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2-13 6:35pm UNO baseball coach Ron Maestri

Feb 13, 2014|

Bobby and Deke were joined by UNO baseball coach Ron Maestri.

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Automatically Generated Transcript (may not be 100% accurate)

It was announced. It created a lot of Bos and that -- this deal -- right along into tomorrow's open up with a you know private is that it's the LSU Tigers. Much more than just that private to attack the battle -- lot of history a lot of relationships. In this match at the on site including that of you know coach rod may go to make great. Thank you so much by the time it. About a year it took over on May be ample use. Did you ever think about an hour the interview -- view. And that nicotine you know baseball and built it courts basically deal almost like we try to get the best attribute that we could use a different feel that it's apparent that there. I would have been hearing about citizen of this wasn't something that those aspiring to. When you get in about you know he would ask me to take resonated. People all of about jobs in him. I column one day and it's and you get a two markers again and again Joe's mantra right in the -- -- -- sit now. I don't neither doctor and I want you to come back about well on the chair. And it's -- -- I did it at my stage in my career Bobby and he got and I'm. And I don't see it this the school was good to me -- was there are some thirty years that was my whole career and a if I can get back a little bit and that's what I'm trying to do so. There's -- There's -- story line I have no. Than -- any aspirations for this but when it presented it in the if I can help but that's what I'm trying to. Now -- coach pastry. Where where now that you bit with the players then. And you work them give us that few what you perceive right now strength and weaknesses. -- really -- -- -- that is starters there you closer and then also. In hitting are are you gonna take more than small ball approach is part trying to manufacture runs our RO what dive leader -- break down the defense. -- what you look forward to now. The biggest that challenge of dollars that money gets eligible look at beyond. Friday and opening day what do you think you -- that right now. Well we've got some speed you know -- you know. You know that you -- -- we're quite there and we don't have the -- them. You know we didn't have a chance to recruit -- we -- players who were here in we knew that it and so you know you wanna play. Good defense it and I think so far. With -- fall to write today. Inner squad games that we've mentioned changes. They made plays with the play good defense and in any kind of pitching well will be in the games I don't tend to you know everybody is so small ball. We bonded sacrificed. Squeezed and everything back. Think -- has. Changed they. They changed the bats. Well we need sacrifice -- not sure we were. But I watched him dictate who's pitch and you know what you guys -- you know you played football. End I've coached all three sports but there's nothing more frustrating than -- baseball coach when -- at third base coach and back. Yeah it's something that's so that he's it's -- I'm you can't. Put in a quick here you can't coach pundit you can't do anything either hit it now right at -- so that. It's. But since we it and or oil whatever -- say we're gonna do we have to do. You know coach rod may because may street. Tell them about the progress enough of the new facility out there and talk about this lady you know -- -- -- from a standpoint. Facility wise and that's something we've thought about the -- is it close to being completed. Yet is -- you know we wanted to play this game -- all Paul's schedule this game and he called me a year and a half or Florian took this. Yes southern cal women under coach got fired the system goes back out. And it says that like to get back in the university -- before I didn't. And a -- that it would be awesome and so. Yeah we -- steps of the players but as you all know about -- and the worst weather we've had here. That I -- forty some years partners -- There's so they've bought -- and you know. We will open. Our season. Fourteenth of march it gives them all all all all along. The end it's really a monologue. We wanted to do it the right way it's like movement in -- 2 out way too much completed before your movement and then. You don't have to worry about computers and everything else so yeah I think in the month they'll get in plenty of times so that that facility is going to be stated the yard the it's going to be what we can be proud of what we can recruit -- -- -- -- Now luck coach Patriots negative recruiting going forward it and you look at baseball in the south -- particularly we focus here Robinson Louisiana. To me that -- a big plus a -- you know joining a solid commerce and and you have these Colts rivalry. Without SE it just across lake pocket and you got Nicklaus being Thibodeau I just double less than maybe on -- only you can go. But what are I think it's a great opportunity not only -- you know but those other universities become did you all to get that type exposure. Well Fabio upset at him for a long time and -- we used to play -- -- -- schools and even when we were -- some when we were in the Brandon. Absolutely great baseball northwestern don't that your old school yet. They've had great baseball out there over the years great coaches come out of there over the years Jim well. -- there isn't just number but yeah. Aisle or throw it is that I'm -- parents and she employed 2930 ballgame you don't know what they can go watch him play him. And I -- they can go watch -- play in -- They can watch him play in that -- more westerly than normal Lamar and you know it's it's in the cards are spread out. Do you have a chance to create the rivalry so I -- in I think it's great. Are really excited about that's been an assault -- Go to amazed not a question I saw yet that was I don't array of but I saw -- -- thereof that you and you know -- -- ask you about baseball and you say you know speak I think. I'm in a position now where there's a lot of things that. -- coaches need to work which even the players the younger players. -- lot of it fall you mean you learn from him because -- not you've been away from the game but from this aspect of it away game. What what had you learned coats and things some of the younger guys that may be different points they've got different -- -- all of may be explained or even -- that differently. Mariano I'm not people that probably ask you about when you -- and -- going to be different today I mean I. I'm rejuvenated -- and out -- got a great group of young kids to do they have done everything we've perhaps more vocal. We actually go to class they have a Q and and they are great point of three point 12 for 37 here. We had won five if you -- three point -- -- better inform them in a perfect four point we have to get stronger in the weight room they've done. We worked on the fundamentals as so let's go out there tomorrow night have on. We know we're doing we're gonna take some lumps along the way but the only way you can improve you know -- indeed. You have to make mistakes you have to understand. Which are gunning after correct. Baseball it's about every day it's. You might go for it and it might hold for July the -- did you come back the next day -- got -- correct and so. There are they want structure they want disciplined. Enough I can't I can't ask anymore of what they've given me an emotional burden. Are. You know coach rod makes because it makes congratulations again notices a lot lot of people out -- excited about Hewitt no. And that makes you know baseball don't know what you. When you step across that so I provide it's -- -- -- and it you know obviously used to put. If -- do what what's done. Get to do a -- We should law and the opportunity combat one more time and I think we -- better so I appreciate you have media thing. Well good luck good luck coach -- appreciate. They're right it that they've had it in the wrong on me. Yeah he is truly. They come on you still alive and they've been a feel left via via a -- that shows you've done great things. Now that that's the mentally that term living legend. Usually you don't you know they don't make a statue of you saw our name feel Laffey or street right you know you have to truly be great. Like you know you -- -- at Tennessee Peyton Manning what -- way are are. I Danny woeful right what went in the highs and you got to college great things in. Coach -- you've done that Ron -- done at the university in the all.