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2-13 5:10am WWL First News Early Edition w/Dave Cohen

Feb 13, 2014|

Dave talks about the Nagin trial, licking dogs, and topless baristas

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Eleven minutes after 5 AM it's the early edition WWL offers news on this the thirteenth of February 2014. Day before Friday outcome until Friday he RO and it's. But I am so great -- the last called morning at least for yes I've had enough. -- You really have had enough when you find yourself talking yourself walking outside grumbling. I think that's not there yet are you got there are no I've been I've been there for. Days what do you -- eighty years so I just like -- car. Do you -- against him the year and it it but not a conversation with the dollar and -- dollars just just out -- -- -- BCA crazy man walking around toward history growling -- I remake might beat him yes I think it. Now but I totally understand -- -- well yeah and I get on the elevator that I get more comments you know from people that are really not solicited. You know angry. Because it's called yeah especially the women. They seem to really. Have a problem in uses the warmup is on the way. You in the fifties today sixties tomorrow's seventies for the weekend. While to find out later this anymore. Well thanks and you don't channel four chief meteorologist collar madness that last night and then maybe -- -- aren't around are -- weekend early. Strong going to be in you know will all take a look at that related to the long range forecasting has gone for at least one more fraud. Two wins the if that comes from an otherwise kind of back to normal you know we have like we've had in the sixties is out -- exactly at the national weather services that I heard it. Be wonderful UN does have an average should be in the sixties well in the sixties. As we did right the rollercoaster -- idea -- the last weekend actually it was in the sixties or seventies that was too short. And I got -- aren't. You and I were sitting in the news. And we have television. And Good Morning America. And George Stephanopoulos. Was there with the doll who won the best in Chicago. At the recent big -- the terrier yet this year and -- you off wealthy care. -- -- Curly -- -- creek. That I curly haired terrier. And got a beard on army's gas. These guys are hidden by his wealthy -- -- And who okay. And what is George Stephanopoulos do he'd get right up close -- his face right up the ducks -- the dogs it's look at him on them. You. And not just a little -- now like one leg now and my dog was going at -- that I was looking for some action -- and he openly in and -- in and like I don't know it's Stephanopoulos at the drink whatever ones that don't like. And we were drawn no. Man now days I don't even let my own dog -- me in the face let alone a strange now -- when you know it. It wasn't just the face united in May be on the cheek. Now it was right up as a mile from the woods knows there had to be audited nostrils filled the warmth on the sobering Holmgren. You like hear no that's -- on the face. It would you let your dog that lit. I think necessary and you can take a little will suffer moments when she makes it knocked it. Jeez I'll laws and it was long too it was went on for long dot mcdonalds sneak up sometimes internally -- -- -- they're licking yourself. But and it but OK yeah like magic whatever dogs alive it's supposed to be greedy. It's a lot more. Sanitary -- arsenal are real are stronger as it NN. Everything you'd rather get bitten by dogs and obviously the government infectious. But that folks that -- seventy if you let your dog or you can leave you on the mouth. And he's you care for other people do -- like nine I don't care for the now was the cattle club winners. After. It may be estranged dog -- almost French kissing medallions it was a winner and make them better now. Negative attack in fifteen minutes more news here and -- read WL pickle here much warmer forecast in sports with Steve Geller. By the saints and Latin you know what guys after another from the deep and since then the ball all veterans that. Everyone knows I wasn't gonna go there with someone else this text me and did. Asked him and that is what you -- this when. This and then have not competitive. -- -- themselves from. Had to rally -- faced with their own faces you know it's that time but from one -- the other they'd make every part of their body. Summit X rated seventy -- and that's what you call it but he's gotten -- there are ten times more germs and humans mountain dog someone text me and I know that. Doug dog saliva is by most accounts pretty clean stuff but. Still it's. It's also Wi-Fi and it's still coming out of a dog's mouth -- you breathe in that stuff and -- at least in the like the dogs bathing them look at them so much. The other ones as my dog at the very subdued mouse click because she knows I don't like it's -- she sneaks one sometimes but it's only very light. -- and makes it patterns of announce that -- it's not that bad. I know I hear from the people who let their dogs licked them on the mouth and why that's OK and why we shouldn't find it grows. Well I'm not finding our forecast growth in fact I'm finding it rather delightful after this 1 last chilly morning or warm up. Sunshine back today even though it still on the cool side 53 for -- hi this afternoon -- the quiet weather continues tonight with clear skies. And maybe some frost north of the -- 35 there forty on