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2-13 4:35pm Skylar Diggins

Feb 13, 2014|

Skylar Diggins, guard for the Tulsa Shock, joins the radio huddle. She is known as Notre Dame's all time leading scorer. Skylar joined Bobby and Deke to talk about the Sprint Post Up, which is a new social media program from Sprint that will give NBA fans unprecedented access into the NBA lifestyle. It is about the lifestyle and culture of the NBA (music, fashion, celebrity and technology) and Skylar Diggins will be doing that throughout NBA All-Star Weekend.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

Well one of the top players into the game that day for the that the NBA's -- Dickens. Not just now scholar has remained at media people remember from the comics games with a great. At that Notre Dame all time leading scorer and a member of both his shot. Gotta thank you so much for joining us and not all star week here it is not only focus is on the NBA but the big cross promote the February BA. Why you guys doing things that -- Rivera. I'm excited I was that we -- this celebrity game tomorrow. You know you know I am going out there wouldn't have -- but it didn't series very. Kevin Hart trash talking and then like it played any mail like someone might think that nobody in here like what you. You know Scott -- Bobby and I talk a lot you know what -- it it differently that it if at all softball bat but I've always been all believe that the NBA. Does the best out of -- -- thought became it's it's it's an all star game but it's irrelevant it's a lot of competition. I think it leaked at the best job of beating Mika promoting their full -- the Pioneers of the game. And they do a good job of family activity that they could you talk about it hits and every all star game all right that's really become one of the biggest market -- -- calls all week here. Yeah I mean they do a great. It's actually. You I hear about it is that the first time going. Uneasily as -- ray -- College so I'm excited about. Not seeing what it's all about you know. Going to be a lot of places participate in a lot of things and appears is still I would definitely outweigh. Now Skylar what I'm looking forward to an end and they -- is that the problem it you have very beautiful woman. Look at it if pictures not only evidence -- Dave all stop all time leading scorer but. Operating well you can apparently a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Yes that is happening says that is happening is from about a release of February 18 they would come out. Should be -- it. I think it is seen in and then your -- out there. Let's got to -- what's the what's the biggest transition the biggest at it's it's a adjustment you had to make. From our profile big time college basketball to the pro level WBA. You know I think the question -- attack and for me I would have to say. You know you're playing again I think is that it probably. Some games you play your team that I rebuilding here. You know I have a bad year a lot lot of seniors that I've. And WBA of that late in the world you know looking toward the best in the world so -- planning if that happens this united and I out. -- And crazy atmosphere. And what have you so I have been at the biggest difference on the -- very physical game you know -- in the our game so that's the biggest ethnic and then on everything that comes with it. But the luck that comes with it. You know that got on the court. Now it's got to look at it the lineup that all star celebrity game this red NBA all star celebrity game. As far as the strategy and approach the -- trying to attack. The weakest link because I'll look at that now might give Mike ESPN radio holds up my -- look at Mike Green bird. And then I look at it also you all of his own he has been Akers then a red. Got a new guy game who don't -- the Al trying to exploit the weak link them each other's been under a. Yeah okay because I don't even know who you know who could fault you know write about and I'm like they've been hit like -- -- right. So you know and then I don't know what we you know it wouldn't -- see what is crazy is that tomorrow. You know I'm gonna going to -- in -- -- an -- So so I'm a man has. You know that have a garden there. As Scotland you wouldn't think you might donate pat and play on the is this is -- -- first. It's been it's not down to all of no so actually we went to you know put the platform down there Notre Dame and I was in the class or. And we wouldn't want it and out of my -- Caribbean. And actually tries processes -- there. You know. Don't mind him saying you know looking right and I went out. They'll -- is that it would be done -- -- Now Skylar. When you look at people analyze him break down basketball. I mean what is your take. Because I look at Kenny the jet and then look at Charles. I mean I how the professional athletes. When they look at -- that they can have an opinion and they're strong one how they view that did they. Like take it for granted like constructive criticism or do they get offended. Well what approach do you think. The pro players think that when they've been also look critique by about ex NBA years. -- I mean I think that the party game. You know you're -- -- to -- So you know -- he's played and then again it they're very credible. He -- -- it very clear that this is in Ireland of his time. So does that mean it's where he hasn't players lately so let's clear that he -- you know who is -- an affirmation that the right thing on my game you know I'm awful. Done that said I can't speak for them it on that that would be my take on. Scott figgins the all time leading scorer at Notre Dame women's basketball with the Tulsa shock. Have an opinion Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue next week is -- Scott thank you so much you participate in the house also never regained its leaky. Enjoy your time into all of the game. Thought they have -- all right got a reprieve today.