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2-13 8:15am Tommy, Nagin verdict

Feb 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to Ed Chervenak, a Political Scientist at UNO, about perception and trust in government after the Ray Nagin trial and verdict

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Ed Sherman tank Jones right now you know political scientists warning sooner. It give me your take on all of this and I'll ask you some questions. Well I'm not really surprised. That former Coca field in the church is the evidence against them that. Federal government has brought to bear was pretty overwhelming and there are. It was very difficult for the defense to refute all the documentation that -- -- -- percent. How does this change of political landscape in and new loans -- Louisiana and all anybody that. -- that's up to no good may think twice about it is too late for a move with what's going to be the effectiveness. Well -- really don't we -- defectors that. Other elected officials are paying attention. That put the people you know and the US attorney that is not going to you know allow for good behavior to take place that. No we have the reputation as being a corrupt city in upstate. And so. It's an effort to turn their perception around it and so I think that it stated that you know certainly the penalty that's -- America. The message is being put out there that you know we're looking for this kind of behavior -- stopped. Is there's something inherent to a politician might that draws and the politics and perhaps. Is some corruption there and negative first off I -- talk about percentages of corrupt politicians to. Guys and women have never been charged with anything is it just that that gets the headlines. Yeah I mean that fact that you know. It's it's a unique different experience. Sort for the most part most people are working their their cute that you that they were elected to do. There individuals should decide to line their pockets and that's generate probably. On tell me about the the perception in in the the rest of the country because I was thing in -- I was listening and watching this yesterday. You know New Orleans and and Jefferson Parish if you will half of a big metropolis and I get again it was a present a Jefferson Parish when he was here. In federal prison did not really for bribes it was more of I guess a money laundering scheme if you will where he gave his ex wife a paralegal job she never showed up for work and eight you presume they were getting the money from its it was maybe stealing with laundering the money one step and I get rain -- any other again it was they had other. Biggest parishes and one of biggest there's Louisiana. I go to jail is welded it did visit gives the overall impression that you know what they're clean -- -- in Louisiana or does -- give deal in the overall impression. It'll never change. Well you know. Certainly the perception out there that the politics as usual at least -- You know going back to -- illegal days. -- and look it's all in Helmand were politicians put in jail. -- -- You know we are aggressively. Addressing that. Those individuals -- -- and convicted. Or face serious series title it's you know -- expect for later. Twenty years and and you know that -- Mayor Detroit Kwame Kilpatrick -- 48 years so. -- period subsequent to. Acting in equipment. And along those lines the who did a lot of work in casinos and and they did it seems like there's a breed of gambler sometimes they'd like to lose. Because they brag about and it -- down that slot machine cleaning out the black Jack table cleaned me out etc. And I just wondering as it relates to this. Would view in any way. Or is the corruption in Louisiana worse than it is anywhere -- because some of us like to brag about it and you know some Louisiana -- how bad it is down here and and I just wonder if it really is. Now we we we don't have a monopoly encroachment here Illinois has few former governor sitting in prison right now. California and so congressman. -- the present. Their local cable and you know New Jersey and Connecticut. Should there. You know we have got to develop that. That perception early and it's kind of stuck with that and so I think I'm. And like that happened in the arena again. It is and so people's perceptions about the state. My guess my -- the point -- my question was is there's some kinda. Reverted -- light among Louisiana -- when it comes this kind of thing. Well it seems that these -- the conventional loans that were corrupt -- noticed there's one more. Apple. I hate to think that that part of our culture. But I you know I think a lot of that just has to factor that you know when yet some -- -- -- -- tell you that sort of money and the Louisiana. Politics and government where the money. We have a -- truly weak economy compared -- to strictly you know many of the other southern city. And so people who want to get rich gravitate and. Incredibly you know political scientist -- and -- -- a moderate thank you sir for taking time thank you.

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