WWL>Topics>>2-13-14 10:10am Garland: on the Nagin verdict

2-13-14 10:10am Garland: on the Nagin verdict

Feb 13, 2014|

Garland talks with Gambit Weekly editor/WWL-TV political analyst Clancy Dubos about the fallout from the Nagin verdict.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

This so we thought we'd Cuba. What a full coverage to the fact that the former two term New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin as you probably know by now don't guilty on 24 -- more on federal corruption counts. Charges involving bribery conspiracy tax fraud. Jury delivered the verdict captors six hours of deliberations. Nine the trial. And the judge ordered Nagin to home incarceration. Until his sentencing which is 69. Days away. Everything every says he faces up to run. For the years in prison when he left the accord yesterday simply -- them maintain my innocence. As usual. When we we don't talk about local politics from Brooklyn to do books. Governor -- television's political analysts editor publisher of gambit weekly Clancy welcome to show or appreciated. Thank you girl -- pleasurable got to correct one thing and not -- -- -- Which is much better all. That and that it wanted to promote. Or. -- -- Were. It. It. Heard formally absorb the thousands upon thousands of people who put them straight and trust in him. We needed them. To beat them -- to -- comfortably. Beat them. But he promised to the tees. He says there's -- comment after the conviction what I maintain my in the sense. He was much more so dude. Even humbled and nobody ever choose revision of the home. If not probable result court he was humbled by the bench. Well when he walked out of court. But I think it's you know -- do not think about. Kim while one of those in 2002 -- paper endorsed and Jews and ethically it's. They're not defend them. Right up to including me and shortly after Katrina and after criticized opened the top operatives let -- -- a generally up -- he was doing okay. But. About three weeks after Katrina are sort of the -- incorporated and that really exposed. His weakness as a barrier -- talk about criminality. It became clear that he just. Wasn't up to the task. Being mayor. I remember one time Wednesday -- the legislator of the legislature when it was summoned to a committee meeting. Only about two weeks where we accept -- Katrina. He went out there in the local legislators were trying to grow and wire and you know. Didn't expect to suitable can recently that they look toward him what was happening. And it took a break out the whole way and leaned against a long -- that -- like people actual war. They're literally on one -- two feet away from. And you sir I did not sign up for this expletive policy stuff. And let me repeat I did not far enough for this stuff. Grow. For the senate -- that for was. She did. When you're the -- For the governor or the president you sign up for whatever column. And and it's you know. Probable for the moon Landers said in an excellent group warning you what the mayor tree first we shouldn't. Although -- you saw and when you were up and you know all everyone. And that's -- -- When you're the mayor you'll have a problem of crisis. Called -- matter what you call them that you all of that because the -- -- -- to all that to address to deal with that. And he just -- just wasn't up to it. And that was bad enough I remembered during. Close with a lot of -- doing just that -- deleted or nonexistent recovery. In his second term. Reportedly is Woodson -- actually could be better but at least people. Well now he doesn't have medical form. And more -- for all the people who put their faith. And that trust and their hopes and their rings. In the small. And pretty much throughout the second term. He was that for himself not for the citizens and that's the ultimate betrayal. Of trust of the public trust. Well I'd I get a bit did the same exact thing you do is backed him totally. Thought it was a good -- and in shortly after coming out of Katrina begin NC -- of group things -- you do that. I heard drew one channel four. I don't think you said your your definition win when asked. Blah blah with the goal on this thing and why would. He not only taken the older one over. And I think you said you'd think he is an -- citizens. Under -- psychiatrist but. Record of her considerable people in the financial health field where you're actually right is that classic. I don't -- she could look winners and image. Feel totally block at all. And he projects to the from the technology. To Bobble. And a Bobble to other things that you can Google. The term malevolent not to look -- him and get a trigger actual written by doctor what -- attribute so. Water -- responsible for anything that goes wrong and yet acting took total control control efforts. And control freak is the worst kind of client when your crew sent to turn because they think during the war order. If you think back when he was later all the trouble yet how many times you hear people search for pictures won't let them. He just all went well -- -- -- it goes at all or it didn't you know trust people easily. One of the biggest mistakes. I think. It was important at a time. When you crawled into