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2-13 9:10am Tommy, Nagin verdict

Feb 13, 2014|

Tommy talks to Mark Lewis, the previous President of the Louisiana Technology Council, about his experiences with the Nagin administration

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

And as I was watching and listening to the coverage yesterday I. Thought about a friend Mark Lewis a personal friend of mine and also he and I happen to be on the -- together at the same time when. Some news broke that he had been fired by the city and and they were trying to recovers and dad and I think when he was then with the Louisiana technology council. They realize in the emails had been deleted from. The cities account as they related to I think it was. An effort and Nagin -- quite a few of them has ever call an eight day anyway instrumental in in retrieving that data mark loses it Lewis joins us right now and now works for Simmons and -- business management consulting -- of mourning marked all right. -- me take this back to I guess the chronology of exactly what happened how did you get involved with a missing -- city hall and then. How you discovered that something was amiss. Well. We got involved -- trying to get. Is presently it out to counsel involved with the city to help them with their technology needs. Over and over again we just never could make inroads demands. I don't know blanket to get a call from the city's saint. There was a court order. That they needed to recover the data one of their servers and so they wanted to now like to bid on it normally would do those kind of thing. -- jump in here mark was there any. Feeling that there was some nefarious activity at that time or resist just an error that the data got cleared. Well I think what it capital -- -- one point mayor Nagin. Said that he had to remove data from his computer. -- because he ran out of Spain well according to little law -- Public records like that cannot be deleted they have to be back and a so apparently judge today agreed to that and that because of the court order they contacted us and couple other firms and I've got a couple like technology firms and we actually made a bid up the contract and the and the omni. -- work begun and we were awarded at. So all we did is that we have that now -- -- remembers vividly at 1 o'clock afternoon -- spent about thirty minutes with them. Colony Capital -- do the next day and we went out there and noticed that -- an addict he gone in our afterward there. And that you took a program men deliberately deleted. To mailboxes one was mandated the other was Baffert and the other go back mailboxes were still want to. I go back and say that again this isn't TiVo's C a billion to order to retrieve data right. We try to retrieve. And I'll ask do you leave UC. I have to lead lap we went back the next day in an hour that would let the previous day's come and gone there. -- actually taken out. A program and it's not easy you can delete mail from your mailbox but. In order really try to get it off the computer yet there's a program used to lead but you know -- sledgehammers. When it. You know like I know that it is really never deleted make the analogy I mean there's a lot people can understand that is. One went back and started recovered debated that it looked like. Magical and up and an airplane and -- and the entity to paper. And go -- and the lighting it out and letting it. Get out of the ground and try to take it didn't put it back -- again that's what -- it'll look like when we found it. And then we had written programs. To put all that again and cheap ticket about 500 of these of these now and put them together and we have to stop work because Tibet and the it fired -- Because to a public with our results. Rights so you went public saying that the emails from Nagin and members had been deleted and is that when you and I were appeared noon Monday and here and you found out that you got fired. Yeah we got that he -- finally got fired on the outlook of the state. And that we had notified that we've been fired we -- any doubt that yet so we had to stop all our. Actions in terms -- in the -- that we've already recovered that they adopt a server we're trying to put it all back together. -- that tell me and I got notification. That we had been relieved of activities. At what point does the FBI get involved and ends. Love it I think they knew well what was going because we had gone Paula would not result and we already had that data. And then we found out that we've been fired in court via via the contact with me at that point and at the data want. But they did it in this city one -- it was 24 hours and we notified the FBI. That they won the game and then they subpoenaed the court we had to get data that we had recovered to the FB people we gave the city that afternoon. I'd you'll watch and a trial I presume not in person following an against would be a better. Description. Did you recognize anything they talked about and and I guess the bigger question is. How instrumental do you think being able to retrieve those emails word -- Are in the prosecution of of Ray Nagin any other people were involved in all this. Well. I acted out of the hole. Scenario that the with the development in the case and I think some of the had to do it. -- -- the time when he was that the W Allen. Started covering. Information. I personally think that debated in congress that was helpful and the FBI case. Because. -- I and I can't prove that I -- -- I just a palpable that although it. Cover up for this server this city server. Because they had transferred from one server to another and we got -- up the old -- which is more where most of the data was a was helpful abdicate. Yeah I guess yeah I mean the thing about that because. There was a request for data which led to the mysterious disappearance or deletions because of no space correct that's the way it worked out. Callaway the way it worked out and after that you went to check in and and a -- after you check did the emails pertaining to Terry Milford and Ray Nagin armed in the meat counter and series Greg met forget mysteriously. Disappeared. Yeah out of the other male black that there were 61 mailboxes that we we got that granite server and then to have on Warren compromise the other fifteen an -- pack. You would have to be a remarkable strange coincidence. Yeah I think. Here right -- at that time there was some suspicion it's obviously very suspicious that something like that would happen men and of course. We had ago we notified city that we were gonna go public with the results of the poll what we have found and never got back to it and of course. The day we went public. They weren't very happy because we had to do that because if you don't know withhold information. That is -- crippled nature and it was because he did delete data -- public server which you have to keep that data. Then that then your kind of like harboring a fugitive personally can't be that dramatic bit. That's why we went public. With the result and we know we notified city before hand that we can do. Was ray nay against computer did you ever have access to it at capacity. We didn't know we actually. -- theaters. Resolve computer and we went to -- major computer that the city had the opposite of the mayors we're all the note where we've never actually got it is. Personal computer that we took about where the main server which is world email. And was Annika -- me. I I don't know -- me actually because while we went and asked what I'm asking mark is was there any legitimate reason to deleted in the first place. It's against the law delete public records like that you can back it up put it on -- computer. And you've got paid that -- You don't really know that you can't delete data because all it did it because this is a public record and that's against the moderately bad days. I was just wondered if it was even near capacity of that was. I kinda fabricated. Well he said that his personal computer it was that capacity in their voting ended the week -- -- we were actually on the. The server anywhere all the mailboxes where for all the city employees but the mayor's office. -- -- mark I appreciate your time I really do and I think you guys -- instrumental -- in all of this coming together and I just want to take the time with you because. Again so many times we look at where we RD day and we don't realize how this whole thing came to -- thank you Mark Recchi got.

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