WWL>Topics>>2-13-14 11:35am Garland: on solar power

2-13-14 11:35am Garland: on solar power

Feb 13, 2014|

Garland talks with Sadar Power CEO John Sadar about whether solar companies are misleading customers about the savings a solar setup can provide.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Our amber thinking about too. Lawsuit that claims solar power program deceive customers skirted the law. And we will impose side is that everything is the ledge -- alleged alleged. One of the company whose debt is alleged in the class action suit in Singapore. And we have good Jones say where is John I appreciate all the. Thank Carol thank you very much for having me appreciate it. I got a little confused because of we're looking for Griswold -- worry in our. Producer reads the building department to end and they weren't listed don't we have problem getting it -- -- -- round. Revolt wouldn't say either of the same companies. No certainly not. Our purple power and solar cell holding company and Bain what they view is poignant. In -- -- and wheat on the tax return to the tax incentives which can take up to two and a half years from the time. But solar -- aren't. All right did so in your daughters whose unit Griswold at all. That is correct we are companies is the hollering and stole solar or on behalf brokers or until about. July and August of Turkey. And here's here's some of the allegations. Three companies and power or a little -- and empowering enterprises LLC and -- our. Actors operating without the proper interpretation. -- -- -- -- So a lot of folks about that question as whether the center powered cell. They're lower -- is lights and specifically at the solar all. And the answer to that is -- what we have as a qualifying third party which essentially means that you have complete their work which trolling the period time. There at the U2 and -- Kerry oh sure. And essentially what we do is partnering with general contractors. Subcontractors shortstop. Prize the general contractors in a parked outside contractors electricians. -- -- So -- who leader on the side of the truck and and end in your. Your hiring. A third party work for you. Know that party actually. Is an all. Out. Other part of almost. -- says misleading customers about the cost. Potential savings of the solar energy systems. We actually -- -- -- -- card users are. Starting back actually pretty cold so your -- And in the last few and I spoke back in 2002010. Around the actual sleeping they can be used by Nestle. So it's an interesting. Aspect in the -- to take a look at a slower complete web site. Mobile web sites have what's called -- calculate. And -- paper calculator which -- in aren't regulated the shall ever company's web site. What did the roses it. There are making their car or while you're gonna -- tomorrow morning over a period aren't you know what her -- here -- the and come back later dictate their dramatic pictures some particularly. Seen some say that layer in the ball. Go with -- report delivered her particular topic is. Solar company. Weathered and right. Purchase the leasing company or some different financial mechanism. There's so broad range Howell these work -- since there are leasing companies around the country. What model that. And. On -- per hundred million dollar loan debacle like currently represent. And the -- of the U ray player. The problem with paper calculator polar bear on the regular. -- actual -- a couple of -- -- 5% increase political. -- -- An -- Portland we have not. We do we just have lady call in -- movement. Complaining about her -- it's. -- people won't carry people repair wanted to know if she could have these. Whole unit remove do you do that kind of thing. Will be dependent on the unit itself and the in because the responsible parties warming -- rate for the period of time is -- all our except. So that would be something that you would work out -- purple polar. And it -- Powell wanted to quote remove the system we certainly will and if she can get results for all powers and would would attempt to mediate. All right -- brig won't come right back talking with -- on its leader so you'll senator Paul -- and bronzes. -- one of the solar companies that allegedly. In a class action suit. Being accused of a number of practices that people say. They didn't sign up for come back in more detail. And rob but nobody would call it the thing. Are welcome back we're all talking about two a plus and soon. They're calling solar power firms deceive customers skirted the wall and given the news or allegations. Things go on trial nothing illegal happened older than the suit being filed. One of the co produce. That is the target of the suit is say to power and -- We don't considerably this the UF CEO. A -- before you called in the personnel power. Of -- Tucker Crawford calls as president goats and renewable energy industries whose. And a I got an email from him saying that traders acting as a subcontractor. It's against the law according to the state contractors award. Contractors board specifically. Addresses this law has been -- for years. OK. So. That's the that's -- You know my response is pretty standard. In -- certain that will be it will work out whatever issues mayor -- because contract and board. And when it comes mister Crawford understand it. His position and the fact that Gary is the president so go solar and that -- created the group GS -- And that he appointed himself as the president should go at him and several the other solar installer that are in that group has done a lot of work chew -- that's certainly hope the industry. And I understand why he's making that statement I understand where that it's coming from but we're certain. As everybody knows and understands the solar industry batter and they start to understand payback to start to understand like late start to understand. There were. Question. What a real potentials. So there's a lot of the current world solar. One as an example is shall tracing solar -- It'll never believed that over rate should only -- so -- because at least in the other direction would be getting the appropriate amount production. Well now after several years you can she studies that are out there -- east and West Street races to actually produce more power than tracing. Did you and. We're actually at duke called we called -- Talk about the you allegations. And we sure it was. Is you're getting -- quite understand it or you're acting as a subcontractor. And if you -- it -- against the well. No air and if we were acting a contractor that we would. Go at how that they want or that. -- So I'm certain once again on even though the allegations make for good media splash. We will work every week should be worked out and if there's an issue that comes out that actually at our school and the lectures on the. All right I'm reading from the -- and again elegant. Alliance for affordable energy. Said most of the complaints it received about -- company were overblown. Difficult to substantiate. But it did -- some customers. Have not received a copy of their lease agreement one because from who's connected to the electric grid. But didn't have a net meter ratings system which allows customers in general rate or electricity. In the incident extra Jews back to the you -- the company but the savings on -- -- -- -- it's. All of our customers receive a copy of -- and of course the -- on. All of our copyright and it works -- are under center. So unfortunate that one of the customers to know. That was essentially. We want the affordable. And as far as that you're doing is concerned Entergy become. Our corporate political corporate trust. Has done and perhaps a wonderful job. Innings allowing include eating urged meter and it cost. So let's start -- Entergy as a complete to catch up to -- among the -- that was being installed throughout the city. They interviewed agree extra pressure on our leaders wore -- group. -- -- Who had no one. In the class action lawsuit alleging. Your company didn't disclose to customers equipment actual cost that it does not provide customers with copies of -- and Contra. -- urges customers to install the solar powered equipment even their property is not suited for a because of -- uterine. There are portions of your knee that in allegation that got -- no matter how. So something we need to -- reserve a -- The way. Aren't. To see. Spokeswoman for the losers say licensing board for contractors. Confirmed. Bit -- power and prizes. Applied for commercial and residential licenses in mid to -- But did not complete the process. Ignited the revealed the two companies -- Board. We are in the process completely well. So -- you have been completed that's correct. Contract with -- and completed -- -- All right he borrowed for the Bruins got a very limited time about a minute for a the customers that worked with the U cause smokers. That may work with -- -- here's an opportunity to tell him why he not to be concerned. About what they already have or. Be not be concerned about what they may get. We have thousands of very happy customers and you -- shut us. And what we offers a thirty dollar a month no money down program ordering the consumer street anywhere from -- the honor. Of being on the likes. -- home and we want order in the court. Under or competent and there where there were hurt and so. Our hope was that the. All right Joseph and I appreciated the call you have a good image on senators bureaus so order it's safer. Power and -- caller Robert there with me this is dipping.