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2-13 7:45am Tommy, Nagin trial verdict

Feb 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to Robert Jenkins, Ray Nagin's attorney, about the trial and the verdict

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Robert Jenkins joins us right now on WL. A reining in defense attorney good morning Robin you Dylan. I -- I'm married or American economy. Thank thank you for taking the time bomb. I guess right off the bat there are some things you talked about in some things you can't talk about because you have an appeal pending. Correct well we haven't well you know there will be. In the continent. When you file an appeal exit from -- it does not -- and been filed yet when you file one do you have to hand. Specific grounds and I'm not trying to to talk about this case specifically but. Is there anything things such as of a what sort of thing -- thing and it -- -- now Robert AF frivolous appeal. Like this can be a frivolous lawsuit is everybody entitled to file an appeal or. -- government but the reality but the wide and at the proper ones that declined. And isn't the problem that people. Oh it was the in the move. He can't appeal and the well in the next Tuesday. Statement about it and it shouldn't and normally when -- at work in the court. Don't know you -- -- -- -- the appeal albeit at depth on the subject who own. You know. Appeal that the legal in critical. I'd let me and talk about the trial itself was there any things that -- that surprise you they as the course of the trial continued. No because in the a lot of aren't prepared -- -- I don't and oh while there have been tendered and to her credit part you can go here and basically we we agree what -- paperwork and so were you aware of though things in the car and about. Don't look nothing that he didn't know have a -- are still think we -- whether they saw. But on the lot more basic and I'd be much more. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- For people led out isn't something you wish you wouldn't it. Well there -- a lot of because that is hard -- but we believe our economy. We got -- things that we -- we want. Great and we did that -- because who you could within two -- list you have to call the victim advocate about. There are our ability that the -- -- all the veterans we should have done this there. But they were -- in the courtroom that no other thing you know going a -- and -- it was even. Part of what -- Up in the correct and so this is. You know immediately hit it out. And I understand it well let me tell you something about you and doing your best -- Was read your body language throughout the crowd and it seems like. Day he there was there was a look on your face and body language you know -- -- I'm up against is I'm I'm gonna try to make decent dish out of the ingredients that I have but is really hard. Well I think we ought to -- -- and apparently. No I don't. I did not disagree with community partners from people because I was -- you know it is what. Politicians leader and beat the public and didn't want you would make -- -- -- practicality. Of -- you'd do well whatever book. Again we've made it and we did out there and but the moment where it is now and have any disagreement on it. So would be an energy did to talk to Angela yesterday and -- part but. In terms of taken a stand unions say don't take the stand you due to got together and ended decided mutually that could be an idea for him to do that. What is the complete and that there -- things -- -- acquires in the control. I don't we let me -- -- -- here don't you know hello Matt -- but. We'll have that takes that. -- -- -- -- -- Did you advise him not to take the stand. Well I can talk about what we got under the but. Without. Uphold and pick -- -- are -- -- loop ultimately made it exists. In terms of -- things that aren't privileged. How mobile is is that conversation between you and Ray Nagin yesterday it was -- a lot of conversation ended he seemed to express. Satisfaction with the way his defense was mounted. He looked upbeat he armed those aren't -- what was your seat he knew we have to. -- proper -- in both constantly called I. Again he will include poker by the fact. This is that there really strong. Nancy called me at your outlook and -- problem at Wentworth probably in the quiet -- -- but you can go well. In terms -- plea bargain before hand dumb. It continued talk about what was offered in your advice to him. Well our won't be in the zone -- -- command. Something with all we connected to that. Government quickly that this would call that they'll vote but I didn't hear what what what what what would require it to the point is that. Building. When you talk about the jury composition because. Here's some things a body in deacons do it last night that does some people were very upset that. Thought Ray Nagin had been railroaded that it wasn't a jury of his peers that there wasn't enough minority representation on it. But you I mean decided it would jurors -- except in and what didn't what knew which one -- to rank. Well you know that you in the -- it and doctor Bill Murray they would turn it is. They knew that tropical but he did he turn that apparently agreed that they pay -- an opportunity. I have a or probably without that little storms. And -- You know -- when they look he basically -- met with similar but the point is going to be a process and the process and the jurors. It will -- people -- department Vietnam without an actual -- simply that. People -- -- -- -- about errors. All of that it was sort of -- it -- too big and apparently well so -- -- going you know I could go on a couple of cut it to prosecute those were professional. Independence well and it was that the injury that. Let me talk about what happens from here because they had to have the arrangements been made sort of sort Nagin the reigning in the -- under house arrest will be here will it be in Texas. At this bit of -- into the little piece of yet the rate as of the date and going back home. Content. He has there okay. Is that unusual would did -- take any kind of special nod dispensation from the judge or anything. Narrow -- at pretty animated in the provisional that the paper but that avenue and you'll servicing your sense of ninety days. Oh it was not in the I don't know about it he he. That are right for our -- -- well -- Pretty -- -- We probably -- again come armed and well on the but it is true. Did he surrenders passport did he have to do them well that mark -- to but he did. You have so much earlier in their interpretive art revolver and Robert I respect generally do and I'm glad he came on thank you but it.

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