the south sort. Up to the upper sixties on Friday partly cloudy and breezy and may be a little cooler on Saturday with a weak front moving through still some sunshine -- heights of 63. The eyewitness -- forecasts -- IB drawl to -- sell it. It feels downright frigid out there folks mostly cloudy and 36 the airport in Canada with that northwest wind Tenet feels like 28 degrees now feels like 27 on the lake -- like Dallas 35 but it feels like 29 in fact. Everywhere. Across southeast Louisiana it feels like it's colder than freezing. On the river parishes and actually is freezing or go far enough north and -- the -- line you'll find some freezing conditions as well. The saints just -- the door openers shot and veterans right out it did -- here read enough for years ago. I've now it's far more gentle man and apparently everyone's having a lot of fast all the guys who are being like yours and how much I enjoyed being -- the same thing how much they hate letting him go over to the reality of the business. Does who they are and what's ahead we say good morning and happy days before Friday to Steve Geller. Yes indeed good morning everyone that things have cut veteran defensive end Will Smith along with cornerback Jabari Greer and safety Roman Harper. Completing a trio moves that frees up around seventy million dollars -- cap space for 2014. WW -- Bobby Hebert says that Smith and being a pretty good first round draft pick back in 2004. When the saints selected him eighteenth overall. You look at his ten year run with the team to be used the most consistent say David sublime it's been nearly a decade kind of -- down as a pass rusher but he was always pretty stout against the run. The team also announced that they would not re sign free agent linebacker Jonathan Vilma. Well the pelicans that 82 game losing streak beating the Milwaukee Bucks 102 to 98. I was off the floor throws what sort of angle offered through. Wow all right let's just search Eric Gordon is hot hot hot Gordon finished tonight with what he won't point to successes. Brian Roberts scored seventeen as they were Owens heads into the all star break. -- the record of 23 and 29. LSU basketball wasn't as successful though they suffered at the supporting 83 to 73 loss in College Station, Texas a and M. The tigers' road record this season now -- two and five. Elsewhere in college hoops freshman Tyler -- on eight game winning. 35 footer at the buzzer and the top ranked Syracuse are and remain undefeated. -- -- 58 to 56 win over 25 ranked Pittsburgh. Over the Olympics the US -- the gold and bronze in the women's snowboarding half pipe. Caitlin Farrakhan is the gold medalist won the gold was -- went abroad was grab my teammate Kelly Clark. The United States actually just swept meant slopes now skiing earlier this morning. Josh Christians and takes from the cold for the US vote -- -- worthy won the silver and cat and -- copper earned the bronze the United States now has four -- Two silver and six bronze -- a total of twelve medals and are tied with Norway in the overall medal count. But Germany has struggled more than anybody else they have six. And his twentieth big league season will be the last for New York Yankees shortstop and captain Derek Jeter the thirteen time all star says he packed app. Absolutely has no regrets about retiring at the end of this season after he turns forty in June -- sports talk. Today -- four on sports talk if he had to build an NBA team around any one of these players who would you choose Kevin Bryant or LeBron James. Plus we'll have Skylar Diggins dale Ellis pulmonary and much more I'm Steve -- which early morning look at sports. -- Tony for Dave currency -- with you on your radio so -- US is tied it in the metal count. Still trailing gold the tide in the overall Malcolm -- part of Pio mall recommend hope we can bring home some more first place medals yes and I organized more gold is as you and I have discussed what really matters is that you get the big prize. In ounce silver bronze near the runner up the second round although it was pretty -- this morning like I just said the the US Mendes just swept the event the old style skiing so that's awesome yes -- start and a spoiler alert -- expert and they figured out when you watch tonight Americans are gonna win it all to get -- -- cheer on the USA. To victory in the slope style on when those extreme event. As they call them. There are no hard feelings amongst. The saints of the players that they had to let go but the businesses the business and they had to cut. Millions from the salary cap and make that sixteen million off yesterday by get rid of these four defensive veterans. It definitely hurts you know when you have such players that contribute so much that 2009 Super Bowl. No real surprises though the only one that I guess you could say it was a surprise -- Jabari Greer because he was still playing at a high level before he got hurt the CM -- knee injury right and I never play again anyway. -- -- -- -- -- Roman Harper and -- Johnson bill. I'm not surprised by any of them but -- -- -- you put have you ever gone soft spot in Hartford guys you were so in the mental importance of team winning -- -- Time to make way for the young studs and not any reserve guys that we you know high -- full priced high profile names in the team. We're getting it back into my apartment with more sports have a -- You did them than me yesterday just wrong. An amendment that would act today. -- two wrongs make a right oh no revenge