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2-13-14 10:35am Garland: on the Nagin verdict

Feb 13, 2014|

Garland talks with Tulane law professor Tania Tetlow about the Nagin verdict.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

-- -- -- -- second -- Apollo Mario Poland via. Ray Nagin during a Q you've heard by now. Convicted of twenty year importing more and charges. And set to be sentenced in the next sixty tonight. We have to -- it to -- -- who's the elder may or early careers who's proposed from law and director. Of domestic violence clinics -- -- -- rumors to -- Tonya appreciated the call. Good morning boarding what are your thoughts 24 hour easily. -- -- But their government is an amazing job Oakland and a lot of and without initially happened media however much each game. And that ultimately the jury. Deliberated for her and it respectable amount of time but it didn't take him long to agree. And it what do you think about the demographics. Of the child one African of the trial. One African American one from Orleans parish. Well. Again -- -- cross section commentary. Because there -- many ballot category even that animal but I. It's hard to get an -- preparers all the parishes and in a district that includes -- -- that state never going to be that many people from New Orleans. I'm -- -- accurate elections until. All our -- Honestly I'm not serve turn around the world but not nearly helped bring me in any laptop and split. Approval rating of less than 25%. And people here were far more likely have very strong opinions about hand before the trial began it to another issue. As we enter your mind also went -- it going outside the city. And Andrew we're honored at a bridge from yesterday. In the middle of it to Robert Jenkins. And -- to attorney called him. And and I took notes on their conversation. And he said. I'm women's lives can be what were you most surprised about on. Wonder -- things you mentioned with a bribery -- were surprising. Since they came from convicted people. Do you share that surprised. Well yes and now -- -- recognize that different actually between. And it has to unlike great effort to win. In trouble or other things he got popping Iraq acting chair independently. News -- contact with Ray Nagin and that somebody's trying to get -- well off the -- And the jury has been skeptical about it and community that some of the church I think they were properly skeptical about it but there much evidence to corroborate. -- Baffert and per gallon it's kind witnesses have to buy -- that they have reason to believe I'm. But definitely different between matter and not. Guilty to was brightening -- And you'd have to first read -- her -- as a that the parents that. It is all on board and somehow running late decided to go to print and -- -- and really apologetic and not hard at all. He wasn't like a jailhouse snitch and trouble for something else trying to work down that the only thing -- actually. All right. The at one reported to all of the year lowers appearance and pulled. We're telling during -- did a great job because he was long been in the you've been talked about he said. He certainly had people at his office helping him -- the books are used in court and everything you know but he gave an example over. 100000. Texts and emails immediate group through. Though prosecutors. Have unlimited money has been limited amount of people -- work on this kind of thing. To have those somebody that goes into trial without a lot of money going in with one hand tied behind their back. Well the people looking at a portal where all of our public defender and they are. Absolutely. For the high quality of -- in the community. Summoning. Enough money not to -- acrobatic it can be a problem what you try to make out war. Is time that Jenkins couldn't -- actor mark -- to control the -- document. But note it ineptly put them at a disadvantage there times that the -- Who has lots of resource that can are outspend the government the government of exactly have. Entirely and unlimited resources there were. Three attorney on the case in. Helping -- Well ultimately they'll the government in the -- that many lawyers at age and a -- up higher and you know there's a budget to stick that are being confidently. Would -- not violent in an echoing applicants say tobacco companies -- the options are out -- Let's say a break here we'll come right back continuing to. Talk about the aftermath. The -- guilty verdict yesterday. And take you call Michael stay -- this Garland Robin it would be we call of the thing. We figured about the aftermath of the guilty verdicts in the and they can crow whipped on a clue where it is. Who is withdrew in funeral rescind the law school -- and let me go to blow one of the called liason to well my Euro moved to approach Rezko. -- Question and compassionate judge and that. And it was epic Ali cars only a much slower public Maria figured saint Tammany. In federal court -- -- -- shall be sympathetic. Mr. and aunts and secondly there's a common practice and get criminal trial. The defendant to undergo their -- Away as a -- cross examination by. His own outlook to -- right stand and -- an advocate an accord to do as was