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2-13 6:10pm Bobby and Deke, College Baseball seaseon

Feb 13, 2014|

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And welcome back to sports soccer our number three the case you can't Bobby Hebert I beat Colombia coming up this -- was not immediately 2014 to. College Baseball season as it gets under way to squeak in a good steal a lot of history if you don't know. And LHU coach base will be -- at the bottom there's Al pulmonary next hour at Tulane baseball coach Rick Jones at that wave opened up this season. A full game series against Arkansas. Line block or asking you if you're starting any NBA team today. Of these two players what's what would you choose to start your team would be the -- games. All would it be Kevin Durant as a president. -- living if you have one player has bought the team -- which player would it be Bobby is a email from David. -- -- a bit daunting at gate discussion. Lost most of my immediate job the game is not just like it was the go to the air and me was the area magic 62 little white it will feel. Wes not there and I'm like this but I'm nightmare occurred both. Always -- game was during the finals went bad was. -- -- They had no answer me you know and of course he's a gap obligated to -- eighties at ticket. -- robbery as well and you know Akron and one of her best football with Bobby. Was that -- you know Lakefront arena one night. Yet it they get an -- also we did they get tickets Terry hit that great big men. Any I mean I think -- be -- it's Dwight Howard to be a great big -- but what is the white aren't -- to do get to bring attention that a rocket. Got him you know you look Hakeem Olajuwon and well and you put it mean. You -- name. Really five solid big men of all time -- dominant qualitatively green that would Jabbar Bill Russell Shaq daddy and it goes on and on. Right now they they're living the games missing. I think Dwight Howard has that ability but it that we can't. Can -- handle that responsibility. That is it that big physical pull it back a photo you know I know it until it is our Toronto and he knew you thought maybe Andrew Bynum. And in all all the stuff he left LA did last year he was just stealing money yeah meaning that you are here again you have of being traded. And that's yet I think that's the compared older. Decades this part you know what you look at back in the you know look back at stake in the 60s80s. That. And then but that and ninety's right now I think that that's -- think it would almost our -- they would be good but it VA. If Dwight Howard. Had a more dominant presence though with a rocket that help with them. Maybe win a championship. Embodied -- -- game days in new -- the second time since 2008 a lot of people excited to be back in New York yet figured you look at it. I was ready if you will that but they're really existent from LeBron James and ironically from Dwight Howard. And also at Dallas Mavericks owner of more Cuban. If you look up LeBron James now if you make it is -- all star game that there it's. And you know did you doubt they -- here you all that he was the MVP. You want to beat the other at all start gave it you know LeBron LeBron James is absolutely great moment he said as far as the game. You know back in 2008 all star game and let it be yeah I don't really remember it. And I think you members of that you just kind of you know if they get that approaches toward the game and I'll remember it. But I had an opportunity to go into the community. They give back after the devastation that happened I thought about Hurricane Katrina. And I had a and I had a opportunity to refurbish a few courts down there and I thought that was pretty cool. But the community. -- -- you look at. Now what Dwight Howard said. He says though it probably was the best all star game than me. And he said that -- you get brought up a couple of days ago that could be done. The Superman cape and won the dunk contest the 2008 yeah it one of those things that -- on court all the stuff that weekend. And even on this they would just the people is that all of the people at all of their -- there for the workers that are fans. Was amazing everything was a one and he's there all the all -- we had. An amazing time in the Big -- Indeed even on itself every time out. At that the building. That that being play that you all of the arena and now. That they that's who became better he said every time out that the that a building. I just have everybody on that gave the car to get the equipment. That bowl will always be at the top being in New Orleans and winning that dunk contest I'll look at it. A very doubtful it -- And that you're at least it felt like it is that the Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban. I guess that never shy about opening our have an opinion about any topic I definitely think the thing about the all star weekend returning that you old. The bottom line is at the reality is that the all star game. It's kind of -- a big party central but everybody to come to celebrate like SAI don't feel like a festival type of