WWL>Topics>>2-13-14 11:10am Garland: on solar power

2-13-14 11:10am Garland: on solar power

Feb 13, 2014|

Garland talks with Joule Solar Energy owner Rob Schmidt about whether solar companies are misleading customers about the savings a solar setup can provide.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Backward thinking about solar -- power and in in a couple of different way use. On the one -- -- -- -- -- talk about what's going home shoulders in the -- in this league at this point and renovation changes or whatever but there's little bit of cloud of his children industry hopefully. It's an have been while class action suit claiming to. A number of solar power programs defeat customers and skirted the ball. And and at 1130. We're gonna have. So you'll of one of the companies that is accuse and a via object to of the lawsuit. Johnson receive euros later power and prizes. Will be -- talking about -- litigious side of this. In the meantime I have a broad Schmidt owner of -- solar energy brought welcome back we've been awhile since we've talked about or. Thanks for having me and just you know. Make it clear. You know coming on from the point of view of the industry can talk about. You know what's happening what we can do to you you know minimize what we're seeing some of these companies that are currently in the headlines. And ordered the Niger accuse anybody -- anything but -- through -- dues usury expertise sincere OK if this kind of thing was strewn. What's the recourse for customers. Or how can they aboard this in the first place. -- one of the charges is a total of over selling potential cost savings. To customers -- -- and state and federal. York company and you talked to a customer. What use today and high wind no doubt gonna. As slowly so we there there are few things that we do and there are few things said. A customer. -- its interest in solar should look out for. When looking to purchase solar energy system. One of the things that we do we use the industry standard PV watts estimating tool to estimate the production value of your system. I'm not all solar energy system to produce the same. Level of energy even if you have the same -- be reading the same and I guess I should say number of panels on your roof. Fewer house's. Facing a different direction you're gonna have a different. Level of output -- you know. Not only what this PV system the solar system can do but what the solar system will be able to do on your own home. So when we got to a person's and we make sure that we take off measurements to find out what sort of -- you have what direction your house is facing. In order to -- -- very accurate. Estimate. And then. When once we deliver that. In our contract we show you via the value of their savings in overtime and if we don't meet those expectations. Then will actually you know issue -- -- refund. For this so. I would say to anyone interested in purchasing solar energy system make sure that you keep it in writing. What's the company's promising because otherwise you have new recourse down the road and I think that that's part of the issue. That we're seeing with this lawsuit is that there there wasn't anything in writing but from what I understand where. A number of advertisements claiming a certain level of production. And we bring you make those contracts do you literally. And make it for that individual owners say. Or your house because your house is facing not in the -- and direction. -- -- of optimum results this support troops can expect. -- get that extra blitzer. Yes it's custom. Created for every single and more every single contract that that we rate and it's. It's customized for that house. And so if if someone comes to us in they have too much -- Will still showed them what their savings could be but we've turned away a number of customers because they just don't have the potential. And unfortunately Solarz and for every -- and people just have homes that are covered with trees. It's that we mixture that means there's homeowners that are. -- to the idea of purchasing solar energy system that. They recognize what they can expect down the road in which you at a certain point. As four shades concern which its in its value system. Another one of the allegations. In the lawsuit. He is. They the company used -- -- that equipment would generate significant savings quote. To the point of customers believing they would no longer dipped in energy bill you are telling is that possible. With solar of these -- Purdue and you don't get an energy bill. Well there it is possible to you install a system large enough and so going back to the idea that. A solar system you can expect different results on different houses. Well you can have the exact same system on the exact same house. Two different individuals living in that house can give view. A different energy bill because there's two sides of the equation one is how much energy you're using. And then how much energy -- solar energy system producing. And said he could have a family afford. And they have a 300 dollar energy bill you're like you're solar energy system is only producing a hundred dollars a month. So you have 200 dollar a -- energy bill you could have a single person living in that room only consuming hundred dollars a month. Worth of electricity. And that system would offset their. It -- sound like you're going to be impossible under any circumstances. To guarantee you that because. You could be a single person using very little power. You get married gardener's mode children and or improve your parents back in and then everything changed. Exactly and that's why he keynotes you can't guarantee the energy bill but what -- can guarantee the savings. And so that's why you know it's very important to get everything and -- -- explosion that guarantees him. You can guarantee the amount of electricity that the solar energy system will produce so we know that. Well we can quantify very easily. What we can't quantify and went even homeowner can't quantify is how much electricity they're going to use this year and next year and the year after that. You know what you can guarantees of -- because. The solar produces. Maximum power exactly. All right take a break come right back anybody out there interest student solar you've -- questions you read about it. This. -- lawsuit to Gibbs called 260187. Told free anywhere in the country at six succeeded 90 point seven. New thing good about installing solar and we've got the man -- bird to talk to YouTube's call governor -- -- Are welcome back board talk and solar 1135 we're going to be talking about. A lawsuit concerning Europe and couple of solar companies. Cute. And this hour -- you were just talking about actual competitive at a chance to. Talking about new technology how to get what we've gotten so forth and so on. And I brought Schmidt with may use owner of jeweled shoulder in energy lips go to the call lot of people. -- talked raw. Allen and Algiers -- LeBron picked. There. You. Aren't sure. On. Just hear it on the solar panel and an -- that would -- you know replace the call. Yes there's two. Points in the life of the the solar system should be aware of the usable life and the warrant says these systems have warranties 25 years. From the manufacture. For the production of the -- certain level of production coming from the panel's. The usable life however it's forty years installed -- so. Really long time rates the the best way to like this. Communicate to you what this technology is a church -- house -- old Casio calculator. That it's from nineteen. 