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2-13 4:10pm Bobby and Deke, LeBron or Durant?

Feb 13, 2014|

If you had to build an NBA team around one of these players, who would you choose: Kevin Durant or LeBron James? Or would you pick someone else? Also, who’s the NBA’s best offensive player, best defensive player & best up-and-comer? They guys take your calls.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

A good evening and welcome to a special addition of sports talk live from the NBA jam session at the -- in Mario commitments sitting here all -- -- the boulevard downtown New Orleans. Indicate the camp IBA battle with the regular I'm Deke Bellavia bringing you NBA jam session coverage official welcoming and who commits to Silva and mayor Mitch Snider would take place. Coming up during Austin also talk to some moment in BA greats including four time. In BA all star and great with the Houston. Who was Otis bird song will be -- okay whole city birds along at the Kansas City teams remember him back if they and of course at one point ought to beat the Bears sharpshooter in the game he was there. A three point champion. Most improved player great Korea with the Seattle SuperSonics dale Ellis would Jonas on today's program as well a -- the key to tomorrow's the first day. -- College Baseball LHU game you know will -- robbery. In two coaches run pastry and -- and there were very fond of each other will be as we've both been on the show and also Tulane baseball coach. Rick Jones 260187803866. 88908. Sanity is the number two game ball -- asking you in BA fans that day you're starting a team you're the coach should owner if you had a chance. The pick one player of these -- thought your team with. Who would it be. Kevin Durant. All LeBron James awarded the other player. Tell us 50426018786688. -- -- -- indicate McCain who would you start your team with. I LeBron musical about you have LeBron and jumped -- yeah and who you want him well the top two is not even close LeBron Kevin Durant. I don't -- clay is not close but I would I would choose I would I would love -- read it yet that's via via I don't know but I mean I -- This among the players on -- -- -- I'll had a little run the you know -- will be leaving new yard like threat to -- and I think is that. Now was eased some what I should they have a great player as Carmelo Anthony -- and -- out what it's gonna cost of me put a disease like Carmelo Anthony. The the -- that'll -- bring the championship here. It's not like it's -- -- with the -- that's why they -- as happened at that influence he's at peace yet and as that total team concept like you have an Indiana. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Other in the center position. Has been at one players -- -- you to achieve and you don't need no. I mean enemy. It's a big the big got Russell Chamberlain checked eagle over of course Jordan might give you you -- OK that's a chance to Capital One player though. Even LeBron could go nor did it 88 EDE Cleveland for years in. -- got a I'll be able to let that all of his -- ships but you know to me who did it -- less. Kobe Bryant. He underwent bad ass like super players how how many championships you've won. Five OK I'm not saying every one of them but I but where -- was are reading this as like that a five whatever you -- all of a sudden he beat Paul Gasol better. If you would pay -- -- David he's one. On all of the greatest players they had broken down thank god Colvin did the Bulls with -- let's let's see. Has he really made -- with -- better. But they wanted to have a -- say they want a championship of the things that they. Kobe's Kobe and some good players around good yet that's and I mean that right and not likely to wait wait at the hall of Famer which George and done I -- that you look now. Michael Jordan made Scottie Pippen you could see -- a hall of Famer. They'll argue it was because I got to find is that this is interesting because I -- that well that's a great observation. That they were going to all the hit eight BA and about winning championships and it did the Bulls. With the least amount of support write what you call it truly is like I Carmelo Anthony's a hall of Famer. Right -- eagle what is that you don't win I don't know he might -- win any time now but but they would say that they heckled on the top of that list. Because he did animals with the least amount of support that he'd have the right -- A great putter but they broke well and I'm that they find. I think I think you did it you could certainly on it and when I look at -- -- I look at it like he has all the players that were around Jordan and I say we had all their talent. But that don't may Scottie Pippen hall of fame I got out and I you know I mean I'm a John mayfield Jackson a hall of Famer -- Jackson a hall of fame right went out Michael Jordan or Shaquille O'Neal Kobe Bryant. What that's like -- Phil Jackson is mark Lugo from. Michael Jordan nickel we went through and if I -- dogs and -- -- go out right. And stuff that -- decreases chances at being a champion. Think if you look at where we get right now listening in -- you all of a professional basketball history. You look at the New Orleans Jazz you all part of it and now the New Orleans pelicans yes to me and I appreciate him now which he was still here. The because he was part of that the Great Depression if you haven't had him that -- Chris Paul. What he means that the Clippers the Clippers and now relevant. Because the Chris Paul -- look at Chris Paul and those who Pete Mavericks. I think at this slam dunk. The two greatest professional players that we witness the play for the whole folks you know so to speak now you look at Chris Paul I appreciate about him and that you look up. -- when when he all of -- on -- Katrina and you look you played the the -- back with 2005 to eleven it although by the -- to the Clippers but. You know we help that you all of my franchise. At its best season while remembering team's history 20072008. He knew right on. Game set with this pars to be aware of the conference championship but it. It didn't everybody wants to be in the mix it going to be in Europe more about any kind of promotion that you could have the arena. You had to -- the team does that are filled out if -- that privacy and now. Well -- 2008 it went hand in hand though with the franchises best season. We're able to hold the all star game in the 2008 Dallas not only for the city yards with a whole golf -- -- -- all -- felt very similar pit what we do with the saint. And then enveloped in a massive. Rebuilding process we need to think about it in the wake of Hurricane Katrina compared to where we at now. Now Chris Paul went ought to -- it showed appreciate what you all it is as anybody that knows me. Know how much I love this city and that the city of New Orleans. Even on this they always say it's not -- street is not the big eighth. That make -- it didn't you all is that people. As much as I'm excited to get down the -- all star weekend. -- thing I'm most excited about it seemed familiar and fresh faces who really just became part of my family wealthy you all looked at the ankle on their break now -- the last experience. Blake and all star game figured you all he sells his favorite you know why. Good is the date even part of David West out west rock that Byron Scott as his coach for the way. If you love basketball you need to come on out this week into the into the eight games this and we are in the heart of the kids zone. And they have all kind of activities that -- right next those can reclaim basketball competition. Also a little crew as they go through it that you three bonus that ought to grandstand right behind us -- -- -- feel Horace grant him ought to wait junior. Will be here this is a great showcase for those who came out of the NFL experience a year ago we get the UBA experience. If this weekend at the jam session operate jaguar that you -- if you. Had to give an NBA team around one player. Of these two would you choose Oklahoma city's Kevin Durant. All the team the pride thing so would it be someone else -- -- 5042601878038668890. Well they get -- we -- -- about a truly. Young pieces. I mean you know you look at maybe lack of experience but considering the potential. And definitely headed in the right direction I think we haven't made Heath and Anthony Davis. Oh sure I mean -- would you look at. Now I think LeBron obviously Kevin Durant still have a lot left in the tank we look at Eric Young. Dominant players I mean what more could you say about Anthony Davis and you know what -- bring it to the table. Vega if you look at it and -- that this early in the week. There's so it is significant. And it and a company that Anthony Davis -- keep him he's on pace to become the first player. That that 19992000. Season. The average at least forty points ten rebounds and three blocks -- -- season. The last player to accomplish that feat was relishes all. They're great Shaq Shaquille O'Neal. So they could get that right there come on here the last whatever Shaquille do what you do that this team that -- -- years -- that the -- somewhat surprised I should say. I didn't know that. He would average a little over three blocks a game. And you don't you take whatever you know had that ability but it that a blocked shots but you know that double double. I think I know he has that ability but and now the ability to block shots but -- they -- any game out. That protected the rim and all of that you haven't even games where you got -- had five or six blocked that that is phenomenal. No question about it -- fourth through sixth so when he seventy. So 38668890870. All the numbers to get involved in is a lot of action gone on here at that earns him -- -- and a buddy team you -- a jam session and tonight there's two games. If the association. -- will be the Oklahoma City Thunder in -- -- and this Lakers and the Brooklyn nets and the Chicago Bulls. And of course it's all star week here in the regular season games won't be back off. But so be it next week looking at the number of Bobbitt in the standings standpoint. Right now in the NBA. When you look at the divisions. And he'd be a break it down by division -- conferences but right now in the