political law especially in an executive capacity of mayor or governor. Or president. And you are quote an outsider. -- that would get you there if you -- succeed while you're there you can hire people. Court insiders who industry and government who understand politics. And could help you navigate. Whole process because government business ought not alike businesses are dictatorships. Government is -- democracy Google would literally a world. When the true public option. So well when he came in. Literally kept virtually no law. In the battle. Group -- anything about City Hall. So it's fine but the outside of the -- people who really understood government could lies and if you live in the here's how it works in the -- to get things done. Wasn't -- did reach out of a public official who do I think fundamentally didn't understand politics can be targeted understanding treated like. But it like a politician. We will. Bottom -- they can't take politics out of politics. And I think that's largely been requirement Landrieu won a landslide. The first term right. Upton -- hold do a collective -- And we're gonna put somebody who -- and government whether you agree there which was policy cannot -- -- understand. Our government work. And so you know within. Can't come to outlaw Russia gets put that that was rated in cluster law politically. -- -- a to a million would job. That he basically didn't understand wasn't. And didn't like terms of mechanics and and what am -- on the back story when it takes to succeed. That's a recipe for disaster. And what Katrina hit expo so. Think about first term goal a close look at -- -- church. Rock and roll and have -- 7% approval rating of what we're coast to reelection. Which in Philadelphia. Not one crisis to deal with. But as soon as he had a crisis and that the -- the rubble crises and he just double was up to the task. I don't know if you saw -- -- and -- normal -- and a few more minutes with the -- -- heard in your legal shows you issues terrific Robert Jenkins called it and should -- load their attorneys and then another attorney called noon. I was on briefly about it market in the after the child. All of those on the part did they call my Guitar Hero where were all the all the lawyers agreed. That they've been hearing that something -- is about to come out concerning the Justice Department. Its nuclear. Information they all turned it. And says that if that is what you're hearing it is it could change the Nagin verdict and others are you hearing anything about that. I've heard driven threats. You know you're as news people we hear rumors all our. Sometimes they're true well you know if you didn't happen or not and I don't know what this -- supposedly is a -- some inkling of it. No matter what it is. The Dominican lawyers will have to prove first that could prejudice the case against them and it kept it. And -- She was indicted by a grand jury. And it goes beyond for example the -- be -- Where did you have read about it investigation. So we didn't have been poisoned. But then it wasn't I didn't bother grand jury after Jim Latin left office. We have an interim US attorney. Here wouldn't demand was indicted he was prosecuted. On sub subsequent. Subsequently reported US attorney cannot fully. So I don't know what sold nuclear. Thought let's say that doesn't reflect in -- believe it's in. The latency. Good right now just talks. And what happens if that happens normalcy voters it would happen -- see what impact does. You know people that are commenting Campbell I got a feeling something involving and Kim and -- That'll be applied to you because it is important. To me in case that important. The other cases of people around -- that support -- important Aaron Broussard got a lot -- odder sort of argued in its there -- some promissory. Shortly. On those last thoughts. Any effect on New Orleans. Bruins last night's English and other blue mission of the city -- blues to disable apps that do of their. Play in the other states -- have had more political scandals and we I don't ever remember not going there are are recommending not going there because of politics. Or. No city has will -- people believe -- checkered political past. When it comes true political corruption in Chicago. A ritual about well Chicago is greatly. And businesses have no problem. Locating in Chicago. I think it's more questioner get a -- -- climate in general. And certainly you want people little comment that the kind of pollution as symbolic political corruption. There won't with the potential war for just -- What they can do it in some ways would -- -- because of accepting credit. Accepting the wrong about that that the -- -- From Africa with a group from Dell or definitely it was developed and and -- -- And sure -- -- being evil side of the man. And then it just let it accept that up in the attention question I think it use. Of the a one page story. A -- bigger story here is we have excellent partner in fighting corruption. In the US attorney's office. We need them there to continue doing. What to -- Plan to do -- always a pleasure to have -- -- -- sure appreciate. Her plea to do blues double -- television political analyst and editor. Of the week.