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WWL>Topics>>2-13 6:45am Tommy, Ray Nagin verdict

2-13 6:45am Tommy, Ray Nagin verdict

Feb 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to WWL-TV reporter David Hammer about the Ray Nagin verdict

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

I Tommy Tucker talking about that Nagin conviction yesterday David hammer a friend of -- solid reporter from WW LTV has been following this for seven years and David as I was watching you want to first off good morning. -- Good as I was watching you on TV and I know reporters hate to talk about themselves. But this had to be the culmination. You know a journey that you started and that you -- a lot to do with along with Nam did the other guy he wrote with I'm sorry but the name escapes me Gordon now. -- -- -- -- -- your reaction when you heard this because you that you would you investigated this you perhaps knew some things there were not allowed to be admitted in the court. What it what did you feel. Well as possible and Gordon Davidson has said the number of times you don't. Fletcher an ego rejoicing. Like you do feel. A sense of satisfaction that you were on the job and pay attention and do your duty to expose things from the finance. It it's apparent that from the case. And you know. So you know a lot of the -- out you know -- the facts. You worked on the -- verified them over the years and then proceed to improved in the court of law. He's you know it's at least justification for the work that you can -- by you know it's it's. The investigators that the -- literally pulled the case together. And you know you just want just that and it turns out that there's some new taxes you're not aware that the reporters that. Contradicts some of the things that you've been working on or or justify what was done and the persons found not guilty. Then that's what -- report and you picture that gets out there and picture of the person. It's found not you know you want that person found not guilty if they're not guilty. -- in the -- obviously guilty on twenty charges. You know deliver those and have never watched breaking bad the title comes from. When the teacher that is the mask look at went presidency student involved in instances when did you decide to break -- -- my quest -- -- funny -- Ray Nagin broke -- came in on a platform of cleaning up corruption first may have I remember correctly he did. Was rated the break take station's right. Right exactly I kept Europe. I thought that the -- over the years and you know one thing -- and I have talked about also -- -- you feel sorry for. Ray Nagin and do you feel like he was let down that path -- you know. From all indications. That was the case initially at least pregnant for because. Eat a lot of guys in the -- who he trusted you and -- we didn't know very well -- -- Really partly at all until he became mayor parliament parliament technology office and the it was an effort -- really trying to push a button to try to. Modernized and then I believe his way -- -- with his people. -- he empowers unprecedented powers to bring in studio and friends it's it's his buddies that contractors. And that you see that they start the -- and their. Now. That doesn't excuse. The fact that they and continue to develop from the air and mr. Nagin obviously. Became aware year more and more fitting if you want and at the very beginning. And continue to pursue and this is where you know the businessman netspective -- and it was a bit of -- He was making about 400000 dollars a year and then he takes. The proverbial pay cut to where the real -- -- 130000. That are about the mayor and all of a sudden start thinking about its financial future that you're dealing with these things on the side he's got some pretty trying to. Sat out with the strip and that's and it's focused on the while. -- -- -- You know going through its. And so on -- that was terrible experience and Katrina. One other question at hand that I and I thought about none of you did or not but and you get tips all the time from people tell you about this guy that woman. Ray Nagin had to know. That he was treading on dangerous ground here with the -- what was going on with the US attorney's office here in the pledges of watch in the Katrina money and Megan sure there was going to be no no corruption and how in the world -- -- Do you even do anything questionable when you know those of the circumstances especially. With the federal government. Well it's interstate there a great stories and more things more articulate cycle. -- actually quite. Out that these were you know he would choose pitcher out there oppression and it was. Clear to them and I think as mr. Nagin really felt. He maintained that at me in -- -- afterward that walking out of the court do you really. Got himself to believe that he wouldn't do it. All the way down the ethics and and the you know when I was confronting the island off the upped itself a -- to make. He just -- and -- he knew about it through -- admiral reporting on it and indeed it. That -- at all. Now is -- and -- and I -- well will talk about that after but she asked I think it was tying it to upload that the professor from Tulane has she ever had client. That. Was guilty is in. And actually convinced themselves that they were innocent and she says well you know yeah audit clients before the evidence was overwhelming that they were guilty. But deep within their heart they convinced themselves. That they were innocent that's what you say in a somewhat happening in. I think that that's exactly right I mean. You know and when did you -- finally come to a realization somewhere deep down that he had done on the wrong if ever. I don't know but you know he he tried to indicate on the stand that he never -- That is just hard to believe given all the -- that was out there when he was still mayor. When -- the sentencing happens on June 11 and I guess it depends on the pre sentencing investigation. Before we get to how long you think he's gonna serve in jail tell me about the that -- super investigation itself how does that work and what do they look in four. Well it depends on the sidelines as a federal sentencing guidelines state take each. Child they look at how much money is involved and that is where the big variables in the comment. -- There is a total amount that she gained. From the scheme that he's been found guilty -- and that's about 500000 dollars. But then there are. Dollars that were gained by -- co conspirators through that process in terms subsidy contracts and those total in the millions of dollars. You know upwards of ten million. So the question becomes. You count all that he cap gains for the other contractors he considered that. It's works for the city. Would have had to have been done anyway by somebody and the city would have had to pay somebody to do. Like lovingly and was involved with lower lighting projects and street work. And so that's for bella and so the question becomes do you count that. As well as between that the mayor and then goes dollar figures are used in the calculation that's very complex -- I have to admit I don't totally understand. That you used to calculate the the years. The guidelines of the year that the judge can impose -- sentence. David -- need a quick answer because a runway laid but I don't even if you want answered but I personally believe that somehow. Ray Nagin because of the way he is is gonna violate. His his terms of home -- there are around probation you think it's likely or unlikely. I I I don't think so I think I'm not sure but I don't think so. I appreciate each time David early -- it's -- the animal will -- on next time you yeah other on a big story doesn't he will be. --

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