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2-13 6:20pm Tulane baseball coach Rick Jones

Feb 13, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by Tulane baseball coach Rick Jones.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

As we can't off the start of the College Baseball season and Tulane will it all. I'll throw out their first game of the season but gets the -- at the all time Lions entered that stadium. Starting at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon opted out of welcome into my coach -- don't coach Jones thank you for so much so but Johnny knows how are you. Underworld could be wouldn't. Well -- and development to this point it's been a lot of and a squad of a lot of things does that about what you learned about your -- doing in a squad on different real complicated. Well you know in nineteen newcomer sixteen of them freshman which is more prosper it's a -- in -- back in 95. And so we had that many. Freshman but one thing you -- dues is taking anything for grain. You know he's going to be Syria. Guilt written and elementary junior in your approach him and and make sure that you. You don't onion belt that you think burglary and one -- -- things that cannot learn and a we get to teach more young players now that we use to our situation on base running and in the short game and those are not at the bar high school there that they've been there three or four hole and things of that nature. And we even. Put more emphasis on that this year if that's possible simply because of the -- we have. You know on and you it's not a bad thing I mean these guys don't know any better we get so many guys who have had great freshman year and we're we feel like we got talent level. So Calvin guys that have the ability. -- years and it's our job the Mercury which. Now coach Jones long along those lines that was question how has been axed you first. Is that you look at obviously the ball that travel as much you can look at the college World Series last year and you look at. The -- changed that at that event to witness that. And know what you look at net adjusting to all that did that where you have to go to B you know it is term coupled with -- -- small ball. You know like when you kind of scratching out runs stealing bases and it just playing sound -- that is where you not make -- -- at that. Kind of approach you see now a number of programs to finish what you're dealing went. You don't smile about it because the one thing if for instance south Louisiana. -- years this is the term small ball we'll let you know it's. It's still a good guy red -- -- gorilla ball the on the audobin odd bit bitter or are run the first -- -- -- week all the time now. I coached almost forty years and never did better all I can you imagine a player against -- forbidden -- -- -- it now but they're human money now and mean worried about first and third but. On the run homers what we live by. But that's just the way the game if they did in the bath prop used all noted on the ball. When we get the Major League ball practicing goes about -- pretty upbeat on the out a lot of home. The ball's not nearly as he ends and it's got higher since wasting quite blunt. It's you know I hear this possibly from our fan base and I agree with that because I don't like the way the game's played now -- -- but if you adapt or die I mean -- That casual thing as one of the sea off and -- and. -- a right ankle it still does frustrating because I -- the bottom line is to win. And I and I -- now I've got the perfect example you'll have to wait and Phillies play it fly but that's the way to have the way to win. It all the blood yeah you what the fans that we need to continue to grow could you make realistically. That they can't be changed it with the ball going forward. What do talking about we're gonna they're gonna change the ball for the -- Wall Street which is cool that was a little bit just -- me again it would be like. You get into the Super Bowl change the way the football and I -- 99 but that's what they're doing. And the reason they're doing that we do is because there were only three home once -- -- or shoot last year and TV ratings I'm sure at some impact on that. But in the next year we're supposed to go to a more -- but -- -- -- -- -- have more carry the problem of that I think that's horse -- and initially. Was that it is a lot more expensive ball. And some some problems that don't maybe have the resources weren't a budget yet exactly and so. And that's I think to have more to do with anything else but as it is right now. You you have to if you look if you feel like what if you Selig if you could be seen. Two years ago when we we let our conference and getting -- and -- popcorn and -- green and I had the question all the time. Waddle and what do we -- because again we were dealing with that but so it just everybody get used to the different -- -- -- staying with life. Now you really have to do a good job if you're not -- score a lot of runs and not a lot of people are almost -- You better pitch and throw strikes and you really need quite soundly by. And -- did that better than most people they really really played well this what the other thing they have they have a shortstop with a short innings because he had so much rank. Andy and instead of the ball being considered field it was a double play ball and out of first base and and at the impact on that that domino impact on that is so much work because you shortly and and you maybe you don't give up on which you also -- that starter in the longer. People didn't get taxes much. Impact the next day in the next day and usually showed. -- you can play this game this is the -- you have to play at a high level I think. You know again that's a lesson learned and that's what we're -- to play this year and so -- we a little bit more speed oriented. They have we're trying to treat not repeat as I said many times as this it's sacred Obama did not make the try not to give up an out doing it it almost give up money they are now refer enough I think again he's Cilic showed that I've well. Tulane baseball coach -- Down to hospice against the green -- open up their baseball season but tomorrow -- a four game set beginning it wanted her to. They -- it they take on the Arkansas Pine Bluff golden -- coached us you know sometimes numbers numbers are what they are they can be deceiving you say well. You can look at it it's just numbers and -- -- the picked up. Maybe it's is I know what I mean by that is how many years he's been a programming. You lost a lot of experience Alex bout now with the Diamondbacks -- what wants to Tony's with the Padres and you got some younger guys come -- -- Good careers I see it JP oval played this week in from -- a young Tampa collected that you picked up yet to -- -- championship. Top eleven about the transition from a of veteran a stay -- and a lot of experienced person some young -- -- certainly is that is a concern when you lose the kind of experience and talent -- amount. And but I do think we have you know we return but power makes ballot Massey who were out of the seat and I'm sure both of those guys. Will pitch a lot force. And we got that we have some depth that we we return in the boat he won't be available or we end but. The multiple sources -- But should be those setback to the bush but all Americans are closer. Which you mentioned -- deeper into the golf. And -- Merrill -- and then I was gone on from brother mark and those got to have a lot of impact. I'm really impressed with them as you know but we have Brady looked long back we -- -- -- -- back and also. I. -- -- and yet he blocked the improved dramatically over last should have a really good ball receipt and I thought it would not let him and up on the mound that is a concern of mine. But I do think our depth is pretty good in cannot basketball you out pretty good on the mound. But again we have to -- that strike zone not give up walks and defensively. You know this start and -- -- you -- But I think that infield depth and talent and we're gonna have to play sound defense and and you know just everything's going to be or the way the games played. Now -- just like you know elaborate on this celebrating a quote that that it used that. And when you talk about strategy and and who you double a pitcher who's in the rotation. That radical -- -- one thing that we did it change at this season that we only. Have one week where we played five games everything else our game week and about life that really -- you committees to have a chance at the get a little more aggressive possibly. A bit more depth considering it stands -- reason I guess or -- vs five that. Do you should be better rested and also having a little more depth. Although that was not designed body no question about it they'll let go in the seat and we get the most pitching -- we've ever had failed when you think again it's a double pitching certainly plot we got a couple kids go down. And the next thing you know playing five weeks -- we were not as good in the manner as we need to be. In some of those mid week games and and the reason we did that is because that we can't that would you're before. In our open date we Q and we played it came at a are all all the guy. And and it really hurt us. It in the NCAA term we have thirty wins is still left out because of the RBI actually did patents and it. And it's sort of you know backfired a little bit so we're back to the board are open week if we are we have Wichita State -- party our. In an NCAA club last year Missouri valley champions so we feel better about that the other thing is we're one of the West Coast again. We had done that -- years. And we're in a tournament there -- with Arkansas university California and San Francisco all the NCAA clubs pretty much every year so. I didn't think we taking care of RBI issue and now we're just trying to make sure we have a little bit more depth every day but I hear it. Board about game week -- back -- more more which supported two weeks. Tulane baseball coach Rick Jones the way over to this season tomorrow afternoon at -- -- -- the Arkansas I'm -- my coach Jones. Thank you so much of the time good luck. I appreciate you get that feel all right with the.