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2-13 5:20pm NBA Great, Dale Ellis

Feb 13, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by former NBA player, Dale Ellis.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

One of the all time great shooters and players in the game being. Is -- now for all -- -- -- -- gain great dale Ellis Johnson out there thank you so much for the time how are you. Don't don't that before -- normally there would be absolutely dale -- -- -- and I'll -- is health. But three point shoot out champion comes to mind dale -- what you think -- of almost a week. It's always -- that so there's you know I've been on the game so. Much of it here now. But we're starting to now than I go to every all star game it's so good it's a good time -- -- and able. -- guys that you played against you guys are you anyway on with it being the one but I on this being around the guys goes well what was the one we get. At -- being discharged today that you are. You could care -- in the game today that that all of that had the -- -- swagger. Good good bottom line is. That was that you're taking difficult shots you would make him well you prepare maybe today's game that it's -- well it. Ray Allen who is well written that I -- -- down. -- still like us directly game by game he's been missiles some now hello. I'm familiar. Opened Tuesday. What is that they'll follow -- if they'll let us shoot a little bit more on -- that you're one. A lot more of the game a lot easier to deal -- the close -- they'll. Now dale what you look at SEC. And an SEC basketball. Obviously you are outstanding you look at at Tennessee would you -- here do. Thank you look at an arcade party ground feel a lot of tradition there. We -- look at that now you know whatever what they could SEC football we look at basketball. I mean I -- -- pilloried Hawaii and have. Maybe at least five sixes seventeenth done it to double A tournament -- which you really have Florida Kentucky and know what else what do you think it's gonna take. That that all of a -- SEC you'll get back. -- being Premier League as -- -- meeting up with the likes of ACC. And then out west and you look at the fact well. Well they can recruit recruit recruit that the only key I mean -- I don't want him doing a great job universe then you sense of kind of player. All very good player go if he wanted to mr. they were fairly simple well. -- Not an -- that almost get college basketball of them lately. But I understand it's one thing without players you can't win. All you can do it -- do you view all this effort on the step on the floor notably on the more -- -- over there would be. That is players don't know -- Busy with a great dale -- they did in Southeastern Conference concert you've heard -- they have -- -- our runs as he had in basketball prior that they out of hernia narratives showed dale Ellis. And of course great pro was a sharp -- the three point shoot out champion in the late 80s1989. At -- -- Back in your hometown of Atlanta you very active they're thinking and be our retired players association Jack they're talking about the work you do that the league today. My life is you'll always be a while giving -- retired I have more time to do that argument -- -- in Seattle. Well player there. All we donated money to all know what bothered to feed the hungry we just don't joke war in Milwaukee as well. Number it's not that development positions. Let -- -- -- process so there's you have about fifty some logic these players. All live in the Atlanta area jumped on it yet he's got -- Our home they present members since Obama affable god actual members about -- -- so my job -- electric the membership. Palms raised money but their body of concerns of communities come together as a group and it's not what we want is money that Chela who work. On what on the do whatever. I guess they could of Seattle town that once had a does supersonic great team they about it I had a chance -- It close and visit with slick watts while backing you inducted both treatment to the Louisiana sports hall of fame. The sea -- has won the Super Bowl. You're there you're you know that community EU EU policy Seattle getting a branch out of it again. I'm not which noted they had this deal done Sacramento moved to a Seattle a little disappointed. All I know that this this city Tokyo to support it. -- at some point you have no actual what we've. -- -- -- back to Seattle and you have a group there would be transcendent. Just if well through any and everything. There -- shrewd development -- so called it like being back in Tokyo and excuse you. Now I -- this at two part question. What you look back at your career and different players through involved with who was your favorite team -- beat me. And then also. Well who was if you yet you play player maybe that that you feared the -- But you know he had that -- what you competing again. Well but then after I play when a lot of -- got a lot of great guys but the plug them -- on that play in the Seattle. What were you there there -- rebuilt that team they brought in. -- new player we're picked to be the worst team in the league and we have a little soft spot. Of course we got swept by LA that -- -- -- -- that was it simply Q what we we overcame a -- -- they're the group was twelve minutes. It'll evolve flawed and that McMillan repetitive mcdaniels Tom chambers to -- three. You know you know it was a great -- Dale Ellis of the -- chapter president of the national basketball it's happens and Jason and it's out of owning the balls non league game -- is a pleasure thank you so much of the time we appreciate. Thank -- there. All right you know at us about -- they -- he was a big people feared shooters in the league at one time maybe when you let him open deep barricade and remembered now. Because at New Orleans Saints can relate -- this. Limited Saints were picked to win about what 345 games in 2006. They -- in a conference championship. At the same thing about his team 86 -- advocates in new players. And they'll -- the last. In the last one of the worst team in the league they went to the conference. They did it covers final that the also. You know it I think that the club might now with the heat recently compared to modern -- great Allan Ray Allen. Think that's the exact same player that olives they hit you knocked down those big shots. And had that confidence that one of the pressure -- not -- that big shot games like. The holes -- version of Ray Allen -- no doubt great play and be. And in the NBA dale Ellis.