east and -- -- best overall record in the in BA. As -- the Oklahoma City 142 with twelve and Indiana in forty -- wells of the season order. You're about record that they like to be the top team Miami is the whose spot right now with thirty -- went on about Toronto Chicago and and -- -- -- -- playing well point five points seven with a young team there. Brooklyn in Charlotte top eight in the west oak KC and San Antonio Houston the Clippers Portland Dallas. And Phoenix and Golden State Florida was real hot but they've been struggling in -- as we can. Yet the end who would have thought no to me and I'll look at the -- is that where their I have to put that they can succeed Toronto in the east and Phoenix. In the west you look at Toronto here at the all star break. Adept at third best record in the east they only behind Indiana and Miami. And who would have thought the Raptors would be right there and also you look at the Phoenix Suns yeah and what they've done. There thirty in the wobbly when he won right behind. All right with that a Golden State warranted obviously the Clippers are first in the Pacific but. You look top to bottom. Deacon you look at winning records that who's doing what. Not only been a Western Conference win that covers the vision. That beat -- yards delicately you look at the southwest in the likes of San Antonio. You look over Houston that. College seven definitely. Well -- -- what you talk about the pre season like Houston Rockets vs the Brooklyn -- You know Brooklyn got off to a very slow start. And -- disappointing start I should say and used that 3517. Vs Brooklyn when it won it three at what he thinks that you throw in. Dirk Nowitzki and and the Mavericks. And then you got Memphis to -- the playoff team and that's why you could see right now maybe why that delicate art and let our last place. That's what acute when -- speak if I had to speculating guess right now. -- V I don't think shot but I would be very surprised at Arsenal what surprised. If the -- make the playoffs. Around here basket by anyway it and -- -- it is about the background and somebody be -- warp is that it made Kampman and his lack of it -- I had I had that I. Yet this is definitely outlets or he just all star game Aurilia as a attack yet know it it's. Big and it just shows you how. Both sports are much bigger let his football -- hoping it's already look at it would have the World Cup we gonna see Brazil. Coach unit it's at at the festival only as flexible hours then did the team or teams that are -- you know gives them as -- -- in the group what is there to break. Is it any other field in the world there's two miles long. Sammy is due to these two miles -- -- but that's value when you say you're in the convictions and yet you get -- I don't know with the exercises we. A lot of events but why the and they'll then all of I'll hit it it. They are they likely yep that's -- they get that OK where you let. Via JR ER UN abhorred DR because yeah UK is it convinces that it that you better be able to communicate his self fulfillment. Because and I -- not necessarily finding a deal and -- on -- back -- yet as this thing. Massive it is it's an all star party always get a lot of areas that Loria convinced that a for the 2000 board feet in BA all star. Game granted jam session this is a great activity center. What should have family to come on out there and autograph session body now right next to the autograph Spain hear about in the middle where it Paul G. If it's a kids zone they call it -- this -- big screens everywhere. It that night they're having a thought -- says it would include Tim Hardaway junior and this Buffalo for the New York Knicks excellent -- very -- season. Bradley deal in the big part. Of all what's gone on Bobby with the Wizards. Doing extremely well. And it also -- grant a little stale old school -- school -- original Bulls yeah it. With the finals at the magic and now lost they get the Rockets 40 ignited by. Yet they got their cars I didn't go to Clemson only thing way to go and see where the -- not just trying to reflect back and look. Think it also we have some guys here are I don't know -- part of the -- Harlem Globetrotters. Result work and that those two basketball like a globe -- at the Houston Rockets jerseys but what he's done this -- have ball doing all kind of tricks and the I -- we have to find out who he is but he has moved -- with a ball like how to tackle -- like the Harlem Globetrotters. Well -- beat top players into the game that day for the dead -- -- BA's not a -- Not just now scholar has remained at media people remember from the comics games with a great. At that Notre Dame all time leading scorer and a member of both his shot. Gotta thank you so much for joining us then not all star week here it is not only focus on the NBA but the big cross promote the February BA. Why does it make to have me and -- I'm excited I was that we -- this celebrity game tomorrow. You know you know I am going out there at halftime but it didn't say injuries very. Kevin Hart trash talking and then like it played any mail like someone -- think that nobody in here