atmosphere. Did he said though went on to say there aren't a whole lot of better places. The vet to have the Connie did did you all at the set I'm really excited about being. Back here and you all that good it was a great experience back in 2008. If they Gumbel went. That and I think it can be where we talk about championship whether it's the NCAA championships. Final four on national championships. Normally the wealth that the ball will win that number like it's doable when Harry got BA BA -- where you almost could be at that occasion. Like register hoping we get to be occupies that video it's about an eighteen that we get this global you know where I could see it 2008 at the all star game. Now now that fourteen. The big guy out would be surprised they dollars and 98 are twentieth all star game -- back here only because -- creates very. Like Mark Cuban said we're already in the hunt -- we'll do that now you know fit that there aren't a whole lot of places better. Did you all of -- have this -- it and that's coming from won an NBA owners. You know that's very promise that when you get. At that kind of helplessly wondered owners of the game and as much -- -- is that an influence alone do. Yeah you guys like -- is outspoken yet that I hit a figured anything he gave me an opinion about today and NFL situation fitness and having his opinion about us is one that we might that it that it accident that a plus there at the time. Thrilled to be back here for the second time since 2000 -- more importantly it's my first time. And all stars commissioner if arguably its point three years at this event always be special my heart maritime region are just talking about. How being with the first one for me to be the most memorable. So I can't think of a better city to host the all star we're just talking is that global city. And -- All Star Games televised in 210 countries so and people come from all over the world to be here so it's very very meaningful to me. He commits no one of the most powerful man in all of professional sports Adam -- it just taking over the leak of a long time mr. Davis and the president this month and this is his first all star game while about it and he Sylvia. Welcome back this week -- them off the start of the College Baseball season in Tulane will it -- Throw out their first game of the season but it's the Arkansas time Lions entered to examine. Starting at 1 o'clock tomorrow afternoon opted out of welcoming into my coach -- don't coach Jones thank you for so much so -- Johnny knows how are you. Underworld could be wouldn't. Well -- and development to this point it's been a lot of and a squad of a lot of things does that about what you learned about -- gathering a squad on different real complicated. Well you know in nineteen newcomer sixteen of them freshman which is more prosper it's a second -- back in 95. And so we had that many. Freshman but one -- -- Hindus. Is taking anything for grain you know he's going to be area. -- written and elementary junior in your approach him and and make sure that you. It -- again -- -- -- regret it one other things that cannot learn and a that we get to teach forward young players now that we use to our situation on base running and in the short game and they're not at the bar high school there that they've been there three or four hole and things of that nature. And we even. Put more emphasis on that this year if that's possible simply because of the youth we have. You know on and you it's not a bad thing I mean these guys don't know any better we get so many guys who have had great freshman year and we're we feel like we got fallible. So Talbot got to have the ability. -- have this -- years and it's our job the Mercury which. Now coach Jones long along those lines that was question how has been axed you first. Is that you look at obviously the ball doesn't travel as much you can look at the college World Series last year and you look at. The -- changed that at that event to witness that. And know what you look at net adjusting off that -- that where you have to go to B you know it is term coupled with little small ball. You know like when you kind of scratching out runs stealing bases and -- just playing sound the that is where you not make it there and at that. Kind of approach you -- now a number of programs to finish what you're dealing went. You don't smile about it because the one thing if for instance south Louisiana. Going years this -- -- term small ball we'll let you know I. It's still a good guy red -- -- gorilla ball the I'm not have been odd bit bitter or are run the first and -- -- -- -- about now. I coached almost forty years and never did better saw. I can you imagine a player against the forbidden him to do it now but they're human -- -- -- mean worried about for birds they will be on the run homers what we live by. But that's just the way the game if they did in the bath prop used all the noted on the ball. When we get the Major League ball practicing goes about -- pretty upbeat on the out a lot of home. The -- not nearly as -- and -- got higher since wasting quite