and maybe I shouldn't do it may mission weren't quite anyways it -- -- like -- Matt Morris board were back at your forecast after. I don't get your forecast for average forecast than there. There's some great sunny skies back today after stretchers and grey days so we're gonna keep that -- around with prices -- around 53. And tonight cold and crisp again 35 north of the lake and forty on the South Shore but tomorrow. A little bit warmer 67 partly cloudy and breezy and Saturday a week front arrives it's gonna bring -- temp in the low sixties and sunshine. From the eyewitness -- forecast center I'm meteorologist Laura about itself. We bring on the warmer weather but not yet feels like 28 at the airport scanners 36 feels like 29 and flight hours 35. I yards passing an 8787. If we had this discussion of the best in show terrier licking all over the face ABC's George Stephanopoulos. Wrote myself. Don't think that took them to. Have some attachment to pay its cute. Dog licking your face you. The violence that I have five dogs know -- information. That's my biggest 95 pound dog tries to me on the mouth and no he's trying to show. Doesn't know any better. Now he's with the way that's yet my god knows very clearly there's no looking at all especially. On the -- 37 minutes after 5 AM at the early edition of WWL first news on this the thirteenth of February 2014. Cashing in February guy it's also the day before Friday welcomed death Friday eve and it is Valentine's. Day evil now more Arnold running. Out cattlemen here ask do the right thing to write and as we mentioned yesterday. No matter how much you don't care for Obama how much -- tickets sinister error or over commercialized or whatever just do it. Yeah just bite the bullet take care of your business and make sure she has a wonderful Valentine's Day whoever she may be yes or he year whoever. It is to make sure you do it appears something it is there is a prize at the end of the tunnel was at war and eighties you just can't. It might not be tomorrow. Then hopefully. If I. Just do the right things yet. Put all that anger and bitterness about Valentine's Day aside. Yeah has -- -- And it it's okay if your broke. -- able broker an all round stretch -- -- -- have to ghosts now billion dollars to show -- you care they said if you bought flowers like three days ago you got a deal now in this in the deal runs out like today unless you implement a bridge for three days. In my case to bring my wife might notice a dozen roses sitting in -- for -- I am afraid so we're judge's surprise you know good deals and you know if that's. Taking you from what holiday do another -- out from Valentine's Day a Christmas story you know the movie. Which is the do whatever I can't as a whole all -- Syrians the don't know or care what else was left with a triple dare you have finally sort of corralled all bears. This registered triple dog care. -- and it became a triple dog there and then the -- sticks his tongue right to the frozen pole how life imitates art -- East Hampton Massachusetts. Someone did it Massachusetts firefighters had to come to the rescue went a middle school students -- rose to a -- Officials and -- releasing the name or gender. Of the white -- middle school student. The fire chief tells the local paper that rescuers freed the students stung by. -- in warm water on and it's a good way to do it tests. Thank goodness it's out there not rip their tongue in half pulling away no word though off the tongue stuff was done on a triple dog bear out now. Marriage and -- devers. Got to -- his buddies grabbed him by the legs and pulled him offers -- no this. Massachusetts this wasn't like you know like in Atlanta now or or one of these places where it's normally warm and suddenly got cold with this winter ice storm yesterday. Is less than a place where. You know the kids were surprised by Nicole dollar -- -- -- these kids know about that -- in middle school you went 111213. And a lot of -- you've got a lot of winner and you should know you should not stick you're talking to a poll. But apparently no word of about a triple error now I don't know if it was done -- adorable dog bear -- dog. Ever do goes there are things I just think it's as any that ever come and go from -- area there now. There's -- I just don't believe that there is I and I know maybe you wanna prove something at the time I was like yeah I'll show him now. Again an I don't know anything in the world go. Round silence thing. Double there thank you David and there you come back in twenty minutes with more -- -- -- well you -- that it got. That's an effective it will talk to you Dan. Oh god let's go live and direct Eyewitness News Marquez and they do -- -- and it's. Think you know happy Friday easier if indeed and Valentine's Day lie. They. Can do that and I Brothers and Lamar and I -- get a jump start on the holiday just eight. Well about. It's actually you know you're glad he eat sometimes that. Less crowded in Atlantic and that ago at a different time that that maybe that really cheap to say that yeah. And good but now that's that's it I'm glad that that there are Ruble now there it's okay I'm with him a few bucks -- about. Think it's it's public that the mayor I years that they eat out how like that it is -- -- first or second balance -- notebook -- -- special but. Now when you when you cut it to the crowd that everything out life election. He'd hold elected that over the weekend. You know I go well the how long delayed two hours I Breyer