like one you. You know Scott -- Bobby and I talk a lot you know we look at it differently that it if at all softball bat but I've always been all believe that the NBA. Does the best out of -- all's thought became it's it's it's an all star game but it's irrelevant it's a lot of competition. I think it leaked at the best job of beating Mika promoting their full bobbled the Pioneers of the game. And they do a good job of family activity that they could you talk about it hits and every all star game all right that's really become one of the biggest -- cancer and also week here. Yeah I mean they do a great. It's actually. You I hear about it is that the first time going. Uneasily as -- ray -- College so I'm excited about. Not seeing what it's all about you know. Going to be a lot of places participate in a lot of things and appearances he'll I would definitely outweigh. Now Skylar what I'm looking forward to an end then they take is that the problem it you have very beautiful woman. Look at it if pictures not only evidence -- Dave all stop all time leading scorer but. Operating well you can apparently a Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Yes that is happening says that is happening is from about a release of February 18 they would come out there. Should be hit it. I think it is seen in and a new -- out there. Let's got to -- what's the what's the biggest transition the biggest at it's it's a adjustment you had to make. From our profile big time college basketball to the pro level WBA. You know I think that question -- attack and for me I would have to say. You know you're playing again I think is that it probably. Some games you play your team that I -- they're being here. You know not having a bad year a lot lot of seniors that I've. And it doesn't DA as a late in the world you know thirteen twelve of the best in the world so -- planning if that happens this united and I out. -- And crazy atmosphere. And what have you so I have been -- big difference on the but really physical game you know -- in the our game so that's the biggest ethnic and then on everything that comes with it. That the luck that comes with it. You know that got on the court. Now -- got to look at it the lineup that all star celebrity game this red NBA all star celebrity game. As far as your strategy and approach the -- trying to attack. The weakest link because I'll look at that now might give Mike ESPN radio holds up -- look at Mike Green bird. And -- I look at it also you all of his own he has been Akers then a red. Got a new guy game who -- -- the Al trying to exploit the weak link them each other's -- -- Yeah okay because I don't even know who you know who could all you know rough and -- like they've been hit like given the right. So you know and then I don't know what we you know it wouldn't -- see what is crazy is that tomorrow. You know I'm gonna going to dig in there right on the me. So so I'm a man has. You know that I got there. That's -- I wouldn't say yes I'd donate got big play on the if this is this a first. It's been it's not down to all of no so actually we went to you know put the platform down there Notre Dame and I was in the class or. And we wouldn't want it and out of my -- -- -- -- and actually -- processes -- there. You know. Don't mind him saying you know looking right and out. They'll -- is that it was seen done -- -- Now Skylar. When you look at people analyze him break down basketball. I mean what is your take. Because I look at Kenny the jet and then look at Charles. I mean I how the professional athletes. When they look at -- that they can have an opinion and they're strong one how they view that did they. Like take it for granted like constructive criticism or do they get offended. Well what approach do you think. The pro players think that when they've been also look critique by about -- years. I mean I think that the -- game. You know you're gonna increase greatly. So you know -- he's played -- -- done it they're very credible. Like he -- needed it very clear that this is in Ireland of his time. So. That -- where he hasn't players lately so let's clear that he -- you know who is -- an affirmation that they're right up my game you know I'm awful. Done that said I can't speak for them it on that that would be my take on. Scott a -- at the all time leading scorer -- -- Notre Dame women's basketball with the Tulsa shock. Have an -- Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue next week is -- got to thank you so much you participate in the all star celebrity game this week it. Enjoy your time into all of the game. Thought they have it all right -- -- -- Dave and Bobby. You know we ultimately -- talk about these children the colonials who -- well what would you talk about legends. In Indiana and Notre Dame. Talladega is that is that is that let it this club and our families I think you take about how hard it was in that conference. Rutgers Connecticut etiquette you know being almost negated and they made it to the final four it is you ought to have meetings or. We'll look at the universe in. That -- with wealthy guy. And I think that WNBA. They