blunt. It's you know I hear this possibly from our fan base and I agree with that because. I don't like the way the game's played now on -- but if you adapt or die -- -- -- that casual thing as one of the sea off minutes and. I'm a right ankle it still does frustrating because I -- the bottom line is to win. And I and I think now I've got the perfect example you'll have to wait and Phillies play it fly but that's the way to have the way to win. It also bought yeah you want the bad that we need to continue to grow could you make realistically. That they can't be changed it with the ball going forward. What -- talking about we're gonna they're gonna change the ball but the -- Wall Street which is cool that was a little bit surprising to me again it would be like. You get into the Super Bowl change the way the football and I mean 99 but that's what they're doing. And the reason they're doing that we do is because there were only three home once I think the cult or shoot last year and TV ratings I'm sure -- an impact on that. But in the next -- were supposed to go to a more dense but seeing all that I have more carry the problem of that I think that's horse -- and initially. Was that it is a lot more expensive ball. And some some problems that don't maybe have the resources weren't a budget yet exactly and so. And that's I think to have more to do with anything else but as it is right now. You you have to if you look if you feel like what if -- Selig if you could be seen. Two years ago when we we let our conference and getting -- and -- popcorn in the green and I had the question all the time. Waddle and what do we yet because -- and we were dealing with that but so it just everybody get used to the different way to help staying with life. Now you really have to do a good job if you're not -- score a lot of runs and not a lot of people are almost today. You better pitch and throw strikes and you really need quite -- that. And -- did that better than most people -- really really played well this -- the other thing they have they have a shortstop with a short innings because he had so much rain. Andy and instead of the ball being considered field it was a double play ball and out of first base and and at the impact on that that domino impact on that is so much work because you shortly and and you maybe don't -- on which you also lead -- starter in the longer. People didn't get taxes much. Impact the next day in the next day and usually showed. -- you can play this game this is the -- you have to play at a high level. I think. You know again that's a lesson learned and that's what we're gonna have to play this year and so -- we a little bit more speed oriented. They have we're trying to treat not repeat as I said many times as this it's sacred Obama did not make the try not to give up an out doing it it almost give up money they are now refer and I think again he's Cilic showed that I've well. Tulane baseball coach Rick Down to -- against the green -- open up their baseball season but tomorrow -- a four game set beginning it wanted her to. -- -- -- they take on the Arkansas Pine Bluff golden -- coached us you know sometimes numbers numbers are what they are but he can be deceiving you say well. You can look at it it's his numbers -- -- -- the picked up. Maybe it's is I know what I mean -- that is how many years he's been a programming. You lost a lot of experience Alex -- now with the Diamondbacks Natalie what wants to Tony's with the Padres -- and you got some younger guys come updated. Good career as I see it JP oval played this week -- from shop at a young Tampa collected that you picked up yet to -- -- championship. Top of about the transition from a of veteran a stay -- and a lot of experienced person some young -- We'll certainly is that is a concern when you you lose the kind of experience and talent -- amount. And but I do think we have you know we return but -- makes -- Massey who were out of the seat and I'm sure both of those guys. Will pitch a lot force and we got that we have some depth that we we return in the boat he won't be available or we end but. -- multiple short passes along. But should be -- setback to the -- but all Americans are closer. But Q you mentioned -- deeper into the golf. And -- court Merrill -- and then I was gone on from -- the -- those got to have a lot of impact. I'm really impressed with them as you know but we have Brady looked long back we get out -- feedback and also. I. It was and -- he thought he improved dramatically over the last should have a really good ball perceived them. I thought it would not let him and up on the mound that is a concern of mine. But I do think our depth is pretty good in cannot basketball you out pretty good on the mound. But again we have to -- that strike zone not give up walks and defensively you know this start and -- -- you -- But I think that infield depth and talent and we're gonna have a -- -- -- -- and you know just everything's going to be over the winter games played. Now coach -- like you know elaborate on this celebrating a quote that that it used that. And would