and -- have a reservation already Europe you know up a creek without an -- Our rights -- if you're going out this morning for any reason it's very cold. Yeah he had to blow out still at this point. Have turned thirty on both -- Italy at each other or not seen a big temperature practiced a couple of degree top from the north sorted out short and he barked out that the couple -- grand -- and they'll be upper thirties this morning and the windshield. You allocate feel like it's bloody it's called but at least 82 rye and the sunshine on the -- today. And that's gonna help us warmup at least a little more than we have been the last few days and appeared yesterday that it warm -- but it's going to be a cool day fifty degrees for a high that -- -- and we're back at 67 -- tomorrow big jump intent for Alan -- this task he had looked like it. -- -- for Saturday a week we'll come through Friday night but -- 63 per flight Saturday. Bora that that could be with sunshine on Sunday beautiful view I'd end and I think you have plans that -- Valentine maybe you wait for Saturday night and I mean now. It may work out he can't get that dinner reservations. -- -- happy that it on Sunday and the -- Off indeed the I had that everybody be outside it's funny you know we -- hibernating during the cold and had a rainy yucky weather -- ever by QB out on the weekend. And I I'll be out there -- out with them. Yeah look well on Saturday how we got rate doubles I'd like that I am about like I'm not. That I know epic weather for operating really both days. Beautiful. Speaking of beautiful. You've heard about up in Washington State all these coffee shops where they have -- topless or. Very teeny tiny bikini -- says 00 okay. -- you've ever heard of that I have met again this night at Starbucks. No but it's become a big thing up in Washington State where there's heating coffee shops where. Women are pretty much or -- near naked yeah well one coffee shop owners decided hey. What's good for the ghosts may be good for the gander and he's got to find out. Beef cake -- -- are coming out that. 21 spoke man copies I I only with people very. Close. The study is that. -- made that I have a feeling most of these guys have any hair shaved off the bottom like me you know that I. I can you know close to close their -- -- seemed more hygienic and all of that you don't wanna shirtless -- preparing your coffee novelty picture on yeah you don't wanna -- the -- in the tabs. I mean you don't get there at that time and place for that like that and I have to teach hey what's that you know preparing by my morning you know. English -- and by my coffee now I'd I'd I'd like look. Close thought you probably your shirt on I think now yeah I maybe in the minority and I definitely -- just be made well. And if it's too many women and spoken like it is going to be a big failure. But -- city -- -- -- -- -- worked for the other side who you know who that may want. Meant -- little different right -- -- wilder to just about anything in the -- -- he acknowledged in. Hundreds of them before right they always wanna see another -- -- about germs that -- you know height genes and stuff like that you know this thing in movies yet at all that the matter I think at the now it works. Places with the women that are shirtless or are mere shirtless. Maybe not but the man time will now are saying you know you're not taking a trip out to Washington State. Thank -- yet again out beef cake. Ever reach them preparing your company. Yeah. Thank you for your honesty. This your policy is Laura but now live and direct from the Eyewitness News forecasts and we'll get Steve Geller in here we'll find out why am upset with him coming up next obvious to the new year that -- it. -- on our FaceBook page that totally remade him. Like it love it hate it will talk about that after 5:48 good morning I'm Dave Allen former New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin. -- now faces what I'll accounts from our legal analyst twenty years or more behind bars in federal prison. Set as he left court yesterday I maintain my Aniston. It surprise you that after everything and after the overwhelming jury verdict unanimous plead guilty on twenty of 21 counts not equated. Except on the one count that he Steele says he's not guilty. Now be sentenced on June 11 which happens to be his birth it happy birthday. You're going to federal prison or maybe you. I'm Dave -- at the early edition of WW -- -- taking your text messages today 7870 and your comments on FaceBook. We posted the picture of the new. The mascot for the New Orleans Alec and Steve Geller you. Where intimately familiar with the old Pierre. And which made children literally brought -- screaming fearing that year when attacked them. And now you've seen the new -- what do you think. So much better -- -- you know very cute friendly. Duff and -- without a menacing figure it all that the the surgeon did an excellent job and a team. Did I do as well by acknowledging the fact that. Of their creation was a tad bit on the frightening side and decide to change things up and great great to be in time for the all star game two which is very. A -- oriented event yet some and his Texas carcinoma post FaceBook page but meanwhile we went from Halloween that Sesame Street and doesn't look like -- -- black -- Say another says definite improvement that was a better at least now doesn't look like he's going to eat -- Well we're gonna need support for breakfast and for that speed -- taken