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WWL>Topics>>2-13 7:15am Tommy, verdict in Nagin trial

2-13 7:15am Tommy, verdict in Nagin trial

Feb 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mike Anderson, the Special Agen in Charge of the FBI's New Orleans Division, about the Nagin verdict

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Mike Anderson joins us right now special agent in charge of the FBI's new -- decent good morning nine. Good things taking the time with a so I guess now that this is over you guys. Are daunting a couple of months off -- a well we. I thought senator -- now this rally that FBI's. Internet Gerard. Oh yeah absolutely we've done. That the point I'm trying to make Mike is you know pretty jaguar opinion poll was asking do you think our politicians. Ever learn because. I understand it did when you guys come out and -- public official don't even think about it because we were watching after Katrina. Well unfortunately I think that a lot officials think that it won't happen to them. And that's not just -- war dynamic I think that that's nationally in. That that is the view that. Well I I act properly and not gonna get caught looking at some ideal so they're not going to be able to two but to catch on to our two worst games and -- Transactions and so we end -- where we end up. Yeah and -- I am in around about taken time off but the point is it never ends and and I think you could issue that same morning good if you are elected official. One legend. That that trite and unfortunately with public corruption in your victim is society. And the city and local governments then. Your your commitment and care so it's it's difficult but not a partner chip making in what are and act as a deterrent. I know that nom -- we'll look at life I think as a snapshot -- not a motion picture and in the snapshot from yesterday it was Ray Nagin and being convicted on twenty of 21 counts that. It's really life as a motion picture and there are a lot of things going on. -- before that verdict was delivered yesterday and what was the FBI's role in that. Well we -- We work the attorneys and the higher as well -- agree on this case -- -- -- -- back 05 years ago. And we can get right through trial right through something like to appeal so. We are we are hand in glove -- our partners and at least -- supposed to end in some. Maybe some local Portugal he put -- -- saw the key the turning out and portly old district attorney's office. And they are just -- -- taken to trial in dealing with the appeal sentinel thanks thanks. So. The whole process begins with. I tipped to you know or the US attorney come and your could be either way. It could be that way we develop allegations. That they come forth and to keep -- to excess excess. So we need to be initially. Looking at particular public official or allegations concerning some criminal activity on reliable. And then we develop the evidence we all the records and all the witnesses take it. And then. Establishing that he techniques that may be needed in the there's enough evidence there that result from -- indictment. And talk about if you will in this case the I guess multi agency where'd you hear the US attorney's office involved the FBI and and the IRS got in -- others as well. That strike you know it normally. Public corruption cases -- worked primarily by. It's such that we we oftentimes don't partnerships we -- and any time we can't that money laundering tax. Issues so a lot more the merrier what our partners in the entire problem job. One -- be confused about an -- to the money laundering how exactly was the money laundered in this case. Only time -- net proceeds of illegal activity in the case series of bright pink. That money is flush to the system whether the truck bank account. All of the and to hide the underlying criminal activity and that's why the. Congress has stepped up money laundering laws that and it was initially. -- to to combat drug trafficking and money laundering any type of case now. I dropped corruption like a crime. And that -- and the further deterrent can keep people from track and feel older criminal activity. Arm I heard former public official who went to jail it is time and seems to be recovering from that say that may be the federal government the FBI needs to have. I don't know exactly and timeframe he gave monthly or. Biannual I think is twice a year by annually -- -- -- Sessions with elective officials to tell them what you can do and what you can't do but. Mean that's utterly irresponsibility and that's something that if you're an elected official you better find out what the rules aren't followed. Absolutely. That any proposal that would severely hamper our investigation. -- there are there are avenues for public officials can -- counsel we have our export. Out in house counsel. In the case -- the city attorney's. He helped people can provide that type of guy. And so are recommend what our position that would be that they should -- and so. Those are instead of the -- providing increasing not that we -- These public corruption outreach education. But in general we just cannot talk about any sort pending case. I can you talk anything about this previous case and I don't want to -- I guess you can expose any investigative techniques that was there one particular point where EU and US attorney's office in the IRS all also bloated we got pretty case here. What that skeet shoot -- in the -- -- look at historical. Grind it out. A lot of records a lot of document but a lot of what it is. And in this case I think would help the government is that there were multiple complex. Outcrop transactions as opposed to -- deal. It's more difficult to explain away one deal and it cheered the deal here to witness it and try and get those. As additional schemes like Delphi and the evidence was developed support that I think it -- or stronger indictment. I appreciate your time I really do Mike Anderson's special agent in charge of the FBI and Mike before -- let you go you know we hoped that this is the end of it in terms of public corruption but I think we all know it's not going to be so can people I guess Colin tips directly to the FBI if they know something and it's not as it should be. Absolutely. Leak leak we take -- take any criminal activity any -- criminal activity try and force seven. And our army number we like to call final 48163000. I we have duty agent available. And we can we could see good hard look at. Thank you so much sooner. And and then any trouble for common ground with the special agent in charge the FBI and. Well actually there are eight sex and especially in charge and we at the remote and I'm especially in chart or. Also attempt furcal back. Now on going to be and that. Will give out on the court I appreciate it thank you Mike OK here.

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