you talk about strategy and and who you double a pitcher who's in the rotation. That medical -- -- one thing that we did change at this season that we only. Have one week where we play five games everything else our game week and about life that really -- you committees to have a chance at the get a little more reciprocity. I am a bit more depth considering it stands -- reason I guess or -- vs five that. Do you should be better rested and also having a little more depth. All of that was buttons on body no question about it they'll let go in the seat and we get the most -- yep we've ever had nailed it when you think again it's a double pitching certainly plot we got a couple kids go down. And the next thing you know playing five weeks -- we were not as good in the manner as we need to be. In some of those mid week games and and region we did that is because that we can't that we you're booked for. In our open date we Q and we played it came at a -- all all the guy. And and it really hurt us. It in the NCAA term we have thirty wins is still left out because could be off -- -- actually did that instead. And it's sort of you know backfired a little bit so we're back to the board are open week if we are we have Wichita State which party our. In an NCAA club last year Missouri valley champions so we feel better about that the other thing is we're one -- the West Coast again. We had done that spot years. And we're in a tournament there -- with Arkansas university California in San Francisco all the NCAA clubs pretty much every year so. I didn't think we taking care of the RP IQ and now would just trying to make sure we have a little bit more depth every day but like you hear that. -- about game week -- go back -- -- more more which supported two weeks. -- baseball coach Rick Jones the way over to this season tomorrow afternoon or in eons the Arkansas I'm -- -- coach Jones. Thank you so much of the time the luck. I appreciate you get that's all right with -- when it was announced. It created a lot of blows and it this you know humming right along into tomorrow's open up -- -- you know private is it the LAU Tigers. Much more than just that private to attack the battle on -- the amount of relationships. In his match with them on -- including that -- you know coach rod may go to make great. Thank you so much by the time it. -- -- it took over on May be -- years. Did you ever think about it out the interview -- view. And that -- -- you know baseball builder is quick to basically be almost like we try to get the big attribute that we could use a different feel that it's apparent that. They are the I would have dreamed about to assume that this wasn't something -- those aspiring to. When you get in about you know he would ask me to take resonated. People all of about two jobs in him. -- column one day and it's and you've -- a two markers again that you -- all this information. In the team around you -- now. I don't neither doctor and I want you to come back about well on the chair and it's -- it is it at my stage in my career Bobby and he got I mean I'm. And I don't see it this the school was good to me -- was there are some thirty years that was my whole career and a if I can get back a little bit and that's what I'm trying to do so. There's -- There's snowstorm. I have no. -- there any aspirations for this but when it presented it in the if I can help but that's what I'm trying to. Now look -- -- three well where where now that you bit with the players then. And you look at them give us that few what you received right now strength and weaknesses. -- budget committees that is starters -- you closer and -- also. In hitting are are you gonna take more than small ball approach is -- trying to manufacture runs are are -- driving it does break down the defense. -- what you're looking forward to now. The biggest that challenge of dollars that money gets eligible look at beyond. Friday and opening day but what do you think you need that right now. Well we've got some speed you know -- -- -- you know that you -- -- we're quite there and we don't have the room that. You know we didn't have a chance to recruit we can players who were here in we knew that it and so you know you wanna play. Good defense -- it and I think so far. It would all fall to write today. Inner squad games that we've mentioned changes. They made plays with the play good defense and in any kind of pitching well will be in the games I don't tend to you know everybody is so small ball. We want it means sacrifice. Squeezed and everything back. Think -- has changed they. They change the bats. Or we need sacrifice I'm not sure what well. But I watched him dictate who's pitch and you know. Both you guys -- you know what it's what all. End I've coached all three sports but there's nothing more frustrating than bass boat goes when -- at third base coach and back. -- somewhere that so that he's it's -- I'm you can't. -- in a quick here you can't coach -- you can't do anything either hit it now right and -- actually. It's. That since we it and or oil whatever they say we're gonna do we have to