know they exist because an NBA I don't trying to say we keep be on our on and indeed value that hard at all that's success they've battled a partnership and I think it's a good this thing when you look at -- diversity. And all of a sudden. You look at because the title line all of the opportunity as far as a scholarship for a young girls in America right now where you can make money as -- also be a professional not to get a scholarship for college yeah would be a professional basketball player it's not know. Yet -- girls if we wanna get daughters. Well would be out on that level all of that you be so excited about the WNBA on you know I don't they had been given that opportunity -- -- and I think because that the NBA in division they had. And embrace it and WNBA. That it goes hand in hand and helped grow the product. He is the case you -- about BA bad -- got to be -- Kevin Durant all LeBron James you're starting a team. Who you gonna pick. Yeah because it -- you may play video games who'd you pick first you take that on the with a rant is taking heat. In the fronting -- committee collapse in the NBA all star jam session at that aren't in -- out conventions and indicate he can't have Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia coming up next though former NBA sharpshooter. Dale Ellis would Jonas it will preview this week it's College Baseball games. LA Hewitt -- no they square up this week can't. Thought it tomorrow evening you know that you get via radio go to based on -- depravity to be with a with a good spot now Albany area has ever thought I would play baseball coach. Rick Jones would doughnuts as well but obviously we worked -- -- -- abbreviated show. Honestly covering the bases a lot of -- took place yesterday -- -- Hagan and and of course forcing players being released -- part ways that. And I think it's bad medical advance that the fans who wanted to -- -- -- because -- kind of -- split with everything on off. Still by the taking your feedback on the saint parting ways with Smith done the Belmont Roman offer and it Jabari Korea I think about it from a standpoint although he was -- -- Maybe the most significant loss of that of an impact standpoint is deployed career. Yet peca because I think that saint and that it is hypothetical scenario situation. -- -- We get -- by -- did bring him before we'll submit any play that a part of that the and not let it but I appreciate will submit a bit that this team -- know that yesterday you look at it hit you around with the team. It was a bad pass rusher in the most of this that the that the linemen. For nearly a decade. Now at times he's on the down I think at the pass rusher but he was always stout against the run that you look the year the team through bull run yet thirteenth that. Well when his salary cap numbers basically fourteen million we respect that about this though way back. And even at the midway point -- defeated in his September October a private conversation. Think -- Roman Harper given -- injuries. A big part of the Saints winning a suitable. But when you look at it Jonathan Vilma was he's had to deal with. As far as the restructured his deal taking pay cuts. And and you know he came back. -- these I still think it's almost like he's damaged goods but we still appreciate what he did I mean Jonathan Vilma. Might be the best -- linebacker I think he is probably as ours is leadership Woody provided that the belt patrol in the middle with Sam. Milton Von Johnson. It's not the -- being the captain but to -- -- to me. Because. The debate question right now and I think we will fly to one like without Keenan Lewis last year but it through three is the -- the draft. It's gonna be that quarterback opposite. The -- and Lewis I don't think. Corey white at best and he would be a nickel guy a third guy -- Patrick Robinson. I don't know if they can cut he rob what they you know you'd save about two and a -- you know on the on the salary cap if you release them. But I don't think -- without one -- -- caller I think it get an opportunity so I think that. Missing. Jabari -- now. If you look at Jabari Greer and I think a number of players and even now on the road at trying to make more cap space let it glance or. Of rocket Buckley I mean but it's like right at six million Lance Moore five and David Pierre Thomas which I think they can keep -- is that stability. That it might restructured deal to -- we bring them back. I think about that Jacob. It's gonna have a -- in the open market. And I think you know and overpay him. But if if that's the Saints have a figure in their head. I think they'll like -- actually been out that -- it and they'll pay -- this and it still by the Cleveland open market pays for I don't think you can and imagine. That's the case he can't Bobby Hebert and Deke Bellavia don't forget coming up next hour to rookie critical work is now 1000 dollar. National contest it's happening right now being should sign up for those that we divvied up as contest alerts. Text the word can't -- 87870. This is what's called from the artist in more at the bit to set up of all odds and that's been on WW.