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2-13 8:45am Tommy, Ray Nagin verdict

Feb 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to Bridget Leblanc, the foreperson of the jury for the Ray Nagin trial

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Tommy Tucker 844 continuing to talk about the verdict and to when he. 21 counts the verdict was when he guilty one not guilty and Bridget will -- on joins us right now her life has been very disrupted. And -- and negative wages is when you get involved with the a trial goes on for a long resonate in trial did she was the foreperson of the jury and Bridget we appreciate you taking the time this morning. -- very well thank you mom. I guess the first question I have to ask is you must be kind to take charge lady though but wind up being elected the four person. -- How much talking was going on. When you guys went back into the room and have always wondered how. A jury work semi was the first thing you do. It is the first time I've ever been involved in line. It it you know consist of twelve people four -- people alternate don't actually. Deliberate. -- stay in the building now in case they're needed. We have a lot of paperwork a lot of documents filed and we -- -- back to. A lot of discussion. We had a great panel of jurors everybody was challenge and everybody was very -- involved. Everybody put it and and it was just really really interesting. Mom you must work pretty hard in and come pretty sassy gal was done in six hours or was it. I kind of like the -- prosecutors say they really wasn't that difficult when you are right down to a. Now initially on Monday we deliberated about three hours and it got could be. In the late afternoon. Because we can't let into the closing argument -- morning. -- it Alex started that process. People would start a little bit -- and as you know so much brain overload -- animation that. Started picking up on that so on it -- it about 430 which was nice and Tuesday we are out there. And we want to lead at 10 o'clock as we had an issue was one of the church to connect com. And then we resumed on Wednesday. So if you -- If you hung around on Monday do you think because I'm presuming it -- recapping on Wednesday if you hung around Monday do you think. In an hour or two you'd been able to produce a verdict. Now. Because we want to. Well we want it could be. A 1000%. Say here. You know we wanted to make sure that what we came up with start in the Arctic area it was accurate and honest. Because we had him in black asking and we all took them very seriously. -- tell -- of -- the jury duty before never gone to deliberations but. You realize it's not an answering concept you got a serious duty and you better pay attention as much as you can and try to be as you just said Bridget. As energy can which are gonna Bridget LeBlanc the foreperson for the Nagin jury of course of verdicts announced. Yesterday. -- was everybody. The pretty much on the same page you win when you guys began Nasser was that a gradual. Thing where it and a consensus developed. Well you know really can't talk had been instructed not to talk about deliberations now actually do that but I will say that. A lot of discussion. Like that before we wanted to make sure. That man in on it. Open and -- change. -- in terms of the evidence that was presented to. Did you find it overwhelming did you find did it close and I presume the jury instructions included. Beyond a reasonable doubt but that's not a flight of fancy -- now. Right I think the prosecution. -- lawyers were top notched a brilliant I mean they wouldn't call I was very impressed. They had interest everything. They had all the documents they needed there was no -- it mean it could well. And make it back up anything that they asked. It -- blow at times because you have a little notebook and you take note. And you know it's so much information to grass at one time enemy your -- from 9 o'clock or option at camp on -- you know when he released stats. The with a whole lot to grasp and and -- our community artists that one can really -- still outlawed so difficult for me in that aspect. She did which to do because I felt like it -- calling never been injured before you know when it. You know what percent would not gonna back down at all. You mentioned about not not. You sit around and being able to do that they were only to get up and you push ups if you feel like you can. You know what we sense that they had an exercise equipment because I'm a person who worked out -- -- the -- -- I would do anything have a stationary bike. Or something here that can move around I would walk in my lunch break. Really taught me. Tell me about your perception of Ray Nagin on the stand in and how you reacted to that. Well I mean I guess that it's -- and -- your pain that was. You know you're just really attentive I. I don't really know concept I tried to give me the benefit of the doubt over and over the evidence was just too powerful. -- it war. Did personality. Or demeanor and her and I always wonder how these trials work -- and somebody takes the stand in their own defense did personality. Or demeanor enter into it all in did you get the sense that he was trying to. Our guests know the jury on around supporter. No not at all. Not at all he actually made it -- sometimes. -- -- -- -- -- -- Would it be accurate to say -- is the jury was not. Are you just stick with you personally was not necessarily. Put off by him. His behavior at that time you didn't have a problem with -- his demeanor. But it was just the fact that he didn't have answers as the questions he was asked. Yeah I agree that he didn't really directly and a life and. Can -- some things that set on the heat he didn't. Take the blame for anything that he was constantly trying to in his testimony laid off on somebody else did did you get that feeling at all. -- picked up on what they do you know like that we try to start with a clean slate. Assuming that he was innocent and -- again. And the and again and then it was off certain. You know we had to deliberate and that became a -- Tom -- when it comes to. -- on Nigerian now -- have you had jury duty before. How did this compare with what you see on TV in the reality of -- -- what you an anticipated it to be like. Pretty close to the media saying -- -- -- -- extremely -- We called the admire her very happily chooses very nicely actually at commuter flight which were there right. I mean it real TV had a little bit different you know more dramatic and stopped -- that -- lie and it. I actually trying to view you know it came -- spot the right in the middle of the jury box so I had. -- -- Eclipsed the TV like. -- -- And any. Point com. Did you feel as though the defense attorneys. Ones and doing a good job -- alleges that he was doing the best of woody hand. -- Anything you mentally to -- we appreciate -- time you. Welcome to a quick text pops up why can't the jurors talk about it you know when he told you not to discuss any -- this it was there any explanation union. We were instructed not to talk about deliberations. And I don't want to do is wonder did they tell you why you letting capital why easily went to do and they all the support wanted to talk to immediately put it. And calm but not to talk about what goes on in the room that nobody knows what went on -- -- but it Jerry. I understand. Bridget I thank you so much for your time and I think he gave us a fascinating look into. And -- what was going on and just one more quick question sort of many times that defense attorneys today. Have jury consultants to talk about which Stewart will do this which one will do that now when it comes their client. Nature of the trial wintertime don't Wear tonight did you pay attention any -- -- it all in and if you have seen some of this on tedious thing to understand Automask. But -- the largest in the way anybody was dressed like you know sometimes even a concern with what ties somebody winners. Actually thought they very very sharp -- Yeah much I mean I am in the medical field -- -- I'm usually -- people on Scruggs let go there at the everybody really actually it's very nice city. They're professional. I didn't idiots you know I guess and amassed -- isn't just as a juror in general. You really think the way somebody dresses or what time they where it would matter as far as I -- not at all. That's our thank you Bridget thanks for gimme that peek inside. Yourself welcomed the parking.

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