do. You know coach -- make -- go to -- three. Tell them about the progress enough of the new facility out there and talk about this lady you know athletics from a standpoint. Facility wise and that's something we've thought about the -- is it closed the vehicle. Mean. Yeah it is -- you know we wanted to play this game went off -- scheduled this game and he called me. -- and -- before you took this. Yes southern cal women and their coach got fired assistant those backed out. And it says that like to get back in the universe you mentioned before I didn't. And -- that it would be awesome and so. Yeah we -- steps of the players but as you all know about Jesus and the worst weather we've had here. -- -- -- forty some years partners or. As so they've bought in and you know. We will open. Our season. Fourteenth of march it gives them all all all all along. The end it's really phenomenal on. We wanted to do it the right way like moving them to know how it too much completed before your movement and then. You don't have to worry about computers and everything else so. Yeah I think in the months of getting plenty of times so that that facility is going to be state of the -- it's going to be war which can be proud of what we can recruit sue. And that's come along well. Now luck coach Patriots negative recruiting going forward it and you look at baseball on the south that particularly we focus here Robinson Louisiana. To me that -- a big plus. But we you know joining a solid commerce in. And you have these Colts rivalry. Without SE it just across lake pocket and you got Nicklaus being Thibodeau. I just double less than maybe on an island you -- go. But where I think it's a great opportunity not only that you would go over those other universities become did you all to get that type exposure. Well -- upset at him for a long time and do we used to play all the south schools do and we were in this combo what was written in the Brandon. Absolutely great baseball northwestern don't that your old school yet. They've had great baseball there over the years great coaches come out of their over the years Jim well. Now there isn't just number but yeah. Or throw it as -- come to you and other parents and she employed and Aaron dirty bomb and you don't know what they can go watch him play him. And I -- and they can go watch them play in -- -- they can watch him play in that -- more westerly than normal Lamar and you know it's it's in the cards are spread out. Do you have a chance to create the rivalry so I -- in I think it's great. I'm really excited about that's been an assault -- Go to amazed not a question out saw yet that was an -- but I saw -- -- thereof that you and you know if they ask you about baseball and you say you know speak I think. I'm in a position now where there's a lot of things that. It the coaches need to work which even the players the younger players. -- lot of it -- you mean you learn from him because that's you've been away from the game but from this aspect of it away game. What what -- you learned coats and things some of the younger guys that may be different points they've got different it's just. -- all of may be explained or even -- that differently. -- I'm -- -- people that probably ask -- about when you -- an -- different today. I. I'm rejuvenated him and out of respect got a great group of young kids to do they have done everything we've grass warm welcome. We actually go to class they have a -- -- and they -- great point -- three point 12 for 37 here. We had won five in you know three point -- -- better inform them in a perfect four point we have to get stronger in the weight room they've done. We worked on the fundamentals as so -- go out there tomorrow night have on. We know we're doing we're gonna take some lumps along the way but the only way you can improve you know -- indeed. You have to make mistakes you have to understand. What children after correct. Baseball it's about every day it's. You might go for it might hold for July the -- did you come back the next day he got it correct -- so. There are they want structure they want discipline. You know I can't I can't answer it anymore but what they've given me an -- bird it. You know coach rod -- -- -- mace congratulations again notices a lot lot of people out -- excited about Hewitt no. And that makes you know baseball don't know what you. When you step across that so I provide it's going to be a theater and that you know obviously used to put. It could do what -- can. Plus we should long have the opportunity combat one more time and I think we all be better so I appreciate -- had made him think. Well good luck good luck coach teammates appreciate. They're right it that they've had it in the wrong on me. Yeah he is truly. They come on you still alive and if they feel left to -- -- a -- that shows you've done great things. -- that that's that literally the term living legend. Usually you don't you know that'll make a statue of you saw our name feel Laffey or street right you know you have to truly be great. Like you know you -- -- at Tennessee Peyton Manning what -- way