terrible and on that on the witness today. -- -- -- a second question are you absolutely have practiced cross examination and that's what were and that you can do to prepare for trial. Ultimately the birds. Clients. A decision whether to take and the need and it's Robert -- -- not you're really at the camp. To judge Merrick and she is that -- and Jack I think are more -- with. People unlike -- who haven't really act now to the right and had few opportunities that more of the program and for people who are the opportunities and -- and blow them. And and then let the function of a plea agreement and a deal economic government under their significant African ripped the trial that she. Result that -- -- and making it in the current patterns to look at small sentences. I'm -- in that federal sentencing guidelines which opt out elated. But in my estimation there are some factors -- our hardships. Quantified the moment but are going to be somewhere around twenty years. So I she is it's within your power to go below that but I can't imagine -- -- that -- the -- of something like two year sentence he's still looking at a lot of time -- -- Leo on. -- -- show you should shoot. For a picture tube Robert drink and Michigan's attorney called an anxious. Three of the returning on. On the -- time a couple of people in the news media and and every one global war years and it a took the notes down on. Bill said the same thing something is about to come out concerning that Justice Department. And a couple of them thought. Vetted who will be in their terms and nuclear were in permission. That could change Nagin verdict and author have you heard anything about that -- the idea with this nuclear information may be. I have not I'm -- struggling to figure out what it would mean one point out a deal with that. Or even motioned for new trial that the information that should be. Relevant to the verdict secretary -- would -- differently if they noted that somehow undermine the verdict otherwise. And also not known -- and it trial. -- it's awful that is after the verdict to claim that you just -- about something that you did noble for the conviction. Because what we don't let people do under a lot. Hold on to something damaging way to treat topic of the trial and then. That's for new trial based on high -- he knew that time the battery pack. Jenkins. -- packed and bring you know no one lowers brokered a during conservative threats on his life letters that is offers lots of social heap Mayo. In in an appeal can that be he. Use dude to affect the outcome. Now not unless it somehow persuade the jury I mean the picture is getting -- sort -- pain. Unarmed people who felt that way and now would be relevant to their verdict that wild at heart and Robert Jenkins age. To go through on have to show have an impact actual trial. And asked you some learning what -- -- was it. Of -- when it comes to the appeal with self. And Jenkins said that he's probably gonna have another -- -- do it and there seemed to be a real issue with money. On my game I belonged not to report in the thing -- certainly. Not able to report much energy said public defenders we have some terrific public vendors. But don't they usually handled 235710. A trial to all of the same time. On yet by the at a public -- or -- that's a very different in terms -- -- -- budget and our local system which is. Unbelievably overworked. The federal public defender hated the game is its US attorneys at it certainly not a profit by it. -- -- -- close. That their work whether it's something far more manageable that they can and -- -- that sparked national will not be totally overwhelmed. And they have an opera should handle all there he'll focus on the but it even -- picnic and that is. And higher early sort of passion in debt which it sounds like he probably is. Come on T has no property so after it's going to be really hard for. While Republicans understand and there are. It's gonna have to come up with one hire. And -- -- lawyer which. Probably gonna protect -- One final strange question but I will always worried and wondered about it and think it's this sixth amendment that guarantees who appeared trial. One. Or herb or. Accusations. Indictments. Allowed to be covered by the public. Both for the trial when we have a system where. Go to trial if they're found guilty of them would find out why. If they're found him -- we find out why why did all of the pretrial published. Well can't you -- that's the First Amendment and which guarantees. Free speech and right of the -- Recovered and public insurance and sent that let court -- out at an -- -- apple. On the litigants in the cage but to say to the practice that they can't. -- are things that are happening in the public record. Would be something that we never before under free speech. -- right at its heart out and try to -- define victory. That we're not read it much about it but it or are opinions about it. Betancourt you're focused on getting injury but at least informed in any community or at least it's not -- -- in that particular case. And you and the users of social medium that can become more and more duke. They I appreciate it called very much in the time you have agreed to. --