I got a Jimmy Graham go anywhere would be first Malcolm Jenkins. And then Zach -- and then add a third guy put Brian Gallup went as far as being unrestricted. Where there's a market for them so with that would they get a private -- -- -- Malcolm and -- vaguely in here go to as the market. And then as -- would you get on the market and then the Saints now Malcolm again their privilege. Big you need to match at our. Our our pay him a little lower seed you'll need to -- without really watching that that's how you ultimately get paid to say market value. But Malcolm. I would say he gets more money in his Saints are gonna pay and that he would leave even though he loves playing on the rob Ryan's system. And -- it's all even all even -- these -- year. And I. -- -- -- The year it is a big deal that -- you can handle the -- to -- No choice you can get them by usually who were there and they were periodic usually -- -- Atlantic. What -- Well I have failed marriage immigrant that came out Bobby was applauded is. A -- was the last thing in and the league's -- to a -- as long as they could. They did what they want these players you hit two big. All your greatest thing ever got to had a -- win but on sat outside they want their -- -- -- you weren't but he entirely. They don't want to W work. But -- because I'm about to tell you they wanna tell you what they wanna pay you yet that's what they -- there was a markets they all know you can get this somewhere else. That's really what we have sort of -- before they had free agency. Things told me I remember like we all knew we gonna pay you will we wanna pay. And I said okay well I got a track record I'm looking over three years where I'm ranked on the Tony quarterbacks. You know somewhere for an in between them Fordham and nine -- I -- like -- ninety while one market value and I don't care about market value well and then and I took the principle that. Pocket Libya don't have a contract and he's still well all neat ride that that that's not only have you among numbers show that -- yet the that's why I was so one sided that's why would Jimmy Graham. And this say that's why the you don't truly want him out there and open market because then the salaries could get way out of hand. But you but you need to reward players like Jimmie Graham put their production. And right now with the market when you look at players similar to him migrant -- ski -- gay -- collected six million. The -- shares so he'd rather say Jimmy Graham. Is in that market like about ten million a year is not like all nobody's worth that that's what the market is -- what he's accomplished. So how can you be on again is that it if you're an American. David on the causeway good evening thank you for calling WWL. Hello David. ALU finds him. -- late in advance and they're L. Dot com call -- -- Gaudenzi. -- -- -- I Ahmad. Qualities I don't know -- ball more -- got away with it mutual Emery. Was died. That's. Water onto the bridge. But the other thing and I'm on call -- is. The government. Step in and says children are people who who obviously. Out of compliance. I looked -- it was there's. Will let you go and I don't so and it standup and -- see the incident jockey says -- -- So a Smart comment then I'll hang out there that. Let David that unfolds and as the way it works just out of federal government I mean you see it. You've seen a lot of times most notably of course -- Amir from the Eurasia -- following things in the Rico statute. You can go back and look over the club trying to want us we follow the sports Michael Vick. A lot of a lot of those guys did lesson it was basically that he was dog fighting wasn't thing that Michael Vick didn't get a lot of the penalties -- it was a cross in the money across in a state lines -- -- money wasn't. A reporter only when tax paid on it what those guys do about it they gave him up for what biggest thing a lot of. Bird saying -- to Barrett that's a way to do scoot. The same thing happens with. With drug deals you know they get tennis more drug dealers to -- they're they're doing wrong but they get -- that day they give -- lighter sentence or they get off because they want they want topic arises. But whether it's as fair or not it's part of the system of justice and I think this is such a tough day for so many people because Ray Nagin. I took over City Hall with such great promise and was so loved by so many people and really became a hero. Right after Katrina demanding that the federal government come down here people rallied around him. And then the comment about all the -- is going to be chocolate again and that seemed to be the beginning of of of our down fall for him. Separation from from from the the popularity and and -- the that cost the wind so to speak he got back and is is is on the need these wins swinging the what do you wanna say scoot after Katrina. Then it start to -- with well within the biggest school why do you think he made that statement to help in getting reelected I was in I was -- -- -- was sick the week. Of the of the runoff elections on the first primary runoff election out if on that we. -- if you meet Andra and reining in the last question I frightening. -- -- -- -- do you think if you don't get reelected same night wouldn't chocolate city comment BO and he says after the nine. And you have to answer that question right there he got reelected you know and it was it was -- even with all that -- of the people spoke and he reelected. Well and and that that comment