are are. I Danny woeful right what went in the highs and you got to college great things in. Coach based you've done that Ron -- done at the university knew or was it. Look at saint if there was it's it was a the city's not TCU that -- on on on how much fuel load but but -- how much. You -- And rob Neifi is I mean if you go about it you know and beauty about it I mean there's a lot of people excited about this. Lives and somebody out of a sense nothing bad about coach base that thing they get a look at him -- is probably a cup I think -- in the -- yeah you know on the -- he's well thought of around the communities that like that for a number of years. That's the case you can't embodied and the ability we are the two New Orleans coach did you know at Tulane next now we hear from a LSU coach common area of on iconic baseball right here on that you get you know LH Hewitt you know would know that it worked at six. Thirty and also -- our mock conversation earlier with. All star and one of the greatest shot -- because evidently the game Dikembe Mutombo read the NBA all thought camp session at the earns him more -- and -- into. This is sports talk or that -- And welcome back. He's dictating and embodied there. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Tomorrow Saturday and Sunday the day of the all star game will be brought it here all week in all week it shows Saturday. But it must have a new victory thirty -- Sunday from noon to three dirty. It's the dynamic duo double coverage Christie Garrett UT but they've -- Here at the NBA all star stands says you know there's always something -- it -- you -- you. That they injury or person for person talks about. The evidence and the verdict. Thus could allegations -- negative other convicted. It -- local attorneys had to say also on video about it must have about take on the Saints. I released in the fall veteran players down the field on Roman offered to -- it grit and Will Smith. And also -- -- -- Christie -- to the Saints moves -- the right -- all that. And saw a lot of Debbie -- you know got out. -- eagle on. And -- the stated yesterday that I'm limited in now because. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you look SEC program Vanderbilt and and you know they lost a great coach's -- -- -- quote me yet in that Derrick Mason hard Hammel from Stanford. To start out with Jim Harbaugh and it's the lack of good changes have them Faneca it's you know management -- -- you look at -- go out there hot they have hired X thing. With the team made in my we came into the league together -- Maxi. As an assistant coach who looked at red -- he's gonna beater beat at the back coach along with or at lovely. -- baker should -- more absolutely at the wide receiver coach now. Brett like judge how time flies peak is his sixteen year NFL coach -- better -- spent the last two years with the Tennessee Titans. As their secondary coach him -- -- play thirteen years in the NFL Oakland back with the Saints -- Panthers and the 49ers. And moving become -- -- He's the son of former Colorado State coach that's funny movie now and I remember him winning that humorous to Miami with and overall it's amazing. The court to return to now he gets spent the last four years and Houston Texans staff he was there assistant wide receivers coach and look like you get right there and SEC at Vanderbilt. NFL experience coaches so you don't think that demand from those players it NFL. -- Making. -- or what they're good defensively and that demand and have to recruit him do it and think coach bases that said look though when -- Just gonna keep winning like we've been winning it in the SEC at Vanderbilt we'd like to win the SEC east. And after you gotta hand yet then and they've been been able to do that that's lesbians in this -- Going forward. Speak that -- truly. Will be a little physical -- could you talk about fourteenth he's down SEC is their weak link. They -- going to be hard yet they only don't get an idea if it's unbelievable. You know what the league has done from top to bottom. Coming up next now we will hear from Tyreke Evans the New Orleans pelicans also beat him they put some -- and we'll visit with LSU baseball coach. Pulmonary bus operated jaguar that you're both yet to be at an NBA team around one player but these two. Either Oklahoma city's Kevin Durant off Miami's LeBron James who would you choose or would it be someone else and who would beat. Bible for 2601870. 038668890. -- and albeit we welcome everyone into the NBA all star weekend this weekend here but don't you give your radio it's. Beautiful weather outside and a lot happening here at the all star Dan says well we all had that earns him more out a bit and -- We're located in a hall achieve right there on the kid zone in my next about it myself as autograph session on on Jason Schmidt is in there. They and it's -- Horace grant. Four time world champion and Tim Hardaway junior so a lot gone on so come on out of the jam session will be here all weekend long but. All the home of the Saints the pelicans and the LSU fighting -- this is Debbie -- well.