away. Good morning missing seven out. That they've terminate the contracts of Will Smith Roman Harper and Jabari Greer plus they will not -- on Jonathan Vilma. This move is an effort to clear salary cap space. In part to -- Pro Bowl tight end Jimmy Graham to a long term deal. WWL's Bobby Hebert says. Few more names could be added to that was the coats. Other players I think that they might have to address because that is salary cap number noble one up Procter Bunkley and then a couple of fan favorite so Lance Moore Pierre Thomas. -- the pelicans head into the all star break on a high note after snapping a two game losing skid with a 102 -- 98 victory over the Milwaukee book. Robert jazz it up before we go to along the right side bodies or Barak layup got Eric Jordan knocks it down. And the pelicans retake the lead. Gordon finished the night with 21 points and six says Brian Roberts scored seventeen -- engines that added sixteen over in college hoops Jamal -- Jones scored nineteen points. As Texas a and M earned it 83 to 73 victory over LSU. Yankees dominated the tiger -- bench points and points in the paint. The top ranked Syracuse -- survived a big X last night in Pittsburgh freshman Taylor and it's delivered a game winning 35 footer. At the buzzer to give the 24 no -- 850 to 56 victory over the 25 ranked Pitt Panthers. -- US -- the gold and bronze in the women's snowboarding half pipe at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. And Barrington is the gold medalist won the bronze went to teammate Kelly Clark. Spoiler alert to those who want to wait -- this evening to find out about gold medals -- this morning. United States but -- -- spouse -- Josh Christians and takes home the gold. For the US walk us -- where he won the silver in the copper earned bronze United States now has four gold two silver six bronze. For a total of twelve medals and are tied with Norway in the overall medal count Germany though has struck gold more than anyone knows else they have six gold medals. And reactions pouring in following Derek -- announcement that he will retire at the end of this season his twentieth in the major leagues after he turns forty years old. New York Yankees managing general partner -- -- said they Jeter is unquestionably. One of the greatest yankees to ever play. Today have more on sports talk if you had to build an NBA team around what these players who would you choose Kevin Durant or LeBron James. Plus one have Skylar Diggins dale Ellis pulmonary and much more. I'm Steve -- with your early morning sports. -- 53 -- on Steve -- with you on your radio so the Americans making a run and -- and a bunch of medals that's good to see I've watched approximately. Maybe a total of one hour of the Olympics arm cramped up because US hockey actually starts today so I get really into it now -- he'll watch the men's hockey. And it finally gets underway Sunday you know I just I don't know it hasn't captured my attention back up I watched -- -- style -- The Americans when everything we had been a bit of news going around here in sports and otherwise and with -- these things have been distracted yeah I'd four saints let go for veteran defensive players. Do you think that this is the right thing at the saints had to get rid of Jabari Greer Roman Harper Will Smith. And -- forgetting. -- Jonathan that was not he's on. Those four players says thank you very much have a nice day. Yet they'll be interested to see what actually happens in the long run with Jabari Greer -- won't rule out a possible return for him. Depending on how he rehab from his ACL injury may be taking a veteran minimum to come back. Because the sings the deathly still use him they're gonna be spent at the quarterback position. Bottom. You know Will Smith he got hurt last year as well and doesn't really fit in to rob -- scheme. And and then Roman Harper they've been played by the injuries all season long and the re emergence of Geneva car kind of really he took over that role. And we'll see what happens now I guess Malcolm Jenkins kinda has to be happy that he. Ends up. In the in the driver's seat because the -- kind of need to -- Malcolm Jenkins he's. And a guarantee a potentially trying to distract I I didn't hear that and -- I don't know yesterday or even gallery in the newsroom decides to play the new hip hop version of Billy Ray Cyrus is. Don't break my heart the achy breaky heart song. With -- -- -- -- and it's been in my head ever sent. So as -- thank you see you know I played -- -- gets stuck in your -- now mr. Geller well I will say to at least the gentleman out in the audience go watch the video much better than us off. And new hip hop version. We get temperatures in the thirties on both sides of the lake -- feels like -- -- we'll get into the fifties today that the good news sixties tomorrow and Saturday seven be nice Sunday that we have that to look forward to. To protect me pretty upset about my comment that the old -- the -- and -- children run away screaming does report responsibly personally know the mascot. And no one has ever run screaming from -- no I know parents whose children have literally broken down. Crying and want to get away from that scary thing as quickly as they possibly can't. I don't know. And I've seen it I wanted to runaways and congratulations to appear the ballot in four. Not looking nearly as ridiculously frightening because you -- -- I'm Dave Cohen thanks for being a part of the early edition of WWL first news having great. Friday the.