has nothing to do with what what happened here I mean you can -- -- he was indicted he wasn't -- convicted on that that comment. But that was an inappropriate thing to has come back to haunt him when you give the public when you get the news media that kind of sound bite they're gonna play it over and over again. And there was also a great promise that Ray Nagin was a businessman and so many people believe over the country and the city in the state all the government needs to be Bruntlett the busiest. Well you also have to understand how politics works. And if you don't understand how politics works that's gonna come back to -- -- talk about that during the presidential campaign with with Herman Cain. Being a businessman and you know you you can't say you can't fire senator you can't fire somebody that you you don't liken it to hole the hole. I'm beyoncé of of doing business in the private sector is different from from doing business in the business world that. It may be -- -- really never came to understand that but. You know it really it's mayor Mitch Landrieu said today it's a terribly sad day for New Orleans and I understand that and and since there was so much promise people to have very ambivalent feelings right down there. There are some people are struggling with this because he was such such a promising figure -- And then this happens. But I think it's a positive day even though this is happening at a time when we're hosting the NBA all star game the national spotlight is on New Orleans this is also going -- on the news. I think this is just part of that whole message that things are changing and certain things that may have been status quo are no longer going to be tolerated. 260 point 78866889087. Four Saints have been released in the first man in the history of this great city New Orleans convicted on federal. Corruption charges to the phone to go Gretna for Rickie thank you for calling WW yeah. Oh -- and in so that America. Aren't qualified in the city. And agility -- -- but. The -- series that the -- today. You know he's -- proposition. It definitely is still there today Ed that certainly will vote a certain way. -- in Green -- you'll see it as an eclipse and then they beat Antoine. What became -- -- -- sport. Why the Americans it's pretty Americans. Are they did it. Well but Ricky would you say that you said that races still a factor obviously days acted -- -- -- what I'm saying he got the same thing it is naming of intelligence OJ Simpson trial. You have to say to say they've been for the OJ Simpson trial conducted tell -- what happened. Act at the OJ Simpson trial. Is it the amount of rest purposes -- the -- it's like well spot India but what we'll do that all. And Ricky do you know the exact statement read exactly when asked to be race as a factor though but that -- -- exact statement -- played the exact statement that you said the exact statement that you just said. With being political. But when it was sit back and look at the properties of the -- In the book and the public well being predicted if I. Didn't -- -- predicted that. That is an all white -- at it and in the eighth and yet -- but -- But Ricky exact statement -- said I never forget I was in Atlanta Falcons locker room and -- when OJ was found innocent. The black players on our team. Where whoop and Holler and it's about time the black -- gets over -- white -- And I stood up in a training it was said are you kidding me I've said wrong is wrong I don't care if you black or white. And and they tugged approach know that it's about time the black and hang out over a white man not. So in nine and what's that that basically twenty years ago forty years ago. I mean so I didn't notice exactly what you what you were saying about when you brought up what you came to mind -- -- OJ I wouldn't is that trial the first hand. So I even a question. Like as good you can comment on this that that first thing I told my wife well how many members on the jury wore black. Yeah I thought that now rating -- attorney had an opportunity like you said. But -- to approve of the jury the that I thought it would be more a 5050 deal nice erase shouldn't be a factor but like maybe -- saying -- -- as a factor. When you think you'd be more like a 5050 deal who's actually a part of the jury. Obviously there are satisfied with -- they had of the jury really grind it really has more to do with. With his status -- -- I think that than skin color and I I do agree that those with less money and quite often that includes people of color. And Hispanic people I don't have it on the average of flurries or resources and that's really it's sad because that should not you know you shouldn't be able to buy justice. -- -- Indicate he can and Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia for those you now to take out pelicans of basketball stay on 1053 -- the pelicans. At the rallies in -- taking on the Milwaukee Bucks and will be back with you for another half hour and they will head off to college basketball. LSU and Texas -- -- -- -- the top news at this -- from a sport standpoint the New Orleans Saints have parting ways with veteran world champion -- Jabari Greer. Roman Harper will Smith and Jonathan Vilma and -- today a jury found former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin guilty. A warning. A 11 count of federal corruption charges is this a good day or a bad day for a long -- -- Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia right here or WW.