85. -- and it still works. The differences takes a little bit more time to turn on -- east and says that's the natural characteristic of silicon which is the -- -- nine point 5% of which you find solar cells. Overtime slightly degrade by. It doesn't have many moving parts so. It says that's why people that calculator stalwart and that's why. The manufactures. Are willing to give them 25 year warranty. -- -- -- In the and it's -- in -- big break. Luckily yes it is outside. It's it's been 55 mile per hour piece of video image for a -- -- which the majority it is it. -- per vehicle very dot. Anchored to the president does so for a reason. Is that correct. And it's correct that a growing your good morning -- -- -- -- I got the call and then. You know from a remark trigger it is imported. In the overwhelming majority of our solar contractors especially. All of the rules. Properly like. The best interest costs are so what we. In this story. And the CO lawsuit this time it concerned our industry. Because we don't want to lump in some apples and and there are due well out there we're doing our sport legislators. And -- the local law enforcement officials or whoever can control or or. Action that -- would mitigate those laws and an issue. What are what are some the changes you're looking for. -- -- We do know that the but murder Amaro and -- and parole or -- Expanded. Authority to. A leader the year contractors sport and the market -- -- revenue. A voucher you know there are there going to be in particular about bill sure we'll go recession changed but intent under these Estrada. So -- our customers and the taxpayers that's what's most important. And -- -- the other night you know talked about how to order companies. -- rating to order companies that are very well intentioned so Robert is that it companies that want the members. -- Noble Energy industry association. And we're trying to say it starts. That's the most important thing. We've seen this kind of thing happen another industry. And industry about what else are soaring industry. You know. Mixing issues with certain companies get -- regrets that Borges now. So what we're trying to be leaders. Safeguard art history at -- They're bad apples we you know appropriate authorities -- and -- -- point out that the law lawsuit -- -- So you know whatever company -- president better arbiter allegation and let's let that happen at leopard due process to play. What we do wanna tell consumers and customers. Or would it bring the state tax credit this year for a long time. And the chapter your contract references make sure that properly licensed. Ask a woman -- in this. Picture -- properly answered their workers' compensation. Are are allowed to get on erupt. Barrel level like that mr. But it got themselves and -- a little tidbits like that and that's not just so that's contract work that occur on here well. Tucker we're gonna have John -- on 1135. Do you hear something. Interest that you need comment on. Appreciate if you give his call and in the meantime. We appreciated the call information you have good day. Monica and modeling and Euro -- raw preachers. -- quite a niche. I can't beat up Allentown area and what I -- I would -- that. -- you called me pocket are. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Come take you down who number one when it abnormal number -- cannot hack in and do it out well and actually sort that accompany. I -- nothing -- it and. Intrusive questions. Yeah it's a very interest in question. To be quite honest. I would have to say that you need to consult the specifics in that contract. Hopefully John when he's on at 1135 he can answer some of those questions. And may now be. Appropriate for me to pure and answer some. Aggressive and when you load the pixel all -- roof doesn't damage rupiah to do you have to repair route which take about. Well it depends on. You know what sort of if you have said the majority -- roots here in Louisiana are pushing congress. Which are very easy to just reaching. You know these systems are designs forward in 25 years forty years that's their expectancy either life expectancy so. You know they're not -- -- at designing them. In order to take them off it to yourself fifteen or twenty years down. There it is designed to be an integral part. Of the property. We would be tens of it and -- -- or hundreds of hundred shouldn't sort of a lot of holds and shingles and we'll get a metal roof that's. Totally different story right. Now a -- -- -- But it just depends on coming attachment points you have but it shouldn't be too difficult to reaching. Are -- lips glued to surely surely your double bill bill appreciate the call. Very big project mark all of our question. With the technology has caught on industry. Bob that come from China. -- note that the technology. All of I'll. Go. As far as a matter. Your browser. At -- change. Jordan hit a couple of governors that. This other part oh. -- objects that you are correct yeah -- know there's other terror. There may be a technology. Like that I'm not. 100% clear. I guess exactly what you're talking about when I can't take any answer to -- two questions there. One I think which are asking is. What what's new in the solar industry and number two how can we make sure that the technology that's being deployed here in Louisiana. Isn't coming -- from China and it isn't you know we saw -- the Chinese drywall. So I'll take the the second question first. And kind of answered the first and the same time. What we do -- -- while we're using new technology we're not using. Chinese products we're using a product that's actually built right here backyard in Hattiesburg Mississippi. By company named Stan. It says there aren't they are using a new technology it's called six. And it's not based on the silicon. Technology that can describe for the same technology that's in your calculator. This technology actually does not degrade. And so might have this added benefit of not degrading. The best benefit about it is that it's cost effective it's cheaper then the cheap Chinese product that we're getting -- -- So the fact that we can build something in her backyard for cheaper than what we're. You know what what is being built overseas. I think is a big win for the US and I think that. Fact that it's cheaper is just it's it's great to have. There's no doubt about it and our major good listening to our rob Schmidt owner of -- gold solar industry. Anderson -- felt like you would think would be used to build its JUOUL. You come right back. We'll talk -- John senators CEO of -- her power and abroad dub dub.